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									               “Nirmal UMEED”
         (UMEED- Urban youth Motivation, Employment and Enterpreneurship Development)

                                          An Initiative


                                        Govt. of Gujarat



                                      Nirmal Foundation

                                      In Association with

                            Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation

                                    irmal UMEED                                       Reg: E18658/Ahmedabad
Nirmal Foundation is a public charitable trust, registerd under Mumbai trust act 1956. Mr. Nirmal Kumar,
an IIM, Ahmedabad graduate is the founder of Nirmal Foundation. The foundation works on innovative
solutions for livlihood generation. It also works with Government of Gujarat to implement project UMEED
to impart livelihood skills training to urban youth on employment and entrepreneurship.'Nirmal UMEED' is
three-month vocational training programme with placement back up for urban youth of age group 18 to 35.
Government of Gujarat has set the target to train 1 lac urban poor in year 2010-2011.The project works on
public private partnership (PPP) model.Government, trainee and outside corporate/individual contribution
are the source of revenue for the project. However, According to MoU between Government of Gujarat and
Nirmal Foundation, Government shall pay its contribution only when implementing agency (Nirmal
Foundation) arranges external fund Rs 500/ for each candidate. We seek support from organization/
individual like you to contribution to this initiative for giving momentum to EDUCATION &
EMPLOYMENT to urban youth. Your contribution can give a dignified career to someone. Your donation
to the project UMEED is tax exempted under section 80 G of income tax act.

For further details, you can write to us at or call us on 079-40 32 33 34
What is community mobilization?
                                          COMMUNITY MOBILISATION
To make people aware of ‘Nirmal
UMEED’ – the employability and
education program, we organize road
shows at various targeted areas,
gather people at one place, and
explain them about the program and
its benefits. We reach to people
through various means like pamphlet
distribution,           loudspeaker
announcement, public meeting,
banner display, etc.

Did you know?

         1. Government of Gujarat has
set a target to train 1 lac urban youth
and to place at least 80 % of them in
year 2010-2011 across Gujarat.

         2. ’Nirmal UMEED’ team
endeavors to reach to every house of
underdeveloped areas like slum to
make people aware about this

       3. Our team has reached to
more than 20, 000 houses in its first
week of project starting.

        4. Nirmal UMEED offers
three months long programme with
job guarantee just by charging Rs 500
from beneficiary.
                        What is ‘Nirmal UMEED’
                        orientation programme?
Programme Orientation
                        We brief the students on
                        the      programme,       its
                        objective, Govt. support for
                        the     programme,       etc.
                        Participants are inducted in
                        various courses based on
                        their ability, education and
                        interest through enrolling

                        Did you know?

                        1. We invite opinion
                        leaders, local leaders, and
                        parents in the programme
                        orientation who play very
                        important role in
                        motivating the youth to join
                        the programme.

                        2. Trainees are given
                        certificate on successful
                        completion of the
                        programme, which is jointly
                        signed by the municipal
                        commissioner of respective
                        corporations and Mr.
                        Nirmal Kumar, the
                        managing trustee of Nirmal

                        3. It is mandatory for the
                        trainees to attend 90 %
                        classes to get course
                        completion certificate.
                               Classroom training:
Nirmal UMEED is 300 hrs
exhaustive        training
programme,          which
includes       classroom
training,       industrial
exposure and internship.

Did you know?

1.All the trainees of
Nirmal UMEED are given
compulsory training on
basic computer, basic
English and soft skills.
2.We      maintain       2:1
student to computer ratio
3.Number of students
enrolled per course per
batch are not more than
4. We provide training in
tally,   D.T.P,     nursing,
hospitality,          house
manager,          computer
hardware,             office
administration,        BPO,
Customer       relationship
and service (CRS).
5.We place the trained
candidates in malls, call
centers,         insurance,
companies,         telecom
comapanies, shops &
showrooms, courier &
logistic        companies,
coaching institutes, Govt.
& corporate offices, etc.

Corporate office:
203, Parthmilan Building,
Near Hotel Nest, C.G.
Road, Ahmedabad-09
Ph: 079-40 32 33 34
Fax: 079-26422797
Mob: 9925702390

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