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					Pack & Send People are as Unique as the Packages They Ship Around the Globe Pack & Send is growing fast as the launch of their packaging and shipping business in the UK earlier this year has seen huge demand for their unique collection, packing and freight management services. Reading, England, May 26, 2009 -- Specialist Packaging, Shipping and Logistics Company - Pack & Send – match the uniqueness of their services with the individuality of their staff. Whilst their recruiting policy focuses on the experience and capability of candidates to deliver service excellence, the tendency for their employees to have ‘colourful’ backgrounds is perfectly illustrated by the latest addition to their Reading Store Team. Pack & Send is growing fast as the launch of their packaging and shipping business in the UK earlier this year has seen huge demand for their unique collection, packing and freight management services. The store in Reading is the first of many scheduled for the UK, and the initial volume of orders has already lead to these plans being stepped up. The Pack & Send team in Reading have found that no two jobs are the same and with an order book that already includes sending Mars Ice Cream Bars to Australia, 12th Century Iranian artefacts to the US and an antique London Trolley Bus model to a collector in Spain. So it is no surprise that members of the team are fairly unique too! Phil Rivers joined Pack & Send in January to manage the Reading store. Whilst Phil’s attention to detail and great people skills are obvious assets for any business, it was his part-time interests as a professional Circus Clown that set him apart from other candidates. Together with his brother, Phil has been entertaining children of all ages, across the UK and abroad, as Big Foot the Clown for the last 20 years. And whilst his full-time job is more serious now, he still finds time to take part in organised Clown gatherings or training courses to keep his hand (or feet) in! As the unusual jobs continue to come through the doors at Pack & Send, a sense of fun and high spirits comes into its own. A recent request to ship body panels and accessories for a Jaguar XJ6 required the construction of a wooden packing case around two metres square to create a carton weighing over 400kg! It’s fortunate that Phil is as handy with a hammer and screwdriver as he is with water-spraying flowers and custard pies. It is this kind of job that Pack & Send are uniquely positioned to undertake; their understanding and appreciation for the value of such a substantial yet vulnerable cargo, their expert packaging knowledge and facilities and their wide ranging delivery options all combine to make them the only choice for shipping fragile and valuable items. And when it comes to packing; Pack & Send know what they are doing! Customer’s property is carefully handled at all times with custom built packing cartons and cases combined with Pack & Send’s unique foam

cushioning which expands around fragile items to provide a tough layer of protective support for ultimate safety. Pack & Send are able to help businesses and consumers across the UK with more conventional requirements too. Their range of domestic and international courier services and collection and custom packing solutions are ideal for safely transporting anything from computers and spare parts to works of art. Pack & Send plan to open 240 stores across the UK some of which will be owner operated through a franchise license. Individuals interested in owning and operating a Pack & Send store can find more information at Note to Editors Pack & Send is a company that offers a complete range of postal, freight, courier, packing and removal services operating through a national retail network. We were founded in 1993, establishing the first Pack & Send Store in Parramatta, NSW, Australia. Pack & Send has expanded over 15 years from the one store and is rapidly becoming a global brand. We are continuing to grow our retail network through franchising. Open 5 days a week, we manage packaging, freight and message sending services for businesses of all sizes, as well as for householders and tourists. Our freight solutions range from sending a 20gm letter to a 1 tonne consignment. We are the industry leader with respect to handling goods that are fragile, large, awkward, and valuable. We offer over 30 different freight services, enabling us to deliver to any destination on the planet. Message sending services include not only courier and mailing of hard documents but the electronic transmission of messages. We sell packaging supplies and can custom pack items of any size or weight. Through our retail network, we differentiate ourselves from the traditional methods of servicing customer needs in the freight market by offering powerful freight solutions through a combination of experience, first class operating systems, strategic partners and the entrepreneurial spirit of our franchisees. Every moment, of every day there is something that was packed and sent by a Pack & Send store being moved somewhere on the planet. In 2007 Pack & Send: served over 120,000 customers and delivered approximately 500,000 items. packed and sent thousands of computer monitors, servers, and laptops and counts Fuji Xerox and Cisco Systems as valuable clients. had professionally packed and delivered artwork and antiques valued at over $20 million worldwide. Pack & Send count Sotheby’s as one of their customers.

packed, sent, and returned to travellers over 2,000 mobile phones, laptop computers, and documents that had been left on aircraft and counts Qantas as one of their customers. Famous stars of stage and screen have used Pack & Send to pack and send items home, from Bruce Willis to Rolf Harris. Every day Pack & Send is asked to deliver the ‘weird and wonderful’, some of which have included: A Salt encrusted rams head, delivered to a salt industry conference. Enormous Olympic Games Sets, Costumes and Props – some at over 8 meters high. 60 Mars Ice Cream bars half way around the world. A Jet Boat engine from Dorset to Sydney. The largest consignment that Pack & Send has managed so far was eight 40 foot sea-containers of computer equipment that had to be professionally packed and sent to the USA. A Pack & Send store owner once drove a customer’s motorbike over 2,600 kilometres to get it to where it had to be on time and in one piece. contact Graeme Rhodes Pack & Send Reading, England 0118 -958-4628

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Description: Pack & Send is growing fast as the launch of their packaging and shipping business in the UK earlier this year has seen huge demand for their unique collection, packing and freight management services.