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					CIS 421 Ex. 1. Construct a Persona Name _Nigel Chanthachack__
Due together with project plan – upload to Blackboard Assignment & to ADMIN
folder of your website.

Points possible = 15
Points earned = _______
Read About Face 3: Ch 5, Modeling Personas
This chapter was written for someone developing a persona after conducting observational
research about potential customers.
You need to base your persona on someone or several people that you know well – friends, family
members, etc.

This is a creative exercise, but is similar to what software or product developers do when they
develop applications for end users. It helps them to focus on the type of person who will ultimately
use what they develop.

In this exercise, you will create your own primary persona -- the person for whom you will be
designing a website throughout this class

List the characteristics of the persona in this document, and post on Blackboard, by noon
Tuesday, January 13.

Persona’s name (select one               Andrew Rios
For ideas visit
Photo of persona – optional
(but make sure any photos you post
are not copyrighted by someone

Age                                      22
Highest Educational level                college
Marital Status                           Married or single
Annual Income persona earns              15 thousand a year
Description of family with whom          Father, mother, sister, brother
persona lives or on whom persona
depends (or that depend on
Family Income                            Average
Ability to Learn                         Yes
Other pertinent information              None

12/25/2010 7:51:17 AM        1
Behavioral Variables
Occupation                               College student
Hobbies/Primary Interests                Enjoys eating, hiking, sightseeing

Media/Information Usage
Primary sources of information           TV, radio, books, newspaper, web sites, online forums
(e.g., newspapers, TV, radio,            Shows such as: supernatural, hell’s kitchen, and Smallville.
Internet, books                          Radio: power 106, KIIS fm, and coast 103.5
                                         Newspaper: New York times
                                         Websites: Myspace, Twiiter, and Facebook
List types of information that           Website new articles, mobile phones.
interest persona
Ways persona communicates with           Email, telephone, instant message, mail
friends & family
Ways persona communicates with           Instant messaging, telephone, cell phone, or emailing
Ways persona communicates with           Media, advertisement, word of mouth
people with similar interests
Other information about                  Mostly website usage.
media/information usage

Device Usage – Include product
names & link to product websites
Computers or other technology that       The persona would use different kinds of computer such as Dell,
persona uses for personal use            or MAC

Mobile devices, such as cell             Cell phones At&t, Verizon, and T-Mobile
phones, PDAs, etc., for personal            
use                                             82EF088F8407&WT.srch=1

Computers or other technologies          At least a 56k modem or any Intel platinum 4
that persona uses at work      

Mobile devices that persona uses at Laptop such as hp or dell
work                                   

Degree of competency with                Not much experience needed. Persona need to know basic
computer & communication                 fundamental skills of using a computer and dealing with
technologies – include years of          communication technologies. Possibly a year of two dealing with
experience using each technology         hands on each of the technologies should do just fine.

12/25/2010 7:51:17 AM          2
Comfort level with computers &           Low
communication technologies
Average number of hours per week         25 hours
persona uses a computer
Average number of hours per week         15hours
persona uses mobile technology
Average number of hours per week         10 hours
persona uses the Internet
Websites the persona uses for            Personal (Bank of America) – 6 hours
personal/hobby/interests/connecting      Hobby(art) - 12 hours
to others with similar interests–        Interest (Honda tuning) 8 hours
average number of hours per week         Connecting to others (Myspace, Facebook)- 7 hours
on each                        
that persona uses on a regular           A web browser like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer- 12
basis – average number of hours          hours
per week on each                         Adobe photoshop- 5 hours
Other technologies – digital             Canon digit camera and TomTom GPS system
cameras, etc.                                

Additional information about             Download of Iphone applications, games and movies online.
persona’s use of technology

12/25/2010 7:51:17 AM       3

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