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					   Chapter 4 Quiz

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1. The current e- marketplace business model focuses on:

   A. price discovery and clearing.
   B. buying and selling goods and services.
   C. providing supply chain services.
   D. providing an electronic forum for posting RFx.
   E. providing an electronic arena for open auctions.
                                                           Points Earned: 0/1
                                                         Correct Ans wer: C
                                                          Your Response: B
2. An online catalog is a digitized version of a supplier’s catalog that may be customized
   to include the specific items, prices, and other terms and conditions negotiated by the
   buyer and seller.

                                                Points Earned: 1/1
                                              Correct Ans wer: True
                                               Your Response: True

3. Electronic or online supplier catalogs typically contain two types of information:

   A. product specification data and photographs.
   B. prices and shipping information.
   C. transaction data and shipping information.
   D. product specification data and transaction data.
   E. product descriptions and product photographs.
                                                          Points Earned: 1/1
                                                         Correct Ans wer: D
                                                          Your Response: D
4. Radio frequency identification (RFID) will:
   A. Complement bar coding in the short term, and has the capability to replace bar
      code in the long term.
   B. eliminate further investment in information technology.
   C. Not be viable for large companies.
   D. be more cost effective to implement than bar coding.
   E. improve data capture but slow down inventory picking.
                                             Points Earned: 1/1
                                           Correct Ans wer: A
                                            Your Response: A

5. Application software for the procurement process is available:

   A. only through an ERP system.
   B. only through a systems developer.
   C. only from an application software provider (ASP).
   D. Through an ERP system or systems developer, but not from an ASP.
   E. through an ERP system, a systems developer, or an ASP.
                               Points Earned: 1/1
                              Correct Ans wer: E
                               Your Response: E
6. Bar coding systems are useful in supply in:

   A. transmitting purchase orders.
   B. obtaining price quotes.
   C. receiving inbound materials and order generation.
   D. incoming inspection and quality control.
   E. determining the availability of items from suppliers.
                                                       Points Earned: 1/1
                                                      Correct Ans wer: C
                                                       Your Response: C
7. Which of the following statements is true about information system technology use in
   supply management:

   A. speedier communication in the supply chain may lead to increased market share.
   B. buyer-supplier relationships will be harmed due to greater price transparency.
   C. long-term decision- making will be of lesser importance than daily transactions.
   D. integration with other functional areas will slow down.
   E. supply personnel will spend most of their time handling repetitive purchases.
                                               Points Earned: 1/1
                                              Correct Ans wer: A
                                               Your Response: A
8. The growth of Internet based systems has led to:

    A. a complete transition from EDI to internet-based systems.
    B. the development of Internet EDI.
    C. abandonment of EDI systems.
    D. decreased integration of supply and manufacturing processes.
    E. increased need for personnel in purchasing.
                                                             Points Earned: 1/1
                                                            Correct Ans wer: B
                                                             Your Response: B
9. An extranet is a single and widely accessible network (for authorized users only) set
   up to share information and communicate with company employees.

                                           Points Earned: 0/1
                                          Correct Ans wer: False
                                           Your Response: True
        10. It is relatively easy to develop a global database to consolidate volumes and
            sourcing strategy because common technical standards and government
            regulations exist across countries.

    Points Earned: 1/1
  Correct Ans wer: False
   Your Response: False


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