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Service Agreement
Terri Graham
4158 Lafitte Rd.                                            Cell: (251) 455-5634
Saraland, AL. 36571                                         Email:

This agreement is effective from ________________ to ________________ and
is between Always Home Pet Sitting & Dog Walking
and ___________________________________________ (hereinafter referred
to as “client”) who resides
This agreement constitutes permission to enter above address and perform said
house sitting duties.
Any changes to this agreement must be done so in writing or they will be null and
void. Always Home hasthe right to make any changes to this agreement at will
and without notice. With any changes, a new agreement will be presented before
any new services are rendered.
Services/Rates: House Sitting at $___________ per day x ____________ days
= $_________Total
Check the following services you would like:
[ ] Overnight [ ] No Overnight
[ ] Mail/paper [ ] Indoor Plants watered [ ] Outdoor Plants Watered
[ ] Security Check       [ ] Trash [ ] Recycle
[ ] Lawn Watered [ ] Lawn Mowed [ ] Pool Maintenance
[ ] Other:
Payment for Services: □ Cash □Check
Signature: _______________________________________________________
*In the event of a returned check, the customer must pay the entire invoice
and a $25 fee promptly via cash only.
Key Release: Left on final visit            Kept by Always Home for future use       Mailed
*There will be a fee for every future pickup
Vacation/Trip Log filled out and signed: Yes No
Additional Information/comments:
Always Home Pet Sitting & Dog Walking
Terri Graham
Policies and Procedures
The client hereto agrees as follows:
1) Always Home and its employees agree to provide services stated in this
agreement in a reliable and trustworthy manner. In consideration of these
services and as an express condition thereof, the client expressly waives any
and all claims against Always Home or its employees, unless arising from
negligence on the part of Always Home.

2) Always Home will not be responsible for any damage cost to lawn, plants, or
any outside furniture.

3) Always Home will not be responsible for the death or damage of any indoor or
outdoor plants for any reason.

4) Always Home will not be responsible for the loss of any trash or recycle
receptacles due to wind or any act of nature.

5) Always Home will not be responsible for any damage (inside or out) due to
any act of nature.

6) Always Home will not be responsible for a property where other people are
resident during our assignment. We will not provide pet sitting unless that has
been included in the contracted amount. If pet sitting is part of the contract, a pet
sitting contract must be signed in addition to the house sitting contract.

7) Always Home will not accept time specific calls as we can not guarantee
specific times accurately. A three hour window is acceptable.

8) Business and visiting hours fall between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. and
services are usually completed during this time unless we are behind schedule.

9) Always Home reserves the right to deny service or terminate service because
of safety concerns financial concerns, or inappropriate or uncomfortable

10) Client agrees to authorize Always Home to handle any emergencies that
may arise. Always Home will make every effort to contact client. In the event
client cannot be contacted, client authorizes Always Home to use their best
judgment and to be available at an hourly rate of $30 to oversee the
11) Check in time: 3PM-9PM. Always Home will arrive at your home to start
home management service. Any service scheduled prior to check in time is
rendered at $20.00 per 30 minutes. This generally is intended for starting pet
care until homeowner departs and will fall under the pet sitting service
    Check out time: 6AM-12PM. Always Home will depart from your home. If
Always Home is required to make visits after check out time then service is
rendered at $20.00 per 30 minute visits. This generally is intended for continued
pet care until the homeowners arrives and will fall under the pet sitting

12) Payment is expected before services are rendered. In the event of
additional unforeseen visits payment is expected within 5 days of the
completion of services or a late charge of $20 will be applied.

13) Cancellations must be received in the appropriate time due to no
refunds within 0-48hrs/holidays and 50% refunds within 2-7days before
service’s begin.

By signing below the client fully understands and agrees to the contents of this
_______________________________________ _____________
Client’s Signature                                 Date

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