Google Earth StreetView Assignment by suchenfz


									                                              NAME: _________________________________

Google Earth StreetView: Year 2 Learning Lab

Now that you have had a chance to explore some of the new
capabilities in Google Earth StreetView, please complete the
following assignment:


Independently or with a partner, develop a 1-2 minute Virtual StreetView Tour of an area
of interest. Be sure to identify and describe the types of land use (e.g., residential, recreational,
institutional, commercial, industrial, agricultural; for transportation, communication, utilities;
public space). If you are up for a challenge, research how you can record a voice-over within
Google Earth for your Virtual Tour.

   CATEGORY                   4                      3                      2                      1
Posture and Eye Stands up straight,         Stands up straight     Sometimes stands       Slouches and/or
    Contact     looks relaxed and           and establishes        up straight and        does not look at
                confident.                  eye contact with       establishes eye        people during the
                Establishes eye             everyone in the        contact.               presentation.
                contact with                room during the
                everyone in the             presentation.
                room during the
   Enthusiasm        Facial expressions     Facial expressions     Facial expressions     Very little use of
                     and body language      and body language      and body               facial expressions
                     generate a strong      sometimes              language are used      or body language.
                     interest and           generate a strong      to try to generate     Did not generate
                     enthusiasm about       interest and           enthusiasm, but        much interest in
                     the topic in others.   enthusiasm about       seem somewhat          topic being
                                            the topic in others.   faked.                 presented.
 Listens to Other Listens intently.         Listens intently but   Sometimes does         Sometimes does
  Presentations   Does not make             has one distracting    not appear to be       not appear to be
                  distracting noises        noise or               listening but is not   listening and has
                  or movements.             movement.              distracting.           distracting noises
                                                                                          or movements.

                                                                     Overall Oral/Visual Mark: _______

                                                                         TURN OVER FOR PART 2 
                                             NAME: _________________________________


Independently, answer the following question:

Google Earth StreetView has generated a lot of concern regarding invasion of people's privacy.
Do you feel this unease about StreetView is valid?

Write a well-structured persuasive essay, using evidence from StreetView gathered during your
exploration periods, to support your opinion. You may also use cited periodicals if you wish.

   CATEGORY                  4                      3                      2                     1
     Position       The position           The position           A position            There is no
    Statement       statement provides     statement provides     statement is          position statement.
                    a clear, strong        a clear statement      present, but does
                    statement of the       of the author's        not make the
                    author's position      position on the        author's position
                    on the topic.          topic.                 clear.
  Evidence and      All of the evidence    Most of the            At least one of the   Evidence and
   Examples         and examples are       evidence and           pieces of evidence    examples are NOT
                    specific, relevant     examples are           and examples is       relevant AND/OR
                    and explanations       specific, relevant     relevant and has      are not explained.
                    are given that         and explanations       an explanation that
                    show how each          are given that         shows how that
                    piece of evidence      show how each          piece of evidence
                    supports the           piece of evidence      supports the
                    author's position.     supports the           author's position.
                                           author's position.
    Audience        Demonstrates a         Demonstrates a         Demonstrates         It is not clear who
                    clear                  general                some                 the author is
                    understanding of       understanding of       understanding of     writing for.
                    the potential          the potential          the potential
                    reader and uses        reader and uses        reader and uses
                    appropriate            vocabulary and         arguments
                    vocabulary and         arguments              appropriate for that
                    arguments.             appropriate for that   audience.
                    Anticipates            audience.
                    reader's questions
                    and provides
                    thorough answers
                    appropriate for that

                                                                       Overall Writing Mark: _______

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