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Acervo General de la biblioteca "Dr Jorge Villalobos Padilla, S.J." del ITESO (2.0)
Ackerman Archives: Experimental File-based OAI Archive (1.1)
A Digital Archive of Research Papers in Computational Linguistics (2.0)
American Natural Science in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century (Academy of Natural
Sciences) (2.0)
Adlib Information Systems testing environment (2.0)
University of Illinois Library at Urbana-Champaign, Historic Illinois Aerial Photo
Imagebase (2.0)
Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America (1.1)
Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America (2.0)
AIM25 - Archives in London (2.0)
AISRI (American Indian Studies Research Institute) (1.1)
Australian Information Warfare and IT Security Conference 2003 (2.0)
AKT EPrints Archive (1.1)
AKT EPrints Archive (2.0)
ALADIN : DSpace de la MSH-Alpes (2.0)
Test Repository (1.1)
Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts (2.0)
Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues (2.0)
AMS Acta (2.0)
American Numismatic Society (1.1)
APJ - Assembly-Programming-Journal (2.0)
applebytest (1.1)
Archimede Université Laval (2.0)
An OAI Repository, coming from (2.0)
MONARCH - Multimedia Online Archiv Chemnitz (2.0)
Internet Archive OAI Repository (2.0)
DSpace at UGent (2.0)
Archive ENS LSH (2.0)
Archive Lyon 2 (1.1)
Archive Lyon 2 (2.0)
ArchivesEIAH (1.1)
ArchivesEIAH (2.0)
@rchiveSIC : Sciences de l'Information et de la Communication (1.1)
arXiv (2.0)
Analytical Sciences Digital Library (2.0)
Aboriginal Studies Electronic Data Archive (ASEDA) (2.0)
ATILF Resources (2.0)
Caltech Authors (2.0)
Atmospheric Visualization Collection (AVC) (1.1)
ePrints@Bath (2.0)
BBSPrints Archive (1.0)
BieSOn - Bielefelder Server für Online-Publikationen (University of Bielefeld,
GERMANY) (2.0)
BioMed Central (2.0)
BioMed Central (1.1)
FRBR Bookmarks (2.0)
brown_cs OAI Archive (2.0)
Bibliotheksservice-Zentrum Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Virtueller Medienserver (2.0)
Mormons and their Neighbors (2.0)
Caltech Center for Advanced Computing Research (2.0)
Caltech Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative Technical Reports (2.0)
Caltech Authors (1.1)
Caltech Biological Imaging Center's Frog (Xenopus) Gastrulation Images (2.0)
Books by Caltech Authors (1.1)
Caltech Control and Dynamical Systems Technical Reports (1.1)
Engineering and Science Online [DEMO] (2.0)
Caltech Computer Science Technical Reports (1.1)
Caltech Earthquake Engineering Research Laboratory Technical Reports (1.1)
Environmental Quality Laboratory Technical Reports (2.0)
Caltech Electronic Theses and Dissertations (1.1)
Caltech Graduate Aeronautical Laboratories Fluid Mechanics Technical Reports (2.0)
Caltech Graduate Aeronautical Laboratories Solid Mechanics Technical Reports (2.0)
W. M. Keck Laboratory of Hydraulics and Water Resources Technical Reports (2.0)
Caltech Large-Eddy Simulation and Subgrid-Scale Modeling For Turbulent Mixing and
Reactive Flows (2.0)
Caltech Library System Papers and Publications (1.1)
Caltech Archives Oral Histories Online (1.1)
Caltech Parallel and Distributed Systems Group (1.1)
CAV2001: Fourth International Symposium on Cavitation (1.1)
CodeBreakers-Journal (2.0)
Documentacion en Ciencias de la Comunicacion (2.0)
Center for Digital Discourse and Culture Eprints Archive (2.0)
California Digital Library (CDL) METS Repository (2.0)
California Digital Library Repository 1 (1.1)
University of California eScholarship Repository (2.0)
Cuadernos de Documentacion Multimedia (2.0)
CERN Document Server (2.0)
A Celebration of Women Writers (2.0)
Ciência da Informação (2.0) (2.0)
CiteSeer Computer and Information Science Publications collection (2.0)
Cornell Language Acquisition Laboratory, CLAL (2.0)
CMFitz (2.0)
CNR Bologna Research Library (2.0)
Cogprints (1.1)
Cogprints (2.0)
Colorado Digitization Project (2.0)
Computer Science Preprint Server (2.0)
conoZe: intelligere ut credas, credere ut intelligas (1.1) (2.0)
NSDL Whiteboard Report (2.0)
WSU Libraries CONTENTdm Respository (2.0)
Chemistry Preprint Server (2.0)
The University of Iowa Computer Science Department Publication Database (2.0)
CSC Eprints (2.0)
Canadian Centre for the Study of Historical Consciousness, Document Server (1.1)
Computer Science Teaching Center (1.1)
Project Euclid (Hosted at Cornell University Library) (2.0)
Rumsey Collection (1.1)
The Natural Language Software Registry (2.0)
Dialogo Cientifico (2.0)
ATILF resources (2.0)
Library for digital documents at the university of Oslo (2.0)
Auburn University - Transforming America (2.0)
The University of Tennessee Libraries (2.0)
dispute (2.0)
Academic Archive On-line (2.0)
Digital Library of the Commons (2.0)
Digital Library of the Commons (1.1)
Sample Repository (1.1)
DLIST (1.1)
DLIST (2.0)
Digital Library Network for Engineering and Technology (DLNET) (2.0)
The University of Michigan. University Library. Digital Library Production Service. (1.1)
DOAJ-Journals (2.0)
doaj (2.0)
Documenting the American South (2.0)
DRH 2003 (2.0)
Documentation Research and Training Centre (2.0)
DSpace at University Groningen (2.0)
DUETT - Dissertations and other Documents of the Gerhard-Mercator-University
Duisburg (1.1)
DUETTv2 - Dissertations and other Documents of the University Duisburg (2.0)
Academia Sinica Tagged Corpus of Early Mandarin Chinese (2.0)
Electronic Communications in Probability (2.0)
Southampton Crystal Reports (2.0)
ECS EPrints Service (1.1)
Digitale Hochschulschriften der LMU (2.0)
electronic Environmental Resources Library (2.0)
KHK eindwerken (2.0)
ERPA European Research Papers Archive (2.0)
Electronic Journal of Probability (2.0)
The Eberhard Karls University of Tuebingen (2.0)
Eldorado (1.1)
State and University Library Bremen (1.1)
University of Stuttgart, GERMANY, OPUS (2.0)
Belarusian State University, Fundamental Library (1.1)
European Language Resources Association (2.0)
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (2.0)
UIUC Engineering Documents Center Collection (2.0)
English Heritage (2.0)
DSpace at Erasmus (2.0)
ePrints@UQ (2.0)
Australian National University EPrints2 Archive (2.0)
DCU Eprints Archive (2.0)
ECS EPrints Service (2.0)
Glasgow ePrints Service (2.0)
EPrints Server of the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of
São Paulo (2.0)
Nottingham ePrints (2.0)
E-LIS (1.1)
e-Prints Soton (2.0)
UCL Eprints (2.0)
Nottingham ePrints (1.1)
EPrint Series of Department of Mathematics, Hokkaido University (2.0)
EPrints Server of the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of
São Paulo (1.1)
EPSILON Publishing System for Doctoral and Licentiate's Theses (1.1)
EPSILON Publishing System for Doctoral and Licentiate's Theses (2.0)
EPSILON Publishing System for SLU Undergraduate Theses (1.1)
EPSILON Publishing System for SLU Undergraduate Theses (2.0)
Elektronische Publikationen der Universitaet Muenchen (1.1)
ePub-WU OAI Archive (Vienna Univ. of Econ. and B.A.) (2.0)
CCLRC ePublication Archive (2.0)
, Document Server (1.1)
espace@Curtin (2.0)
ETSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive (2.0)
Lithuanian Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive (2.0)
LSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive (2.0)
OhioLINK Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Center (2.0)
ETD Individuals (1.1)
ETD Individuals (2.0)
eBooks@Adelaide : The University of Adelaide Library Electronic Text Collection (2.0)
Nottingham eTheses (2.0)
Nottingham eTheses (1.1)
Ethnologue: Languages of the World (1.1)
Ethnologue: Languages of the World (2.0)
Ethnomathematics Repository (2.0)
EXYSTENCE ePrints Archive (1.1)
EXYSTENCE ePrints Archive (2.0)
OAI Datenprovider der Fachhochschule Duesseldorf (2.0)
OAI-Datenprovider der Fachhochschule Dortmund (2.0)
OAI Datenprovider der Fachhochschule Gelsenkirchen (2.0)
University of Illinois Library at Urbana-Champaign, Archival Finding Aids (2.0)
First Nations House of Learning, Document Server (1.1)
FOREX - Research- and Expertdatabase, University of Bremen (2.0)
Academia Sinica Formosan Language Archive (2.0)
Serveur de Documents Science et Culture France-Japon (2.0)
ATILF resources (2.0)
CCSU Digital Archive (1.1)
CCSU Digital Archive (2.0)
The Wolfram Functions Site, Repository hosted at UIUC (2.0)
IIS Technical Reports Database (2.0)
The CWIHP OAI Test Archive (2.0)
University of Glasgow EPrint Archive (1.1)
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Grainger Engineering Library Information
Center (2.0)
GSAFD Thesaurus (2.0)

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