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                                                                October 7, 2010. Exodus International decides to give          30-year gay adoption ban. Amazing. Secretary George
                                                                up Day of Truth in response to the recent wave of teen         Sheldon o f the Department of Children & Families stated

    News                                                        suicides. The “Ex gay” group started Day of Truth in retort
                                                                to GLSEN’s Day of Silence, which seeks to call attention
                                                                to anti-gay bullying against LGBT students.         Exodus
                                                                                                                               that the Florida District Court of Appeals decision was
                                                                                                                               clear and binding statewide. Sheldon had also discussed
                                                                                                                               the idea of appealing with Florida Attorney General, Bill

                                                                International President, Alan Chambers stated, “All the        McCollum, but did not know if he planned to appeal the
                                                                recent attention to bullying helped us realize that we         matter to the Florida Supreme Court. As of last week,
                                                                need to equip kids to live out biblical tolerance and grace    the state had missed the deadline to appeal on the issue.
                                                                while treating their neighbors as they’d like to be treated,
    by A.D. Seibel                                              whether they agree with them or not.”                          October 13, 2010. U.S. District Court Judge Virginia
                                                                                                                               Phillips orders the U.S. military to stop enforcing “don’t
October 1, 2010. The “It Gets Better” Campaign                  October 11, 2010. On October 11, 1987 half a million           ask, don’t tell.” The injunction states to, “immediately
grows exponentially after only being on YouTube since           LGBT people and allies participated in the March on            suspend and discontinue any investigation, or discharge,
September 21st. Dan Savage started the campaign in              Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. It was also the
                                                                                                                               separation, or other proceeding, that may have been
response to several young people committing suicide             first showing of the NAMES Project Quilt. Rob Eichberg
                                                                                                                               commenced” under DADT. Judge Phillips had previously
who had been previously bullied because of their actual or      and Jean O’Leary come up with a genius idea for keeping
                                                                                                                               ruled that DADT violated service members 5th
perceived sexual orientation. Since then, everyday people       LGBT discourse in the forefront, National Coming Out
                                                                Day. PS. Thanks HRC, for keeping the history alive.            amendment right to due process and freedom of speech,
and celebrities such as Tim Gunn and President Obama
                                                                                                                               but had not issued an injunction. Both sides cautioned
have submitted their own personal coming out stories or
                                                                October 12, 2010. The Obama Administration filed               current service members against outing themselves,
encouragements that, yes, it does get better.
                                                                notice of appeal in support of the 1996 Defense of Marriage    as the fate of DADT is still undecided. The Justice
October 5, 2010. A transgender woman lost her                   Act (DOMA) that bans gay-marriage. Although, Obama             Department is expected to appeal the ruling.
legal challenge to marry her boyfriend in Hong Kong.            has come out publically
The woman had undergone a sex change and had all                against DOMA, the Justice
appropriate documents changed, however the Hong Kong            Department is required to
Marriage Registry only allows couples who were men              defend the discriminatory
and women at birth to wed. The woman’s lawyer argued            statute as it is required
that her rights entitled within the Constitution and Bill of    to defend all acts of
Rights had been violated as both documents grant citizens       Congress when they are
the right to marry. The judge ruled that he found no            challenged in court. In
support for a post-op transsexual to marry. The woman           July, District Judge Joseph
plans to appeal.                                                Tauro of Boston had
                                                                ruled that the law violated
October 6, 2010. The Salt Lake City School District             the U.S. Constitution’s
considers banning discrimination against gay students and       10th Amendment, which
employees. The school board will consider adding sexual         grants states rights and
                                                                the clause granting equal              Fair Trade...Local Action...Peace of Mind…
orientation to the list of things, such as race or religion
that would be illegal to discriminate against someone for.      protection under the law.                        Missoula’s Birthplace of Peace.
However, Will Carlson, an openly gay candidate for the          Tauro’s rulings would
                                                                grant same-sex couples
school pointed out that they had left out gender identity
and questioned why the school board would leave out a           the same federal spousal                 Thanks for making our
vulnerable group of people within the LGBT community.           benefits and protections
Board Vice President, Heather Bennett responded that            that heterosexual couples
                                                                are given. Needless to
                                                                                                     24Th Peace ParTy celebraTing
gender identity was dropped on advice from an attorney
and that sexual orientation was more commonly covered.          say, Obama seems set to
                                                                lose some of his liberal
                                                                                                       “one world, one Peace Party
                                                                                                      Save the date for our annual family” a
October 6, 2010. Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois states          support.                                    Sunday, September 19, 2010
                                                                                                               huge success!!
during an interview that civil unions could be legal in the
state by the end of the year. Civil unions are not gay          October 13, 2010.
marriage but to provide the same rights and benefits            Speaking of appeals,                          LOCATED ON THE HIP STRIP
afforded to straight couples. More than likely this will help   Florida’s child welfare                            519 S. HIGGINS AVE
Quinn capture the LGBT vote in November when he goes            agency will not appeal a                              406-543-3955
                                                                recent court ruling that
up against Bill Brady, who is challenging the incumbent, and                                          Visit us at JRPC.ORG and become a fan on
who does not support civil unions or gay marriage.              overturned the state’s

Out Words                                                                                                                                                                              4
October 13, 2010. In another political “what the hell”           almost a hundred men who are suspected of being                  October 21, 2010. Dear Russia, your stance on gay
moment, The Daily News reports that N.Y. Republican              homosexual under title banner reading “Hang Them.” In            rights sucks. Yours Truly, the European Court of Human
gubernatorial candidate, Carl Paladino, used to collect          the days since the paper’s release at least four people          Rights. The court condemned the country for illegally
rent from two gay bars located in some buildings he              listed were attacked and many others were in hiding. The         banning Gay Pride events in 2006, 07, and 08 and
owned in down town Buffalo. Apparently, one of the bars          government immediately halted the paper as they had not          ordered Russia to pay event organizers over $40,000
was operated by Paladino’s son back in 2005. Paladino            registered with the proper agencies, however, when they          in damages and court costs. The case was brought by
is currently on the hot seat after stating to a group of         get their paper work in order Rolling Stone will be able         Nikolay Alekseyev to highlight discrimination against the
Orthodox Jewish leaders that being gay is a choice “and          start printing again.                                            LGBTIQ community in Moscow, and ultimately, Russia as a
not the way God created us.” Also, Paladino has stated                                                                            whole. Moscow’s former mayor,Yuri Luzhkov had vowed
that he opposes gay marriage, but wouldn’t hesitate to           October 20, 2010.            Federal Judge, Virginia Phillips,   to quash any and all gay parades. The ECHR is an arm
recruit gays to his administration. We’re unsure if that         officially denied the government’s request to continue           of the Council of Europe of which, Russia is a member,
was meant to be a compliment to the LGBTI community.             enforcing “don’t ask, don’t tell” pending an appeal. Last        making all rulings legal and binding so Russia must now
However, it’s nice to know that LGBTI money is still good,       week Phillips issued an injunction ordering the military         ensure that Gay Pride events are freely held in its cities.
just not our poor “lifestyle” choices.                           to stop enforcing DADT after ruling that the policy is           The Russian government had argued that the parades
                                                                 unconstitutional. Phillips even went as far to chastise the      were banned “to protect public order, health, morals and
October 14, 2010. Facebook announces that it will                feds for waiting until after she had issued her injunction to    the rights and freedoms of others as well as to prevent
                                                                 file their objections and called their arguments “conclusory     riots” and that, “gay propaganda was incompatible with
be, “ working closely with GLAAD and other LGBT
                                                                 and unpersuasive.”         Frustratingly enough, President       religious doctrines and public morals.” Unfortunately, the
organizations on future initiatives,” to better combat hate
                                                                 Obama continues to support the repeal of DADT while              court ruled that those arguments violated Article 11 of
speech and anti-gay bullying on their social networking
                                                                 the government continues its appeal of the most recent           the European Convention of Human Rights, which states,
site. Which adds to the already growing lists, of celebrities,
                                                                 ruling. However, the Pentagon has told recruiters to             “Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly.”
YouTube videos, iPhone apps, and websites created to
                                                                 accept openly gay applicants with the warning to enlistees       Luzhkov was fired last month after 18 years of service.
offer support to young people who experience bullying            that DADT could be reinstated at anytime. Lt. Dan Choi
because of their actual or perceived sexual orientation.         has begun the process to re-enlist.                              October 22, 2010. US Defense Secretary Robert Gates
                                                                                                                                  changes the rules on who can expel gays and lesbians
October 14, 2010. The Wonk Room, a blog page at                  October 20, 2010. Wore purple and was surprised to               from the military. Gates’ new mandate states that only reports on an email sent by Aetna          see so many others doing the same.
                                                                                                                                  five senior officials, all of them civilian, are able to expel
to federal employees who are insured through the Federal
                                                                                                                                  military personal under DADT. The change comes as the
Employees Health Benefits (FEHB). The email is actually          October 20, 2010. The Boys Scouts of America remind
                                                                                                                                  courts ponder the legality of the 17-year-old ban on gays
an ad for pet insurance that mentions FEHB, however The          us yet again that their policies regarding openly gay and/
                                                                                                                                  and lesbians in the military. The new process requires
Wonk Room was quick to point out how fucked up it                or atheist members is archaic and blatantly discriminatory.
                                                                                                                                  the secretary of the relevant branch of service to consult
is to advertise to federal employees who can purchase            Jon Langbert of Dallas, Texas, who is gay, was told to no
                                                                                                                                  a senior Pentagon lawyer and the undersecretary of
pet insurance at a screaming deal, but cannot purchase           longer wear a t-shirt that identified him as a member of
                                                                                                                                  personnel before reaching a group consensus. Previously,
insurance for their same-sex partners. Although, federal         the leadership team that was selling popcorn for a Scout
                                                                 fundraiser. Even though Scout Circle Ten Council had             lower ranked officials, civilian and military, could discharge
agencies have begun to offer benefits to employees who
                                                                 given Langbert the t-shirt last year and his son is currently    personnel for being gay. The Pentagon is still working on
happen to have same-sex partners, such as long-term
                                                                 a Scout, they pointed out that Langbert was never                their assessment of “gays in the military.” The report is
health insurance or credit union memberships, there
                                                                 registered as an official leader anyway. Boy Scouts of           due out December 1st, 2010.
are still restrictions due to the Defense of Marriage Act.
Aetna later apologized for mentioning FEHB in their ad           America director of public relations, Deron Smith stated
                                                                 that Langbert is more than welcome to volunteer for
for pet insurance and any confusion it might have caused.
                                                                 them, but can never be a leader. Smith also pointed out
                                                                 that if Langbert had just kept his sexuality private then
October 17, 2010. Colorado Senate hopeful, Republican
                                                                 none of this would have happened.
Ken Buck, relates homosexuality to alcoholism. Because
it’s true, people choose to become dykes and fags, just like
                                                                 October 21, 2010. Microsoft and the Max Planck
drunks choose to drink. So, really, if dykes, fags, and drunks   Institute performed a study that suggests that Facebook
just chose not to be gay and not drink alcohol then we           might be outing its gay users to advertisers. So, long
wouldn’t need things like equal rights or rehab. Later on,       story short, researchers set up fake gay and straight
somebody on Facebook relates Ken Buck to an insensitive          accounts and compared the ads listed on their pages.
ass whose conservative rhetoric sounds so blasé that it          Apparently they were vastly different, some ads going so
merely comes off as moronic.                                     far as to promote gay bars and nursing schools for the
                                                                 homo profile. Seriously weird, but not that surprising
October 19, 2010. A Ugandan newspaper, the Rolling               that Facebook would target its ads based on sexuality.
Stone, takes a page out of the Nazis play book by publishing     However, one can’t help but wonder, are they violating the
the names, photos, phone numbers, and addresses of               privacy rights of their users?

Out Words                                                                                                                                                                                     5
 on healing
 by Josh Dahal
                                                                                           by Ron Blake

       We all need healing and need it constantly. From womb to tomb, this life and              Snacking should not be one of those verboten pleasures that are only entertained
 this world are injurious and harsh. Constantly we are being wounded, if not by
                                                                                           in a speakeasy atmosphere. Snacks should be embraced for what they are. They can
 one thing, then by two others. Wounding and healing, wounding and healing, thus
                                                                                           be great energy boosters at various times throughout the day. They can also help
 do the wheels of existence go upon their eternal way. Of the wounding, what can
                                                                                           you concentrate better by maintaining the blood sugar level and they can assist you
 we say? It is there, it is real, and it is not going away anytime soon. The physical
                                                                                           in your proper weight maintenance.
 wounding begins with the severing of our infant selves from the cord of life that
                                                                                                 Snacks or light meals, as they are euphemistically called, should be eaten
 had bound us to our mothers. Our body’s first act in this world is to heal the
 umbilical wound; our lives begin with repairing this initial act of violent separation.   between those notable times of day we refer to as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You
       From then on life is much the same, both physically and in other, more subtle       get too hungry when you only eat your regular three squares per day. With only
 ways; injuries accruing, wounds being delivered not so much out of any malice             the bare minimum, you tend to overeat when you sit down for that six of the clock
 or ill-will, but rather as a matter of course, a part of the normal functioning           post meridiem meal. In addition, your body stores too much fat when you only eat a
 of the world machinery. The wounds come early and often: from the taunts of               couple of meals per day.The endocrine system starts to cling to food and store it as
 other children, from the aloof or absent parent, from the dead pet, the failed            fat. Eating every two to three hours helps the body maintain some balance.
 test, the internalized sex-shame of an entire society. Later we are wounded by                  My favorite snack is cereal. Your choices for cereals are as abundant and
 the grim drudgery of the day-to-day, by constant anxieties over money, by the             interesting as the variety of ways that George Bush pronounces nuclear. Good
 casual insensitivity of others, not to mention the betrayals of trust, the worsening      choices are Life, King Vitamin, Grape Nuts, Corn Flakes, Cheerios, and Rice Krispies.
 health, and the eroding foundation. To live is to be injured; to exist is to bleed in a   You can put these cereals into baggies and eat these as dry cereal on the run or at
 thousand ways, some obvious to the eyes of others, some hidden in the deepest             work.You can also take milk and a bowl with you to your place of employment and
 recesses of the heart.                                                                    enjoy your cereal. It’ll be just as nostalgic as an early bygone Saturday morning when
       And so healing is the continual occupation of the living. Healing and the           you ate it while watching the Smurfs and their bungling nemesis Gargamel.
 search for healing drives us to all manner of things, some appropriate, some not.               Another fan favorite is popcorn. A few words of caution on this preferred
 Where we turn for healing and whether or not we find it there (whether we                 choice. The good old days of the movie theatre bucket of butter-dripping, salt-laden
 find it at all) dictates much of our individual lives and our subjective experiences      Orville Redenbacher top grade are all but gone. Orville’s grandkids are now making
 of them. As the child turns to its mother for healing and comfort, we turn to             21st century quality level munchies with low fat butter and minimal salt. Your ten-
 drink, to entertainment, to religion, to romantic partners; nearly all of us turn to      thirty morning snack is back and better than ever.
 consumerism. We look for healing in a million and one places, ease our aches and                Bagels are not just for New Yorkers named Shimshelewitz. Laid back Latino Los
 salve our wounds with a thousand supposed remedies. Our problems arise when               Angelinos are learning the low-down on these lox-loving light meals. Forget what
 we put a band-aid where stitches are called for, “fix” the toothache with a shot of
                                                                                           you have heard about all that low carb diet rubbish. Bagels are a superb source
 Novocain instead of a root canal.
                                                                                           of energy between repasts. They come in plenty of flavors to enhance that boring
       The injuries of life are not a problem if one knows where and how to
                                                                                           three-thirty meeting discussing the Johnson case. Put on some sensible toppings like
 become healed, but if we only numb the pain instead of dealing with the wounds,
                                                                                           salsa, mustard, or low fat cream cheese and you’re on the way to staving off hunger.
 the injuries begin to mount. The Novocain wears off; the band-aid peels away
                                                                                                 Somewhere between day one and day seven, God created fruits and vegetables.
 to reveal yesterday’s (or last year’s) laceration still raw and sore. The wounds
 accumulate until our entire being is nothing but cuts on top of bruises, all red and      Here is an excellent choice for a morsel when you’re feeling famished. Zesty
 aching. If we cannot find healing, eventually we must succumb; but we can go on           selections of veggies include carrots, green peppers, tomatoes, and celery. Cut these
 for a long time like this, wounded and bleeding, covered in band-aids and hopped-         into bite-size pieces and squire them off to work with you. You can even purchase
 up on painkillers, yet still unhealed. Our world is full of these walking wounded. I      some salsa or low fat dips to accompany these healthy treats. Don’t fret! The celery
 imagine, gentle reader, that we are both among them; that we are all among them           promises not to harm you away from the vodka and tomato juice!
 to one extent or another.                                                                       Furthermore, you can get by with a little help from your fruit friends. My
       What is it that provides true healing and what is it that only blinds us to our     predilections lie with such goodies as grapes, apples, bananas, tomatoes and pears.
 problems? Are we seeking to be healed, or only to cover our wounds from the               You can make your own list and check it twice. I like to enjoy my cut tomatoes with
 eyes of the world and from our own eyes? Where has our need for healing led us            pepper sprinkled on them and I relish bananas with just a skosh of peanut butter
 and is it where we truly wish to be? Questions, it seems, worthy of our attention,        applied for good measure.
 and yet questions we too seldom consider. Advertisers, politicos, and priests as                Some of my honorable mention snacks are yogurt, rice cake treats, wheat
 well as everyone else, it seems, are hawking a healing ointment of one variety or         crackers, granola bars, and low fat and low salt pretzels. I hope these and the
 another; if we do not consider these questions we risk ending up with the snake           aforementioned snack ideas are the mid-morning and mid-afternoon fountain of
 oil instead of the healing balm. There are many who trumpet their knowledge of            youth you have been seeking. Go forth and prosper!
 how to get healed, get saved, get enlightened, and some may be right, but without               This health and fitness column is brought to you by that guy who now dreams
 an awareness of our own wounds and need for healing, we will never be able to             in 3D. That guy is Ron Blake and there’s an app for that at
 know for sure which one is the healer and which the huckster.
       You can reach Josh at

Out Words                                                                                                                                                                           6
       PROJECT H.I.M.                        Healthy Informed Montana

        Who: Men who have sex with Men.
             Gay, Bi-Sexual, Queer, Questioning,
             Two-Spirited, A-Sexual & Transgender.

        What: Peer to peer interactions that will keep
              you in the know.

        Where: Café Dolce—Pottery Room

        When: November 9th @ 6 p.m.

                     Look for the group on


      500 N. Higgins Ave. Ste. 100

                                                                        Funded by DPHHS

Out Words                                                                                 7
                                                                   colonists met with Chief Massasoit and 90 of his men

                                                                   for a feast that lasted four days. No one worried about
                                                                   cholesterol or obesity in 1621!
                                                                         Though they don’t have much evidence, historians and         by Stanley Upstanding

Day MyThs
                                                                   archaeologists do have an educated hypothesis of what the
                                                                   Pilgrims ate, how they ate, when they ate and what they                 Growing up in the South, Thanksgiving was always
                                                                   wore at that first Thanksgiving meal. The historical facts
                                                                                                                                      a big deal in our family. We would pack up the car every
By Timothy Walch                                                   are not at all like the scene usually painted in elementary
                                                                                                                                      November and head to my Grandparents’ house in
Courtesy of the History News Service                               school.
                                                                         Start with the menu. It’s not likely that the Pilgrims
                                                                                                                                      Summerville, South Carolina. There was always a huge
                                                                   and the Indians consumed any bread dressing, mashed                amount of pressure applied to my brother and me to
     Thanksgiving dinner: never has the history of a meal
been so obscured by myth. Every year on the fourth                 potatoes or pumpkin pie. In fact, it is not likely that            be well behaved, helpful, use impeccable table manners
Thursday in November, Americans sit down to eat with               they ate any roast turkey either. The only items listed in         and of course dress up. As a rough and tumbled tomboy,
family and friends. Some gather to give thanks for all that        Winslow’s journal were “venison and wild fowl,” and it is          this was the hardest part for me. It was hard enough
they have received over the previous year; others get              likely that dried corn and fruit filled out the bill of fare. In   to act like the perfect child, but throw in a velvet dress
together just to enjoy turkey and football.We all celebrate        colonial times, a person ate what was available, when it           with ruffles and it becomes impossible. The only way
Thanksgiving in our own ways.                                      was available. No one back then saved room for pumpkin             I could suffer through was the promise of a trip to the
     So what do most Americans believe happened on                 pie.                                                               country after dinner for skeet shooting, knife throwing
that first Thanksgiving Day? Most still cling to what they               Another myth has to do with how the meal was                 and adventure. My cousins and I would build forts
learned in elementary school. The Pilgrims sat down with           served. The Pilgrims and the Indians did not, as the myth          out of tree branches and leaves, play hide and seek
Indians for a big meal of turkey, cornbread, cranberries and       has it, sit down at tables, bless their food or pass the           for hours, take the canoe out on the small pond my
pumpkin pie. The Pilgrims dressed in black, and the Indians        serving dishes. It’s more likely that food was set out on          grandfather built, these were the things I relished most
wore feathers and colorful beads. In fact, many Americans          every available flat surface: tables, boxes, benches, and tree     about Thanksgiving.
today still recall if they were “pilgrims” or “Indians” in their   stumps. The meal was consumed without ceremony over                     I am now grown and living on the other side of
school pageants.                                                   three days, whenever someone was hungry.                           the country, I have redefined the traditional uptight
     It’s a charming story, but it’s a myth. To be sure, it’s a          No one used plates or eating utensils. Although both
powerful one -- one that will be repeated many times this          the colonists and the Indians occasionally used cloths or
November. The fact that it’s so pervasive is evidence that         napkins if the food was hot, they usually ate with their

                                                                                                                                      mama’s orange
American myths have long lives.                                    hands. And not everyone ate everything that was served.
     So what are the facts of that first Thanksgiving? In          Most diners ate what they liked or whatever dish was
fact, the Pilgrims of the Plymouth Colony in today’s               closest to them.
Massachusetts did share a meal with the Wampanoag                        Finally, it’s important to dispel one last Thanksgiving
Indians in the autumn of 1621, but the rest of the details         myth -- that the Pilgrims dressed in black and white               I made this turkey several years back for a Thanksgiv-
are uncertain. The only documentary evidence of the                clothing, wore pointed hats and starched bonnets and               ing feast, ever since then when I ask the question, “What
event comes from the journal of Plymouth Colony’s                  favored buckles on their shoes. It’s true that they dressed        should I bring for Thanksgiving?” the answer is always the
governor, Edward Winslow, who noted simply that the                in black on Sundays; but on most days, including the first         same, turkey. So here it is I am revealing my secret recipe
                                                                   Thanksgiving, they dressed in white, beige, black, green and       and passing the torch. May you grace your big gay feasts
                                                                   brown. And it’s likely that the Indians were fully clothed to      with this big gay bird!
                                                                   ward off the chill of autumn in New England. Who would
                                                                   wear only a loincloth in Massachusetts in November?                Ingredients
                                                                         So it’s a good thing that Americans today are not            • 1 14 to 16 lb. turkey, fresh or defrosted
                                                                   tested on the history of that first Thanksgiving, because          • 2 carrots, peeled
                                                                   few of us would earn a passing grade. It seems that the            • 2 celery stalks
                                                                   historical evidence of Thanksgiving is not as compelling           • 1 small onion, quartered
                                                                   as the myths that cloud our memories. It’s too bad that            • 1 large orange, thinly sliced
                                                                   childhood images of Pilgrims and Indians aren’t based on           • 1/4 cup unsalted butter, melted (I use margarine for my
                                                                   historical facts.                                                      dairy allergic roomie)
                                                                         And yet there’s a legacy about this holiday that threads     • 1/3 cup orange marmalade
                                                                   its way from past to the present and defies both myth and          • 1/4 cup orange juice (I usually squeeze my own ½ an
                                                                   historical evidence. That legacy is generosity. To be sure,            orange should do it)
                                                                   Americans today may not be as religious as the Pilgrims,           • 2 sprigs fresh basil julienned (cut into thin strips)
                                                                   but most Americans do share their plenty with their family         • Salt and pepper to taste
                                                                   and friends on this special day. It’s a holiday that brings all
                                                                   Americans, no matter their creed or disposition, together.         Instructions
                                                                   And that’s something worthy of our thanks.                         1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. Rinse the turkey with
                                                                                                                                           cold water and blot it dry with a paper towel, includ-
                                                                   Mr. Walch is the director of the Herbert Hoover Presidential            ing the cavity. Place carrots, celery and onion in a large
                                                                   Library in West Branch, Iowa, and a writer for the History              roasting pan, and arrange the turkey on top, breast-side
                                                                   News Service. His book, Uncommon Americans: The Lives and               up.
                                                                   Legacies of Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover, was published in         2. Lift the skin up over the turkey breast, being careful

Out Words                                                                                                                                                                                          8
then and now What it FeelS like
                                                                                                                           or how lonely and hopeless they felt and how it
                                                                                                                           got better for them. It made me think about my
                                                                                                                           own experiences; about the times I felt so low
Thanksgiving dinners. Part of the reason I chose to             by A.D. Seibel                                             and tormented that at least if I died it would be
move so far away was to escape the expectations and                                                                        some sort of relief from how terrible I felt. I
gender rolls my southern upbringing imparted on me.             I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the “It Get’s              honestly felt that that was the best option afforded
The other was to find a community that embraced the             Better” campaign started by Dan Savage where               to me because I didn’t believe that I deserved to
joys of my childhood and I have found both of these in          everyday people and celebrities tell their own             be respected, and ultimately, loved. I am infinitely
Missoula.                                                       stories of feeling hopeless and suicidal, but in the       grateful to my friends and family who convinced me
     As queers, many of us feel disenfranchised members         end, their lives got better. Everyone from transman        that there was nothing wrong with me, that I was
from our traditional families. Because of this we are able      & porn star, Buck Angel to President of the United         loved, and completely deserving of such love. I’m
to create new families of our choosing, whether it be a         States, Barack Obama have posted a YouTube video           glad I took the time to hear them.
community of artists, poets and activists, or a family of       encouraging young LGBT people to seek help and
young professionals, or drag queens, or drama queens;           that, yes, you won’t feel hopeless, alone, hurt, and       If you need to talk Missoula’s got resources, such as
they are our support systems, our rocks (even if it gets        sad forever. To tell you the truth, it fills me with a     CAPS in Curry Health Center at 406-243-4711. There
catty sometimes). Even though Thanksgiving is a holiday         kind of hope that used to feel far and in-between          is also the National Suicide Prevention Life Line at
based on a myth, the spirit of joining as a group to give       compared to the usual hate mongering druck that            1-800-273-TALK or the Trevor Project at 1-866-488-
thanks for everything that we have accomplished and             the LGBT community is assaulted with nearly                7386
everything we can be for one another is a tradition I           everyday. I think that I was at risk of becoming a
am 100% behind. So whether you still make the long              bitter, self–hating, shut-in, who was addicted to
trek home for the holiday or you choose to create               Facebook and Hulu. Don’t get me wrong, this
your home where you are, I encourage you to take a              particular anti-bullying campaign only scratches the
moment, put the drama to the side and thank those in            surface of a problem that has gone far too long
your life who supported you in this past year.                  without a major national discourse on it; but it
                                                                IS something. It is a campaign that captures the
                                                                attention of our country, and potentially the world,

glazed turkey
                                                                through the untapped resources of social on-line
                                                                networks. It is genius because almost anyone can
                                                                get to a computer.
                                                                     It is genius also because almost every LGBT
                                                                community member has felt that intense despair
     not to tear it. Gently slide the orange slices under the   sometime in his or her life and, now, we have taken
     skin. Fold the wings back and under the body of the        the opportunity to share it with others, especially
     turkey and tie the legs together with butcher's twine.     with those most vulnerable in our communities. In
3.   Combine the butter, marmalade, juice and basil, and lib-   a sense, that’s kind of the rub also. We, as LGBT,
     erally brush on the turkey. Season with salt and pepper.
                                                                people have always had the right to share our
     Pour the broth into the roasting pan. Roast for 3 3/4 to
                                                                stories. I mean, we speak, we hear, we read, we
     4 1/2 hours, basting frequently and tenting the turkey
                                                                somehow translate our stories to others constantly.
                                                                                                                                                 How about a quickie?
     with aluminum foil 2/3 of the way through the cooking
     process. Test for doneness with a meat thermometer-        Why does it take a simple concept of posting one’s
     -the temperature in the thickest part of the turkey leg    video on the Internet to actually make a difference
     and thigh should be 180 degrees; in the thickest part of   in someone else’s life and perhaps our own? Is it                                                                   RAPID HIV TESTING
                                                                                                                                            We offer a safe, confidential and anonymous environment for free HIV testing with gay men testing and counseling other
     the turkey breast, 170 degrees; and in the stuffing, 160   because you can’t stop the Internet? Hardly, it’s                                     gay and bisexual men. Accurate results in 20 minutes.9am-5pm M-F (weekend and evenings by appointment).
                                                                                                                                                                             Call 829.8075 or e-mail, or just stop by127 N. Higgins, Suite 205.
     degrees. Let the bird sit for 10 minutes before carving.   because you can’t stop people. It is a proven fact,              A service of the Montana Gay Men’s Task Force, FDH & Associates, and the MT Dept. of Public Health and Human Services.

                                                                that the more you oppress a people the harder
                                                                they fight, the more they struggle against forced
                                                                invisibility. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve
                                                                heard, “I don’t care if you’re gay, I just don’t want it
                                                                flaunted in my face,” as if demanding to be treated           W O R D E N T H A N E P. C.
                                                                equally under the law is some how inconvenient                                       ATTORNEYS AT LAW
                                                                or embarrassing to the communities that we live
                                                                and work in. How do you not stop and consider                                Shane A. Vannatta
                                                                                                                                             Shane A. Vannatta
                                                                somebody’s presence in the world when they have
                                                                a face, a name, and a story? Especially, when that                             Jane E. Cowley
                                                                                                                                       Suite 600 The Florence • 111 N Higgins Ave
                                                                story is instantly accessible through the magic of                         P.O. Box 4747 • Missoula, MT 59806
                                                                the Internets.                                                          Suite 600 The (406) 721-3400N Higgins Ave
                                                                                                                                                      Florence • 111
                                                                                                                                           P.O. Box 4747 • Missoula, MT 59806
                                                                     So, last week I cried my eyes out watching
                                                                                                                                         (406) 721-3400 •
                                                                and listening to complete strangers on the
                                                                Internet describe their own suicide attempts, and/

Out Words                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             9
gay Cure? – 74% Of                                                                           believe I was a low-life because of my sexuality.” Similarly, another member argued, “I
                                                                                             would not [take a pill] because me being straight would not be me at all, being gay is
                                                                                             who I am and it’s taken me years to become comfortable with myself.”
gay and bIsexual                                                                             The survey also found that:
Men WOuld refuse a                                                                           16% of openly gay and bisexual men admitted they would take a pill to change the
                                                                                             sexual preference, whilst more than double the amount (38%) of closeted men would

straIght PIll
by Lee Martin
                                                                                             accept the altering drug.
                                                                                             Gay men were the most likely to refuse a ‘cure’ with 79% unwilling to change their
                                                                                             sexuality; compared to 66% of bisexual men and 54% of bi-curious males.
                                                                                             Though 1 in 4 of the men surveyed would take a pill to become straight, the research
Borrowing the concept from the science fiction film The Matrix, over 2,500 gay and
                                                                                             highlights that the majority of gay, bisexual and bi-curious men have no desire to leave
bisexual men were given the choice:Take the blue pill, the story ends, and you wake up
                                                                                             The Gaytrix.
heterosexual. or take the red pill and you remain in The Gaytrix.The statistics revealed
that 3 in 4 of those surveyed would refuse to take a pill to change their sexuality.
       Shocking as it may seem, homosexuality was listed as a psychiatric disorder in the
                                                                                             Man Central polled 2,552 members over a three day period. Detailed statistics &
UK up until 1993.Whilst homosexuality has become more widely accepted, embraced
                                                                                             breakdowns available on request. Members who answered the surveys remained
and understood over the past 15 years, some people still promote the fallacy of a
                                                                                             anonymous to ensure an honest and accurate response.
       In a recent survey conducted by the free gay dating website,
                                                                                             About The Author-- was launched in 2008 and has over 144,000 members,
members were asked if they would take
                                                                                             primarily from the UK and Ireland.The site allows gay, bisexual and curious men to join, create
a pill to change their sexual orientation.
Lee Martin, a spokesman for the site,
explained the reasons for conducting
                                                   take the                                  an online profile and contact other members of the site for free. Users of the site have free
                                                                                             access to the forums, chat room, instant messenger and email features.

the sensitive research; “In recent years,
there have been reports of members of
                                                   red PIll
the LGBT community seeking to ‘cure’
themselves through various religious
                                                   and yOu
and questionably medical means. Whilst
we strongly believe that sexuality is
innate, and therefore not something
that can or should be ‘cured’, we felt
                                                    In the
the research would enable the LGBT
community to recognise the importance
of self-acceptance alongside wider social
       Whilst a worrying 26% of those surveyed admitted that they would take a ‘straight
pill’, if such a pill existed, almost three times as many men (74%) had no desire to alter
their sexual preference and chose to reject any such ‘cure’.
       Considering the improved attitudes towards homosexuality in today’s society, it
may be assumed that younger males would be less inclined to covet heterosexuality
than those who grew up in a less accepting social climates. However, males aged
between 18 and 24 were the most likely to take a pill to change their orientation
(37%), this gradually fell to just 13% of those aged 51 to 60.
       Consequently, it seems that for the majority of gay and bisexual men, society bears
little impact on the individual, whilst self-acceptance develops with age. On the other
hand, younger males are more likely to feel anxious to conform to the norm, which
may contribute to the higher percentage of 18-24 year olds willing to take a straight
       This theory is supported by the comments of several of those surveyed; one
member said “I would not take a pill to change my sexuality now because I have
the sense and maturity to realise that homosexuality is naturally occurring. But
unfortunately when I was a young man, I am ashamed to say, I would have done anything
to conform. That is because of peer pressure and religious pressure which led me to

Out Words                                                                                                                                                                                10
a CelebratIOn                                                  took place in San Francisco, CA in 1999. In the past ten
                                                               years, the annual November 20th observance has grown
                                                               into a national Transgender Day of Remembrance. This
                                                                                                                               school reunion, filmmaker Kimberly Reed hopes
                                                                                                                               for reconciliation with her long-estranged adopted

Of lIfe
                                                                                                                               brother, Marc. But along the way she uncovers stunning
                                                               day provides an opportunity for communities to come
                                                                                                                               revelations, including his blood relationship with Orson
                                                               together and mark the passing of transgender, or those
by Bree Sutherland                                             who perceived to be transgender, individuals who have           Welles and Rita Hayworth, intense sibling rivalries and
                                                               been murdered because of hate, as well as to remember           unforeseeable twists of plot and gender that force them
      In the past, November 20th has marked the date           all those who have lost their lives to suicide.                 to face challenges no one could imagine.
of Transgender Day of Remembrance, a time to                       Ten years later, we have come a long way, perhaps its
memorialize the many that have lost their lives to suicide     time to change our focus from the negative aspects of
and anti-transgender hatred, and while it is important                                                                         Winner of the FIPRESCI Prize at the Thessaloniki
                                                               death, and make this a time to recognize the many who
to remember those who have lost their lives in a battle                                                                        Documentary Film Festival, Best Documentary Jury
                                                               are living and fighting for their equality, as well as a time
for their own equality, a focus only on death provides         to celebrate the lives lived of those lost.                     Prize at NewFest, and Special Jury Prizes for Fearless
little, if any, room for growth in the equality of the trans                                                                   Filmmaking at the Florida Film Festival and Bravery in
community. This is where this year’s event differs quite       The events for Missoula TDOR 2010 are as follows                Storytelling at the Nashville Film Festival, Prodigal Sons
radically from previous events.
                                                                                                                               is a raw and provocative examination of one family’s
     Transgender Day of Recognition, will provide a time       NOVEMBER 17TH, 2010 - MISSOULA TDOR
and space to recognize everyone in the trans community,                                                                        struggle to come to terms with its past and present.
and is more of a celebration of life than a memorial of
                                                               Trans-Lives Art Exhibit
death. This change will provide a much more positive                                                                           Missoula Gender Alliance Meet & Greet
understanding of the trans community as a whole, and           * 8:00 am – 10:00 pm
                                                                                                                               *2 pm - 4 pm
it will provide a positive image of everyday life of those     * UM University Center South Atrium
                                                                                                                               *University of Montana Women's Resource Center
living within the trans community.                             Montana TDOR has partnered with artists across the
                                                                                                                               MGA’s Meet & Greet is an opportunity to meet and
    After the 1998 murder of Rita Hester, a transgender        nation and beyond to host an art exhibit that has a
woman living in Boston, Gwendolyn Ann Smith, along with                                                                        discuss gender, transition, self-discovery, and many other
                                                               whole new take on gender expression with a primary
other organizers worked to form the "Remembering                                                                               topics in an informal and small group. We encourage
                                                               focus on the transgender community. This exhibit will
Our Dead" project and an accompanying vigil which                                                                              anyone to attend this event.
                                                               include pieces from Bree Sutherland, Ali Pelletier, Axel
                                                                                     Baumgarten, among many others.
                                                                                                                               Panel & Open Forum
                                                                                                                               * 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm
                                                                                      UC Tableing
                                                                                                                               * University Center 3rd Floor Conference Complex –
                                                                                      * 8 am – 2 pm
                                                                                                                               University of Montana Campus
                                                                                      * University Center- University of
                                                                                                                               There will be a panel and open forum in the south
                                                                                      Montana campus
                                                                                                                               ballroom of the University Center. There will be
                                                                                      MTTDOR will have representatives
                                                                                                                               informative speeches from members within and allies of
                                                                                      tableing in the University Center
                                                                                                                               the trans community. Following the speakers will be an
                                                                                      at the University of Montana. Feel
                                                                                                                               open forum and question and answer panel moderated
                                                                                      free to stop by, ask questions, and
                                                                                                                               by Elizabeth Hubble.
                                                                                      get informed of what this year’s
                                                                                      Transgender Day of Recognition
                                                                                                                               Candlelight Vigil
                                                                                      is all about.
                                                                                                                               * 8:00 pm
                                                                                                                               * University of Montana campus oval
                                                                                      Prodigal Sons Film Screening
                                                                                                                               A candlelight vigil, a time of recognition and remembrance,
                                                                                      *12pm - 1:30pm
                                                                                                                               and the closing time of celebration will be held in the
                                                                                      *University Center Theater -
                                                                                                                               UM campus oval. There will be a display of 200 candles
                                                                                      University of Montana Campus
                                                                                                                               surrounding the oval to represent the lives lost in 2009
                                                                                      Montana TDOR, the University
                                                                                                                               due to transgender hatred. Please feel free to bring a
                                                                                      of Montana, and University
                                                                                                                               candle to hold or place in the oval during the celebration.
                                                                                      Center Student Involvement have
                                                                                                                               Among our speakers will be Michelle Alexander, co-
                                                                                      partnered to bring Prodigal Sons
                                                                                                                               author of the book “The Color of Sunlight”, the
                                                                                      to the University of Montana.
                                                                                                                               inspirational true story of a blind transgendered woman
                                                                                                                               from Montana
                                                                                      Returning home to a small
                                                                                      town in Montana for her high
                                                                                                                               For more information,Visit

Out Words                                                                                                                                                                              11
a PrevIeW Of                                                      saturday:                                                         Olivia is simple: two girls, four strings and a bathroom is
                                                                                                                                    all it takes for seduction. (8 min)

sPOkane’s glbt                                                    remember Me In red - Emotions run high as Fidelia
                                                                  is arranging her best friend Alma’s funeral only to have          holding hands - Craig and Shane were holding hands
                                                                                                                                    when they were assaulted in the heart of gay Sydney,
                                                                  Alma’s parents arrive from Mexico and insist that their
fIlM festIval                                                     son be buried as male. Alma’s friends pull together to
                                                                  honor both the parents’ wishes and those of Alma
                                                                                                                                    Australia. The attack was so brutal that when the
                                                                                                                                    attackers stomped on Craig’s face, his jaw was reduced
by Stanley Upstanding                                                                                                               to powder. The police said there was nothing they could
                                                                  herself. (16 min)
                                                                                                                                    do. This moving documentary tracks the aftermath of
This month brings the 12th annual Spokane GLBT Film                                                                                 the assault and the effects of homophobic violence that
Festival featuring films you will not see anywhere else in        tracks - two young girls fall in love for the first time and
                                                                  change their lives forever. (25 min)                              go far beyond the attack. (65 min)
Spokane.The festival highlights contemporary,“independent
films” that are of interest to the GLBT community. These
films are typically not part of the mainstream and tend           living two spirits; Montana gathering – introduced
to be unique to GLBT film festivals. Unfortunately, even          by two spirits group member Farand Gunnels. (9
with our growing visibility, these ideas and topics are not       min)
widely “marketable.” In the past the festival has shown
films on topics such as on-line sex, sex changes, problems        triple standard - A homophobic ex basketball star is
facing long-term relationships in G/L relationships, changing     forced to face the reality that he himself is gay. (20 min)
stereo-types, political efforts, and living with AIDS. There is
a huge variety of styles and content among Independent            skinneyfat - Despite his lanky frame, Chaz is convinced he’s
filmmakers. The festival tries to provide the widest variety      overweight, and according to the “experts,” he’s afflicted with
possible each year. Films can range from animations, spoofs       the hardest condition to treat: skinnyfat. So he and Davy go to
on Hollywood films, comedies, dramas,“art” films, including       great lengths to lose weight before Chaz’s next date. (40 min)
poetry readings, as well as documentary films about the lives
of individuals, about trends in the GLBT community, and
about the political world as it affects the GLBT community.
Out Words staff highly recommends this festival and while
you are in Spokane we recommend dancing at Irvy’s or
taking in a drag show at Dempsey’s, and for those late night                                                                        sunday:
munchies the Satellite Diner always satisfies. The following
is a preview of this years festival.                                                                                                510 Meters above sea level - A small airport in
                                                                                                                                    Switzerland. Simone must bury her father, but she misses
                                                                                                                                    her connecting flight. Natalie is waiting - for whom, she
frIday:                                                                                                                             doesn’t know yet. Two strangers caught up in a night far
                                                                                                                                    away until time catches up with them. (17 min)
dear dad love Maria follows Maria,a young transwoman,
writing a letter to her disapproving father the night before                                                                        all that sheltering emptyness is a meditation
her gender reassignment surgery. (5 min)                          believe It is an experimental work presented through a            on elevators, hotel lobbies, hundred dollar bills, the
                                                                  hybridization of film, dance and documentary exploring            bathroom, a cab, chandeliers, cocktails, the receptionist,
blue Covers an emotional, psychological and spiritual             the relationship between Christianity and homosexuality.          arousal, and other routines in the life of a New York City
journey. A compelling look at the effects of sexual trauma,       (7 min)                                                           callboy. (7 min)
this short film is for survivors of abuse and those who care
for them. (4 min)                                                 tech support - A young woman recently dumped by                   you should Meet My son - Mae just wants to see
                                                                  her girlfriend gets extra special attention when her tech         her son happily married. She’s introduced him to every
swimming, a sexy, sweet and romantic musical short,               support call is answered by a lonely romantic in this sexy        eligible girl, but he never hits it off with them. Finally, Mae
SWIMMING brings alive the humor and wit of the music              comedic short. (9 min)                                            learns the shocking truth: Her son is gay! Well, she may
of legendary folk/rocker Gretchen Phillips (Two Nice Girls).                                                                        be old fashioned, but her son won’t go through life alone
Featuring comedic performances by gay icons Phranc                                                                                  and miserable if she has anything to say about it! But
(aka the “All-American Jewish Lesbian Folksinger”) and                                                                              where to find the right man for him? (86 min)
Dominque Dibbell of Five Lesbian Brothers. (7 min)

beyond gay:the Politics of Pride - Is Pride just a party
to you? Maybe a chance to come out? Or an important
call for equality? This film follows Vancouver BC’s Pride
parade director travel from the Brazilian party to Moscow’s
violence to Sri Lanka isolation. Pride will never be the same     door Prize - A restaurant.A necktie.A line at the Ladies
after seeing this film. (85 min)                                  Room. Peeing should never be so problematic. (7 min)

Out Words                                                                                                                                                                                       12
Out Words   13
                      Missoula                                                         MoNtaNa                                                         yellowstone aIds Project housing assistance
                      kIsMIf                                                                                                                            Becky Taylor •
                       Keep It Simple Make It Fun AA meeting for gay lesbian           bozeman glbtIQ resource Center                                  victorian – hIv testing
                       transgender queer intersex and friends every Monday 7  , 406-600-3608,
                       - p.m. at UCC 405 University Avenue. Contact Randy at                                                                            406- 245-4293
Community ResouRCes    406-726-3525
                                                                                       butte Men’s support group
                                                                                                                                                       yellowstone City-County health
                      gay Men’s Chorus                                                  Last Monday of the month 406-491-1378 or 406-490-6125           department
                        Meeting every Monday 7 - 9 p.m. at The Center,                                                                                  406-247-3376
                                                                                       butte aIds support services
                        127 N. Higgins Ave., Suite 202 - Contact Gary at 406-                                                                          yellowstone aids Project
                                                                                        Meets 2nd Wednesday of each month at Blaine Center
                        370-9876                                                                                                                        406-245-2029
                                                                                        BASS office. Call Rick 406-491-1378 or 406-490-6125.
                      gay Men’s task force                                    
                                                                                       flathead valley alliance
                                                                                                                                                       Pacific Northwest &
                      Imperial sovereign Court of the state of Montana
                        Call Rosalinda de la Luna at 406-499-0078 or visit:
                                                                               • 406-758-6707
                                                                                       gallatin valley human rights task force
                                                                                                                                                       NatioNal resources
                                                                                       advocates for youth
                      keep It simple al-anon family group                              glacier unitarian universalists fellowship
                       LGBT and friends meeting every Thursday 5:30 - 6:30     • 406-755-9255                               aegIs: aIds education global
                       p.m. at 1st Methodist Church, 300 E. Main, alley entrance,                                                                      Information systems
                                                                                       hamilton Pflag
                       classroom 3. Contact Randy at 406-726-3525.
                                                                                        Monthly Chapter Meetings. Every 4th Thursday @ 7 P.M. 
                      living forward group:MenWhoare livingWith hIv                     Contact Terry at 406-363-7656 for more information.            gay Men’s health Crisis
                       Meet Wednesday evenings 7 - 9 p.m. Call Andrew Laue at
                       406-327-9445                                                    hIv Positive support group - butte                     
                                                                                        For information call 406-491-1378 or 406-490-6125 for
                      Missoula aIds Council                                             time and location.                                             human rights Campaign
                                                                                       hIv Positive support group - helena
                      Missoula aIds Council housing assistance                          Meets monthly-Call Greg at 596-2013 for more info              Out spokane
                       Program                                                         lewis & Clark aIds Project                             
                       Short-term and long-term housing assistance is available                                                                        Pacific northwest gay rodeo association
                                                                                        530 S. Harris • Helena • 406-447-6030
                       for HIV+ individuals living in Western MT. Call Annette
                       or Jordan at 543-4770.                                          Metropolitan Community Church
                      Missoula City health department                                   1220 17th Street South • Great Falls                           Pride foundation
                       406-258-4745                                                     406-771-1070 • www.                    
                                                                                        Rev. Gina L. Hartung, Pastor
                      Missoula gender alliance:transgender support                      Sunday Worship: 10:30 a.m.                                     Queer Core
                       A bi-weekly support and discussion group for trans-              E-mail:                      
                       identified and questioning individuals and their allies.Email
              or call 406-848-1220             Montana department of Public health &                           stonewall news northwest
                                                                                        human services                                        
                      Missoula Pflag
              or 406-240-2881.                                                                                        Wyoming rural aIds Prevention Project
                                                                                       MontanatdOr:transgender support &                     
                      Officer nicole Pifari
                       LGBTI Liaison Officer Missoula Police Department                 resources
                                                                                        Providing education, support, and resources to the trans       Do you have LGBTI resources you want listed? Email us
                       435 Ryman Street • Missoula, MT 59802                                                                                           by the 20th of each month for the next issue!
                       (406) 552-6300 (main)                                            community of Montana and beyond. For a comprehensive
                                                                                        list of trans-friendly resources throughout the state, visit
                      Outfield alliance                                                 our website at Questions, Need to
                        A Coalition of LGBTI faculty, graduate students, staff          Talk?, Need Resource? - Email us at info@montanatdor.                                                 Serving the

                        and their supporters at the University of Montana. Email        org or call 406-848-1220                                                                              Community
               or call 406-243-2762
                                                                                       Open hands foundation - great falls                                 The
                                                                                                                                                                                              Since 1998

                      transgender support group                                                                                                              Montana
                                                                               • 406-868-8382                         Community
                       Contact the Clinical Psychology Center at (406)-243-
                       2367 and ask for Nick or Leslie..                               Pflag great falls/golden triangle
                      u of M lambda alliance
                                                                                        Meets on the 3rd Tue. of each month at the MCC Church
                                                                                        located at 1220 17th St. So. (406) 868-1064.                               Weekly Events
                                                                                       Qsa - Msu
                      university Congregational Church
                                                                               •406-994-4636                                                         Thursday
                        405 University Avenue, Missoula
               • 406-543-6952                          seeker’s harbor faith Community                                                        7 p.m. -
                                                                                        billings                                                        Gay Men Together, A safe and affirming place for gay &
                                                                               • 406-661-1584                                           bisexual men to meet.

                                                                                       s.h.O.u.t aIds (students helping Others
                                                                                        understand teen aids) meets every Thursday
                                                                                                                                                                             10 a.m. -
                                                                                        in BILLINGS at the yap office at 4pm ages 15-24. Any
                                                                                        questions contact Dustin (406)-591-0169                                        Beginners Yoga Classes
  recurring events around Montana                                                              nOveMber:
Center board Meeting, 3rd Wednesday,                                                           friday, november 5: Trans-Lives Art Exhibit from            Wednesday, november 17: Missoula Transgender
6 p.m. at the Center [Missoula]                                                                5:00pm-8:00pm at the Western Montana Community              Day of Recognition 2010, 8:00am-10:00pm at various
Christian lgbtI support group meets on the 4th Wednesday of the month                          Center. Montana TDOR has partnered with artists             locations on the University of Montana campus, see
7p.m. at the Center [Missoula]                                                                 across the nation and beyond to host an art exhibit         write up on page ?? for more detailed information.
lgbtI Community Potluck, 3rd Saturday every month, 7 p.m. at the University                    that has a whole new take on gender expression with
Congregational Church - Fireside Room (405 University Avenue) [Missoula]                       a primary focus on the transgender community. This          saturday, november 20: Billings Transgender Day of
Pflag Missoula / five valleys meeting, 3rd Saturday every month prior to                       exhibit will include pieces from Bree Sutherland, Ali       Recognition & Remembrance will be held at 6:30pm
potluck at the University Congregational Church, call 406-721-5013 or 406-541-0163 for         Pelletier, Axel Baumgarten, among many others.              in Billings, and will include speeches from key speakers
more information. [Missoula]                                                                                                                               including Kyndra Nevin of MontanaTDOR and Michelle
hIv+ Monthly dinner, 3rd Tuesday of every month, 6:30 p.m. at the University                   friday, november 5: Starving Artists Productions            Alexander, co-author of the title “Color of Sunlight”, a
Congregational Church, call Mike or Annette at                                                 presents-One night of moderate revolutionary acts,          true story about the life of a blind transgender woman,
543-4770 [Missoula]                                                                            the poor for the poor, the starving helping the starving,   and native to Montana. This year’s event is a take off
gay & lesbian aa Meeting, every Monday 7 to 8:30 p.m., call Randy at 406-726-                  the odd for the odd- “Starving Artists for The Pov” First   the more traditional transgender day of remembrance,
3525 [Missoula]                                                                                Friday Nov 5th, 2010 at the Badlander, 208 Ryman St.        except, instead of focusing solely on remembering
keep It simple / al-anon family group LGBT and friends meeting every                           in downtown Missoula. 5:00pm-8:00pm- all ages, free,        those who have died from anti-transgender hatred
Thursday 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. at 1st Methodist Church, 300 E. Main, alley entrance, classroom 3.   accepting donations of blankets, winter coats, toiletries   and those we have lost through suicide, this year’s
Contact Randy at 406-726-3525 [Missoula]                                                       (specifically razor blades, denture adhesive), and socks.   event focuses more on education and a trans-positive
university of Montana laMbda alliance general Meetings, every                                  8 pm- 2 am- 21+, $5 or $3 with a donation of any of the     movement forward. For location please email info@
Tuesday, 7 p.m. at the UC (Room 330), call 406-243-5922 for more information. [Missoula]       above. Proceeds benefit the Poverello Center.     
living forward group: Men Who are living With hIv, every Wednesday
from 7 to 9 p.m., call Andrew Laue, LCSW for more information at 406-327-9445.                 saturday, november 6: “Rewind” 80’s ISCSM Drag              saturday, november 20: The Western Montana
[Missoula]                                                                                     Show Fundraiser and Investitures at FUSE (5318 W.           Community Centers 13th Annual Holiday Soiree
hot springs, Montana, a gay & bisexual Men’s support group meets                               Harrier, airport exit 99) Practice your best rendition      6:00pm-9;00pm. Please join us for Refreshments, raffle
on Sunday evenings at 6 p.m.. Call 741-2810 for directions and information. [Missoula]         of the “Pogo” 18+ with valid I.D., Cover: $5, Open          prizes & awesomeness. 10% of the evenings sales are
Capitol City gay Men meet every Thursday at 7pm. Location: 80 East Lawrence                    Performances. Door:8:30PM, performer line up: 8:30-         generously donated by Caras Nursery (2727 S 3rd st
Street, Room 105, Helena MT 59601. For more information visit www.capitalcitygaymen.           9:30, show: 10:00PM. Dancing after the show. Door, tips,    W) Free and open to all ages. For more information or
org [Helena]                                                                                   & Raffle donated to the ISCSM.                              to make a donation visit (406)
Women’s Coffee and Chat meets on Thursdays at 7 p.m. Location: Fireside Coffee                                                                             543-2224
House 1446 Euclid Ave, [Helena]                                                                saturday, november 6: Hellgate Rollergirls v.
Women’s Potluck, 1st Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm. Location changes.                       Spokane’s Toothless Annies, featuring live music from
Contact Sandy at 406-442-0200. [Helena]                                                        The Hollow Points, Koffin Kats, and The Budgets.                      Don’t see your event listed here?
glbt Open aa Meeting Every Thursday 7:30 p.m.                                                  Doors open at 5:30, bout starts at 7 pm (sharp) Tickets
1417 13 St.West. Call Duane Nez at 406-861-8478 [Billings]                                     available at Ear Candy Music, Bike Doctor, www.              Email the details to
Cancer Patient support group Every Other Friday: 12 p.m. 2835 Fort Missoula          , and from your favorite roller                   by the 20th of each month.
Rd., Ste. 301, Call Joni or Susie at 406-721-1118 E-mail                derby girl.
billings aIdspirit Meeting 2nd Tuesday of the month at Holy Rosary Church, 521

                                                                                                   first friday Bash
Custer at 7:00 p.m. [Billings]
billings Pflag Meeting 2nd Wednesday of the month held at the UCC Church in
Conference office located at 2016 Alderson at 7:00 p.m [Billings]
Client advisory board Meeting 4th Monday of the Month at YAP at 6:00
PM [Billings]
POZ night Monthly opportunity for socializing and fun! For more information contact
the Client Action Body at or staff at (406) 245-2029. [Billings]                                                                   november 5th
Qsa general forum Meetings Every Monday In the Strand Union Building room

                                                                                                    time and location
276 at 7 p.m. [Bozeman]

JavaQ Coffee social - 7 p.m., every first, third, and fifth Thursday at International
Coffee Traders, 720 S 10th Ave. [Bozeman]

                                                                                                    comming soon!
the bozeman resource Center bi-weekly meetings. At International Coffee
Traders, 720 S 10th Ave, the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month. Contact John at 600-
3608 or at [Bozeman]
bozeman Pflag Meeting 2nd Thursday of the month. Check out: bozemanpflag.
com for more information. [Bozeman]
bozeman hIv/aIds support group meets the 1st Monday of each month.                                  check
Call Greg at 406-596-2013 for time and location. [Bozeman]

Poz affected Pot luck occurs on the 3rd Sunday of each month in
BOZEMAN. Contact AIDS Outreach at 406-551-1016 for details.[Bozeman]
flathead valley alliance monthly meeting, 1st Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. in the
Flathead Count Library basement. [Kalispell]
Pride Committee meeting every Sunday – Call Dee or DJ at 756-0050 for time and
location – volunteers needed [Kalispell]                                                            for more info
 The We s te r n Mon t an a C ommuni t y Ce n te r, in collaborat ion w i t h Caras Nurse r y, inv i te s you to:

Cruising in a
       Winter Wonderland
A holiday soiree

                                                                              ay, Nov 20
                                                                       Saturd        m
                                                                                   rd T W
                                                                          2727 S3 S
                                                                                     , MT  la

                                         Refreshments                      Raffle               Awesomeness

                                         For more information or to make a donation
                                                  Call 543-2224 or visit

          10% of proceeds go to The Center