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This lesson highlights the amazing
achievements of young people who have
campaigned for a cause they care about
But ten year old Stacey Hillman
knew that you could do a lot with a
pile of pennies!

Being an animal lover she was very
upset to hear that police dogs were
being shot and killed on duty.
It didn’t seem fair
to Stacey that
police dogs
weren’t given the
same protection
as the police
officers they
worked with.
She found out that bullet proof vests for
the dogs would cost a little over £300

Six years later her organisation has raised
£150,000 - enough money to buy 404
canine bullet proof vests!
Stacey is one of many children
who have had the courage to start
a charity for a cause they felt
was important.
When she was just eleven years old
Annie Wignall started
     The Care Bags Foundation.
She was touched by
stories of children
having to flee their
homes in crisis
situations, leaving their
possessions behind
Annie began filling special Care Bags
with essential and comforting items
suitable for every age, from babies to
eighteen year olds.
Now Annie is director of a nationally
recognised charity with its own
She oversees the efforts of the many
volunteers who provide thousands of
bags to children all over the world.
Nine year old Melissa
Poe wrote to
President Bush
(Senior) about the
need to clean up the
Her letter was pasted on billboards all over

Her club has mushroomed from 6 to 300,000
To date FACE
members (Kids For A
Clean Environment)
have planted over a
million trees, many of
them as part of
backyard wildlife
FACE members created the largest
environmental flag measuring 100’ by
200’ to symbolise the concerns of young
people for their environment.

                    This is a picture
                    of Melissa
                    representing the
                    ‘Spirit of Youth’ as
                    part of the
                    Olympic torch
Six year old Canadian Ryan Hreljac was
shocked to hear that many people in the
world have no clean water.

He decided to do
something about it.

It took Ryan 4 months to
raise $70 by doing household
Ryan knew the importance of team working.
He got his brothers Jordan and Keegan to
help him write letters and create audio-
visual aids for his speeches, while he was
busy talking to other charities.
To date the Ryan’s Well Foundation has
created 201 wells in 10 countries, and
brought clean water to about 352,323
Brave Alex Scott had suffered from
cancer since she was one year old.

When she was four she
decided to help her
doctors find a cure
for her disease.
She set up a stall selling lemonade on her
front lawn.
Alex inspired many people
over the remaining four
years of her short life.

They followed her example,
and in 2004 and 2005 over
4000 Alex’s Lemonade
Stand events were held to
raise money to fight
childhood cancer ‘one cup at
a time’
 Although Alex is no longer with us, as of
 May 2006, her campaign had raised over $6

Alex’s Lemonade
Stand continues to
fund researchers who
seek to improve the
treatment of cancer,
and prolong the lives
of sick children.
A special award has been named in Alex’s

Every year the Alex Scott Butterfly
Award is presented to a child who has
shown extraordinary conscience, care
and character in helping others.
Could YOU start a campaign like these young people have
Once you have an idea, use the Thinking Hats Tool.

                                        Click here
• Refugee – a person who has had to leave
  their country
• Symbolise – stand for, represent
• Campaign – a drive, or movement, to
  make something happen
• Research – a study, investigation
• Conscience – sense of right and
Activities to complete this lesson include:
• group discussion
• exploring attitudes
  in the media to
• creating an
  organisation and
  planning how to
  address a social or
  environmental          Click on the image above to view
                         and/or download learning activities.
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    up their own charitable organisations
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