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   Radiators, Aluminum Radiators, Aluminum Bumpers, Aluminum Foil, Contaminated Aluminum,
   Aluminum Food & Beverage


                          We pick up and recycle all metals for FREE*...

                                      All household items such as:

            Appliances, Aluminum Cans, Sheds, Lawn Mowers, even Vaccuums...
                                     Cars and Trucks
                  Computer, Electrical, Stereo and Lighting Equiptment...

                                            We can help with :

                Foreclosures, Evictions, Demolition Projects, Spring Cleaning...

                    This is to name a few. Let us know what your needs are!

                                          Any job, big or small

      South Metro Metal Recycling

       All you have to do is give us a call or email, leave your Name, Number, City, and
       Item to be picked up and we will get back to you as soon as possible to set up the day
       and time for pick up!

South Metro Metal Recycling is a FREE* Scrapmetal Pick Up Company. We'll pick up and
recycle all metal items for FREE*! We can help you to finally get rid of those unwanted
appliances and other junk taking up space in your residential or commercial property by
providing a fast, friendly and most of all FREE* pick up service.

                                             What We Do

                          We pick up and recycle all metals for FREE*...
                                  We can accomidate any size job

                                                 Big or Small

           The list goes on and on. Basicaly you name it, if its metal, we'll take it

            We're helping Colorado Go Green One Load At A Time, you can too!

                         *Charges may apply for Distance, Freon and other Hazardous Materials

Call Us Today!

Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.

Phone: 720-297-0089

Email: Metal4Recycle@yahoo.coml

 South Metro Metal Recycling is a family owned and operated business, which has been
serving the entire South Metro Denver area for over 3 years. We are leaders in
providing metal recycling services to our customers large and small.

At South Metro Metal Recycling, our goal has been to provide you with the highest level
of assistance and provide a variety of different services to compliment your individual needs
whether its one refridgerator to be picked up or an entire remodel project.

We are always looking for ways to improve our business. Let us know how we can help.

Please give us a call or email for more information.

                                          Recycling facts:

                                          More than 20 million Hershey's Kisses are wrapped each
                                          day, using 133 square miles of aluminum foil. Believe it
                                          or not, ALL that foil is recyclable, but not many people
                                                    realize it so most it goes in the trash!

                                          Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run
                                           a TV for three hours. In spite of this, Americans throw
                                          away enough aluminum to rebuild our entire commercial
                                                   fleet of airplanes every three months!

                                          Contact Us
Please contact us with questions or comments. Call or send us an email using the form on this

                             We come to your location for your convenience.

                                  Please contact us with your information.

 You can call us at 720-297-0089, email us at or use the contact
             form to set up your appointment or for questions and/or comments.







ph: 720-297-0089


           Do you provide container service and pick-up?
            Absolutely. American Metal Recycling, Inc. offers a variety of container services. Call 440-237-1500
    for a quote.
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   Do you work with schools and non-profit agencies as well as business and industry?
    American Metal Recycling, Inc. has established recycling programs for many community organizations
    as well as provided opportunities for fund raising.
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   Can I receive cash on sight for the material I sell?
    We pay cash when selling directly to our retail yard.
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   How do I find metal pricing I can trust?
    Receive daily quotes from our retail location by calling 440-237-1500 or try linking to
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   Where can I find recycling literature and brochures?
    We can provide them to your company or agency. They are also available from The Institute of Scrap
    Recycling Industries and the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District
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   Can anyone buy or sell scrap metal to AMERICAN METAL RECYCLING, INC.?
    Yes. American Metal Recycling, Inc. is conveniently located in North Royalton, Ohio (off Pearl Road
    between Rt 77 & 71). We provide services to corporations as well as individuals. Drive thru service will
    be available sometime in 2005.
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          MEMBER; ISRI Institue of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc.
Factories Cleared, Shut Downs & Site Clearances
 As scrap metal recyclers we can supply a wide range of facilities for clearing large commercial factories, shut
downs, site closures and the alike. We have a full range of services available to facilitate this activity in a cost
effective and economical manner. We can supply a complete service including using our machinery, removal &
relocation division if required. Our services would include the supplying all the necessary cranes, forklifts,
machinery skates and any other appropriate lifting equipment to conduct this activity in a safe manner.

Our commitment to the scrap steel and recycling industry gives us the ability to offer a professional scrap metal
removal together with a free pick up service anywhere in the greater TRI STATE area. Our service includes
supplying a full range of scrap metal bins and scrap metal transport options designed to specifically meet the
customers requirements.

As an accredited scrap metal buyer and authorized scrap metal merchant, we guarantee a prompt, professional,
ethical and responsible approach to this industry. Call in and meet our friendly and competent staff. Our
commitment to the business of scrap steel, metal recycling, non ferrous metals recycling and range of scrap
metal processing services is our primary focus.

Because of our credible position within the scrap metal recycling market, we can offer competitive scrap metal
prices including: scrap copper prices, scrap brass prices, scrap aluminium prices, scrap steel prices etc.

Scrap Metal Services A
- Abattoir Machinery & Equipment Recycling Service
- After Hours Scrap Metal Drop Off Facility
- Agricultural Machinery & Equipment Recycling Service
- Air Compressors & Equipment Recycling Service
- Air Conditioners Recycling
- Aircraft Maintenance Industry Equipment & Recycling Service
- Air Purification Equipment Recycling
- Aluminium Can Recycling and Cages Provided
- Aluminium Cladding Recycling
- Aluminium Prices
- Aluminium Recycling
- Aluminium Roofing Sheets Recycling
- Amusement Machines Recycling Service
- Appliance Recycling
- ATM & Bank Equipment Recycling Service
- Autoclave Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
- Auto Electrical Parts Recycling Service
- Automotive Service Industry Recycling
- Australian Metal Recycling Industry Association - AMRIA
- Automotive Exhaust & Muffler Recycling
- Automotive Panels & Car Parts Recycling
- Automotive Wheel Rim Recycling
- Auto Parts & Wreckers Recycling Service

Scrap Metal Services B
- Bakery Equipment & Associated Machinery Removal & Recycling Service
- Ballasts Recycling
- Balustrading, lacework & Wrought Iron Removal & Recycling Service
- Battery Recycling
- Bearings & Bushings Removal & Recycling Service
- Beverage Industry Equipment Recycling
- Boat Builders, Repairers & Marine Engineers Recycling Service
- Boilers Manufactures & Hot Water Units Recycling Service
- Bollards Recycling
- Brake & Clutch Industry Recycling
- Brass Prices
- Brass Recycling
- Bridge Building Recycling Service
- Bronze Recycling
- Building Maintenance, Commercial & Home Material Removal & Recycling Service
- Building Site Clearances - Material Clean Outs
- Building Site & Construction Industry Clearances - Material Recycling

Scrap Metal Services C
- Cable Recycling
- Car Automatic Transmission Recycling Service
- Car Engine Recycling Service
- Car Parts & Panels Recycling Service
- Cast Iron Recycling
- Catering Equipment Recycling
- Chemical Bulk Containers Recycling
- Chemical Processing Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
- Clothes Pressing & Manufacturing Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
- Colorbond Steel Roofing Sheets Recycling
- Commercial Laundry Equipment Recycling
- Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Recycling
- Computer Cable Recycling Service
- Computers Recycling
- Concrete Reinforcements Recycling
- Conveyors & Elevating Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
- Cooking Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
- Cooling Systems & Ventilation Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
- Cooling Towers & Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
- Cool Rooms Removal & Recycling Service
- Copper Cable Prices
- Copper Cable Recycling
- Copper Prices
- Copper Recycling
- Copying & Duplication Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
- Cyclone Wire & Steel Fencing Recycling
Scrap Metal Services D
- Dairy Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
- Deceased Estate Clean Outs Removal & Recycling
- Dental Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
- Department Store Recycling
- Dishwashing Machines Removal & Recycling Service
- Display & Exhibition Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
- Disposals Of Plant & Equipment
- Domestic Appliances Removal & Recycling Service
- Door & Gate Operating Systems Recycling Service
- Drum Recycling
- Dry Cleaning Equipment Removal & Recycling Service

Scrap Metal Services E
- Electrical Appliances Removal & Recycling Service
- Electric Motors Recycling
- Electronics and Appliances Recycling
- Electronics Recycling
- Electroplating Equipment Recycling
- Electrical Switchboards & Control Equipment Recycling Service
- Electrical Trades Industry Recycling
- Electric Motor Rewinds Recycling Service
- Electric Powerline Recycling
- Engineering Workshop Recycling Service
- Equipment Destruction Certification & Recycling
- Exercise Equipment Removal & Recycling Service

Scrap Metal Services F
- Fabrication Industry Recycling Service
- Fans, Blowers & Ventilation Industry Recycling Service
- Farm Clearances - Material Cleanouts Recycling
- Fencing Contractors Recycling Service
- Ferrous Metal Prices
- Ferrous Metal Recycling
- Filing Cabinet & Equipment Recycling
- Film Production Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
- Fire Services Extinguishers & Equipment Recycling Service
- Fluorescent Lights Recycling
- Folding Machines & Equipment Recycling
- Food Industry Equipment Recycling
- Food Processing, Canning & Packing Machinery Removal & Recycling Service
- Footwear Machinery & Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
- Forklift Machinery & Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
- Fundraising Recycling Programs
- Furniture Removal Recycling

Scrap Metal Services G
- Galvanized Steel Recycling
- Gaming Machines & Casino Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
- Garage Clean Outs, Junk Removal & Recycling Service
- Gas Appliances & Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
- Generators, Generator Sets, Machinery & Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
- Government Equipment Recycling
- Granulator Machines & Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
- Grinding & Pulverising Machinery Removal & Recycling Service
- Gun Metal Recycling
- Gym Equipment Removal & Recycling Service

Scrap Metal Services H
- Hard Rubbish Recycling
- Heaters Recycling
- Heat Exchanges & Equipment Recycling Service
- Hoisting & Rigging Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
- Hospital Bed Recycling
- Hospitality Industry Recycling Service
- Hospital Medical Equipment Recycling
- Hot Water Services Recycling
- Hydraulic Machinery & Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
- Hydronic Heating Equipment Removal & Recycling Service

Scrap Metal Services I
- Induction Heating Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
- Information on Recycling
- Injection Moulding Dies & Machinery Removal & Recycling Service
- Instrument Cases Recycling
- Irony Aluminium Recycling

Scrap Metal Services J
- Junk Car Removal & Auto Car Recycling

Scrap Metal Services K
- Knitting Machines Removal & Recycling

Scrap Metal Services L
- Laser Cutting Machine Scrap Recycling
- Laundry Equipment Recycling
- Lawn Mowing Machinery & Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
- Lead Prices
- Lead Recycling
- Lift Trucks Removal & Recycling Service
- Locks, Locksmiths, Keys & Associated Equipment Recycling Service

Scrap Metal Services M
- Maintenance Engineers Instillation Servicing Recycling
- Marine Equipment Recycling Service
- Material Assets Security Cage
- Material Handling Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
- Mesh, Expanded Metal & Concrete Reinforcements Recycling Service
- Metal Building Recycling
- Metal Rolling, Forming & Stamping Recycling
- Mining Equipment Recycling Service
- Motor Accessories Recycling
- Motor Body Builders, Panel Beaters & Repairers Recycling Service
- Motor Cycle Packing Create Recycling
- Motor Cycle Parts Recycling
- Motor Mower Recycling Service

Scrap Metal Services N
- Neon Signs Recycling
- Non Ferrous Prices
- Non Ferrous Metal Recycling

Scrap Metal Services O
- Office & Business Equipment Removal & Recycling Service

Scrap Metal Services P
- Pallet Racking & Shelving Recycling
- Paper Cutting Machines Recycling
- Paper Making & Converting Machinery Removal & Recycling
- Parking Meters Recycling
- Petrol Pumps & Equipment Recycling
- Photocopiers Recycling
- Photographic Processing Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
- Plumbing Trades Industry Recycling
- Pneumatic Machinery & Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
- Poker Machines Recycling
- Printing Industry Machines Recycling
- Property Clearances & Cleanouts Recycling

Scrap Metal Services Q
- Quarrying Machinery Removal & Recycling

Scrap Metal Services R
- Radio & Data Communications Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
- Radiators Recycling
- Railway Line Recycling
- Railway Rolling Stock Removal & Recycling Service
- Real Estate Agents Recycling Resources Services
- Recycling Equipment
- Refrigeration Equipment Recycling
- Repetition Engineers Recycling Service
- Road Building Machinery Removal & Recycling Service
- Road Construction Recycling Service
- Roller Door & Roller Shutters Recycling
- Roof Construction Recycling Service
- Roofing Iron & Guttering Recycling
- Rural Properties Clearances - Material Removal & Recycling

Scrap Metal Services S
- Scaffolding Material Recycling
- School Locker Recycling
- Scrap Iron Recycling
- Scrap Metal General Recycling Services
- Scrap Metal Security Serveillance System
- Scrap Metal Transport Logistics
- Scrap Steel Recycling
- Screening & Grading Equipment Recycling
- Sewing Machines Recycling
- Sheet Metal Recycling
- Shelving Systems & Equipment Recycling
- Shopping Trolley Recycling
- Shop Fittings Metal Recycling
- Shredding Machines Recycling
- Shutdowns - Plant & Equipment - Machinery Removal & Recycling Service
- Site Clearances - Material Cleanouts Recycling
- Slot Machines Recycling
- Stainless Steel Prices
- Stainless Steel Recycling
- Steel Building Recycling
- Steel Drum Recycling
- Steel Pipes Recycling
- Steel Fabrication Industry Recycling
- Steel Furniture Removal Recycling
- Steel Plate Recycling
- Steel Prices
- Steel Recycling
- Steel: RHS, Flat & Round Bar Stock Recycling
- Steel Stamping's & Punching Machine Scrap Recycling
- Storage Equipment Recycling
- Surplus Stock & Materials Recycling

Scrap Metal Services T
- Telecommunications Equipment Recycling
- Telephones Systems & Equipment Recycling
- Textile Industry Machines Removal & Recycling
- Theatrical Props Manufactures Recycling
- Trailer & Tractor Parts Recycling
- Tramway Rolling Stock Removal & Recycling Service
- Transfer Stations, Tips & Dump Sites Recycling
- Transformer Recycling
- Truck Parts Recycling

Scrap Metal Services U
- Ultratune Stores Recycling Service

Scrap Metal Services V
- Vacuum Equipment Recycling
- Vending Machines Recycling

Scrap Metal Services W
- Washing Machine Recycling
- Waste Management, Land Fill Sites Recycling
- Waste Recycling
- Water Treatment Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
- White Goods Recycling
- Windows, Aluminium & Steel Recycling Service
- Wrought Iron Manufactures & Blacksmiths Recycling Service

Scrap Metal Services X
- X-Ray Equipment Removal & Recycling Service

Scrap Metal Services Y
- Yarn Manufacturing Machinery Removal & Recycling

Scrap Metal Services Z
- Zinc & Galvanizing Plating Recycling Service


Scrap Metal Transport Logistics

We also provide a large range of auto transport that includes a variety of truck transport. Our transport logistics
allows us to meet your specific scrap metal recycling requirements and provides you with the most suited vehicle
capable of meeting all your scrap metal transport logistics. Our auto transport company welcomes the
opportunity to meet your specific scrap metal removal and scrap recycling needs.


We work very closely and in conjunction with a number of reputable demolition companies. Whether it be:
general demolition, controlled demolition or demolition equipment, contact us and let us match your
requirements with the appropriate demolition tools and allow your demolition work to be carried out in a safe
and professional manner.
The recycling rate for steel in the United States increased to 63 percent in 2005, the highest rate ever recorded and making steel the world's most recycled
packing material.
Steel is North America's Number #1 Recycled Material. Each year, more steel is recycled than aluminum, paper, glass and plastic combined.
Americans throw away enough aluminum to rebuild our entire commercial fleet of airplanes every 3 months.
Recycling creates 6 times as many jobs as landfilling.
Recycling just one aluminum can saves enough energy to operate a TV for 3 hours or a 100 watt light bulb for 5 hours. The energy saved each year by recycling
steel is equal to the electrical power used by 18 million homes each year - or enough to sustain the residents of Los Angeles for eight years. Every ton of steel
recycled conserves 2,500 pounds of iron ore,1,400 pounds of coal and 120 pounds of limestone.
Production of one ton of new aluminum ingot requires 4-5 tons of bauxite ore.
The energy needed to replace all the aluminum cans wasted each year is equivalent to 16 million barrels of oil--enough to keep a million cars on the road for a
There are over 13,000 aluminum cans recycled in California every minute.
In the past 50 years, approximately half of the steel produced in this country has been recycled through the steelmaking process.
Nearly 1.4 million tons of steel cans were recycled back into various steel products in 2005.
There are over 2.5 billion cans recycled in the UK each year. Placed end to-end, these recycled cans would stretch three quarters of the way round the Earth.
It requires only 5% of the energy to make a can out of recycled aluminum that it does with virgin ore.
Every day, Americans use enough steel and tin cans to make a steel pipe running from Los Angeles to New York and back.
For every six aluminum cans we don't recycle, we waste the equivalent of one aluminum can full of gasoline.

It takes the same amount of energy to make 20 cans with recycled aluminum as it does to make one new from scratch.               RECYCLING
        The benefits of recycling make good sense. The benefits of recycling responsibly make even better sense
        - for us, our suppliers, our consumers, and our communities. Alter Metal Recycling has - for well over a
        century - maintained a commitment to quality, integrity, and responsibility, with a vision to lead the industry
        in these commitments. In lockstep with this goal is a commitment at all levels of our company to protecting
        the environment. We understand that managing our operations' environmental aspects is essential for
        continued success, especially as our company experiences rapid growth and enters new markets and

        Alter is committed to operating its recycling facilities in an environmentally responsible manner. In keeping
        with this commitment, it is Alter's policy to:

            Establish and maintain an environmental management system (EMS) for all of its recycling facilities
            Ensure that its EMS remains appropriate for the environmental issues associated with its facilities
       Encourage environmental awareness on the part of its personnel through ongoing employee training
       Monitor regulatory compliance status at each recycling facility, and take action as necessary to ensure that compliance
        is maintained
       Establish reasonable, achievable, and economically viable objectives and targets for environmental performance as
        part of our business planning process
       Prevent or minimize environmental pollution attributable to its operations through the use of Best Management
       Seek to continually improve our environmental practices.

    This policy shall be periodically evaluated for its suitability, appropriateness and shall be communicated to
    all personnel. It shall be made available to interested parties in response to specific requests for
    information, or as may otherwise be directed by management.

    Scrap metal products like wire and cable, aluminum conduit, cable tray, copper pipe, and even switchgear
    are normal by-products of electrical contracting jobs. But many contractors don’t know how recycling these
    materials can add to the profitability of their jobs. The way to get top dollar for your scrap is knowing the
    best way to to collect and sort the material. Scrap material is normally classified as either ferrous or
    nonferrous. The ferrous, or magnetic, materials are steel items. The nonferrous materials include stainless
    steel, brass, aluminum, and copper. But just gathering your jobsite refuse and taking it to the scrap yard
    isn't enough. Here’s how to maximize your revenue.


    Separating high-voltage electrical cable from low-voltage communications wire allows your scrap dealer to
    weigh and grade each type of wire based on its copper or aluminum content. Keeping them separate takes
    the guesswork out of measuring the exact weight of each type of conductor. Also, separate aluminum and
    copper wire for processing.


    Stripping insulation by hand can lead to injury and doesn’t add to the value of the wire. Pricing is based on
    specific formulas for each type of wire. The insulation will be removed later by high-speed wire-chopping
    machines. You can even leave the wire on its spool because the machine will also separate the wood
    content from the wire. Never burn wire to remove its insulation — it is not necessary and you could be
    fined by the EPA.


    The highest valued insulated wire is #1 copper wire with has no other metallic contaminants. The next best
    is #2 copper wire, which contains contaminants such as brass connectors, solder and plating. Connectors,
    end fittings and plated or lead items are worth much less than copper, so you should remove the non-
    copper items if possible. By removing these contaminants ahead of time, you can raise your scrap material
    from a #2 grade to a #1 grade and get more money from your scrap.


    Alter uses an independent firm to regularly calibrate our scales and provide certifications. Be wary of
    portable scales. They do not travel well. Inaccurate scales can severely reduce the value of your scrap.


    Wire and cable can be extremely heavy. If you can't safely haul the material to the scrap yard in your truck,
    ask us about our container service and use our pick-up service to transport your items instead.


    Other material found on jobsites, such as aluminum conduit, cable trays, copper pipe, brass fixtures,
    control centers, and switchgear can be of significant value.

    Develop a relationship with a dealer who has a good reputation, is well established in the community, and
    is the most qualified to process your specific scrap. Alter Metal Recycling has been doing business for 110
    years and we’re known for our honesty and integrity. The value of scrap metal can change daily due to
    market price fluctuations. So, be wary of scrap dealers that offer prices that seem out of the norm.


    Your time is valuable and better spent on the job. Scrap recycling centers are often dirty, crowded, and
    hazardous work environments that present several opportunities for flat tires and other vehicle damage
    that can cut into your bottom line. Alter prides itself on our clean yards and concrete drives. Plus, we are
    set up to help contractors get in and out fast.

    Scrap metal left over at construction or renovation sites is often discarded, but it is actually a valuable
    commodity that can be recycled and used in many new ways. When looked on as waste, disposal of these
    materials is often viewed as the cost of doing business. But recycling scrap metal can have a big impact
    on the environment and even your profitability.


    Recycling materials generated at a construction site is increasingly important. Besides environmental
    benefits, recycling can have economic benefits for your business. Alter Metal Recycling pays top dollar for
    all ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal including aluminum siding, electrical wire, copper pipe, flashing
    and other scrap metal generally leftover during the building and construction process. Additionally,
    recycling material onsite can reduce your material hauling and disposal costs.


    Call your nearest Alter Metal Recycling Center to see if you qualify for our free bin service. Depending on
    the amount of scrap metal you generate, Alter will place a bin and provide prompt pickup, disposal and
    return to your site. We will credit your account automatically. All you have to do is fill the bins.


    An important first step in integrating recycling into your construction operation is establishing a relationship
    with a local recycling company. Alter Metal Recycling has been a leader in the metal recycling business for
    over 100 years. We’re fair and honest. We offer clean yards, and we’re pretty nice people. More
    importantly, we care about you and your business, and we will make sure you’re always satisfied.


    Green building certification grants points based on how much you recycle. Implementing a tracking system
    will aid you in attaining LEED points for recycling. Alter can provide reports of the amount of material that
    is being disposed and recycled from your construction sites. That way, you can better determine how you
    can increase the amount of material being recycled from your sites.

    Call Alter Metal Recycling to get started! Click here to find the location nearest you.

    Materials theft has become an overwhelming problem across the country. Its impact on the scrap recycling
    industry is significant. Recyclers have become both the victims of theft and the target for legislative efforts
    to solve the theft problem.

    As a member of ISRI (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc.), Alter Metal Recycling is working
    earnestly toward minimizing our risk of purchasing stolen scrap metal and we support industry-wide
    attempts to stem the tide of material theft.

    That’s why all Alter locations use video surveillance to record illegal activity and aid law enforcement
    officials in their efforts to catch thieves. We also participate in industry-wide web alert systems for stolen
    material, and comply with all state regulations and local ordinances aimed at theft prevention.
                                 This document outlines materials that are not accepted at Alter facilities and materials that may be
                                 accepted if certain conditions are met. This list is not intended to be comprehensive. Common
                                 sense and best judgment will be used to determine which materials can be managed in a safe and
                                 responsible manner that minimizes risk and potential liabilities for all parties. Special situations or
                                 requests for deviations are to be discussed and cleared with your account executive prior to
                                 delivery. Alter's account executives and facility managers are available to answer questions or to
                                 discuss concerns you may have. For complete information visit Alter Our Environment or watch
                                 our Inbound Material Source Control interactive presentation.

MATERIAL                                                                 CONDITIONS FOR ACCEPTANCE

AEROSOL CANS                                                             Empty and punctured or crushed.

                                                                         Verified free of radioactive sources and no
                                                                         aluminum/lithium alloys or chemical residues.

                                                                         Iowa facilities may accept demanufactured appliances from
                                                                         certified demanufacturers only or may accept if facility is
                                                                         certified to demanufacture (may be subject to fee).
                                                                         Facilities outside of Iowa may accept if certified free of
(refrigerators, dryers, microwaves, dehumidifiers, air
                                                                         refrigerants or if facility has the equipment to recover
conditioners, commercial coolers, dishwashers, furnaces,
                                                                         refrigerants. White goods must also be free of PCB-
freezers, clothes washers, hot water heaters, kitches
                                                                         containing small capacitors and ballasts, and mercury-
ranges/ovens, thermostats, drinking fountains, fluorescent
                                                                         containing components (bulbs, switches), or be removed by
lights, trash compactors, vending machines, etc.)
                                                                         the accepting facility.

                                                                         No sodium chromate, ammonia, or asbestos containing

ASBESTOS-CONTAINING SCRAP                                                Asbestos removed in accordance with applicable
(furnaces, pipes, building materials, etc.)                              regulations.

                                                                         If labeled "No PCBs" or documentation (i.e., analytical test
                                                                         results) supporting less than 50 ppm PCB concentrations,
BALLASTS                                                                 or if no label or documentation, select facilities may accept
                                                                         if attached to a household appliance and facility has
                                                                         demanufacturing capabilities.

                                                                         Empty, open to allow inspection, bearing no hazard or
BARRELS, DRUMS, AND OTHER                                                warning labels or placards that are not covered with a
CONTAINERS                                                               "Certified Clean" or equivalent decal, and containing no
                                                                         non-metal residual materials or fluids.

                                                                         Select facilities may accept lead-acide (car, industrial) if
BATTERIES, LEAD-ACID ONLY                                                segregated; no "universal waste" batteries (e.g. NIMH,
                                                                         NiCd, lithium or Absolyte).


                                                                         If labeled "No PCBs" or documentation (i.e., analytical test
                                                                         results) supporting less than 50 ppm PCB concentrations,
CAPACITORS                                                               or if no label or documentation, select facilities may accept
                                                                         if attached to a household appliance and facility has
                                                                         demanufacturing capabilities.

                                                                         Segregated, valves removed, depressurized, and rendered
(oxygen, propane, acetylene, argon, refrigerants, fire
extinguishers, etc.)

                                                                Certification and documentation that the dross is not
DROSS, METALLIC                                                 hazardous and has been managed in compliance with
                                                                applicable legal requirements

                                                                Electronics without circuit boards or cathode ray tubes
                                                                (monitors, televisions) are acceptable.
(VCRs, radios, office equipment, copy machines, computers,
keyboards, CPUs, printers, circuit boards, other peripherals,
                                                                If segregated from other scrap, select facilities may accept
                                                                electronics with circuit boards and cathode ray tubes.

GAUGES AND MEASURING DEVICES                                    Verified free of radioactive sources.

                                                                Documentation supporting that oil did not contain greater
                                                                than 50 ppm PCBs and drained of free-flowing oil.

                                                                Documentation supporting that oil did not contain greater
HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENT, PRE-1980 OR                                than 50 ppm PCBs and drained of free-flowing oil (or
INDETERMINABLE                                                  equipment was decontaminated in accordance with federal
                                                                TSCA regulations).

                                                                Select facilities may accept if identified and segregated
                                                                during unloading.

                                                                Free of capacitors or ballasts with PCB concentrations
LIGHTING FIXTURES, OUTDOOR AND                                  greater than 50 ppm and free of bulbs
(sodium/mercury vapor, metal halide, fluorescent, neon)         Select facilities may accept household fixtures.
                                                                See APPLIANCES

MAGNESIUM TURNINGS                                              None

                                                                Certification statement stating scrap to be free of explosive,
                                                                radioactive, and hazardous materials.

                                                                Documentation obtained in accordance with TSCA
NATURAL GAS PIPELINE SYSTEM COMPONENTS                          regulations supporting that PCB concentrations are less
                                                                than 50 ppm.

PAINT CANS                                                      Open, empty and dry.

                                                                Documentation supporting that oil did not contain greater
                                                                than 50 ppm PCBs and drained of free-flowing oil (or
                                                                equipment was decontaminated in accordance with federal
                                                                TSCA regulations with Environmental Manager approval)
                                                                and free of mercury-containing devices

(gauges and measuring devices using radioactive source
material, medical equipment containing a radioactive source,    None
cameras containing a radioactive source, underground pipe,

                                                                Certification upon delivery or prior to shipment that
REFRIGERANT-CONTAINING SCRAP                                    refrigerant has been removed or leaked prior to shipment,
(refrigerators, heat pumps, motor vehicle air conditioners,     or
window and terminal air con-ditioners, water coolers,
dehumidifiers, etc.)                                            Select facilities may accept in select situations for a fee if
                                                                facilities exist to recover refrigerant


SCRAP CONTAINING FLUIDS (oil, fuel, coolant, antifreeze,        All fluids to be drained prior to delivery. See also
cutting oil, hydraulic oil, solvents, etc.)                     AEROSOL CANS, BARRELS/DRUMS, HEATERS,
                                                                HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENT, PAINT CANS, PUMPS,
                                                                TANKS, and VEHICLES.

SHELLS, MUNITIONS                                               Segregated from other commodities and discharged or
(brass shells, munitions casings, etc.)                         otherwise spent

                                                                A minimum of 3-foot square hole at both ends and
                                                                thoroughly cleaned of liquids and gases (odor free).
(mobile, portable, fixed)

                                                                Select facilities may accept if attached to an auto body; a
                                                                deduction may be applied.

                                                                Dry type or Documentation supporting that oil did not
                                                                contain greater than 50 ppm PCBs and drained of free-
                                                                flowing oil (or equipment was decontaminated in
                                                                accordance with federal TSCA regulations).

                                                                Select facilities may accept if hot-drained of free-flowing oil
USED OIL FILTERS                                                for a minimum of 24 hours, punctured and containerized
                                                                when delivered.

                                                                Free of mercury switches, batteries, refrigerants, antifreeze,
                                                                fuel, and oils. Refrigerant recovery certification required
                                                                from supplier.
(crushed, whole or parts including motors, transmissions, and
fuel tanks)
                                                                Select facilities may accept "as is" if uncrushed and facility
                                                                is equipped to demanufacture.

(as defined by Federal, State, or Local regulations)

WHITE GOODS                                                     See APPLIANCES.

WIRE/CABLE                                                      Free of asbestos and/or PCBs

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