Daily Math Attack 3rd Grade #5

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					5 Daily Math Attack 3rd Grade                  Name ____________________________

1. The missing mailbox number is greater than 156 and less than 198. Which number could
it be? Mark your answer.

2. What is the missing number in the number pattern? Mark your answer.

3. How many Zs are inside the circle and outside the square? Mark your answer.

4. Mrs. Sain wants to put a trim around the window. The window has the shape of a
5. The graph shows the favorite flavors of soda of the third grade students at Elliott
Point Elementary School.

                                   Favorite Soda Flavors

6. Charlie’s Fast Food sold 19 hot dogs, 26 sandwiches, and 32 burritos. How many hot
dogs and burritos did they sell? Mark your answer.

7. Mrs. Balboa’s class was selling pickles to make money for a field trip. The class needed
to sell 875 pickles. They sold 538 pickles after school. How many more pickles do they
still need to sell? Mark your answer.

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