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					                                  Google Earth Exercise #3
                 Africa South of the Sahara, Latin Ame rica, North America
                                        Due: 4/21/10

1. What is the name of this island? Type: 18 55 05.73S, 46 38 35.75E
      a. Madagascar
      b. India Island
      c. Europa Island
      d. Juan de Nova island

2. What is the capital of the island in this spot? Type: 18 55 05.73S, 46 38 35.75E
      a. Makamby
      b. Tulear
      c. Bushrod
      d. Antananarivo

3. This man- made lake has the largest reservoir of water in the world. What is the name of this
lake? Type: 6 52 00.84N, 0 09 52.43E
        a. Lake Volta
        b. Lake Chad
        c. Lake Nasser
        d. Lake Owens

4. You are looking at the summit of a famous mountain. What is the name of this mountain?
Type: 3 03 52.52S, 37 21 29.98E
       a. Mount Kenya
       b. Mount Kilimanjaro
       c. Mount Niriganga
       d. Ethiopian Highlands

5. You are looking at one of the spectacular waterfalls in the world. What is the name of this
falls? Type: 17 55 23.24S, 25 51 07.51E
        a. Iguazu Falls
        b. Zemzi Falls
        c. Victoria Falls
        d. Queen Falls

6. What type of vegetation can be found in this region? Type: 1 57 35.30S, 13 08 16.50E
      a. Rain forest
      b. Savanna
      c. Tundra
      d. Sahel
7. Which river is a source of an important water transportation route in Central Africa?
Type: 4 51 05.46S, 14 28 12.75E
       a. Nile
       b. Zambezi
       c. Niger
       d. Congo

8. What is the name of the African country that is almost surrounded by another country? Type:
13 23 34.80N, 16 17 35.84W
       a. Senegal
       b. Gambia
       c. Lesotho
       d. Guinea

9. You set sail on a ship from Dakar. You head south, following the coast of Africa. In
somewhat of a short time, you have seen many African countries such as Guinea-Bissau, Guinea,
Sierra Leone, etc. A few hours and countries later, you dock in the country that has the most
productive chocolate fields in the world. Where might you be?
Type: 6 33 58.08N, 5 23 24.51W
        a. Ghana
        b. Togo
        c. Cameroon
        d. Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire)

10. Which is NOT true about this region? Type: 19 40 10.22N, 3 53 47.52W
      a. It is on the border of the desert
      b. It is undergoing decertification
      c. It is experiencing long drought
      d. It is an area suitable for cultivating hybrid rice

11. European or white settlers in this country are known as what? Type: South Africa
       a. Afrikaners
       b. Bantus
       c. Zulus
       d. Africans

12. You are the type of person who likes to travel around the world. You recently decided to go
to Cape Town, a famous city in South Africa. So, you are on your way reminiscing the good
times you have had elsewhere. When you arrive in Cape Town, you notice a cape south of the
city. What is the name of this cape? Type: Cape Town, South Africa
       a. Cape St. Helena
       b. False Bay
       c. Cape of Good Hope
       d. Cape Agulhas
13. You will be looking at a predominantly black township of Soweto, created during South
Africa’s apartheid era. After finding the location, take a quick tour of this urban area near
Johannesburg. What does the landscape show? Type: 26 17 14.59S, 27 50 37.09E
       a. There is a mixture of shacks and standard housing
       b. Some of the people who fought against apartheid system live here
       c. There are large homes or mansions in the area
       d. All of the above

14. Look at this spot closely. What do you observe? Type: 29 50 40.69S, 31 00 50.76E
       a. Golf course
       b. Golf course and horse racetrack
       c. Public park
       d. Royal botanical garden

15. In the background of Cape Town harbor is a unique physical geography. What is the name
of this physical area? Type: 33 57 03.47S, 18 26 41.40E
         a. Cape Mountain
         b. Table Mountain
         c. Boer Mountain
         d. Lumber Mountain

16. On the opposite side of the Congo River are Brazzaville and Kinshasa. How will you
describe these cities? Type: 4 18 12.58S, 15 16 52.42E
       a. They draw attention to colonial imprints in the form of grandiose urban development
       b. They are global cities
       c. They were built by the French
       d. They represent utopian new town development

17. This region is known for producing a commodity that is exported to the United States. The
same commodity is consumed internally. What do you think is in this spot?
Type: 4 45 32.29N, 7 06 05.83E
       a. Tobacco storage tanks
       b. Alcoa Steel processing plant
       c. Oil refinery
       d. Peanut processing plant

18. The leaders of the freedom fighters against apartheid were imprisoned on this island.
Currently the island is a national heritage and attracts tourists from Africa and elsewhere in the
world. What is the name of this island? Type: 33 48 21.36S, 18 22 11.23E
       a. Cape Town Island
       b. Pretoria Base Island
       c. Atlantic Island
       d. Robben Island
19. You are looking at sand dunes of the Namib Desert in Namibia. Some of the sand dunes can
be as high as 980 feet. What factor is responsible for the creation of sand dunes in the desert?
Type: 25 50 26.82S, 14 54 35.63E
        a. They are created by landscape artists from Namibia and Western Europe
        b. They are created by winds that flow northward toward Angola
        c. They are created by giant wind turbines
        d. They are created annually by the Namibians

20. The lake you are about to see has been shrinking for several years now. In fact, the lake has
shrunk to a point where water can be found in only one of the countries bordering it. How many
countries originally bordered the lake at its fullest? Type: 13 14 49.73N, 14 05 09.72E
        a. 4
        b. 5
        c. 6
        d. 7

21. What is the name of this desert? Type: 25 30 35.69S, 70 30 25.98W
      a. Atacama
      b. Aguja
      c. Ojos
      d. Mato Grosso

22. Which lake is regarded as the highest elevated lake in the world?
Type: 15 47 48.95S, 69 24 17.88W
       a. Lake Benl
       b. Lake Titicaca
       c. Lake Negro
       d. Lake Maranon

23. You are looking at a mountain range. What is the name of this mountain range?
Type: 34 36 15.32S, 70 32 18.58W
       a. Purnus
       b. Alps
       c. Andes
       d. Popocatepeti

24. This portion of the river contains many types of sediment. What is the name of this river?
Type: 2 18 00.69S, 54 18 25.55W
       a. Sao Francisco River
       b. Orinoco River
       c. Colombia River
       d. Amazon River

25. What is the name of the region in South America that is often cited as an example of a rain
shadow? Type: 50 23 09.26S, 71 01 45.72W
      a. Patagonia
       b. Yucatan
       c. Angels
       d. Pampas

26. This is a well-preserved ruin of a past civilization in Latin America. Which civilization for
many years thrived in this location? Type: 13 09 55.46S, 72 32 13.60W
       a. Maya
       b. Inca
       c. Aztec
       d. Tarascan

27. You are about to explore the Panama Canal. What is one of the problems facing this canal?
Type: 9 16 35.30N, 79 55 19.52W
       a. Pirates are attacking the canal
       b. The United States controls the canal
       c. It is too small for some of the new super or very large ships
       d. It shuts down frequently on a daily basis

28. Many Americans vacation in places such as this one. What happens to the money Americans
spend on a typical island nation such as the one you about to see?
Type: 17 44 09.91N, 64 46 34.97W
       a. The money leaves the island while the local residents live in poverty
       b. The money stays locally
       c. The investors are non- natives who keep tourism money in local banks
       d. There are no vacation spots on the island

29. Visit La Paz, the capital city of Bolivia. (Zoom out to get a good view of the city.) How will
you describe the landscape? Type: La Paz, Bolivia
        a. The city has a long history of conflict
        b. The city is situated in the valley of the Andes
        c. There are many farms surrounding the city
        d. The Amazon river runs through the city

30. Why is it important to visit this island, a property of Ecuador?
Type: 0 42 29.38S, 91 04 32.64W
       a. To see the president of Ecuador
       b. To visit resorts and enjoy the sea, sand, and sun
       c. To visit maximum security prisons
       d. To see unique animal and plant species

31. Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful Brazilian city that attracts many tourists. In the shadow of the
skyscrapers is a different type of development. What is the name of the development in this
location? (Hint: there are several across the landscape.) Type: 22 54 24.60S, 43 14 00.67W
        a. Upscale apartment
       b. Exclusive mansion
       c. Storage units
       d. Favelas

32. In which city will you find this statute on top of a mountain?
Type: 22 57 06.12S, 43 12 36.90W
        a. Sao Paulo
        b. Rio de Janeiro
        c. Buenos Aries
        d. Caracas

33. This is the largest dam in the world. It produces electricity for consumption in Brazil and
Paraguay. What is the name of this dam? Type: 25 24 54.80S, 54 35 31.35W
       a. Itaipu Dam
       b. Freedom Dam
       c. Rio Dam
       d. Funai Dam

34. What do the white dots in this image represent? Type: 17 42 28.39N, 64 45 14.44W
      a. Storage tanks for milk
      b. Storage tanks for hydrogen
      c. Oil refinery storage area
      d. Storage tanks for vegetable oil

35. This region and other similar areas have transformed Costa Rica into one of the top tourist
destinations in Central America. What renewable economic activity goes on in this spot?
Type: 8 36 41.66N, 83 40 17.91W
        a. Logging
        b. Hunting
        c. Farming
        d. Ecotourism

36. This pyramid represents which of the ancient civilizations in Latin America?
Type: 19 41 33.07N, 98 50 32.66W
       a. Maya
       b. Inca
       c. Aztec
       d. Tarascan

37. What is the name of this location north of Interstate 40? Type: 36 14 37.13N, 112 20
      a. Rockies
      b. Sierra Nevada
      c. Grand Canyon
      d. McKinney
38. This dam was constructed to control flooding as snow melts into the Colorado River. What
is the name of this dam? Type: 36 00 58.68N, 114 44 12.83W
        a. Mead Dam
        b. Columbia Dam
        c. Glen Dam
        d. Hoover Dam

39. This is regarded as the longest suspension bridge to connect the upper and lower peninsular
of Michigan. What is the name of this bridge? Type: 45 48 53.05N, 84 43 43.99W
       a. Mackinac Bridge
       b. Thames Bridge
       c. Washington Bridge
       d. Peninsular Bridge

40. Diamond Head is located on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. What led to the creation of the
crater seen here? Type: 21 15 41.08N, 157 48 26.43W
        a. Sedimentary formation
        b. Folding formation
        c. Metamorphic process
        d. Volcanic eruption

41. What is the name of this river? Type: 47 11 18.72N, 70 29 15.19W
      a. French River
      b. Quebec River
      c. Palmer River
      d. St. Lawrence River

42. One of the strengths of the U.S. economy is in the service sector. An example of the service
sector economy is seen here. What is the name of this building which supports the service
sector? Type: 44 51 15.92N, 93 14 31.90W
        a. Harcourt Building
        b. Manufacturing Building
        c. Mall of America
        d. Federal Prison

43. In the summer, millions of Americans travel to this national site to enjoy the outdoors. While
there, you will be able to see Old Faithful. Where are you? Type: 44 43 17.13N, 110 29
        a. Death Valley
        b. Yellowstone
        c. Great Smoky
        d. Yosemite
44. The Brooklyn Bridge is an old suspension bridge which opened in 1883. It spans over a river
in New York. What is the name of the river under the Brooklyn Bridge?
Type: 40 42 22.26N, 73 59 52.51W
       a. East River
       b. Hudson River
       c. York River
       d. Liberty River

45. The Canadian urban landscape is filled with many landmarks, one of which is this prominent
tower on display in Toronto. What is the name of this tower?
Type: 43 38 30.63N, 79 23 12.55W
       a. Six Flags Tower
       b. People’s Tower
       c. French Tower
       d. CN Tower

46. During the winter season it is very cold as you travel farther north in Canada. What is in the
image you are looking at? Type: 76 39 17.26N, 85 35 33.88W
       a. Ice cap and possible glacier in the background
       b. Artificial snow for skiing
       c. Frozen river
       d. Avalanche in southern Canada

47. If you are in San Francisco, you will likely take a drive across this famous bridge. It is part
of the cultural landscape. What is the name of this bridge? Type: 37 49 11.19N, 122 28 41.35W
        a. Bay Area Bridge
        b. LA-San Francisco Bridge
        c. Golden Gate Bridge
        d. Hope Bridge

48. You want to visit the residence of the president of the United States. Type: White House
After finding the White House, scroll south and stop at the Washington Monument. Look to
your left and right. What is the approximate distance from the dome of the Capitol to the top of
the Lincoln Memorial? (Hint: Use Tools, Measure, and Line. Use the cross hair to measure the
distance. You also need to adjust your zoom area.)
        a. 1.4 miles
        b. 2.3 miles
        c. 3.8 miles
        d. 5 miles

49. How has this old industrial city transformed itself since the early 1990s?
Type: Pittsburgh, PA
       a. Known as polymer science center
       b. Known as electronic research center
       c. Known as aviation center
       d. Known as medical research center
50. Chicago is an internationally recognized American city. The city went through a major
economic transformation in order to compete nationally and internationally. What is the nature
of the transformation that has taken place in Chicago? Type: Chicago, IL
         a. Currently it is a major manufacturing center in America
         b. Currently it is a financial center
         c. Currently it is home of Burger King
         d. None of the above

51. Whenever you fly across the country in an airplane and assuming you have a window seat,
you will see these circles dotting the landscape. (Remember to zoom out to approximately 4,000
feet.) What are these circles? Type: 39 06 13.34N, 100 55 04.88W
        a. Center-pivot irrigation circles
        b. Hay fields
        c. Crop circles
        d. Storage bins

52. Assuming you own a manufacturing plant in Edmonton, Canada. Your clients are outside of
your city, thus you have to export the products. Which of the following is likely to be a b usiness
liability issue? Type: Edmonton, Canada
         a. Lack of trained personnel
         b. Labor shortages
         c. Transportation cost to move products to markets
         d. It is too close to Toronto

53. You are looking at the Knife River Indian Villages National Historical Site. This site was
established to preserve the historic and archaeological remnants of the Northern Plains Indians.
What is the approximate distance from this site to Chicago? (Use Tools, Ruler, and Line.)
Type: 47 19 51.36N, 101 23 08.27W
        a. 775 miles
        b. 850 miles
        c. 1,000 miles
        d. 1,200 miles

54. While the manufacturing sector has declined in the United States, there is no sign of decline
at the compound in view. The products from this site are bought by wealthy individuals or major
corporations. The products can be seen daily if you live near a major airport. Which factory is
located here? (Hint: its headquarters is in Chicago.) Type: 47 55 16.77N, 122 16 21.61W
        a. SAS Airbus Factory
        b. Boeing Aircraft Factory
        c. Military Tanks Factory
        d. Cruise Missiles Factory

55. If you visit this Canadian province, you will find local residents using a specific language.
What is the predominant language spoken by the local residents?
Type: 46 48 07.47N, 71 14 41.75W
       a. English
       b. French
       c. Arabic
       d. Spanish

56. You are looking at the Canadian section of the Niagara Falls. How is the Canadian side of
the falls often described? Type: 43 04 34.65N, 79 04 25.53W
         a. The big one
         b. Horseshoe
         c. Arm and elbow
         d. The mantle

57. What is the significance of this bridge? Type: 45 48 48.84N, 84 43 41.19W
      a. It is the shortest suspension bridge in the U.S.
      b. It was completed in 1970
      c. It links non-contiguous lower and upper Michigan
      d. It is designed for military use on Saturdays

58. What is the extent of population settlement north of the City of Yellowknife, Canada?
Type: 62 27 20.68N, 114 21 04.87W
       a. Densely populated
       b. Sparsely populated
       c. Even distribution of population
       d. High migration rates

59. This building represents a landmark institution. What is the mission of this institution?
Type: 40 44 57.93N, 73 58 04.52W
       a. To promote global stock exchange
       b. To promote cultural events in the City of New York
       c. Federal reserve for printing money
       d. To bring about international peace and security

60. What is the best class you have ever had at this location? Type: 34 56 26.52N, 81 01

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