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									Delhi – Gateway to Golden Triangle Tours

There are regular tours of India which are wonderful opportunities for travellers to acquaint themselves
with the country, and then there are majestic tours which unveil some of the richest, most extraordinary
sights in a breathtaking fashion. One such is the Golden Triangle Tour, among the most wondrous India
Tours presented.

Golden Triangle Tours incorporate only three cities in the north of the country. However, these pack in
many more experiences than some of the most elaborate, long drawn tours India has to offer. Delhi,
Jaipur and Agra form the triangle that is a tour to a historic, cultural extravaganza which leaves your
heart brimming with joy.

The most prominent among the cities on this tour is Delhi. This city is usually the starting and ending
point of the tour, since it enjoys easiest accessibility both locally and also from international
destinations. Delhi is undoubtedly the largest among all three cities and has the distinction of being the
capital of India. The city of Delhi can in itself, be a complete tour, with the varied experiences and
numerous sights that it has to offer. Delhi and its immediate surroundings are beautiful to look at and a
pleasure to drive through. The monuments and structures enjoy tremendous significance, and their
study has plenty to reveal.

Delhi has a complex structure and history associated with it. It is actually believed to be not one, but an
inclusion of seven cities which make up this sizeable entity. Signs of this point to the epic Mahabharata,
where Delhi was then Indraprastha, the capital of the Pandava kings. Ever since, Delhi has witnessed
several influences which include the Chauhans, the Slaves, Turks and Afghans, and then the Mughals.
While some may rue that Delhi has been unfortunate in all that it has been subjected to, today these
dominations have gone to give Delhi a unique character which is hard to find in any other city.

Among the most prominent attractions of Delhi are the Red Fort, the Qutb Minar and Humayun’s Tomb.
The parliament house is a modern marvel which has a dignified appeal, and the India Gate is a grand
tribute to martyrs. The city of Delhi makes a fitting start to Golden Triangle Tours as it has all the
elements that build up the excitement and expectation of what is to follow.

Delhi can be very hot during the summers, and it gets cooler than usual during the winters. The extreme
climate can be attributed to its distance from the sea. There is little humidity, with a modest amount of
rainfall received during the months of July and August. Beware of hot waves which lash the city in the

After Delhi, it is time to carry on with your Golden Triangle Tour. Although Agra is the closest
destination, both Jaipur and Agra can be reached conveniently from Delhi. Take with you wonderful
memories of Delhi and contrast them with sights of the other cities. You are about to learn a timeless
lesson in history.
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