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					Title: A mouse can help you recruit - 194,350 recruiters cannot be wrong? Word Count: 302 Summary: A progressive bunch of recrooters pooled in 50 person years of global talent sourcing experience with the objective of asking and answering one essential recruitment question: How to produce targeted results, in quick time, and not cost an arm and a leg. Keywords: Recruiters, Headhunters, Consultants, Staffing, Human Resources, Recruitment Management, Recruitment Consultants, Corporate Headhunters, corporate headhunters, Human Resource Executive, Search Consultants, staffing firms, recruitment consultancies Article Body: The flood gates opened, gallons of coffee and loads of doughnut later – the progressive (note the underline in progressive) bunch called an Engineering team with this job order: An intelligent assistant is needed to fit resumes for a job order Resumes should have relevant data – preferably multi dimensional (data, photo, voice, video – the works) The intelligent assistant should be flexible to the job order and support fitment decision making The assistant should be nice, easy and effective, reach global & local – and yes, we’ll pay the assistant for results I don’t mind if the assistant can bring me some money, said someone, high on caffeine So many lines of code, tweaks more coffees and doughnuts later

Take two minutes of your time (it really takes much less than that), sign up and post your job order. If you are the multi dimensional web 2.0 types, throw in your voice file as well. Job seekers like the fizz. That’s it for now. Give it a few days and wait for the curtains to rise, and exciting results soon follow.

194,350 recruiters from around the world could be damn right. How does a mouse help – click it here

What is in it for me - Recrooter? Sign up in 10 seconds – FREE Job order posting in 30 seconds - FREE Walk in interview posting – Fast, Easy and FREE Intellifit jobs to resume, sourcing and mapping Fast, Easy and Effective: job order creation wizard Job advertisement products for talent sourcing – easy micro payments Revolutionary web partnership – global recruiting Generate revenue from your resume archives Photo, Voice, video – know your target jobber better Mobile – comprehensive business features, SMS on the go Interview scheduling and contact management tool kit Recrooter contest, fabulous prizes Progressive community for business collaboration Membership and reward points Coming soon - Events, Contests, Business networking

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