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					                          Winter 2010 Newsletter

Dear patients & Friends;
  Hello once again. Many of you have asked why I’ve not written any newsletters
lately. Well, a couple of years ago I decided to be creative in another way and put
some energy (and a lot of money and time) into remodeling a house I bought.
Seems every few years I just have to create something out of material, other than
flesh, that will be around for years to come. Guess it’s a way to express those
engineering/architect genes I was given at birth. So, thankfully, that project is
finished and now I can get back to my other avocation — writing.
  In the past I would mail my newsletter by way of the postal service.
Unfortunately, it became rather expensive. Since electronic communication has
become so easy and ubiquitous and much more cost effective, I’ve decided to join
the electronic age and email my newsletters. I will also be posting them on my
website at
  This year, 2010, marks the beginning of my 36th year in practice. I’m shooting
for 50 years, so I only have fourteen more to go. I don’t expect the world to come
to an end when the Mayan calendar ends in 2012, and retirement is not a word in
my vocabulary, so I might just keep going after 2025 too. After all, what woul d I
do for the next forty years?!!
  As you are aware there is a big political push to change the way health care is
financed in America. Most likely the politicians will pass some form of health
care reform this year. It will not make any radical change in the way health care is
delivered, but only who is going to pay for it. Ultimately the medical
establishment, which includes the pharmaceutical companies, insurance
companies, hospitals and doctors, will come out the winners, just like the “fat
cats” on wall street and the auto industry have. I do not plan on becoming a part
of the “system” and will continue to practice as I have in the past 22 years.
Personally, I don’t believe the government nor insurance companies should be a
third party in a doctor/patient relationship. Unfortunately, the advent of health
insurance after World War II created a gradual escalation in health care costs to
the point that most people can’t afford to pay for it out of pocket now. For those
who still have insurance, there will probably come a time when I will not be able
to provide you with a superbill to bill your insurance company. The trend is
toward electronic processing of insurance claims between the doctor or hospital
and the insurance company. Eventually, patients will not be allowed to submit
claims directly, just as it is with Medicare now. That will most likely be four or
five years away. When that happens, all your health information will end up in
                                   Winter 2010
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cyberspace. It is questionable whether that information will be totally secure. The
last vestige of privacy will have disappeared.
 However, never fear. I will continue serving your needs and you can think of
me as you do Las Vegas. What you do here, what you say here; when you leave
— it will stay here.
  As before, I will be sending a newsletter every season. So, look for the next one
some time in the Spring.
 Wishing you abundant health, wealth and love in the New Year.
                                                               Yours Truly,