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					Hemorrhoids Natural Treatment:
What to Avoid?

Approximately 50% of the entire adult population in the United States suffers
from hemorrhoids. This condition is characterized by the distention and swelling
of the hemorrhoid veins, which are located in and around the anus and the anal

When symptoms have not yet manifested, it is a considered as a normal
condition found in adults. Hemorrhoids are classed as either internal or external.

Hemorrhoids natural treatment ranges from homemade creams to specialized
baths intended to lessen the discomfort brought by it. A lot of factors contribute to
the development of hemorrhoids.

Aside from actively treating hemorrhoids with natural homemade remedies, it is
also important to avoid or minimize engaging in certain activities which can lead
to the reoccurrence or exacerbation of the hemorrhoids.

Here are some of the things which can be done to prevent hemorrhoids and the
discomfort the goes along with it.
1. Avoid heavy lifting. Engaging in strenuous activities at work and at home can
further aggravate an existing case of hemorrhoid. In worst cases, the hemorrhoid
can become permanently prolapsed due to heavy strain placed on the distended

2. Avoid constipation. Constipation causes difficulty in defecation. Too much
straining causes an increase in pressure on the veins in the anal wall which then
causes the distention of the hemorrhoids. The occurrence of constipation is most
often triggered by eating certain foods. These include foods with high sugar and
sodium content, and foods high in saturated fat. Processed foods in general
should be avoided since they most often fall under these types of food.

3. Limit your intake of foods which causes gastric and intestinal irritation. Aside
from foods which cause constipation, spicy foods can also do more harm
because they irritate the linings of the intestines including the venous wall of the
anal canal.

4. Avoid sitting or standing for a long period of time. If both things cannot be
prevented especially in your work, allot short intervals for you to stretch your legs
and relieve the pressure of your anus. Sitting on doughnut-shaped pillow is not
also advisable because it does further increase the pressure on the anal area.

In summary, hemorrhoids natural treatment involves doing a combination of
things, most of which are directed towards changing several lifestyle details such
as diet, bowel habits and exercise. Adhering continuously and religiously to these
natural treatments can definitely alleviate any pain and discomfort brought about
by hemorrhoids.

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