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									Draft – 1/16/07                                        Page 1

    Lafayette Park Towers
   Condominium Association


                  Rules and Regulations

                                   421 S. Lafayette Park Place
                                     Los Angeles, CA 90057
Draft – 1/16/07                                          Page 2

Occupancy Standards

Article 7: Use Restrictions
7.1 Use of Individual Unit
7.2 Nuisances
7.3 Vehicles/Garage/Parking/Towing
7.4 Signs
7.5 Animals – Pet Regulations
7.6 Garbage & Refuse Disposal
7.7 Radio & Television Antennas
7.8 Right to Lease
7.9 Clothes Lines
7.10 Power Equipment & Car Maintenance
7.11 Liability of Owners for Damage to the Common Area
7.12 No Warranty of Enforceability
7.13 Moving In and Out
7.14 Common Areas
7.15 Recreational Facilities
7.16 Request for Action/ Janitorial/Maintenance Staff
7.17 Plumbing
7.18 Units for Sale
7.19 Maintenance/Construction Work in Units
7.20 Washer & Dryers in Units
7.21 Hardwood Flooring
7.22 In and Out-Going Mail
7.23 Architectural Alterations & Regulations

Draft – 1/16/07                                                                     Page 3

                               Occupancy Standards

1.     It is a requirement of the Board of Directors that owners demonstrate a prior
       compliance of intent to comply with the covenants, conditions, restrictions,
       limitations and use contained in the Declaration of C.C. & Rs and the By-Laws
       and all rules and regulations published by the Association with respect to any
       agreement for rent, lease, or sale of their units. The prospective tenant/buyers,
       prior to culmination of the agreement, shall be required along with the owner of
       agent to meet with the Association Manager for the purpose of identifying all
       prospective residents and verifying ability and intent to comply.

2.     A.     In keeping with the intent of Article 7. 1 of the C.C. & Rs, occupancy of
              any one unit shall be limited as follows:

              One Bedroom Unit:
              Three (3) persons on a permanent basis, or four (4) persons on a temporary
              basis. (Temporary shall mean not more than thirty (30)
              consecutive/cumulative days in any six month period by the same person.)

              Two Bedroom Unit:
              Four (4) persons permanently or a one-bedroom + six (6) persons
              temporarily – as Den above.

       B.     The names of all permanent residents and temporary residents and guests
              staying longer than one day shall be provided to the Association Manager
              to verify compliance with the above and to protect building security.

3.     All of the use restrictions of Article 7 of the C.C. & Rs shall be obeyed.


              Items 1 & 2A ……………………... $500.00 Fine and Legal Fees
              Item 2B ……………………............ $ 75.00 Fine and Legal Fees
              Item 3 ……………………………... $ 75.00 Fine and Legal Fees

Draft – 1/16/07                                                                        Page 4

                                       Article 7
                                    Use Restrictions

In addition to all of the covenants contained herein, the use of the property and each unit
therein is subject to the following:

7.1     Use of Individual Unit
        No unit shall be occupied and used except for single family residential purposes
by the owners, their tenants, and social guests. No trade or business shall be conducted

7.2     Nuisances
        No noxious, illegal, or offensive activities shall be carried on in any unit, or in any
part of the property, nor shall anything be done thereon which may in any way interfere
with the quiet enjoyment of each of the owner’s of his/her respective unit, or which shall
in any way increase the rate of insurance for the project, or cause any insurance policy to
be cancelled or to cause a refusal to renew the same, or which will impair the structural
integrity of the building. Sounds from radios, stereos, and television sets should be kept
at moderate volume levels. The use of musical instruments should be limited to
reasonable hours. It should be noted by condominium residents that sound within a unit
easily transmits from that unit to other units through the walls, ceiling, floors, and open
windows. It is mandatory therefore that all residents of the condominium take whatever
precautions necessary to avoid disturbing the peace of other occupants of the building.

Enforcement: First Offense – Fine of $75.00 + Legal Fees
                Second Offense – Fine of $150.00 + Legal Fees
Please Note: Fines will continue to double with each repetition of the offense. Fines not
paid will result in a lien being filed against the property and subsequent judicial
foreclosure suit.

7.3    Vehicles/Garage/Parking/Towing

        Vehicle Restrictions
        No trailer, mobile home, commercial vehicle, truck (other than standard size
pickup truck), inoperable automobile, boat or similar equipment shall be permitted to
remain upon any area within the property. Commercial vehicles shall not include sedans
or standard size pickup trucks which are used both for business and personal use. No off-
road unlicensed motor vehicles shall be maintained or operated upon the property, except
as reasonably necessary to the execution of the rights or duties of the Association.

        Access: The garage is opened with a keycard. Residents are furnished with a
keycard in exchange for a $35.00 security deposit. This deposit is refundable upon return
of the keycard to the manager. An additional keycard is available for a valid reason for an
additional $35.00 deposit. The keycard is the proper means for vehicular access to the
garage and all residents are expected to purchase and use such card. If there is any

Draft – 1/16/07                                                                      Page 5

evidence that indicates the safety loops for the garage gate are not operating properly, the
gate should be positioned in an “open” position and should remain stationary until repairs
are made.
       Rules and Regulations:
     The speed limit in the garage is five (5) miles per hour as posted.
     No personal storage is permitted anywhere in the garage area.
     Excessive leaking of oil or fluid from parked vehicles must be corrected with two
       (2) weeks of citation by management.
     All requirements of the “Automobile Control and Parking” in the attached
       resolution must be obeyed.
     Dumping of trash within the garages is prohibited. Use the receptacles provided at
       the entrance doors.
     Washing vehicles is not permitted in the garage area.

         Authorized Parking
         Parking Stickers: A parking sticker bearing the letters LPT is issued for a
resident’s car. The sticker will bear the number of the resident’s deeded space. A sticker
is also available for an authorized rental space. The sticker verifies the authority to park
in the space designated and only in that space.
         Temporary Vehicles: Vehicles not bearing an authorized LPT parking sticker that
is valid for the space occupied must have a temporary vehicle identification slip issued by
the manager’s office. It must be plainly visible to the guard. The temporary parking slip
should show the space number, the number of the unit being visited and the signature of
the Association employee authorized to issue such slips.
         Parking Spaces at Front of Garage: Spaces outside the front garage gate (spaces
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38) may be reserved by residents for guest parking on
weekdays (Monday through Friday) between the hours of 9:30am and 4:30pm. Guest
parking in these spaces is not available on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays.

        Unauthorized Parking/Violations
        The following describe situations which constitute parking violations and call for
special actions by the building staff to ensure the safe and orderly enjoyment of the
parking privileges of all residents:

   1. Automobiles parked anywhere in the front driveway area
   2. Automobiles parking on the street but not obstructing any section of the driveway
   3. Automobiles parked in the garage driving lanes and obstructing passage to a
      parking space (fire lanes)
   4. Automobiles parked in the garage driving lanes not obstructing passage to a
      parking space
   5. Automobiles which are parked in an assigned parking space in the garage without
      an authorized sticker or temporary parking pass
   6. Automobiles which are blocking access to a parking space(s), or are parked in an
      assigned parking space in the garage, have no authorized sticker or temporary
      parking pass and the person to whom that space is assigned has demanded action
   7. Automobile with a sticker but parked in a parking space with a different number

Draft – 1/16/07                                                                     Page 6

Each of the above violations will be handled through actions described below:

       A. The first group of violations affects parking in strictly prohibited areas
       (violations 3, 6). In these cases the automobiles will be towed away immediately.
       Actually, the tow truck will be called immediately. This will allow for some grace

       B. The second group of violations affects parking in prohibited areas, but allows
       for some flexibility. In those cases (violations 1, 2, 4) the guard will:

              1. Tell motorist no parking is allowed in that area. If warning is ignored
                 and no good cause given, guard will call tow truck immediately; and
              2. If a good cause for the violation is given, or the auto is found parked in
                  one of these areas after the driver has left, the guard will place a
                  warning notice on the windshield of the subject auto. Such notice shall
                  give the purpose for the warning, the time the notice was given, the
                  grace period allowed (15 minutes) and the time by which such grace
                  period will expire. If the car is not removed by the designated time, it
                  shall be towed away.

       C. The third group of violations (violations 5, 7) are lesser in nature and may not
       immediately interfere with a resident’s parking privileges. This allows the guards
       and the management some time to try to notify the offender and otherwise
       investigate the matter before final actions are taken. In these cases:

              1. Notice is left on the car for two consecutive days if needed, indicating
                 that it is parked illegally and requesting that the owner talk to the
                 manager (use the citation titled Parking Violation). Leave a copy of the
                 notice for the Office Manager’s review;
              2. Guard also checks with legal used of that space to obtain additional
                 information; and
              3. If no satisfactory resolution of this violation has been reached within
                 two days, (such as legal registration of the car or taking out of a
                 permit), and the car continues to park in that space, it shall be towed

       Vertels will tow all cars that are illegally parked. The current cost of storage,
       subject to change in the future, is $101.50 for the tow and $34.65 storage fee. This
       is the fee for the first day that Viertels has your vehicle. Thereafter, the towing
       charges will increase by $34.65 per day for storage fees (subject to change).
       Viertels is located at 1155 W. Temple, Los Angeles, and their telephone number
       is 213-250-0143. You will need to call them to get your vehicle when it is towed.
       The company accepts Visa, Mastercard and cash. No checks. When you pick up
       your vehicle, you will need to bring your license and proof of ownership (i.e.,

Draft – 1/16/07                                                                      Page 7

       insurance policy or vehicle registration). Do not ask the guards to have a car
       towed from your parking space. It is your responsibility to call a towing company
       to have the car removed and be present to sign for the tow.

7.4     Signs
        Signs advertising units for sale or rent may be displayed on the property, provided
that such signs shall be of reasonable and customary size and shall be displayed only at
such location or locations within the Common Area designated for such purpose by the
Board. Except as expressly permitted by this Subarticle 7.4, no signs shall be displayed to
the public view on any units, or on any portion of the property, unless first approved by
the Board or the Architectural Control Committee.

7.5     Animals
        No animals or birds of any kind shall be raised, bred, or kept in any unit, or on
any portion of the property; except that no more than two (2) usual and ordinary
household pets such as lap dogs (dogs weighing not more than twenty [20] pounds), cats
or birds may be kept, provided that they are kept under reasonable control at all times.
The Board may enact reasonable rules respecting the keeping of animals within the
project and may designate certain areas in which animals may not be taken or kept.

Pet Regulations

1) All pets of any kind whatsoever are to be registered in writing with the Association
by the owners of units housing pets.

2) Non-owner residents are to report all pets referred to in Regulation 1 above to their
unit owner immediately.

3) Pets are not allowed in the inner courtyard, the swimming pool, its adjacent areas or
any other recreational area.

4) Pets are allowed in the building elevators, hallways and lobby only when carried in
the arms of the owner or tenant. Pets must be carried from their unit to the street. They
are not permitted to walk in the hallways and the lobby area.

5) Dogs are to be leashed at all times while they are outside of condominium units on
the allowable condominium common areas. Unleashed pets outside of condominium
units are subject to being turned over to the pound.

6) Pets will not be allowed to annoy condominium residents. Specific violations
regarding barking or any other noise by pets are subject to disciplinary action by the
Board of Directors which may include, but is not necessarily limited to fines.

7) Pet owners are required to curb their animals (take their animals to the curb of the
street) for all relief functions as to eliminate detrimental effects to the condominium
landscaping. Pet waste on the condominium premises is both a nuisance and a health

Draft – 1/16/07                                                                      Page 8

hazard and will not be tolerated. Pet owners are required to pick up their pet’s waste and
dispose of it in a sanitary manner and will be directly responsible for costs of any
cleaning or repair to the building caused by their pet.

8) Only animals of the kind, size and number designated in Article 7.5 of the C.C. & Rs
shall be permitted.

9) Dog Breed Restrictions: On October 21, 2003 the Board of Directors passed a
motion to restrict “vicious” dog breeds within the community of Lafayette Park Towers
Condominium Association. This motion was passed for the purpose of safety to the
residents and in accordance with the Association’s insurance policy, as it will no longer
cover any loss attributed to an attack by a vicious dog. Therefore, any resident who has
one of the following breeds of dogs must have the dog removed from the complex. You
will be held responsible for any and all legal fees that the Association may incur should
you not comply with this regulation.

From the Association’s insurance policy:
“Amended Dog Breed Exclusion – We have made this exclusion more restrictive by
expanding our list of excluded dogs to include additional pure and mixed breed dogs. The
exclusion applies to the ownership of, custody of, or care for the following pure and
mixed breed dogs:

         Pit Bull (also known as an American Pit Bull Terrier, an American Staffordshire
          Terrier, or a Staffordshire Bull Terrier);
         Rottweiler;
         Akita (also known as a Japanese Akita or an Akita Inu);
         Bernese (also known as a Bernese Mountain Dog, a Berner Sennehund, or a
          Berner Cattle Dog);
         Carnary Dog (also known as a Presa Canario or a Perro de Presa Canario;
         Chow Chow;
         Doberman (also known as a Doberman Pinscher);
         Karelian Bear Dog;
         Rhodesian Ridgeback; or
         Russo-European Laika (also known as a Russian Laika or a Karelian Bear Laika.”

Enforcement: First Offense – Fine of $75.00 + Legal Fees
                Second Offense – Fine of $150.00 + Legal Fees
Please Note: Fines will continue to double with each repetition of the offense. Fines not
paid will result in a lien being filed against the owner’s property and subsequent judicial
foreclosure suit.

7.6     Garbage & Refuse Disposal
        All rubbish, trash, and garbage shall be regularly removed from the property, and
shall not be allowed to accumulate thereon. Trash, garbage and other waste shall not be
kept except in sanitary containers. All equipment, garbage cans, woodpiles, or storage

Draft – 1/16/07                                                                       Page 9

piles shall be kept screened and concealed from view of other units, streets, and the
common area.

7.7     Radio & Television Antennas
        No alteration to or modification of any central radio or television antenna system
or cable television system, whichever is applicable, shall be permitted, and no owner may
be permitted to construct, use, or operate his own external radio or television antenna
without the consent of the Board.

7.8     Right to Lease
        The respective units shall not be rented by owners thereof for transient or hotel
purposes, which shall be defined as (a) rental for any period less than thirty (30) days, or
(b) rental if the occupants of the unit are provided customary hotel services such as room
service for food and beverages, maid services, furnishing laundry and linen and bellboy
services. The Board of Directors may adopt rules and regulations whereby the Board of
Directors (or a committee appointed by it) may screen and approve or disapprove all
prospective tenants. The Board of Directors may adopt a reasonable fine system and
disciplinary procedure to enforce said rules and regulations.

Requirements for Leasing Units

1)     Leases must be in writing with a copy provided to the Lafayette Park Towers
       Condominium Association manager’s office. Owners must provide the manager
       with the following information before the tenant moves into the unit:

       a)      The name of each tenant
       b)      Tenant’s home and employment telephone numbers
       c)      Vehicle license plate numbers, make, model and color. Owner must notify
               tenant that all vehicles are to display the Lafayette Park Towers green
               parking sticker at all times. The fee for the parking sticker is $5.00 (checks
               only) and may be purchased at the manager’s office.
       d)      A copy of the rental application should give the office the necessary

2)     All leases must be for a minimum period of one year. No unit owner shall be
       permitted to lease his/her unit for transient or hotel purposes.

3)     No owner may lease anything less than the entire unit.

4)     Each owner must provide every tenant with a copy of the “Rules and
       Regulations.” Owners assume full responsibility for their tenants’ actions and will
       deal with the tenants directly. Management will only deal with the owner.

5)     Owner is to inform tenant that any problem in the unit (not common area), is to be
       handled by the owner. If the matter is considered common area, the owner must

Draft – 1/16/07                                                                       Page 10

       contact management and the manager will take care of the problem. The tenant
       must make the unit accessible during the manager’s working hours.

6)     The owner agrees to pay the $500 move-in fee before his/her tenants move in and
       must notify the manager two weeks in advance. The $500 move-in fee is to be
       mailed to the management company and not the manager of the building.

7)     All owners who live off-site must provide the association with their current
       addresses and telephone numbers by completing the Homeowner Information
       form provided by the management company during escrow. If the owner does not
       receive the Homeowner Information form during the closing of escrow, it is the
       responsibility of the owner to make sure that he/she obtains a copy from the

7.9    Clothes Lines
       No exterior clothes line shall be erected or maintained and there shall be no
outside laundering or drying of clothes.

7.10    Power Equipment & Car Maintenance
        No power equipment, work shops, or car maintenance (other than emergency
work or minor repairs requiring less than one [1] days work) shall be permitted on the
property except with prior written approval of the Board. Approval shall not be
unreasonably withheld and in deciding whether to grant approval the Board shall consider
the effects of noise, air pollution, dirt or grease, fire hazard, interference with radio or
television reception, and similar objections.

7.11   Liability of Owners for Damage to the Common Area
       The owner of each unit shall be liable to the Association for all damages to the
common area or improvements thereon caused by such owner of any occupant of his unit
or guest.

7.12     No Warranty of Enforceability
         While Declarant has no reason to believe that any of the restrictive covenants
contained in this Article 7 or elsewhere in this Declaration are or may be invalid or
unenforceable for any reason or to any extent, Declarant makes no warranty or
representation as to the present or future validity or enforceability of any such restrictive
covenant. Any owner acquiring a unit in the project in reliance on one or more of such
restrictive covenants shall assume all risks of the validity and enforceability thereof and,
by acquiring the unit agrees to hold Declarant harmless there from.

7.13    Moving In and Out
        Notify on-site manager: If you are planning to sell your unit, you’re to notify the
onsite-manager two (2) weeks prior to your moving out of your unit. Please make sure
that you notify the new owner of the unit that they must also notify the on-site manager
two (2) weeks prior to when they plan on moving into the unit. All moving in and out is
to go through the garage and use of the freight elevators and not the lobby area and the

Draft – 1/16/07                                                                        Page 11

two passenger elevators. No exceptions. Also make sure that the new owner is aware that
any work done on the unit, such as hardwood flooring and carpet/tile installation,
plumbing and remodeling work, that they are to notify the on-site manager as well. They
are to notify the on-site manager regardless of what work is going to be performed in the
unit because any work in the unit will affect the other residents and the work must be
done between 9am and 5pm with no exceptions.
        One-time move-in fee: In order to defray the costs related to each move-in/move-
out, such as administrative expenses, common area damages, etc., all new owners will be
billed $500.00 for each new move-in. The same $500 fee will cover the move-out for that
same resident. If you are an absentee owner and lease out your unit, you will be billed
$500 each time a new lessee moves into your unit. This charge will appear on your
monthly statement the month following the move. You may elect to collect this fee from
the tenant as part of the move-in costs. For all new buyers, the fee will be charged in
        Use freight elevators: Please use the freight elevators when moving in and out.
Do not use the lobby elevators. You will be stopped by management and the LPTCA
staff and asked to use the freight elevators. Please inform the on-site manager in writing
two weeks or more prior to moving so she can process the paperwork to return your front
door key and garage clicker deposits. If you do not notify the manager, you may lose
your deposit.

7.14   Common Areas -- General Rules

         1. The vestibules, hallways, stairways, and other public passages shall not be
obstructed by residents or their guests, or used by them for any other purposes than
ingress and egress from their respective apartments. In addition, grocery carts are not to
be left in stairways, hallways or elevators. They must be returned to the garage or stored
in the unit overnight.

       2. Rubber wheel carts must not be traced through the lobby. Use the freight
elevator. (Exception is made for the physically handicapped.)

        3. Please do not place newspapers or cardboard to prop hallway doors as this is a
fire hazard. These doors must be kept closed at all times. The gym, spa and pool area
doors should be closed at all times as well.

        3. No one is to be admitted to the building unless that person is positively
identified and known to be a resident or guest.

       4. Fire exits shall only be used in emergencies.

       5. Proper attire including shoes and tops must be worn at all times in the lobby,
hallways, laundry room, garage, and any public area outside the recreational facilities.

Draft – 1/16/07                                                                     Page 12

       6. Hallways around trash chutes must be kept clean at all times. boxes or other
items are not to be left beside trash chutes. (The use of plastic garbage bags is greatly
       7. The work of the manager shall not be interfered with. The heating and air
conditioning controls, elevators or any portion of the building shall not be tampered with.

       8. Residents or their guests are not permitted in the center courtyard areas.

         9. Passenger elevators shall not be used for moving of furniture or household
goods. Two freight elevators are available in the rear of the building for this purpose and
arrangements for their use MUST be made with the manager, as moving hours are
restricted. Any damage to the elevator or the premises caused by movement of furniture
or other items shall be repaired at the expense of the resident.

       10. No sign of any kind shall be posted in the Common Area without permission
in accordance with Architectural Rules and Regulations.

Enforcement: First Offense – Fine of $75.00 + Legal Fees
                Second Offense – Fine of $150.00 + Legal Fees
Please Note: Fines will continue to double with each repetition of the offense. Fines not
paid will result in a lien being filed against the owner’s property and subsequent judicial
foreclosure suit.

7.15    Recreational Facilities
        The Recreational Facilities at Lafayette Park Towers are defined to include the
billiard room, saunas, gymnasium, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sun roof and barbecue area.
For purposes of these rules, “pool and spa area” means the entire fenced-in roof area of
the building, excluding only the barbecue area, the gymnasium, the hair salon and the
access corridors leading to these facilities.

      The recreational facilities are reserved for owners, tenants, and their invited
      The number of guests an owner or tenant may permit to use any recreational
       facility (exclusive of the barbecue area) is limited to four (4) persons per unit at
       any one time. Guests must be attended by their host, owner or tenant. Priority in
       the use of the facilities is always given to residents.
      Hours of operation, as fixed from time to time by the Board of Directors, shall be
       strictly observed. In the case of the barbecue area, the Board may, in its
       discretion, establish a reasonable procedure requiring advance reservations.
      The saunas shall be used by men and women, respectively, as posted.
      No person shall engage at any time within the pool and spa area in any conduct or
       activity reasonably likely to interfere with the quiet enjoyment of such area by
       any persons making use thereof, for the purpose of reading, studying, napping, or
       sunbathing. Without limiting the general prohibition on all such conduct and
       activity, these specific rules shall also apply to the pool and spa areas:
                a. Rowdiness of every kind is PROHIBITED!

Draft – 1/16/07                                                                    Page 13

                b. Shouting, screaming and unnecessarily loud conversation are
                c. Earphones are required to be worn by all persons using radios, tape
                   players, phonographs and other audio equipment in the pool and spa
      No glassware, including glass bottles and other glass containers, is permitted in
       the pool and spa area.
      Any person using a radio, tape player, phonograph, or other audio equipment in
       the barbecue area or the gymnasium shall maintain the volume on such equipment
       at a moderate level, so as not to disturb other persons using such facilities.
      Dogs, cats, and other pets are not permitted at any time in any of the recreational
      Every person using any of the recreational facilities shall adhere at all times to
       generally accepted standards of decency and deportment.
      The following additional rules shall apply with respect to the use of the
       recreational facilities by any person under the age of 16 years:

              a. No person under the age of 16 years shall be permitted in the pool and
                 spa area unless he or she has first been registered with the office of the
                 Association by an owner or tenant who shall have agreed with the
                 Association to assume responsibility for the physical safety of such
                 person while occupying the pool and spa area or using the swimming
                 pool or Jacuzzi.

              b. No person under the age of 16 years shall be permitted in the pool and
                 spa area, the barbecue area, the gymnasium or the saunas unless
                 personally accompanied by an owner or tenant over the age of 18 years.
                 The owner or tenant shall maintain personal, constant, and strict
                 supervision over each such person whom he or she accompanies to
                 these facilities, and shall take all action necessary to ensure that each
                 such person complies fully with the applicable rules and regulations.

      Each owner is responsible for the conduct of each of his or her guests, tenants and
       their guests using any of the recreational facilities.
      Proper attire, including shoes and tops, must be worn outside the pool area,
       gymnasium and saunas at all times and excess water and oil that can damage
       carpeting must be removed.
      Hours of operation, which may be posted by the Association on entrance doors,
       shall be strictly observed.
      Excess lotions, creams and oil must be removed before entering the pool or
       Jacuzzi; otherwise, expensive damage will result to the pool filtration equipment.
      No water shall be poured on the sauna stones; this will damage the heaters.
      Food and beverages may only be consumed in the areas around the pool and NOT
       in the pool or Jacuzzi. All trash is to be placed in receptacles provided before
       leaving the pool area.

Draft – 1/16/07                                                                    Page 14

      No operation of equipment or adjusting of controls is permitted in the roof-top
       area except for Jacuzzi time, which must be reset when not in use.
      No sitting on edge of billiard table is permitted; use bridge supplied.

7.16    Request for Action/ Janitorial & Maintenance Staff
        All requests for action must be put in writing. A Request for Action Form can be
obtained in the security or lobby office. If the manager is away from the office, please
place the completed form in the manager’s box in the lobby. It will be reviewed and you
will receive a written response within 2-3 days from the time the manager receives the
form. Please realize that without a Request for Action or a written letter, the manager
cannot take care of your concern. All concerns and problems are important to the
management and we want to make sure that they are handled in a timely manner.
        The maintenance/janitorial staff are employed to clean the building and perform
minor repairs at the direction of the manager. The maintenance/janitorial staff are not
allowed to do work in individual units. It is a liability to the Association. If you need
work done in your unit, you will need to call a handyman at your cost.

7.17    Plumbing
        Should you have a plumbing problem in your unit and need assistance, please
contact the manager between 8am and 5pm. If the manager is not in the office, complete
a Request for Action form so that the manager can analyze your plumbing concerns. The
manager will investigate the cause of your plumbing problem. If it is determined that the
plumbing concern is not a common area matter, the manager will ask you to call your
own plumber and request that the repairs be done immediately. Also, make sure that you
notify the manager twenty-four (24) hours prior to your plumber coming to make the
repairs so that the water can be shut off to your unit and to insure that residents are
properly notified. If you do not make the repairs to your unit in a timely manner, the
Association will make the repairs and bill you accordingly. The manager and the LPTCA
staff will not recommend a plumber.
        If the plumbing matter is common area, the manager will contact the
Association’s plumber. If you have a plumbing problem after 5pm, please come down to
the security office and speak with the guard on duty. The guard on duty will be able to
assist you.

7.18    Units for Sale
        If you are selling your unit, you must be available to assist your realtor. The
building does not have the staff to assist with showing the individual units. All questions
regarding the building should be directed to Horizon Management at 310-543-1995. They
will assist you in what is required during the escrow of your unit. In addition, a $500.00
move-in fee is required by the buyer of the unit.

7.19   Maintenance/Construction Work in Units
       All maintenance work in units must be done between the hours of 9am – 5pm,
Monday-Friday, and 9am – 1pm on Saturday. No work on Sunday. Please be considerate
of your neighbors. Any alterations made in your unit need prior approval by the Board of
Directors in accordance with the Association’s Rules and Regulations. These alterations

Draft – 1/16/07                                                                    Page 15

are: hardwood flooring, tiling and window covering. You must contact the manager to get
the requirements for the installation of hardwood and tile flooring. Please notify the
manager as to when you are planning to have work in your unit.
         Additionally, the common areas, such as the garage and hallways are not to be
used for storage. You must obtain permission from the manager only in order to leave
any construction materials in the garage and hallways.
         Also, you are responsible for the work that your contractors perform while they
are working in your unit. They are not to dispose of or store any items from your home in
the common areas (garage, front of the building, alley, hallways, stairwells). If the items
are left in the common areas, the manager will immediately ask you to remove the items.
Failure to do so will result in your items being hauled away at your cost by the LPTCA
staff, and a $75.00 personal reimbursement assessment will be charged.

7.20    Washers and Dryers in Units
        In 2002, the Board of Directors passed a motion which restricts the installation of
washers and dryers in units. The reason for this motion was to comply with the building
inspector’s investigation indicating that the interior common area pipes of the building
were not built to support the amount of water that would be required to run through the
pipes and would therefore cause severe damage to the pipes. The Association has a
laundry room located on the lower level of the building for all residents to use.
        If you currently have a washing machine and/or dryer in your unit, and if there is
a problem with the plumbing in the building, you will be responsible for all plumbing
costs and any damages to the common area and/or units affected.

7.21    Hardwood Flooring
        If new owners want to install hardwood flooring, the owner must submit a request
in writing and send the following to the on-site manager. No installation of hardwood
flooring will be permitted without the board’s approval. It will take at least 4 weeks for
the board to approve or disapprove the request. There will be no exceptions and
compliance is required.
        The following is needed for approval or disapproval by the board for hardwood
flooring (All must be submitted to the on-site manager within 48 hours before the
documentation is represented to the Board for review.)
        Documentation needed: Name of owner, unit number, date of installation, the
name of the installer, their license number and insurance information and the type of
sound proofing and the type of flooring.
        Additionally, any work in the unit by the unit owner’s contractors is to be handled
by the owner, and the owner is to make sure that the contractors come through the garage
and not the lobby. The contractors will be stopped and asked not to go through the lobby.
The on-site manager and the Association’s staff are not going to be responsible for letting
your contractors in. There are no exceptions.

7.22   In and Out-Going Mail
       All packages that require pick up can be left in the lobby office for the mailman to
pick up. However, the manager may be away from the office when the mailman comes.

Draft – 1/16/07                                                                     Page 16

Every effort to assist will be made. If you have an emergency package(s) that must go
out, it is your responsibility to handle it yourself.

7.23    Architectural Alterations & Regulations
        No building, fence wall, obstruction, balcony, screen, patio, patio cover, tent,
awning, carport, carport cover, improvement, or structure of any kind shall be
commenced, erected, painted, or maintained upon the property, nor shall any alteration or
improvement of any kind be made thereto until the same has been approved in writing by
an Architectural Control Committee appointed by or elected by the owners.
        Plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, shape, color, size, materials and
location of such improvements or alterations shall be submitted to the committee for
approval as to quality of workmanship and design and harmony of external design with
existing structures, as to location in relation to surrounding units, topography, and finish
grade elevation. No permission or approval shall be required to rebuild in accordance
with Declarant’s original plans and specifications, or to rebuild in accordance with the
plans and specifications previously approved by the committee. No landscaping of patios
or balconies visible from the street or from the common area shall be undertaken by any
owner until plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, shape, and location of the
material shall have been submitted to and approved in writing by the committee.

Architectural Rules & Regulations
    No material shall be placed on balconies or patios, so as to be visible, except for
       plants and a limited amount of patio furniture.
    The décor of balconies and patios visible from the exterior shall not be changed
       from that existing (i.e., patios to have green grass carpet, black lamp posts and
       natural redwood fencing, balconies and railing and patio building walls to match
       building color) unless specifically approved by the Architectural Committee.
    Draperies shall not be used that deviate in appearance from the standard off-
       white, unless specifically approved by the Architectural Committee.
    Sun control: Aluminum foil, etc., shall not be used in windows. Roll-up blinds are
       acceptable if of a neutral color. All visible sun control devices require approval of
       the Architectural Control Committee.
    Planter boxes require approval of the Architectural Control Committee and must
       be of uniform design, color, size, shape and be used in pairs symmetrically placed
       on balconies. A typical design would be a redwood box 48 inches long, by 7
       inches deep by 8.5 inches wide, secured with simple black iron brackets.
    The lobby or any part of the common area shall not be used for commercial
       business. For Sale or For Rent signs may only be displayed on the approved board
       located at the South Front of the property. No other signs, flags, devices, etc., are
       permitted. Boards for this purpose to be provided and installed by Lafayette Park
       Towers personnel. Signs to be prepared by the advertiser with letters purchased
       from Lafayette Park Towers personnel.
    Nothing is to be placed at the front door of units in the form of special numbers,
       nameplates, doormats, plants, etc. Additionally, nothing is to be left outside in the
       hallway at any time. (Specific same-day pick up or delivery excepted.)

Draft – 1/16/07                                                                     Page 17

Enforcement: First Offense – Warning Letter
                Second Offense – Fine of $75.00 + Legal Fees
                Third Offense – Fine of $150.00 + Legal Fees
Please Note: Fines will continue to double with each repetition of the offense. (A
continuing on-going infraction of the rules of more than one month thereof, will
constitute a single violation and will be compounded with each additional month.) Any
fines not paid within 90 days will result in a lien being filed against the property owners
and a subsequent sale, if still not paid.


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