; Google_Earth Assignment 1
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Google_Earth Assignment 1

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									                                  Google Earth Exercise #1
                          Europe, Russia and Neighboring, East Asia
                                        Due: 2/12/10

1. What is the name of the feature located in this spot? Type: 62 12 53.41N, 19 35 06.44E
      a. Atlantic Sea
      b. Baltic Sea
      c. Gulf of Europe
      d. Gulf of Bothnia

2. What is the name of the feature located in this spot? Type: 42 43 03.64N, 15 43 37.78E
      a. Adriatic Sea
      b. Atlas Sea
      c. Black Sea
      d. Mediterranean Sea

3. Which of the following is accurate about this spot? Type: Reykjavik
       a. It is the capital city of Iceland
       b. It is located south of Jan Mayen Island
       c. The population is over 100,000
       d. All of the above

4. The snowcapped mountains produce a slow moving river of ice. What is the name of the
moving ice in this vicinity? Type: 64 07 09.83N, 16 20 12.08W
        a. Melting ice
        b. River basin
        c. Avalanche
        d. Glacier

5. Find the distance between Oslo and Helsinki. (On the main menu, click Tools and Ruler.)
With the cross hair, place it on the star or city and click once, then move the cross hair to the
other city and click once. What is the approximate distance in miles between the two cities?
(Click Clear Lines afterwards.)
        a. 200 miles
        b. 350 miles
        c. 495 miles
        d. 650 miles

6. What is the dominant ethnic group in this country? Type: Netherlands
      a. Dutch
      b. English
       c. German
       d. Celtic

7. What is the name of the feature located in this spot? Type: 45 57 35.68N, 7 27 13.04E
      a. Don Mountains
      b. The Alps
      c. Kjolen Mountains
      d. Meseta Mountains

8. What is the name of the feature located in this spot? Type: 42 51 41.19N, 0 21 23.73E
      a. Central Massif
      b. Upland
      c. Pyrenees
      d. Scandinavian Shield

9. What is the name of the feature located in this spot? Type: 45 40 23.81N, 24 42 49.46E
      a. Great Hungarian Plains
      b. Carpathian Mountains
      c. Balkan Mountains
      d. Central Massif Mountains

10. What is the name of the feature located in this spot? Type: 43 07 54.87N, 12 53 29.05E
      a. Apennines
      b. Dinaric Alps
      c. The Alps
      d. Pyrenees

11. This country has one-quarter of its land below sea level. Over the years it has reclaimed some
of the land.What is the name of this city built on reclaimed land?
Type: 51 23 50.18N, 3 33 11.04E
         a. Deinze
         b. Aalter
         c. Eeklo
         d. Breskens

12. The best way to explore this city is by riding in a boat through the canals. What is the name
of this city with many canals? Type: 52 22 15.74N, 4 53 09.47E
         a. Amsterdam
         b. Diemen
         c. Badhoerdorp
         d. Uithoorn

13. You are in the city of Marbella. There is an open field inland approximately one mile from
the ocean. What is this field? Type: Marbella, Spain
       a. Professional tennis court
       b. Car racetrack
       c. Soccer stadium
       d. Horse racetrack

14. The text discusses the role of the European Union which is based in Brussels, Belgium. Now
you can take a tour of the city to see some of its wonderful features. Type: Brussels, Belgium
Now that you are in Brussels, move to the southern part of the city. What is located in this spot?
Type: 50 50 10.26N, 4 20 05.35E
       a. Airport terminal
       b. Train station
       c. Race tracks
       d. Truck rental station

15. France is an influential country in the world. Take a tour of Paris to see some of the historical
sites in the city. What are you looking at? Type: 48 52 25.22 N, 2 17 42.25 E
         a. Tour de France
         b. Chirac Center
         c. Arc de Triomphe de I’Etoile
         d. Peoples Arc

16. Here is a popular and must see tourist spot in Paris. What is the name of this structure?
Type: 48 51 31.02N, 2 17 40.55E
       a. Eiffel Tower
       b. Radio Tower
       c. Unknown Soldier Tower
       d. The French Revolution Tower

17. There are other economic activities outside of Paris. What economic activity takes place
here? Type: 49 12 41.91N, 2 32 07.61E
       a. Agriculture activities
       b. Manufacturing plants
       c. Retail services
       d. Machine shops

18. Transnational cooperation, though tenuous at times, can be seen in this city. What major
manufacturing activity occurs here involving transnational cooperation?
Type: Toulouse, France
       a. Ship building
       b. Aircraft building
       c. Car building
       d. Military training

19. Move north and cross the English Channel until you arrive in England. Type: London,
England then zoom in to find the Millennium Wheel (a large Ferris wheel) on the bank of River
Thames. Immediately south of the Millennium Wheel is a bridge. What is the name of this
        a. Queen’s Bridge
       b. Parliament Bridge
       c. Westminster Bridge
       d. London Bridge

20. There is one more site to visit before you head out of England. For 5,000 years this feature
has been attracting many tourists who come to see an amazing engineering accomplishment.
What are you looking at? Type: 51 10 43.89N, 1 49 35.01W
       a. Artificial stones
       b. Stonehenge
       c. Roman relic
       d. English power

21. What is the name of the feature located in this spot? Type: 44 53 21.42N, 59 43 22.67E
      a. Aral Sea
      b. Laptev Sea
      c. Caspian Sea
      d. Black Sea

22. Why is this spot experiencing a major environmental disaster?
      a. Because of frequent dumping of radioactive waste in the water
      b. Because the Russians built weapons in the town and polluted the water
      c. Because of extensive water diversion from the two main sources feeding into the large
               body of water
      d. Because too many new industries have emerged in town since the collapse of the
               Soviet Union

23. What is name of this feature and one of the countries bordering the feature?
Type: 41 28 00.36N, 50 54 08.52E
       a. Kara Sea, Turkey
       b. Laptev Sea, Turkmenistan
       c. Caspian Sea, Russia
       d. Black Sea, Uzbekistan

24. While this spot is part of the Arctic Ocean, it remains ice-free in the southern areas because
of the presence of an ocean. What is the name of the feature located in this spot and the ocean
current which brings about warm waters in the winter? Type: 73 58 21.72N, 35 56 15.69E
        a. Barents Sea and Arctic Current
        b. Norwegian Sea and Equatorial Current
        c. Okhotsk and Indian Ocean
        d. Barents Sea and North Atlantic Drift

25. You are very close to the Island of Novaya Zemlya. What is the name of the body of water
east of the island? Type: 73 50 06.19N, 65 20 45.72E
        a. Kaza Sea
       b. Kara Sea
       c. Barents Sea
       d. Gulf of Bothnia

26. What is the name of the feature located in this spot? Type: 46 10 51.33N, 74 20 46.14E
      a. Lake Balk
      b. Lake Barents
      c. Lake Volga
      d. Lake Balkhash

27. This is an important river in the low- lying regions of Russia and Central Asia. What is the
name of the river located in this spot? Type: 48 31 29.64N, 44 40 27.31E
       a. Amu Darya River
       b. Volga River
       c. Obs River
       d. Syr Darya River

28. Find a city and nearby river. Follow the river in a southeast direction until it empties into a
large body of water. What is the name of the large body of water? Type: Kosika, Russia
        a. Caspian Sea
        b. Black Sea
        c. Sea of Russia
        d. Laptev Sea

29. This river flows in an area which is sparsely populated. In the winter months it is so cold that
the river freezes. What is the name of the river located in this spot?
Type: 68 35 25.62N, 123 56 57.39E
        a. Caspian River
        b. Black River
        c. Lena River
        d. Laptev River

30. You are about to see a natural barrier situated in a north-south orientation and separates
Europe from Asia. What is the name of the feature located in this spot?
Type: 62 11 39.91N, 59 20 38.32E
       a. Central Siberian Plateau
       b. Kazakh Uplands
       c. East Siberian Uplands
       d. Ural Mountains

31. What is the name of the mountain range located in this spot?
Type: 43 14 59.03N, 42 17 03.57E
       a. Black Uplands
       b. Kazakh Uplands
       c. Caucasus Mountains
       d. Stanovoy Range
32. There are two bodies of water situated between this mountain range. Name the bodies of
water. Type: 43 09 45.63N, 43 08 20.94E
        a. Barents Sea and Kara Sea
        b. Kara Sea and Laptev Sea
        c. Black Sea and Caspian Sea
        d. Black Sea and Baltic Sea

33. This industrial city in western Siberia is regarded as the most polluted in Russia. There is
abundant evidence of activities that have led to extensive pollution. What is the name of this
city? Type: 69 18 55.11N, 88 12 09.96E
       a. Moscow
       b. Kiev
       c. Yakutsk
       d. Norilsk

34. In 1986 there was a major nuclear reactor explosion in this area, with the fallout extending
far to the north. How many cooling towers are shown at this facility? (Hint: there is a large
cooling pond in the vicinity.) Type: 51 22 35.10N, 30 07 58.03E
         a. Two
         b. Three
         c. Four
         d. Five

35. What was the name of the nuclear facility you are about to identify?
Type: 51 22 59.62N, 30 07 12.50E
       a. Kiev Nuclear Power
       b. Ukraine Power Plant
       c. Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
       d. Russian Nuclear Power Plant

36. This community looks lifeless, lacking any form of human activity. Why is this place
lifeless? Type: 51 24 30.77N, 30 03 04.95E
         a. Because the Russian government evacuated the complex in order to reinforce the
                 values of the Bolshevik revolution
         b. People left the town to seek greener pastures in Moscow
         c. People abandoned their homes following the Chernobyl disaster
         d. It was an experimental garden city which failed to materialize

37. What is the name of this Russian island? Type: 51 05 25.91N, 142 52 20.33E
      a. Kuko Island
      b. Lenin Hask
      c. Iceland
      d. Sakhalin Island
38. Which Asian country has a longstanding claim for the island?
Type: 51 05 25.91N, 142 52 20.33E
       a. China
       b. Japan
       c. North Korea
       d. Taiwan

39. This location has a long history in terms of political power in Moscow, Russia. What is the
name of this historical center? (Zoom in to about 2,500 feet.)
Type: 55 45 06.97N, 37 37 01.11E
       a. Moscow
       b. Arhangelskiy
       c. Armory
       d. The Kremlin

40. This is an island in the South China Sea. Which country is in possession of this island?
Type: 19 03 28.24N, 109 37 29.23E
       a. Vietnam
       b. South Korea
       c. Japan
       d. China

41. Japan is made up of thousands of islands. What is the name of this mountainous island?
Type: 33 41 52.67N, 133 19 02.68E
       a. Hokkaido
       b. Okayama
       c. Shikoku
       d. Kyushu

42. What is the name of the feature located in this spot which flows from north to south?
Type: 32 13 48.25N, 119 12 04.42E
       a. Bo Hai River
       b. Chang Jiang River (Long River)
       c. Huang He River (Yellow)
       d. Yellow Sea

43. High mountain systems can be found in this region. What is the name of this mountain
system? Type: 28 23 35.94N, 84 40 15.42E
       a. Tibetan Plateau
       b. Chang Ranges
       c. Sinkiang Mountains
       d. Himalaya Mountains
44. Nepalese refer to this mountain as Sagarmatha. A small container of oxygen is required to
ascend this mountain. What is the name of this mountain? Type: 27 58 49.23N, 86 55 18.32E
        a. Mount Kilimanjaro
        b. Mount Fuji
        c. Mount Everest
        d. Mount Gobi
45. Briefly describe the landscape in this spot. Type: 36 33 24.65N, 140 32 10.97E
        a. The landscape shows a coalesce of small farmlands and houses
        b. The landscape shows plots reserved for housing elderly Japanese
        c. The landscape shows a vast contaminated area
        d. The landscape shows corn farms

46. Which of the following airports was built on reclaimed land?
Type: 34 25 59.56N, 135 14 15.26E
       a. Narita International Airport
       b. Haneda International Airport
       c. New Chitose International Airport
       d. Kansai International Airport

47. Look at the reclaimed land area closely. What do you think is likely to occur here?
Type: 34 26 20.99N, 135 13 37.67E
       a. Construction of additional runways
       b. Construction of new terminals
       c. Construction of taxiways
       d. All of the above

48. There are many things to see in Tokyo. For example, this is the residence of the Emperor of
Japan, located in the center of Tokyo. The residence is within walking distance from Tokyo’s
main train station. What is the name of the Emperor’s residence?
Type: 35 41 05.57N, 139 45 11.28E
        a. Heiji Palace
        b. Kyoto Palace
        c. Kunaicho Palace
        d. Imperial Palace

49. The landscape shows densely packed housing development in the areas surrounding Tokyo.
Why is there such a dense development? (Zoom out to about 10,000 feet.)
Type: 35 41 47.30N, 139 42 47.12E
       a. The country is mountainous with limited space for the type of settlement patterns
               found in the United States
       b. Japanese have enough land but decided to use compact ho using development
       c. The country is reserving land for future development
       d. The government does not allow its citizens to build large houses
50. Located in the center of Beijing, it was built during the Ming Dynasty. Chinese emperors
used to reside in this place. What is the name of this place? Type: 39 54 58.08N, 116 23 27.42E
        a. Beijing
        b. The Forbidden City
        c. Great Wall
        d. The Tiananmen Square

51. It used to be the largest square in the world. You will see Five-Starred red flags on the
square. Chairman Mao’s Memorial Hall can be found here. What is the name of this place?
Type: 39 54 08.93N, 116 23 30.14E
         a. The Great Square
         b. The Heaven Palace
         c. The Moa Square
         d. The Tiananmen Square

52. What is the feature located in this spot? Type: 30 49 30.19N, 111 00 21.58E
      a. Akosombo Dam
      b. Hoover Dam
      c. Aswan Dam
      d. Three Gorges Dam

53. What are some of the benefits of this huge project? Type: 30 49 30.19N, 111 00 21.58E
      a. Provide electricity
      b. Control annual flooding
      c. Reduce use of high sulfur coal which produces pollution
      d. All of the above

54. Travel to Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong and explore the landscape. Why is this location
considered one of the busiest seaports in the world? Type: 22 17 36.97N, 114 09 23.86E
       a. Many people like to do business in Hong Kong
       b. Because it is an island
       c. British companies control the market
       d. It has an excellent natural harbor with deepwater access

55. Seoul, the capital of the Republic of South Korea, is the center of cultural and economic
activities. How will you describe the aerial view of Seoul and its surrounding region? (Make
sure that you zoom out to about 16 miles.) Type: 37 32 19.30N, 126 57 43.62E
         a. It is a large city with less than 2 million residents
         b. The city is encircled by mountains
         c. The Chosun River runs through the city
         d. The city has no direct air link with the rest of Asia

56. Previously you visited sites in Beijing. Now visit Shanghai and explore the built- up
environment. What will you conclude about the two cities? Type: 31 14 52.38N, 121 28 21.42E
       a. Beijing has more people than Shanghai
       b. Shanghai is located south of Beijing
       c. Approximate direct line distance between the cities is 400 miles
       d. Beijing is an administrative capital while Shanghai is a commercial center

57. You are now going to explore the built- up environment of a city. How will you describe this
city in China? Type: 41 48 07.80N, 123 22 59.13E
        a. It is located in west central China
        b. It is the largest city in China
        c. Inefficient burning of coal has made this city one of the polluted cities in China
        d. It is the hometown of Mao Zedong

58. The landscape provides a clue in the spot you are going to identify shortly. What type of
activity goes on in the area? Type: 48 44 54.43N, 106 10 16.52E
        a. Damming
        b. Road construction
        c. Mining
        d. Underground missile silo area

59. This is a beautiful white building extending into the harbor. What do you think is the use of
this building? (Hint: pay attention to the building’s architectural style.)
Type: 22 17 00.03N, 114 10 22.58E
        a. Cultural and other events
        b. Booking center for pickpockets
        c. Office of the Governor
        d. Headquarters of Haier Corporation

60. Find the distance between Pyongyang and Seoul, both along the Korean Peninsula. (On the
main menu, click Tools and Ruler.) With the cross hair, place it on the star or city and click
once, then move the cross hair to the other city and click once. What is the approximate distance
in miles between the two cities? (Click Clear Lines afterwards.) Type: North Korea
        a. 50 miles
        b. 90 miles
        c. 122 miles
        d. 300 miles

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