Daily Math Attack 3rd Grade #4

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					4 Daily Math Attack 3rd Grade                       Name ____________________________

1. Joshua wrote a number with a 4 in the thousands place, a 5 in the hundreds place, and a 2 in
the ones place. Which number could Joshua have written?

2. The chart shows information about Ms. Blair's bulletin board. Each row had the same number
of student pictures.

What was the total number of pictures in 6 rows? Mark your answer.

3. What shape is a baseball? Mark your answer.

4. About how many paper clips long is the pen? Mark your answer.
5. The graph show the number of cookies brought in by a third-grade class for the end of
school party.

The class brought in 20 of which kind of cookie? Mark your answer.

6. In the third grade at Salazar Elementary School, 34 students walk to school, 17 come by car
and 26 ride the bus. How many students walk or come by car? Mark your answer.

7. There are 83 students in the cafeteria and 49 students in the music room. How many more
students are in the cafeteria than in the music room? Mark your answer.

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