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					                                 Google Earth Exercise #2
            SE Asia; Australia and Oceania; South Asia; N. Africa and SW Asia
                                      Due: 3/24/10

1. Deforestation has become a big issue on this large island? Type: 0 6 0.74N, 113 14 15.9E
(View from 600 Miles)
       a. Timor
       b. Papua New Guinea
       c. Solomon Island
       d. Borneo

2. In 1999, East Timor was granted independence by another country. Which country granted
the independence? Type: 9 05 36.07S, 125 19 48.12E
        a. Australia
        b. Malaysia
        c. Thailand
        d. Indonesia

3. With a total land area of less than 250 square miles, this Southeast Asian country has one of
the highest per capita incomes. What is unique about this country? Type: Singapore
        a. It is known for its commercial shipping industry
        b. Is an independent country
        c. It is an island country
        d. All of the above

4. This river flows along the border of Laos and Thailand before entering Cambodia and
southern Vietnam. What is the name of this river? Type: 14 38 45.00N, 105 52 03.99E
        a. Irrawaddy River
        b. Mekong River
        c. Red River
        d. Cho Phraya River

5. Indonesia consists of many islands. (Zoom out to about 400 miles, scroll left and right to see
all the islands.) Which island has the largest number of people?
Type: 9 04 59.69S, 115 35 36.06E
         a. Celebes
         b. Jaya
         c. Sumatra
         d. Java

6. You are a business executive on your way from Chicago O’Hare International Airport to a
country in Southeast Asia. Your aircraft will arrive at the Changi International Airport. What is
your designated country of arrival? Type: 1 21 03.36N, 103 59 48.27E
       a. Vietnam
       b. Indonesia
       c. Singapore
       d. Thailand

7. This Southeast Asian volcano erupted with what has been called the loudest natural explosion
in recorded history. The eruption was one of the most catastrophic natural disasters in recorded
history in 1883. What is the name of the volcano? Type: 6 06 39.38S, 105 25 34.93E
        a. Pinatubo
        b. Krakatoa
        c. Sorikmaripi
        d. Tongkoko

8. This rocky island is known as Corregido. Today it serves as a memorial for the courage,
valor, and heroism of Filipino and American defenders who bravely held their ground against the
overwhelming number of invading Japanese forces during World War II. Currently this island
belongs to which country? Type: 14 23 01.63N, 120 34 33.32E
        a. Japan
        b. China
        c. United States
        d. Philippines

9. This image is going to show a barren landscape, resulting from a major natural event. What
happened at the site and surrounding area? Type: 5 29 35.39N, 95 14 03.35E
        a. There was a category five hurricane on December 26, 2004
        b. Government troops and separatist rebels engaged in a fierce battle in the area
        c. There was an earthquake and the resulting tsunami caused extensive damage including
               loss of life and property
        d. The area never had permanent human settlement

10. Which of the following is accurate? Type: Vietnam
      a. Ho Chi Minh is located in the south
      b. Hanoi is located in the north
      c. The approximate distance between Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi is 705 miles
      d. All of the above

11. What is unique about this place? Type: 5 57 27.05S, 105 51 18.32E
      a. It is an island
      b. It is located in the Sunda Strait
      c. It has no permanent population settlement
      d. All of the above

12. This water body has been a major sea route for hundreds of years. Type: 2 28 30.12N, 101
22 45.86E
       a. Celebes Sea
       b. Timor Sea
       c. Malacca Strait
       d. Gulf of Carpentaria
13. What is the predominant economic activity at this location? Type 16 44 38.08N, 96 07
       a. Fisheries
       b. Manufacturing
       c. Agriculture
       d. None of the above

14. What is the capitol of the country in question 13?
      a. Kanaungto
      b. Mingaladon
      c. Yangon
      d. Syriam

15. How would you best describe the Country from questions 13 & 14?
      a. Developing country, strong tourism
      b. Developing country, strong manufacturing
      c. Very poor, less developed country
      d. Advanced, wealthy country

16. What is the name of this famous river? Type: 24 39 28.51N, 87 59 24.70E
      a. Ganges
      b. Indus
      c. Godavari
      d. Namada

17. What is the name of the river near the city of Dera Ismail Khan?
Type: 31 49 25.75N, 70 54 33.94E
       a. Brahmaputra
       b. Mekong
       c. Indus
       d. Khyber

18. Known as the Friendship Bridge, it was built by the Soviets in 1982. Which two countries
share the bridge? Type: 37 13 43.65N, 67 25 40.34E
        a. Afghanistan and Pakistan
        b. Afghanistan and Uzbekistan
        c. Uzbekistan and Afghanistan
        d. India and Pakistan

19. What is the name of this spot? Type: 9 48 08.93N, 79 31 33.08E
      a. India Ocean
      b. Bay of Bengal
      c. Gulf of Mannar
      d. Palk Strait
20. This is a spot you must visit if you are in India. The building represents a monument in
honor of a beloved spouse. What is the name of this building? Type: 27 10 30.09N, 78 02
       a. Parliament House
       b. Taj Mahal
       c. Urdu
       d. Garden of Faith

21. Many religious temples dominate the landscape in New Delhi and surrounding areas. One of
the temples, known as the Lotus Temple, is shaped like a half opened Lotus flower. What is
unique about this temple? Type: 28 33 11.98N, 77 15 31.18E
       a. A temple for Hindus only
       b. A temple for Moslems only
       c. A temple for Sikhs only
       d. A temple for all faiths

22. This city is the capital of the India state of Karnataka. It is at the forefront of the new
economy which is turning India into a major global economic power. What is the nickname of
this city? Type: Bangalore, India
         a. Iron City
         b. Silicon Valley of India
         c. Electric Bangalore
         d. 21st Century City

23. Afghanistan faces a difficult future in light of its history of war and an economy in shambles.
An example of the effect of war can be seen in this spot. (Zoom in to about 1,000 feet.) What
are you looking at? Type: 34 29 52.69N, 68 58 19.38E
       a. Bomb craters
       b. Bunkers
       c. Underground silos
       d. Storage space for opium

24. Explore this spot. How will you describe the city in this image? Type: Kathmandu, Nepal
       a. It is predominantly an Islamic country
       b. It is located in a valley
       c. It is not the capital city of the country
       d. It does not allow foreigners to live in the city

25. Head to the country of Bhutan. Why is this location known as a buffer state?
Type: 27 24 31.56N, 89 39 40.50E
       a. It is a small country
       b. It has many cross-border contacts
       c. It is located between India and China
       d. It works well with Nepal
26. You are now in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. What do the tall buildings in the image
represent? Type: 6 55 04.24N, 79 50 49.91E
       a. Hotels
       b. University
       c. Embassy
       d. Corporate offices

27. You are looking at a disputed region with a number of small towns. North of one of the
towns (Srinagar) is an important line. What is the name of this line?
Type: 34 04 50.47N, 74 48 08.56E
       a. National borderline
       b. Communication line
       c. Line of control
       d. Line of no return

28. This is an Islamic country, encompassing of arid lowlands and high mountains. At the base
of the mountains is an important building. What is the purpose of this building?
Type: 33 43 47.76N, 73 02 18.20E
        a. Hospital
        b. Faisal Mosque
        c. Hilton hotel
        d. Fatima House

29. In this region you will find a group agitating to break away from the rest of the country.
Which ethnic group is agitating to break away? Type: 9 46 16.63N, 79 58 13.62E
        a. Sinhalese
        b. Tamils
        c. Hindus
        d. Sikhs

30. You are looking at Male, the capital of the Republic of Maldives. The image shows compact
development on the island. What is the major economic sector of this island?
Type: 4 10 26.99N, 73 30 39.32E
       a. Primary economic sector
       b. Secondary economic sector
       c. Tertiary economic sector
       d. The island has no economic sector

31. What is the name of this island country? Type: 17 50 52.52S, 177 51 59.40E
      a. Vietnam
      b. Papua New Guinea
      c. Solomon Island
      d. Fiji
32. You are about to view a large region in the South Pacific. (Make sure that you keep your
view at approximately 1,700 miles.) What are some of the problems facing the small islands in
this region? Type: 20 31 09.13S, 175 19 17.51E
        a. They are too close to Australia
        b. They speak the same language throughout the region
        c. They have few resources to export to international markets
        d. They have all gained independence

33. This is a location in a remote area of the South Pacific. Why is this location able to develop
a tourism industry while others have not? Type: 15 11 23.21N, 145 44 51.32E
        a. Because of a large population of residents
        b. Because it is situated along the air routes of many commercial airlines
        c. Because the people are very wealthy
        d. Because of foreign investment from Japan

34. What is the settlement pattern in this country? Take your time and explore the country in
order to get a good view. Type: Australia
        a. The northwest constitutes the largest settlement
        b. While the interior is dry, it still attracts many settlements than elsewhere in the country
        c. High density settlement in the southeast of the country
        d. Perth is the largest settled city

35. Australia is one of the most urbanized countries in the world. In most of the major cities one
comes across a mixture of government functions, financial sectors, and cultural facilities. What
is the name of the famous cultural facility located here? Type: 33 51 24.51S, 151 12 54.92E
        a. Bank of Australia
        b. Office of the Mayor of Sydney
        c. Qantas Airline Corporate Headquarters
        d. Sydney Opera House

36. Find the country of Australia. Travel from east to west until you come to the city of Perth.
There is an open space near the city center, which provides recreational activities for city
residents. What is the name of this open space? Type: 31 57 42.60S, 115 49 55.65E
       a. Queens Park
       b. Kings Park
       c. Perth Park
       d. None of the above

37. The location you will soon be exploring is on the South Island of New Zealand. (Zoom out
to see the whole south island.) Why is it that some farmers must irrigate their farmlands on the
east side of the mountain range? Type: 43 57 22.89S, 170 43 16.43E
        a. The mountains create rain shadows thus the need for irrigation
        b. The government subsidizes irrigation projects
        c. It is cheaper to irrigate farmlands
       d. There are more people in the south who need food

38. Using a straight line, what is the approximate distance between Wellington, New Zealand
and Sydney, Australia? First, click Tools and Ruler. Second, place the crosshair on one city and
click once. Carefully drag your line to the other city and click again. The small window will
display distance in miles. Type: Wellington, New Zealand
        a. 1,000 miles
        b. 1,385 miles
        c. 2,000 miles
        d. 2,500 miles

39. You find yourself in the interior of Australia. You are searching for a lost treasure worth
millions of dollars. What is the closest city to your location?
Type: 22 54 53.09S, 131 52 43.03E
       a. Perth
       b. Augusta
       c. Darwin
       d. Alice Springs

40. How far is it from between the location and destination in the previous question?
      a. 140 kilometers
      b. 140 miles
      c. 320 miles
      d. 320 kilometers

41. What is the main activity at this location? Type: 77 50 47.71S, 166 41 01.06E (make sure to
zoom to about 3000 ft Eye alt).
      a. Mining
      b. Oil Refinery
      c. Research
      d. Desalinization Plant

42. Tourism is the main economic sector on this island. However, the island is not suitable to
agricultural activities. Can you think of why? Type: 0 31 59.39S, 166 55 47.03E
        a. The land is reserved for ecotourism
        b. It is not large enough for any meaningful farming activity
        c. The land cannot be cultivated due to pollution from phosphate
        d. There are no farmers on the island

43. What is the name of this sea? Type: 24 26 14.18N, 36 21 52.35E
      a. Atlantic Sea
      b. Mediterranean Sea
      c. Blue Sea
       d. Red Sea

44. While North African countries are very large in terms of land area, population settlement is
limited to the coastal areas. Which natural feature poses as a barrier to population settlement in
the region? (Zoom in to about 28 miles at the Eye-alt level.) Type: 29 28 03.06N, 4 51 57.47E
        a. Too many river valleys
        b. Lack of roads
        c. Military rule
        d. Sahara Desert

45. Observe this location closely. What type of climatic condition prevails in this spot?
Type: 28 34 44.72N, 40 40 54.12E
       a. Wet condition
       b. Humid condition
       c. Dry condition
       d. Cold condition

46. What is the name of this body of water? Type: 31 32 30.97N, 35 28 49.07E
      a. Mediterranean Sea
      b. Dead Sea
      c. Aswan Lake
      d. Lake Jordan

47. What is the geography of this region from a view of approximately 285 miles?
Type: 29 41 02.02N, 33 58 29.89E
       a. Sinai Peninsula
       b. Aqaba Link
       c. Pullman Highland
       d. Canal Island

48. What is the name of the body of water in this spot? Type: 26 58 07.82N, 51 33 08.07E
      a. Gulf of Oman
      b. Gulf of Aden
      c. Persian Gulf
      d. Red Sea

49. In the location you are about to see are artificial islands in the gulf. What is the purpose of
these islands? Type: 25 07 07.14N, 55 07 57.42E
        a. To showcase the city of Dubai
        b. Resorts for foreign tourists
        c. To attract local residents
        d. To increase trade with the international community

50. All Muslims are expected to visit this spot at least once in their lifetime. What is the name of
this spot? Type: 21 25 21.15N, 39 49 34.10E
        a. Hotel
       b. Apartment housing
       c. Government office
       d. Al-Haram Mosque

51. The Aswan Dam was built for a number of reasons. Which of the following best describes
the importance of the Aswan Dam as shown in the next spot? Type: 23 58 16.76N, 32 52 46.62E
       a. To control flood waters to protect farmland and cotton fields
       b. To support mass irrigation in Cairo
       c. To reduce electricity
       d. To encourage boating on weekends

52. What is the significance of this spot? Type: 31 15 41.35N, 32 18 57.36E
      a. Southern entrance to the Suez Canal in Bur Said
      b. Red Sea
      c. Northern entrance to the Suez Canal in Port Said
      d. Canal of shipping

53. Tourism plays an important role in the economy of Egypt. The spot you will be exploring
attracts many foreign tourists. What is the name of this spot in the image?
Type: 29 58 30.96N, 31 08 15.65E
        a. Pyramids of Lions
        b. Statue of Anwar al-Sadat
        c. The Great Sphinx of Giza
        d. Represents Egypt’s Revolutionary Square

54. Even in the 21st century there are non-self governing territories such as Western Sahara.
Which neighboring country has total control over this territory?
Type: 23 29 12.37N, 14 26 42.20W
       a. Morocco
       b. Mauritania
       c. Algeria
       d. Mali

55. The Strait of Hormuz is an important shipping passage for transporting oil to global markets.
Which country controls the body of water in this spot? Type: 26 45 24.10N, 56 31 41.89E
       a. Oman
       b. Qatar
       c. Iran
       d. Turkey

56. What was the nickname of this country? Type: 33 59 55.27N, 35 53 08.29E
      a. The Black Gold of the Shore
      b. Switzerland of the Middle East
      c. The Miracle of the Middle East
      d. The Haven of Hope

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