Install Google Earth via Smart-Net Proxy

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					Install Google Earth via the Smart-Net proxy server
You will first need to download the Google Earth Setup program from the following website:

The following websites “”, “” and “” need to be added
to the “No Authentication” list in Smart-Net. To do this, login to the Smart-Net Intranet as
“sysadmin”, go to Server Management / Internet Management / Website Filtering and add each site
in turn.

Next double click on the GoogleEarthSetup.exe program that you downloaded earlier to launch the
installer. Make you are logged on to your local workstation as an Administrator or equivalent
account. This will ensure you have the required permissions to install the software.
                              Google Earth will go through several installation phases; initialization,
                              connecting to the Internet and downloading.

At the end of the installation you will have a Google Earth icon on your Desktop.
Please note that the installation of Google Earth can take 15-30 minutes to install.

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