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									                 Cell Band 20W POWER AMPLIFIER
                                    Model: BW-850-20-20

              Parameter                                          Specification
           Frequency Ranges                                      869-894 MHz
            RF Output Power                               43.0 dBm (20 Watts) average
                 RF Gain                                           20  1dB
RF Gain flatness over Operating Frequency                            1 dB
     RF Gain change over Operating                                   1 dB
   Temperature Range (-30º to +80º C)
            Spectral Regrowth                                 -30 dBc at 200 KHz
              25Watts, 25C                                    -60 dBc at 400 KHz
           Stopband Rejection                                     35 dBc min.
              824-849 MHz
        Input/Output Return Loss                             18 dB min. (50 ohms)
            Output Protection                                       Isolator
               Connectors                   RF Input: SMA-F
                                            RF Output: SMA-F
                                            DC Input: Molex 43650-0300
                                                         Pin 1: Positive DC
                                                         Pin 2: No-Connect
                                                         Pin 3: Ground
            DC Input Power                                          28 VDC
        DC Current @ 20W CW                                        2.0A max
               Cooling                                   Conduction through base plate
 Proposed Package Dimensions/ Outline                              P-2635

       Environmental Conditions
        Operating Temperature,                                  -10º to + 60º C
  Operating Temperature, Specifications                         -30º to + 80º C
          Storage Temperature                                    -40º to +85º C
           Operating Humidity                                   20 to 80 % RH
            Storage Humidity                                     5 to 95 % RH

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