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					                OCR GRADUATED ASSESSMENT – STAGE 8
Objectives (abbreviated – see                            Stage      Approx. Resources     ICT Use         Comments
specification for full wording)                          Criteria   Timing (Please Add)
Fractions, Decimals and Percentages                                 2 weeks
 Use and understand terminating and recurring             N8.1
    decimals, including exact fraction equivalents
 Solve problems involving percentage increase             N8.3
    and decrease, including calculating the original
    amount before a percentage change
 Solve problems involving repeated proportional          N 8.4
    or percentage change, including compound
    interest; represent using a multiplier raised to a
Algebra                                                             2 Weeks
 Change the subject of a formula, including               A8.1
    simple cases where the subject appears twice
    or where the power of a subject appears
 Multiply expressions of the form (x+3)(x-7) and          A8.2                                           Mental/oral starter: “find two numbers with sum
    simplify the result; solve quadratics by                                                              –4 and product –21” etc.
    factorization, including the difference of two
Prisms                                                              1 Week
 Solve problems involving the surface area and            S8.3
    volume of prisms, including cylinders; convert
                                         2         3
    between metric units (including cm and cm )
 Distinguish formulae for perimeter, are and              S8.2
    volume by considering dimensions
Trigonometry                                                        1½
 Understand, recall and use trig relationships in         S8.5     Weeks
    right-angled triangles and use these to solve
    problems, including those involving bearings

Simultaneous Equations                                              1 Week                Omnigraph /
 Find the exact solution of two equations in two          A8.3                           Graph Calc
   unknowns by elimination, and interpret the                                             for graphical
   equations as lines and their common solution                                           solutions
   as the point of intersection

     Harry Carlton Comprehensive School – Mathematics Department – KS4 Medium Term Plans
Probability                                                     1 Week
 Use tree diagrams to represent outcomes of            D8.1                           Will appear in both maths and stats mock
   combined events and find probabilities                                              exams!
                                                                                       Include cases where probability on the second
                                                                                       set of branches is dependent upon the first.
Moving Averages                                                 1 Week
 Calculate an appropriate moving average               D8.4
 Identify seasonality and trends, and use them         GCSE
   to make simple forecasts                             Stats
GCSE Statistics                                                 1 Week
 Index Numbers                                         GCSE
 Crude birth and death rates                           Stats

Indices                                                         1½
 Use the terms cube root, negative square root;        N8.2    Weeks                  Plenty of mental/oral work!
    recall squares up to 15 ; recall cubes of 2,3,4,5                                  Does not include fractional/negative indices
    and 10; use index laws with numerical and
    algebraic expressions
 Plot graphs of simple cubic functions and             A8.4             Omnigraph /
    y=1/x; recognize their characteristic shapes                         Graph Calc
Trial and Improvement                                           ½ Week
 Use trial and improvement to find approximate         A8.6             Excel         Make link with indices work when solving e.g. x
    solutions to equations                                                             = 20
Standard Form                                                   1 Week
 Use standard index form; convert between              N8.5
    ordinary and standard forms; use and interpret
    a calculator with standard form; check solutions
    by converting to standard form

     Harry Carlton Comprehensive School – Mathematics Department – KS4 Medium Term Plans
Transformations                                               1 Week
 Use combinations of reflections, rotations and       S8.4            Omnigraph   This probably includes „simple‟ work on similarity
    translations; enlargements with positive
    fractional scale factors; distinguish properties
    preserved under particular transformations
Inequalities                                                  1 Week
 Solve several linear inequalities in two             A8.5            Omnigraph   Solution set to be found algebraically and
    variables and find the solution set                                            graphically – the latter is not explicitly specified
                                                                                   but is useful revision of y=mx+c if nothing else
Sequences                                                     1 Week
 Use and justify linear expressions to find the       A8.7            Excel       Emphasise importance for coursework
   nth term of an arithmetic sequence; find rules
   for quadratic sequences
Expressions                                                   ½ week
 Simplify expressions involving surds or             N8.6                        Opportunity to revise volumes of cylinders (for
   without the use of a calculator                                                 example)
Revision for module 8 exam                                    Until
 Cover errors from mock in as much detail as          All!   module               Non-calculator skills!
   time allows                                                test

     Harry Carlton Comprehensive School – Mathematics Department – KS4 Medium Term Plans

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