Daily Math Attack 3rd Grade #10 by kellys3ps


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									10 Daily Math Attack 3rd Grade                   Name ___________________________

1. 17 - 9 =


2. Jose had 2 groups of marbles. There were 3 marbles in each group. Which picture show
how many marbles Jose had? Mark your answer.

3. Claire, Roxy, and Sabrina are going to share 12 strawberries. How many strawberries
will each girl get if they share them equally? Mark your answer.

4. Christian and his family drove 548 miles on Friday and 245 miles on Saturday. Which is
the best estimate of the distance traveled in the two days? Mark your answer.
5. If your add Janie’s age and Sandy’s age you get 14. Janie’s age is greater than 5, and
Sandy’s age greater than 7. How old are the girls? Mark your answer.

6. Which number sentence does the picture show? Mark your answer.

7. David chose 4 items at Dollar Fun Store. The lowest- priced item was $2 and the
highest- priced item was $5. Before tax is added, what is a reasonable total for the cost
of the items? Mark your answer.

8. Alec tossed 2 beanbags on this game board. He got his score by adding the numbers where
the bags landed. Which number shows a score Alec could have made? Mark your answer.

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