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									            The Most Special Holiday in Your Life - Honeymoon in India
Among every holiday that is planned and decided on, the honeymoon is among the most
carefully thought out selection. Unlike an annual family holiday or an outing with friends, this is
not something which you embark on a regular basis. A honeymoon happens once in your
lifetime, and you want to be sure to get it right. The right place for your honeymoon only makes
your holiday and your relationship more special.

India has been an ideal honeymoon destination for several couples. Foreign travelers look
forward to Indian honeymoons for the completely unique experience they offer. Indians also
prefer honeymoon tours and Indian destinations since they are picturesque, and offer the
perfect setting and ambience.

There are several options for a honeymoon in India. Not everyone looks for the same kind of
holiday on their honeymoon, and India offers every conceivable possibility. There are couples
who want togetherness and solitude, while some are looking for action and adventure. Still
others want to be around timeless monuments, and a few look for interesting ways to discover
new things about India.

For those who are looking for a quiet, secluded honeymoon with nothing to interrupt and laid
back indulgence, India has several options to present before you. There are several hill stations
in India which give you the perfect solution. They have an amicable climate, a slow life with no
demands on you, and plenty of scope for relaxation. There are also beach destinations which
allow plenty of fun while you sit back and relax in the sun. With its lively and youthful
exuberance, this is ideal for young couples to enjoy each other’s company and have a good
time. Goa is the most popular beach destination with plenty of beaches that you can choose
from. There are several beaches in Kerala as well, and many lesser known beach destinations
along the western coast of the country. Another great relaxing honeymoon tour comes by way of
a backwater experience. The state of Kerala is endowed with generous backwaters, and
backwater tours in quaint houseboats are a novel experience. With the added attraction of
therapeutic Ayurvedic massages, your honeymoon is a complete package of passion and

If you are among those who want to be on the move and are looking for plenty of adventure and
thrill to spice up your honeymoon, try any one of these experiences to give your love a new
lease. Adventure tours in India can be designed to include several charged elements like jungle
safaris, wildlife tours and even desert safaris. There are also some wonderful opportunities like
mountain sports which include white water rafting, rock climbing and parasailing. With an
abundance of challenges that can take you through the dunes of the desert, amid the untamed
beasts of the wild and along the most imposing slopes of the mountains, you are sure to
experience a rush of emotions here.

Nothing stops you from having the most memorable honeymoon. Honeymoons in India do not
have to be lavish or exorbitantly priced for you to have a great time. Make sure you have plenty
of love and the zest for fun, and you will never forget this holiday for the rest of your life.
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