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					Chapter 3
Computer Software
 3 Chapter Contents
     Section A: Software Basics
     Section B: Popular Applications
     Section C: Buying Software
     Section D: Installing Software and Upgrades
     Section E: Security Software

Chapter 3: Computer Software                        2
                               SECTION   A
        Software Basics

Chapter 3: Computer Software             3
 3 Software Categories

Chapter 3: Computer Software   4
 3 Application Software
     Productivity software can
      be defined as any type of
      application software that
      has the potential to help
      people do their work more

     Groupware is designed to
      help several people
      collaborate on a single
      project using local networks
      or Internet connections
Chapter 3: Computer Software         5
 3 Utility Software
     Utility software (a type of
      system software) is designed
      to help you monitor and
      configure settings for your
      computer system equipment,
      the operating system, or
      application software

     A desktop widget is a
      specialized utility program that
      appears on a computer’s
      screen-based desktop
Chapter 3: Computer Software             6
 3 Device Drivers
     A device driver is software
      that helps a peripheral
      device establish
      communication with a

     Windows Device Manager

Chapter 3: Computer Software        7
                                                   SECTION   B
        Popular Applications
     What applications do you use and for what?

Chapter 3: Computer Software                                 8
 3 Document Production
     Assists you with composing, editing,
      designing, printing, and electronically
      publishing documents
       – Word processing
       – Desktop publishing
       – Web authoring

Chapter 3: Computer Software                    9
 3 Document Production
     Mail merge automatically creates personalized letters by
      combining the information in a mailing list with a form letter
     Additional capabilities of word processing software include:
       – Automatically generating table of contents and index
       – Numbering and positioning footnotes
       – Providing document templates
       – Exporting to HTML format

Chapter 3: Computer Software                                           10
 3 “Number Crunching” Software
     Provides a structured environment dedicated to a particular
      number crunching task
       – Statistical software
       – Mathematical modeling software
       – Money management software
          • Personal finance software
       – Tax preparation software

Chapter 3: Computer Software                                        15
 3 Database Software
     A database is a collection of data
       – Database software helps you enter, find, organize,
         update, and report information stored in a database

Chapter 3: Computer Software                                   16
 3 Database Software
     A query language such as SQL (Structured Query
      Language) provides a set of commands for locating and
      manipulating data

Chapter 3: Computer Software                                  18
 3 Graphics Software
     Designed to help you
      create, manipulate, and
      print graphics
       – Paint software
       – Photo editing software
       – Drawing software
       – 3-D graphics software
       – CAD software
       – Presentation software

Chapter 3: Computer Software      19
 3 Graphics Software

                               A computer-based
                               consists of a
                               series of slides,
                               created with

Chapter 3: Computer Software                       20
 3 Music Software
     Allows you to make your own digital voice and music
       – Audio editing software
       – CD ripper software
       – Audio encoding software
       – Ear training software
       – Notation software
       – Computer-aided music software
       – MIDI sequencing software

Chapter 3: Computer Software                                21
 3 Video Editing and
        DVD Authoring Software
     Provides a set of tools for
       – Transferring video footage
         from a camcorder to a
       – Clipping out unwanted
       – Assembling video segments
       – Adding special visual effects
       – Adding a sound track
     DVD authoring software creates
      DVDs with Hollywood-style
Chapter 3: Computer Software             22
 3 Educational and Reference
     Educational software
       – Helps you learn and practice new skills
     Reference software
       – Provides a collection of information and a way to access
         that information
       – Generally shipped on CD or DVD, or accessed on the

Chapter 3: Computer Software                                        23
 3 Entertainment Software
     Computer games are the most popular type of entertainment
       – Role-playing
       – Action
       – Adventure
       – Puzzle
       – Simulation
       – Sports
       – Strategy

Chapter 3: Computer Software                                  24
 3 Business Software
     Vertical market software is designed to automate specialized
      tasks in a specific market or business
     Horizontal market software is generic software that just
      about any type of business can use
       – Payroll software
       – Accounting software
       – Project management software

Chapter 3: Computer Software                                     25
                                         SECTION   C
        Buying Software
     Consumer Basics
     Software Copyrights and Licenses

Chapter 3: Computer Software                       26
 3 Consumer Basics
     Most operating systems
      include a handful of small
      applications and a good
      variety of useful utility

Chapter 3: Computer Software       27
 3 Consumer Basics
     A software suite is a collection of application software sold
      as a single package

Chapter 3: Computer Software                                          28
 3 Consumer Basics
     Available in many types of stores
     Software contained on distribution media
     Make sure your computer meets the system requirements

Chapter 3: Computer Software                                  29
 3 Software Copyrights and
     A copyright is a form of legal protection that grants the
      author of an original “work” exclusive rights

     Software licenses define the ways in which you may use a
      computer program
       – Single-user
       – Site
       – Multiple-user
       – Concurrent
       – Shrink-wrap

Chapter 3: Computer Software                                      30
 3 Software Copyrights and
     End-User License Agreement
     Different types of software licenses
       – Public domain
       – Proprietary
       – Commercial software
       – Demoware
       – Shareware
       – Freeware
       – Open source
       – BSD
       – GPL
Chapter 3: Computer Software                 31
                                                  SECTION   D
        Installing Software and Upgrades
     Installation Basics
     Installing Local Applications
     Installing Portable Software and Web Apps
     Software Updates
     Uninstalling Software

Chapter 3: Computer Software                                32
 3 Installation Basics
     Software installation is a process that places a program into
      a computer so that it can be run or executed

Chapter 3: Computer Software                                          33
 3 Installing Local Applications

Chapter 3: Computer Software       34
 3 Installing Local Applications

Chapter 3: Computer Software       35
 3 Installing Portable Software
        and Web Apps
     Portable software is designed to run from removable
      storage, such as a CD or USB flash drive
       – Installation is simply a matter of getting program files to
         the media on which they are supposed to run

     A Web application is software that is accessed with a Web
       – May require client-side program to be installed

Chapter 3: Computer Software                                           36
 3 Software Updates
     Software publishers regularly update their software
       – Add new features
       – Fix bugs
       – Update security

     Software patches replace part of the software you currently
      have installed

     Service packs correct problems and address security

Chapter 3: Computer Software                                        37
 3 Software Updates
     Updates are usually available online for registered software

     Always install patches and service packs when they become

     Many software publishers require users to type in a
      validation code to complete an update

Chapter 3: Computer Software                                         38
 3 Uninstalling Software
     Uninstall routines delete the
      software’s files from the
      various folders on your
      computer’s hard disk

Chapter 3: Computer Software          39
                                 SECTION   E
        Security Software
     Security Software Basics
     Security Suites
     Antivirus Modules

Chapter 3: Computer Software               40
 3 Security Software Basics
     Security software is designed to protect computers from
      various forms of destructive software and unauthorized

     The terms malicious software and malware refer to any
      computer program designed to surreptitiously enter a
      computer, gain unauthorized access to data, or disrupt
      normal processing operations

     A blended threat describes malware that combines more
      than one type of malicious program

Chapter 3: Computer Software                                    41
 3 Security Software Basics
     Computer virus
     Computer worm
       – Mass-mailing worm
     Trojan horse
       – Keylogger
       – Remote Access Trojan (RAT)
     Bot
       – Zombie
       – Botnet
     Spyware

Chapter 3: Computer Software          42
 3 Security Software Basics
     What does malware do?

Chapter 3: Computer Software   43
 3 Security Software Basics
     The term rootkit refers to software tools used to conceal
      malware and backdoors that have been installed on a
      victim’s computer

     A virus hoax usually arrives as an e-mail message
      containing dire warnings about a supposedly new virus on
      the loose

Chapter 3: Computer Software                                      44
 3 Security Suites
     A security suite integrates several security modules to
      protect against the most common types of malware,
      unauthorized access, and spam

     A security suite costs less than purchasing standalone
      security modules

Chapter 3: Computer Software                                    45
 3 Security Suites

Chapter 3: Computer Software   46
 3 Antivirus Modules
     Antivirus software is a type of utility software that looks for
      and eradicates viruses, Trojan horses, worms, and bots
       – A virus signature is a section of program code, such as a
         unique series of instructions, that can be used to identify
         a known malicious program, much as a fingerprint is used
         to identify an individual

         – Virus signatures and other information that antivirus
           software uses to identify and eradicate malware is stored
           in one or more files usually referred to as virus definitions

Chapter 3: Computer Software                                           47
 3 Antivirus Modules
     Most experts recommend
      that you configure your
      antivirus software to
      periodically scan all the files
      on your computer
     If, during the scanning
      process, your virus protection
      software identifies a virus,
      worm, Trojan horse, or bot in
      a file or attachment, it can try
      to remove the infection, put
      the file into quarantine, or
      simply delete the file

Chapter 3: Computer Software             48