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					        Google Earth Volcanoes of the World
Follow this procedure to add your volcano to our tour:

   1. Launch Google Earth

   2. Uncheck all layers

   3. Enter your volcano into the “Fly to” box. Enter as much information as possible
      (name, city, state, and/or country)

   4. Make sure Google Earth has found the correct volcano/location. You may need to
      enter the name of a city/town that is next to the volcano in order to get to the
      correct location.

   5. Move the image on the screen by clicking and dragging until your volcano is in the
      center of the screen.

   6. Zoom in to desired zoom.

   7. To tilt down – hold the shift key and press the down arrow key.

   8. When you have the view of your volcano
      the way you want, click the Add Placemark

   9. Click and drag the placemark to the correct
      location (if it is not already in the correct

   10. Type the name of your volcano in the name

   11. Type your “blurb” in the description box.

   12. Click the View tab and click on the
       snapshot current view button.
13. Map pin color:
    The map pin will stay yellow if you have a stratovolcano.
    The map pin will be orange if you have a cindercone volcano.
    The map pin will be red if you have a shield volcano.
    To change the color of the map pin, click the Style, Color tab. Then click the white
    box next to Color: under the Icon category (this is the second one, NOT the first one).

   Then click the Color Palettes.

   Then click the correct color for your volcano.

14. Click OK when you’re done editing the placemark.

15. Leave Google Earth open!! Please do not close any windows

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