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					Rejoice Lutheran Church (ELCA)
1155 County Road 75
(Near the water tower)
PO Box 307
Clearwater, MN 55320

Office Hours
Monday – Thursday
7:30 am – 4:00 pm
7:30 am – 12:00 pm

(320) 558-6851

(320) 558-6654

                                              May 2010

                                                Inside this issue
Worship Schedule
Traditional                       Pastor Scott’s letter
8:30 am
Contemporary                      Mexico Mission Trip
10:30 am
Sunday School                     Church Council Minutes, Council Wants to
School Year – 9:35 am              Hear from You, Financial Recap

Confirmation/Faith Fix            Education Happenings, Adult Bible Study
Wednesday – School Year
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm                 Sunday School Survey

                                  Vacation Bible School Registration
Pastors                           Youth and Family
Scott Gjevre
Tim Lindhorst                     Community Garage Sale Information
Youth & Family                    Tidbits
Deb Ahlrich
                                  Building and Property Information
Office Administrator
Carol Eich                        May Birthdays and Anniversaries
Music Coordinator                 May Calendar
Marcia Benson
                                  May Servants
          It Was One of the Wettest Weeks of My Life,
                      But It Was Great!
       It’s kind of funny, that some of the coldest, wettest, and hottest weeks of my life have
been spent, in of all places, Refugio de International de Niño’s, or rather, Children’s Haven
Orphanage in Reynosa, Mexico.

       Coldest – February of 2006. On my first trip, with six other amigos from Rejoice to
Children’s Haven Orphanage in Reynosa, Mexico, I had expected it to be at least warm To
our surprise we experienced record cold. 20s and 30s may not seem cold to us Minnesotans,
but when you aren’t prepared for it a week of temps like that is just plain miserable. I simply
was not prepared for it. In Mexico schools close when the temp drops below 30 and school
was closed at least two days that week. Consequently, I shivered through most of the week.

        Hottest – June of 2009. Last year a bus load of people from Rejoice traveled to the
orphanage. I expected it to be hot, and I was not disappointed. Each day the temperature was in
the high 90s or over 100. We made sure we drank plenty of water, and carried out our tasks
in aiding the mission of this ministry.

        Wettest – April 11-16, 2010. My latest adventure to Reynosa was wet. Very wet, it
rained (sometimes poured) every day of the week. There are no storm sewers so the roads
become rivers and the mud plentiful. Yet, in spite of the rain, we dug holes, poured cement,
welded, painted, played volleyball, and more. By the end of the week I had a couple of shirts
that were impenetrable to Tide and Era. Those shirts will find new use as rags.

        Those three weeks also happen to be some of the most memorable and spiritually
rewarding weeks of my life. We spend our day time hours fixing, repairing, building, digging,
welding, and sewing. In the evenings, after cena (dinner), we participated in devotions, taking
cabrito (horseback rides) with the smaller children, and spirited games of volleyball with the
high school aged kids and house parents (Rejoice has some pretty good volleyball players).

        Another group from Rejoice will be venturing down to Reynosa in June. They will have
the opportunity to share God’s love with these children and house parents, and while it may be
too late to sign up for the summer trip, it is not too early to begin thinking about next year. If
you have yearned for a life changing experience, then you might consider taking part in a future
Mission trip. If you’d like to see a little bit of the work and fun we were privilege to be a part
of check out the orphanage website at

The Mexico Mission Group will be serving Brats at McDonald’s Meats (Clear Lake) on June 4th
and 5th.

Pastor Scott
                                             April Council Minutes
Present: Pastor Tim, John Hugo, Sarah Hayes, Kody Kantor, Karolyn Boucher, Rhoda Senkler, Chris
Mueller, Mark Ahrenholz
Not Present: Pastor Scott, Julie Binczik, Rick Seidenkranz, Mike Barrett, Deb Ahlrich

Preliminaries: Devotions; Approval of March Minutes:

Pastor's Report: Holy week went well. Need to revamp the new member process. Please share any

Stewardship Challenge: Give it time for members to understand the concept.

Old Business:
       Update on Deb given by Mark
       Possibility of a time and talent ministry fair in August.
       Ministry projects-Kayla Nelson and Kelsey Brown.
       3 Saturday services-will post note in newsletter and welcome feedback.
New Business:
       One newsletter in summer-vetoed
       Working on prayer garden
       Need volunteer custodial help
Wrap Up:
       Next Council meeting May 11 at 6:30
       No June Council meeting

                       The Rejoice Council Wants to Hear from You
         Some questions keep coming up periodically. At the April meeting of the Council, the question
of a third worship service came up again. And once again there was no quick answer.
         So, the members of the Council are looking for the thoughts and opinions of the congregation.
Your questions, opinions, and sage advice are desired at this time. Please feel welcome to call or email
council members. Sunday morning conversations are also welcome.
         This topic is on the agenda for discussion at the May 11 council meeting.

                                        March 2010 Financial Recap
                                                   GENERAL FUND
     General Fund Income                       Expenses                          Gain/Loss (-)
       March $19,670.35                        $22,557.80                          -$2,887.45
        YTD $58,105.93                         $71,117.23                         -$13,011.30
       Mortgage Income                         Expenses                          Gain/Loss (-)
        March $9,502.00                        $10,309.00                          -$807.00
        YTD $21,090.78                         $30,927.00                         -$9,836.22

      March giving was up about $1,000 over February. Rejoice received a special gift to our Mortgage Fund which, with
          your faithful giving, helped with our March mortgage commitment.
Our Duplo Challenge is underway and we ask each of you to consider increasing your weekly giving by:
                                $2.75 to our Mortgage Fund
                                $4.50 to our General Fund
                                or a total of
                                $7.25 per week for both.
Help get us back on track financially. Thanks to each of you who have taken the Challenge.
                    MEXICO MISSION TRIP APRIL 2010
Projects Accomplished
Built and installed a new front gate
Made all of the curtains for house 7
Stained and prepped six new bunk beds for the kids in house 4
Help put finishing touches on house 7
                                                         Education Happenings
Reading is a garden of Fun! Kids, do you dig fun prizes and great books? If so, you are
invited to take part in Rejoices summer reading program May 16th – June 27th. Sign up in the
library today!

Sunday School
The next day of Sunday school is May 9th. The end of the year celebration will be on May 16th.
We will have an ice cream social themed event in the fellowship hall. Parents and congregation
are invited to see what the Sunday school children have learned this year and enjoy a sundae.
Hope to see you there!

                    MARK YOUR CALENDAR… Vacation Bible School is sailing to Rejoice
                    with a ―High Sea Expedition; Exploring the Mighty Love of God‖ Sunday,
                    August 1st- Thursday, August 5th from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. (with an
                    opportunity to ride on the float in the Clearwater Parade Friday, August 6th).
                    All children 4 years of age through 5th grade are welcome! Pre-registration
forms are available and should be returned to the office by June 18th. If you are interested in
staffing one of the activities, being a student group leader, or have any ―sailor‖
decorations/attire that could be used during VBS contact Janet Peterson at 320-223-0681 or

If you are interested in being part of Education at Rejoice, please call:
Library: Diane Milbery @ 320-558-6387
School Curriculum: Becky Brzinski @ 320-558-6142
Adult Education: Lori Johnson @ 320-558-2191
Education programming: Chris Mueller @ 320-253-4460

                                              Unlocking the Message of the Bible:
                                              A Guide to Biblical Interpretation
                                          6:30-8 p.m. Wednesdays May 5th – June 30th
                                                    In the Fellowship Hall
                                                                 Christians, faith communities, pastors, and your grandma are always
                                                                 encouraging you to read the Bible - but it seems as if each of these
                                                                 people reach different conclusions about what it says. How do they
                                                                 reach different conclusions? How can two people read the same story
                                                                 and interpret it to mean different things?

                                                                 Everyone who uses the Bible engages in interpretation! In this 9-week
                                                                 study we will explore the methodology, questions, and skills involved in
                                                                 interpreting the Bible. By building understanding of the composition,
                                                                 sources, historical contexts, inspiration, and varying types of literature
                                                                 of the Bible you will develop a framework within which to read and interpret
                                                                 Biblical stories that makes sense to you!

        This study will help you discern what the story meant to its original communities and
        what it can mean to us today. It will also challenge you to raise some of the questions that need
        to be asked of the Bible as you search for the meaning it can give your life and the lives of others.
                           Sunday School Survey
 We are looking for ways to improve our Sunday School program. For the last seven years we

 have had the 2nd through 6th graders going through a rotational Sunday school model – this is

 where they have a different themed lesson through art, music, cooking and other methods of

 learning. We are exploring going back to a more traditional method of Sunday School where

           each grade has a teacher and a dedicated room that they use each Sunday.

 But we want to know what you think! You can either fill out this quick survey and return it to

the basket on the interest table or come to our ministry meeting on Tuesday, May 11, 6:30 pm

                               in the Fellowship Hall at Church.

   1. What grade is your child(ren) currently in?

   2. Do you feel they are retaining the lessons taught in Sunday school?                _____

   3. Please indicate which sentence best describes your thoughts on rotation versus

       traditional Sunday school:

__ No, please do not change it from rotation to traditional.

__ I’m fine with either continuing the rotation model or changing to traditional Sunday School.

__ Yes, please change back to the traditional Sunday School

Additional comments:
           My Surely your goodness and unfailing love will
             pursue me all the days of my life, and I will
                   live in the house of the Lord.
                              Psalm 23:6

Day Camp Registration is OPEN!
Day camp is scheduled for July 11-15 and is open for all children completing 1st through 5th
grades. The camp starts Sunday following worship with a pot luck meal and runs until 2:00pm
Camp continues Monday – Thursday from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., ending at Pleasant Park near
Annandale. The campers will put on a program Thursday morning before going to the park.
Registration forms are located on the ―Bible Camp Interest Table‖ in the hallway across from
the coat racks. Scholarships are available upon request. Cost $47.00 per child

It’s that time of the year already to plan for summer camp! The Rejoice group week will be July
25th- 30th. You must register and pay your deposit to confirm your spot.
Contact person for this event is Cindy Bluhm at 320-558-6991.
Bible camp is offered to kids in grades 2nd-12th

                       Peer Ministers meet each Wednesday from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in the Youth
                       Room for fellowship and planning of upcoming events.
                       Linda Boie at 763-263-7387 is the coordinator.

Rejoice will recognize the Graduate class of 2010 on Sunday May 23 at both worship services.
Refreshments will be served following each worship service. HATS OFF AND GOD’S

At 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, May 2nd, six of our young men and women will affirm their faith before
the congregation. We keep them in our prayers:
Scott Betzler, Emily Combs, Chelsie Grandstand, David Phaneuf, Molly Rinkenberger, and Jake

If you are in 7th-12th grades, don’t miss out on Sunday morning Bible studies from 9:30-10:15a.m.
The 7th-8th grades meet in the Youth Ministry Office, and is lead by Denise Kantor. The 9th-12th
grades meet in the youth room, and is lead by Ruthie Seidenkranz.

                            YOUTH & FAMILY TEAM MINISTRY MEETING
                                 TUESDAY, May 18th AT 6:30PM
      Rejoice Lutheran Church Vacation Bible School

               Sunday August 1– Thursday August 5

                             6—8 p.m.

                   Ages 4—going into 5th Grade

   Please fill out one form per family. Pre register by June 15th!

        Make Checks payable to Rejoice Lutheran Church.

Cell phone:________________________Home Church:__________________________
Emergency Contact Name:__________________________Phone #:__________________

   Child’s Name               Grade/Age                                                               Amount Paid
__________________            _______      1st Child ($5.00 before June 15th, $10.00 at the door) ___________

__________________         _______      2nd Child ($5.00 before June 15th, $10.00 at the door)         ___________

__________________         _______      3rd Child (No fee after 2nd Child. Family Max $10—$20) No Fee

__________________         _______      4th Child (No fee after 2nd Child. Family Max $10—$20) No Fee

Allergies/Medical Concerns: Please be specific:__________________________________________
I give permission to Rejoice Lutheran Church to take whatever emergency measures that are judged
necessary for the care and protection of my child while under the supervision of the church.
Parent/Guardian signature:_________________________________________Date:____________
T-Shirts available for Order: Order form must be turned in by June 15th to ensure your child will
receive their t-shirt on the first night of VBS!
Cost: Child sizes (S-L): $6.00 Adult sizes (S-XL:): $9.00
Size (please indicate child or adult): ___________ Quantity:_______

  Do you love kids and love God? Consider being a VBS Volunteer! Check any are that you’re interested in helping with.
                   ___Guide (supervise small groups as they do stations) ____Games ______Music
                               _____ Drama     ____ run sound board
               THANK YOU!!! If you have any questions please contact Janet Peterson
                  by calling (320) 223-0681or emailing
          All City Garage Sale at Rejoice
                                June 12th, 2010
Rejoice will be having a garage sale from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and will be offering two
                      ways to particapate in this City wide event.
  The first will be to donate your items to the Rejoice Garage Sale. If you would
 like to donate to Rejoice, please start gathering your GENTLY used clothing, nic
nacs, toys, small WORKING appliances, dishes, pots and pans, plants, jewelry, tools,
        books,Video/DVDs and CDs, etc. Anything that needs a new home!
      PLEASE….No Text books, large exercise equipment, computer
equipment,TV’s, car seats, mattresses, large appliances, furniture, light
                       fixtures, stained or damaged items.
      We will need volunteers for this event. Proceeds will be used for a new
                             Telephone system at Rejoice.
                   Please notify the church office @ 320-558-6851
                                    if you can help!

             The second way is to purchase a spot in the parking lot
              (inside, if the weather is bad) and sell your own items.
 This spot (approx. 10’ X 10’) will include one long table (6’ or 8’) and cost $20.
 Rejoice dumpsters are not available for your discards. You must remove every
       item that does not sell. Contact the church office @ 320-558-6851
                              to reserve your spot now!

              Plans are being made to host a Bake Sale also.
                       More information will follow.
If you are involved in the automated SIMPLY GIVING program, we now have yellow slips to put in the
offering plate. They are located on the table as you enter worship.

                                      CHURCH DIRECTORIES
FOR SALE $5.00 in the church office.

                                       DIRECTORY CHANGES
Do you have a change of address and/or phone number or e-mail address? Please contact the office with
these changes so we can update the data base for the directory and for office staff. Call the office at
320-558-6851 or e-mail these corrections to

                               NEW DIRECTORY INFORMATION
                          Gladys Steiger has a new phone number – 320-224-8961
                           Tom Koontz has a new phone number – 320-276-7300
                          Marilyn Koontz has a new phone number – 320-260-2934

                                MEXICO MISSION FUNDRAISER
We are collecting box tops from General Mills products for Children’s Haven, to help purchase vans, etc.
Look for a box on the Mexico Mission table. Thank you for your support!

                                         RENTAL OF TABLES
Please remember that Rejoice does not borrow out items to anyone. This includes table, chairs, and any
kitchen items. However, there are four wooden tables available to rent at $2.00 each, but must be checked
out through the office and returned as soon as possible. If you have any questions check with the office at
(320) 558-6851.

                                   CLEARWATER FOOD SHELF
Thank you Rejoice for your donation to the Clearwater Food Shelf of $374.00 and 83 lbs of food. March was
MN Food Share month, so we especially appreciated your gifts.

                                         YOUNG AT HEARTS
We will meet on Wednesday, May 19th at 12:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall at Rejoice. Bring a guest and a dish
to share. We always enjoy great fellowship!

                                        POP CAN RECYLING
We recycle pop cans. The money received from this goes to support our youth programs.
Please recycle – drop your bagged cans in the fence area (old dog kennel) by the garage.

                                 MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW:
                                  Fall Festival October 2, 2010
Are you cleaning out your closets – think about saving some good stuff for Granny’s Attic.
Or, do you like to bake? Does your family have a favorite cake or cookie? Plan to bake it and bring it to the
Bake Sale. Don’t forget to start telling all your Lutefisk loving friends and family to save the date! Another
great meal of smelly fish is planned! Let’s not forget those delicious homemade meatballs too!
                                    SERVANT COORDINATORS
        If you are interested to help with Greeting, Ushering, serving Communion or Fellowship,
                            Please contact the appropriate person listed below.
           Communion Set up and Assistants ~ 8:30 Service, Kay Krogstad 320-558-6576;
                                10:30 Service, Chris Mueller 320-253-4460
                           Ushers ~ 8:30 Service, Mary Wilson 320-558-2564;
                                 10:30 Service, Laurie Hoff 320-259-1867
                        Fellowship ~ Both Services, Barb Commers 320-743-2700
                        Greeter ~ Both Services, Ramona Nielsen, 320-252-1479

                         MEN’S EARLY MORNING BIBLE STUDY
                                  Wednesdays—7 a.m.
Meet every Wednesday 7a.m. – 8 a.m. in the fellowship hall at Rejoice. This begins with a breakfast and leads
                        into bible study. This is a great way to start your day.

                                      WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY
  Please join us on the May 11th at 9:30 a.m. in the fellowship hall. This Bible Study is based on the Lutheran
       Woman Today magazine bible study. Join us for Bible Study, treats, coffee and great fellowship.

                                       Tuesdays - 10:00 a.m.
  A group of faithful Rejoice members meet every Thursday morning at Rejoice to give prayers of thanks and
 to pray for special needs which members of our congregation have requested. You are welcome to join this
               group at any time. If you have a special prayer request, you may leave it in the box
                              marked ―Prayer Requests,‖ on the interest table.

                                  VISIT THE REJOICE WEBSITE!
   The Rejoice website includes worship schedules, youth and family information, service lists for members,
  event calendar and e-mail addresses for staff. In addition, you can access the ELCA website, ELCA Mission
  Endowment Fund, Green Lake Lutheran Ministries, and Children’s Haven International where some of our
                              members have served on special mission projects.
                                        Visit often to be informed!

                                 ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE….
 It worked for 2 office chairs and calculator, for which we are VERY grateful! Now, the paper shredder has
ceased to shred, so we are putting out a plea for any size paper shredder you may want to donate to Rejoice.
                                    Please see or talk to Carol in the office.
               Boys Bathroom                                                Girls Bathroom

                                          Spring is here!!
The Property Team and some generous volunteers have been busy trimming bushes, raking the yard, building
a prayer garden, cleaning the garage, along with other jobs, including fixing a vacuum cleaner, doing emergency
plumbing and trouble shooting an electrical problem. Even confirmation students have gotten into the act by
picking up rocks and doing ―artsy‖ painting in the education wing. To each of you I say “Thank You,” a thousand
times over. It is so rewarding to know that members are stepping forward and helping out.

An area where help is needed all summer is lawn mowing, weed management and watering. Sign up sheets are
on the interest tables opposite the coat racks.

We are still looking for members to do some small weekly tasks. If you have an hour a week available to help,
call me, Karolyn @ 320-558-2247

Is God calling you to share your talents and labor to help Rejoice?
–Karolyn Boucher, Bldg. & Property Council Representative, 320-558-2247

                                        SING LIKE A CROW?
If you are not a singer, aren’t comfortable ushering or reading scripture during service, I have a job for you!!
We are in need of some volunteer custodial help.

Weekly projects would include things like washing the glass on interior windows and doors, replacing paper
products throughout the building, wiping off tables in the education wing and the dining room, vacuuming the
Education Wing hall, the Narthex area or the altar area.

These projects would be divided up so no one person would need to do multiple jobs, each job would only
take about one hour, and could be matched to your abilities.

We are not in a financial position that we can pay for more custodial time. Please consider helping. My Motto
is “Many Hands Make Light Work.”
Call Karolyn Boucher, Property and Building Council Rep, at 320-558-2247
             MAY 2010

       Sun                 Mon                  Tue              Wed           Thu   Fri          Sat
                                                                                           9:30a – 3:30p
                                                                                           McDonald’s Brat

         2                    3                    4               5            6    7            8
8:30 Worship         9:00a Library Mtg.   9:30a Women’s    7:00a Men’s Bible               10:30 WTR
9:30 Fellowship,     RSM                  Bible Study      Study
Adult Ed                                  10:00a Prayer    5:30p Wind &
10:30 Worship/                            Group            Brass
Affirmation of                            RSM              6:00p
Baptism                                                    Confirmation
                                                           Highway Clean-up

         9                   10                   11              12           13    14           15
8:30 Worship/HC      9:00a Library Mtg.   10:00a Prayer    7:00a Men’s Bible               10:30 WTR
9:30 Fellowship,     RSM                  Group            Study
Adult Ed, S.S.                            6:30p Council    5:30p Wind &
Cappuccino Bible                          Mtg.             Brass
Study                                     RSM              RSM
11:30 Fellowship

        16                  17                   18               19           20    21           22
8:00 Women           RSM                  10:00a Prayer    7:00a Men’s Bible               10:30 WTR
rehearse                                  Group            Study
8:30 Worship                              6:30p Ministry   12:00 Young at
9:30 Fellowship,                          Mtgs.            Hearts Potluck
Adult Ed, S.S.                            RSM              5:30p Wind &
Celebration                                                Brass
Cappuccino Bible                                           7:00p Choir
Study                                                      Rehearsal
10:30 Worship/                                             RSM
Baptism ~ Murphy
11:30 Fellowship
2:00p Heidi
Hansen’s Recital
        23                  24                    25               26          27    28           29
Graduation           RSM                  10:00a Prayer    7:00a Men’s Bible
Recognition                               Group            Study
7:30 Choir                                RSM              5:30p Wind &
8:30 Worship/HC                                            Brass
9:30 Fellowship,                                           6:30p Piano
Adult Ed                                                   Recital
11:30 Fellowship
1:30p Ultreya
4:00p Eagle Scouts
        30                  31
8:15 Hymn Sing       Office Closed
8:30 Worship
9:30 Fellowship
10:30 Worship
11:30 Fellowship
                                    Gohman - Hard, Brayden 5/18
Ahrenholz, Chari 5/1                Pierson, Mickey 5/19
Hoff, Cody 5/1                      Fruth, Michelle 5/19
Severson, Gabe 5/1                  Barrett, Emelie 5/20
Delano, Madelynn 5/1                Allen, Shane 5/21
Henkemeyer, Melissa 5/1             Michalski, Gavin 5/21
Dahnke, Madison 5/2                 Luhman, Rose 5/22
Nickolauson, Danielle 5/2           Johnston, Liz 5/22
Post, Laurie 5/2                    Nickolauson, Brian 5/22
Samuelson, Stub 5/2                 Fisher, Lisa 5/23
Knoll, Colin 5/3                    Severson, Jenine 5/23
Rinkenberger, Molly 5/4             Clarkson, Emma 5/24
Kemkes, Mary 5/4                    Moeller, Cole 5/24
Johnston, Tim 5/8                   Rinkenberger, Sherre 5/26
Erickson, Stewart 5/8               Swensen, Jon 5/27
Senkler, Bill 5/8                   Severson, Dennis 5/27
Ziebarth, Mary Ann 5/8              Marx, Nicolle 5/27
Dresow, Ryan 5/10                   Pawlicki, Jodi 5/28
Tschida, Jonathan 5/10              Pawlicki, Taylor 5/28
Peterson, Tracy 5/10                Pippert, Tanler 5/29
Ahrenholz, Paul 5/10                Luberda, Jacob 5/29
Wickline, Jeff 5/11                 Gjevre, Connor 5/30
Haessly, Ashley 5/11                Tadych, Taylor 5/31
Rudningen, Karin 5/12
Varner, Marge 5/13
Lundholm, Sarah 5/13        Johnston, Tim & Paumen, Carla 5/1
Commers, Nadia 5/13         Fruth, Craig & Michelle 5/3
Mohs, Mitch 5/13            Samuelson, Stub & Marty 5/4
Kastner, Shelby 5/14        Lundholm, Phil & Colleen 5/5
Dagner, Hogan 5/14          Doering, Mark & Amber 5/5
Laakso, Gretchen 5/14       Driggs, Dustyn & Leah 5/5
Paulsen, Jennifer 5/14      Betzler, Gary & Rita 5/7
Post, Rosalie 5/15          Nickolauson, Brian & Tracy 5/8
Totz, Emily 5/15            Scharmer, Scott & Doris 5/10
Hoff, Laurie 5/15           Johnson, Brent & Michelle 5/16
Farness, Dillon 5/15        Rassier, Michelle & Brent 5/24
Lietha, Reese 5/15          Maehren, Ken & Kris 5/25
Krippner, Reese 5/16        Gohmann,Bruce Jodie 5/30
Wipper, Connor 5/16         Brown, Ralph & Donna 5/31
Brunson, Jacob 5/18

   8:30        READ       USHER/ACOLYTE           GREET   FELLOWSHIP         COMMUNION          COMM       POWER         SOUND
                                                                                                SETUP       POINT        SYSTEM
  May 2       Gail        Bill & Shelley                   Sharon & Rod                                    Hazel        Greg Bluhm
              Bradford    Langenbacher, Gail               Meyer, Linnea                                   Schueler
                          Bradford, Luella                   Lindquist
  May 9       Darlene     Gladys Steiger, Lee &           Mike Heinis,       Cindy Kirchoff,    Mary       Mike         James
              Johnson     Rosemary Monk                   Barbara & Jorn     Ron & Lynn         Wilson     Barrett      Kirchenbauer
                                                          Commers            Schneider, Bob &
                                                                             Lorraine Bluhm
 May 16                   Pete & Audrey                   Sara & Travis                                    Matthew      Mike
              Paula       Lidberg, Jim & Carol            Miller, Marlys &                                 Damhof       Severson
              Lindhorst   Eich                            Jim Johnson
 May 23       Dave        Gladys Steiger, Doug,           Sara & Travis      Jim & Marlys       Heidi      Chuck        Adam Bluhm
              Lien        Mary, Patrick, &                Miller, Trista &   Johnson, Karie     Eckerman   Sanders
                          Anthony McCrae                  Nick Schaeffer     Monk-Gohman,
                                                                             Markie Gohman,
                                                                             Deb Biorn
 May 30       Marilyn     Penny & Carter                  Barbara & Jorn                                   Mike         Mike
              Koontz      Gjevre, James & Josh            Commers                                          Barrett      Severson

  10:30                   USHER/ACOLYTE           GREET   FELLOWSHIP         COMMUNION          COMM       POWER        SOUND
                                                                                                SETUP      POINT        SYSTEM
  May 2                   Dayle & Jean Meyer,             No Fellowship -    Confirmands                   Kody         Doug Kantor
Affirmation               John & Becky Brzinski           Hall reserved                                    Kantor
of Baptism                                                11:30a
  May 9                   Rick & Pam Bender,              Barbara & Jorn                                   Mike         John
                          Greg & Mickey                   Commers                                          Barrett      Clarkson
 May 16                   Dayle & Jean Meyer,             Mary Bergeron                                    Heidi        Dustin
                          Curt & Julie                    & Wally                                          Weege        Weege
                          Alveshere                       Westerberg
 May 23                   John Clarkson/Lori                                                               Chuck        Lyle
                          Klapperich family                                                                Sanders      Rudningen

 May 30                   Janelle & Karin                 Barbara & Jorn                                   Mike         John
                          Rudningen, Jeff &               Commers                                          Barrett      Clarkson
                          Laurie Hoff

Rejoice Lutheran Church (ELCA)                                                                                       Non-Profit Org
                                                                                                                     U.S. POSTAGE
1155 County Road 75                                                                                                        PAID
(near the water tower)                                                                                                 Permit No. 17
                                                                                                                      Clearwater, MN
PO Box 307
Clearwater, MN 55320
   In Response     If you are entering the hospital and desire a visit, please notify the
  to the Gospel    church office.
 of Jesus Christ   Due to the HIPAA laws, hospitals do not inform churches of
                   patient admissions.