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									                              Founder President's Message

                              "Our mission at Amity is that every
                              student of ours becomes a success story"
                               Amity is not just a group of institutions which imparts world-
                               class education, but an experience where everyone associated
                               is part of a dream, a mission to see that India becomes a
Superpower by 2030. In my over 30 years stay in West Germany I realised, through
interacting with the over 6000 Europeans working for me, that we Indians have the
intelligence, the talent, and the potential to be the most successful people in the world. That
is why we established the Ritnand Balved Education Foundation in 1986 to start institutions
which will groom young future leaders to be complete, value-driven human beings and
competent professionals with a deep passion for our Country. These will be the people who
will lead India, who will lead the World. Today we are proud that Amity is synonymous with
practical, industry-focussed education and attracts the best students from across the
Country. The fact that our alumni are working in the best companies across the world is a
testament to our extremely talented faculty who inculcate, by example, in each student the
spirit of dedication, sincerity and loyalty, and to all the corporates who support our mission
with so much enthusiasm.

Each one of our students will be a success story. This is my dream, this is my commitment.

Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan
Chairman, AKC Group of Companies
Founder President, Ritnand Balved Education Foundation
Amity is here for you

What should I study?
A number of career and course options lie ahead of you. But         4 minutes flat, you can find out your personality type and the
you will only be happy and successful if you pursue the one         courses/careers that suit the talent in you. Have fun. Discover
that interests you and suits your personality. With so many         your future.
choices, the decision can become quite confusing. So, to help
you in the decision process, we have put a Career Aptitude
Test on our website.
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                                                                                                                                            P R E PA R E FO R LIF E
                       hat and Where to study is one of the most important decisions in life.
                       We, at Amity, understand. Over the years we have counselled
                       thousands of students, parents and even grand parents. For your benefit
                       we have compiled in this brochure some of the key features you should
                       consider while selecting an institution or programme

  Where should I study?
  The next few years are very important in your life. The choices          6. An institution that lays strong emphasis on traditional
  that you make and the effort that you put in will determine your            values, so that tomorrow you not only become a
  success in your professional and personal life.                             successful professional, but also an ethical and
                                                                              responsible human being.
  At this stage, what should you be looking for in an institution
  and a programme?                                                         7. A hi-tech environment that constantly exposes you to the
                                                                              latest technology in the world and utilizes the latest
  1. An institution that has a good reputation and name where                 learning techniques.
     the best faculty, students and recruiters come.
                                                                           8. An institution that works hand-in-hand with the corporate
  2. A programme that is so rigorous and continuously                         world so that tomorrow, you are fully equipped to handle
     evolving that it places you ahead of your peers anywhere                 any challenge in the real life corporate situation.
     in the world.                                                         9. An institution that has an international perspective and
                                                                              partnerships to open up for you global opportunities in
  3. Faculty who are dedicated, hard working and passionate
                                                                              today's borderless world.
     towards your success and who can be role models
     for you.                                                              10. An institution that attracts some of the best students
                                                                               from around the country, giving you a network of life-long
  4. An institution that gives you personalized attention so                   friends.
     that you don't remain just a face in the crowd.
                                                                           In the ensuing pages, you will see that you can find all
  5. An environment which encourages your all-round                        these only in professional Universities like Amity
     development besides focussing on academic excellence.                 because we care for you and treat you like our own.

                       At this important threshold of your life, you may have many queries. For answers to your queries,
                                 you may choose to interact with us by choosing any of the following options :

CALL OUR COUNSELLORS                      CHAT ONLINE WITH                  E-MAIL US AT                             DROP BY
ON THE AMITY HELPLINE                     COUNSELLORS AT                               AT ANY OF OUR
1800-11-00-00 / 0120-2445252                                                                  CAMPUSES

Welcome to Amity

The Inspiration
As an enormously successful entrepreneur in Europe for over            spread across the world and ensure that India becomes a
three decades, Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, the founder of Amity              superpower.
realised that Indians had the intelligence and the potential to        It was with this in mind that Dr. Chauhan took upon himself the
be the best in the world. If one could take tens of thousands of       responsibility of bringing together some of the best scientific,
talented youngsters and give them global level professional            academic and corporate brains to establish the most hi-tech
education whilst imbibing in them an unwavering patriotism             campuses and learning resources to march towards his dream
for their country, there was no reason why they would not              of India 2030- A Superpower.

                                                                                                                                           P R E PA R E FO R LIF E
Where Modernity blends with Tradition

                                                                        Some of our milestones include:
The Conviction                                                          • The No. 1 ranked pvt. B-School in India thrice in a row
Dr. Chauhan's responsibility manifested itself in the form of the       • The No. 1 ranked pvt. Biotechnology institute in India
                                                                        • The Telecom institute ranked amongst the top 5 in India
Ritnand Balved Education Foundation (RBEF), a non-profit
                                                                        • The First wireless campus in India
organization established in 1986, which has since then
nurtured various institutions under the Amity umbrella. At              A deep grounding in heritage and sanskars permeates Amity's
Amity, extraordinary careers emerge from a unique                       contemporary and professional learning experience. The
background based on solid foundations. Each one of our                  global edge of Amity comes from prestigious associations
students is a success story by himself. They are equipped with          with many leading universities of the world. Nanotechnology,
emotional intelligence, teamwork skills, leadership skills and          forensic sciences, cyber laws and bio-technology are some
the physical agility and discipline imbibed through compulsory          cutting edge areas where Amity is innovating in research and
military training programmes.                                           education. The Amity Brain Research Institute, Amity Institute
Dr. Chauhan's unique philosophy of 'Total Education' has                of Behavioural & Allied Sciences and Amity School of
helped shape extraordinary careers of students emerging                 Spirituality & Values ensure that students are transformed in
from all corners of the country to join the Amity family. The           the right manner.
2000-strong faculty of academic experts and thought leaders
facilitate the development of every individual into well-
rounded, ethical achievers. Their efforts ensure that education         The Triumph
is made as enjoyable as it is transformational.                         Today, Amity is one of the leading group of private educational
                                                                        institutions in India with over 50 world-class institutions
                                                                        imparting over 130 courses to over 50,000 students, spread
The Journey                                                             across 22 integrated campuses.

From what was a humble beginning, the Amity Universe has                Across campuses lawyers, engineers, journalists, telecom
grown into a force to reckon within the Indian education                professionals, managers and many more budding professionals
sector providing educational opportunities ranging from the             co-habit a world of academic rigour and human values. They are
requirements of school-goers to that of budding professionals           empowered with the best in education and leadership qualities
in diverse fields. And all along the way, we at Amity have              so they can take the collective mission of shaping the future of
accomplished many a first.                                              the nation forward.

               50,000                                         130                                   AMITY HAS OVER
               STUDENTS IN                                    PROGRAMMES                            16 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE
               AMITY                                          OFFERED                               IN EDUCATION

Amity University, Uttar Pradesh

                            Message from the Vice-Chancellor
                           Its gives me great pleasure to introduce to you to Amity University - Uttar Pradesh
                           established by Ritnand Balved Education Foundation, the umbrella organization of
                           the vast and ever growing Amity Universe of Education.

                           Amity has made a leading place in almost all disciplines of higher education-
   Engineering, Management, Biotechnology, Information & Communication Technology, Law, Education,
   Forensic Sciences, Insurance and Actuarial Science, Journalism & Mass Communication and so on.
   With full understanding and realization of the country's imperative needs of world class education,
   Amity has the goal to impart holistic training which imbibes not only professional knowledge and skills
   but also training in values and ethos of our rich heritage with a view to all round development of the
   future generation for the nation.

   Amity students are given constant exposure to the corporate world through regularly organized
   seminars, conferences & workshops where the best management gurus and technical experts are
   invited to share their valuable experience and views.

   It is my privilege to invite students to join the Amity Family, where our continuous endeavour is to
   transform the new young generation into experts and leaders of the future.

   Maj Gen. K. Jai Singh
   Amity University, Uttar Pradesh
   Executive Senior Vice President, RBEF

                                                                                                                                     P R E PA R E FO R LIF E
   15 acre Noida Campus,(Adj. New Delhi)                                      Amity Lucknow Campus

A milestone in Amity's unceasing endeavour for achieving         GOVERNANCE
educational excellence is the establishment of the Amity         The University functions under the overall umbrella of the Act
University Uttar Pradesh as a pace setting University.           and is governed by the provisions of its Statues, Ordinances,
Established through an Act of the Uttar Pradesh Govt., the       Regulations and Guidelines.
University is committed to providing skills based quality        The following Statutory Bodies provide policy framework and
education comparable to the best by international                direction in the functioning of the University and fulfillment of
standards and it subscribes to the philosophy of blending        its objects:

modernity with tradition and nurturing talent.                   - The Court
                                                                 - Executive Council
                                                                 - Academic Council
The University has its Headquarters at Noida (Adj. New
                                                                 - Finance Committee
Delhi)in a sprawling 60 acres campus, with another 4 acres       - Planning Board
residential teaching campus at Lucknow.                          - Board of Studies

  ESTABLISHED THROUGH AN ACT                     60 ACRE CAMPUS IN NOIDA                        CENTRALLY LOCATED
  OF THE UTTAR PRADESH GOVT.                     (ADJ. NEW DELHI)                               CAMPUS IN LUCKNOW


    Amity’s Professional Career Degrees

    Amity University has Degree Programmes in the
    following areas :

        • Actuarial Science               • Information Technology
        • Advertising                     • Insurance
        • Architecture and Planning       • International Business
        • Bioinformatics                  • Journalism
        • Biotechnology                   • Languages
        • Competitive Intelligence        • Law

        • Computer Science                • Management
                                          • Mass Communication
        • Design
                                          • Medical Sciences & Research
        • Education
                                          • Nanotechnology
        • Energy & Environment
                                          • Organic Food & Agriculture
        • Engineering
                                          • Performing Arts
        • Event Management
                                          • Physical Education and Sports Sciences
        • Fashion Design
                                          • Physiotherapy
        • Fine Arts
                                          • Psychology
        • Forensic Sciences               • Telecom Technology & Management
        • Governance                      • Travel & Tourism
        • Hotel Management                • Urban Management

                                                                                                                           P REPA RE FOR L IFE
Quick facts about Amity
• Amity University and all Amity Institutions have             • Amity focuses on personality development and
  been established by the not-for-profit RBEF which has          imbibing of values
  been nurturing talent for the last 16 years
                                                               • Amitians undergo compulsory military training to
• Amity institutions are consistently ranked amongst             develop leadership and patriotism
  the top in the Country. Cases in point are the Amity         • Many value addition courses on art appreciation,
  Business School and the Amity Institute of                     photography, golf, etc. are offered
  Biotechnology which are ranked the no. 1 pvt.
  Institutes in India in their areas                           • Amity’s credits are globally recognised by some of
                                                                 the leading universities in USA, UK and Australia like
• Amity's campuses are most hi-tech and designed to              Purdue University
  global standards. Wireless broadband internet,
                                                               • Amity's interaction with the corporate world is
  airconditioned classrooms, rooftop restaurants are
                                                                 unparalleled. Thousands of top corporate leaders have
  just some of the many facilities
                                                                 interacted with Amity students
• Amity has over 2500 strong faculty led by 11 former
                                                               • Amity has helped the corporate world interact with
  Vice Chancellors, including those of University of             more gurus like Steven Covey, Philip Kotler and Tom
  Roorkee & Vice Chairman of AICTE                               Peters than any other academic institution
• Amity attracts top students from all over the Country        • Amity has a dedicated Corporate Resource Centre to
  and thousands stay on campus                                   ensure 100% placements

• Amity's curriculum is practical and industry-oriented,       • Alumni are all over the world in leading companies like
  updated annually by the Industry Advisory Boards               HLL, McKinsey, Ernst & Young, Reliance...


    The Learning Resources

    The Focussed Learning Space
    • The spacious, amphitheatre style classrooms in most               action and are augmented with integrated audio-visual
       Amity Campuses provide the most conducive atmosphere             teaching aids for lectures, presentations etc.
       for dynamic and focused discussions                           • Most classrooms are centrally air-conditioned to create
    • They have been designed to bring together analysis with           the right atmosphere for long hours of learning

                                                                                                                                P REPA RE FOR L IFE
                   t Amity, we benchmark only against the best institutions around
                   the world. Our faculty and senior team members travel all over the
                   globe to imbibe the best practices, so that we can give you a solid
                   foundation for learning

Computing Facilities
Imparting knowledge in the most hi-tech
• All Amity campuses are inter-connected through a highly            • Most campuses are fully wireless and students in many
  secured Amity Virtual Private Network, where over 4,000              programmes are provided with wireless laptops to help
  PCs are inter-connected to the internet through broadband            them access the world anytime, anywhere
  connection                                                         • Latest software like SAS, PROWESS, ORACLE etc. are
• All Amity campuses have state-of-the-art computer                    used to enable work on data analysis, web technologies
                                                                       and software designing
  centres that provide computing facilities comprising of the
  latest HP/IBM machines linked to a wide range of software,         • The Intranet enables close on-line interaction between
  communication and print services                                     faculty and students for online interaction

        OVER 4000                        INDIA'S FIRST                  AMPHITHEATRE                     INTRANET
        NETWORKED                        WIRELESS                       STYLE                            DRIVEN
        PCs                              CAMPUS                         CLASSROOMS                       PROCESSES


   The Learning Resources

   The Knowledge Resource Centre
   • The libraries at Amity are more like integrated Knowledge        • Amity is also a member of the British Council Library and
      Resource Centres that are stocked with over 1,25,000               American Library Centre
      books in total, periodicals, references, national and
                                                                      • Our specialist staff will always be there to help you with
      international journals, CD-ROMs covering all aspects of
                                                                         quick references
      academic studies and research material

                                                                                                                                       P REPA RE FOR L IFE
                t Amity, the excellent infrastructure including amphitheatre style
                classrooms, modern labs and the well stocked library provide a solid
                foundation for excellence in academics
                                                                     Inderveer Singh
                                                                      BBA, IIIrd Year

Auditorium                                                            Laboratories
A platform of interface                                               Training grounds for budding professionals
• Amity provides state-of-the-art auditoriums that act as a           • Amity has a state-of-the-art labs that allow the students to
   common ground for students, faculty and corporate                    experiment and bring to practice what they have learnt in
   personalities for regular interfaces, conferences and other          theory

• At these platforms, you will come across various global
                                                                      Syndicate Rooms
   thought leaders, academic gurus, corporate heads,                  Arenas for cultivating team spirit
   sharing their corporate experiences with you
                                                                      • The syndicate rooms provide a perfect setting for you to
• For events of a smaller scale, the Seminar Halls, equipped             master team skills through exercises like brain-storming
   with advanced presentation tools, are the ideal venue                 sessions, group discussions, role plays etc.

            OVER                          ONLINE                         STATE-OF-THE-ART                OVER 1,200
            1,25,000                      DATABASES                      LABORATORIES                    CORPORATE LEADERS
            BOOKS                         & JOURNALS                                                     HAVE SPOKEN IN
                                                                                                         AMITY AUDITORIUMS


   The Campus Facilities

   Residential Accommodation                                           Medical Facility
   Your private comfort zone                                           Caring for you, all along the way
   • At Amity, you will be among the many students coming
                                                                       • A healthy body makes for a healthy mind. To ensure your
     from all across the country to live in Amity Residences,
                                                                         well being, Amity campuses have tie ups with renowned
     which come closest to being a home away from home
                                                                         groups of hospitals to take care of any emergency,
   • The separate facilities for boys and girls, caring wardens
     and a tight security ensure a pleasant stay allowing
     students to focus on their academics                              • At Amity, you will be covered by a comprehensive Medical
   • Whilst internet access and STD facilities ensure close              Insurance to meet all kinds of exigencies
     contact with family and friends outside, the common
     rooms are fully equipped with TV, indoor games and other
     recreation facilities

                                                                                                                                     P REPA RE FOR L IFE
T      he Amity hostel is equipped with all the facilities one can find at home such that I can
       focus on my studies. The caring, ever so helpful wardens, the healthy and delicious
       meals, the STD facilities that allow to be in touch with friends and family, make sure
       that we don't miss home
                                                                           Mr. Vineet Bhardwaj
                                                                    MBA (Insurance), IInd Year

Cafeteria                                                           Sports Facilities
Forging life-long friends, leisurely                                Developing Agile Leaders

• What you eat is what you are! A healthy mind can only             • The industry today seeks not just knowledge workers, but
                                                                       action oriented leaders who adapt to changing situations
  reside in a healthy body. We, at Amity, understand. Hence,
                                                                       with ease
  all cafeteria have menus that are designed by a team
  of professional dieticians, comprising nutritious and             • At Amity, the infrastructure has been designed with
  wholesome food to ensure a well-balanced diet                        exceptional facilities for sports as well as recreational
                                                                       activities to ensure that you are groomed to become
• Fresh fruit juices, milkshakes, ice creams sundaes and               just that
  even midnight snacks are available in these cafeteria for
                                                                    • Across campuses, Amity has top sports facilities including :
  those energy boosts
                                                                      - Horse riding        - Athletics            - Basketball
                                                                      - Boxing              - Cricket              - Volleyball
                                                                      - Shooting            - Football             - Hockey

        SEPARATE                          MODERN                         MEDICAL                          CAFETERIA MENU
        HOSTELS FOR                       SPORTS                         INSURANCE                        DESIGNED BY
        BOYS & GIRLS                      FACILITIES                     FOR STUDENTS                     PROFESSIONAL


     Reputed & Experienced Faculty

     Core Faculty
     • At Amity, the core faculty comprises distinguished                 Universities like IIT-Roorkee, and the former Vice Chairman
       academicians from the best institutions and leading                of AICTE
       professionals from the corporate world with rich                 • Not only are the faculty academically amongst the best,
       industry experience                                                but have high standards of moral and ethical values so that
     • Amity has some of the senior-most academicians as part             they can be true role models
       of the team including eleven former Vice Chancellors from

                                                                                                           P R E PA R E FO R LIF E
                                             Dr. Ajit Varma
   Director, Amity Institute of Herbal & Microbial Studies,
                  has discovered a new Fungus for which
                    Amity & NBRI have got a global patent

Visiting Faculty
Having achieved prominence in their respective fields,
the visiting faculty give the students a different insight
into the subject with the experience they have gained in
the industry. They encourage the students to look
beyond the books and explore the subject with
experiential learning.

                 I   thought one should share the knowledge gained with the students. But
                     the truth is that I have got so much back from the class. They were so
                     interactive and responsive
                                                                                      Jayshree Sunder
                                                                  Executive Director-North, Leo Burnett

       2,500                          FACULTY                      LEADING CORPORATE         FACULTY ARE
       STRONG FACULTY                 LED BY                       PROFESSIONALS AS          MENTORS AND
       IN AMITY                       11 FORMER VCs                VISITING FACULTY          ROLE MODELS


    Degrees Offered by Amity University

                                                                                                                                                           P R E PA R E FO R LIF E
                   “P              erserverance, a passion for excellence, respect for one's culture
                                   and zest for life. Amity is one of the few institutes, where this
                                   combination is available in plenty

                                                                                                         Manpreet Singh Duggal
                                                                                                          MBA, Amity Lucknow

                             GRADUATE & POST GRADUATE PROGRAMMES
    Courses by Discipline                                 Campus        Duration       Courses by Discipline                        Campus      Duration
    (Alphabetically listed)                              offered at      (Yrs.)        (Alphabetically listed)                     offered at    (Yrs.)

    ANTHROPOLOGY                                                                       EDUCATION
    • B.Sc. (Hons.) - Anthropology                             N             3         • B.EI.Ed. (Bachelor of Elementary Education)    N          4
    • M.Sc. - Anthropology                                     N             2         • ETE (Elementary Teacher Education)             N          2
                                                                                       • NTE (Nursery Teacher Education)                N          1
                                                                                       • B.Ed                                          N/L         1
    • Bachelor of Architecture                                N/L            5
                                                                                       • M.Ed                                           N          1
    • Master of Architecture                                   N             2
                                                                                       • B.Tech. - Electronics & Communication Engg.   N/L         4
    • M.Sc. - Physics                                          N             2
                                                                                       • B.Tech. - Computer Science & Engg.            N/L         4
    • M.Sc. - Chemistry                                        N             2
                                                                                       • B.Tech. - Electronics & Telecommunication      N          4
    • M.Sc. - Mathematics                                      N             2
                                                                                       • B.Tech. - IT                                  N/L         4
    BIOTECHNOLOGY                                                                      • B.Tech. - Mechanical & Automation Engg.       N/L         4
    • B.Tech. - Biotechnology                                 N/L          4           • B.Tech. - Aerospace Engg.                      N          4
    • B.Tech. - Bioinformatics                                 N           4           • M.Tech. - Computer Science & Technology        N          2
    • B.Sc. (Hons.) - Medical Biotechnology                    N           4
    • B.Sc. (Hons.) - Biotechnology                           N/L          3
                                                                                       • MFC (Master of Finance & Control)             N           2
    • Integrated M.Tech - Biotechnology                        N          5½
    • Integrated M.Sc. - Biotechnology                         N          4½           FASHION
    • MBA - Biotechnology Management                           N           2           • B.Sc. - Fashion Design & Technology           N/L         3
    • M.Sc. - Biotechnology                                    N           2
                                                                                       FINE ARTS
    • M.Sc. - Bioinformatics                                   N           2
                                                                                       • BFA                                           N/L         4
    • M.Tech. - Biotechnology                                 N/L          2
                                                                                       • BFA - Animation                                N          4
    • PG Diploma in Clinical Data Management                   N           1
                                                                                       • MFA                                           N/L         2
                                                                                       FOOD TECHNOLOGY
    • B.Com. (Hons.)                                           N             3
                                                                                       • B.Tech - Food Technology                      N           4
    • BFIA - (Bachelor of Financial & Invest. Anal.)           N             3
                                                                                       FORENSIC SCIENCE
                                                                                       • B.Sc. (Hons.) - Forensic Sciences             N           3
    • Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Comm.        N/L                         3
                                                                                       • M.Sc. - Forensic Sciences                     N           2
    • Master of Advertising & Marketing Mgmt.     N                          2
    • Master of Journalism & Mass Comm.          N/L                         2         HOSPITALITY
    • Master of Film & TV Production              N                           2        • B.Sc. - Hotel Management                      N/L         3
    • PG Diploma in PR & Event Mgmt.             N/L                         1         • MBA - Hospitality Management                   N          2
    • PG Diploma in Advertising & Marketing Mgmt. L                          1         INSURANCE & ACTUARIAL SCIENCE
    • PG Diploma in Hindi Journalism              L                          1         • MBA - Insurance                               N           2
    COMPUTER SCIENCE / IT                                                              • PG Diploma in Insurance Management            N           1
    • BCA                                     N/L                            3         • M.Sc. - Actuarial Science                     N           2
    • B.Sc. (IT)                               N                             3         • MBA - Insurance (Part Time)                   N           2
    • MCA                                     N/L                            3         LANGUAGE
    • M.Sc. (Network Technology & Management) N                              2         • B.A. (Hons.) - English                        N/L             3
    DESIGN                                                                             • B.A. (Hons.) - French                          N              3
    • B.Sc. - Interior Design                                  N             3         • B.A. (Hons.) - Spanish                         N              3
    • M.Sc. - Interior Design                                  N             3         • M.A. (Hons.) - English                         N              3

N-Noida Campus; L-Lucknow Campus •Programmes after 10+2 •Programmes after Graduation


    Total Personality Enhancement

    • At Amity, emphasis is given on not only making you                 • To help you to become an efficient team member and
      academically brilliant, but true leaders and team players,           effective leader, you will attend special classes on
      thus preparing you for the real life corporate world                 leadership, teamwork and analytical skills
    • Amity has many unique programmes like the Military                 • As a student, you will also be an active member of a
      Training Camps wherein you will imbibe the value of                  club/committee that brings about your true potential and
      discipline and a spirit of patriotism, commitment and                aptitude helping you in your future careers. Thus you can
      perseverance, by participating in various activities like            choose from various committees and clubs including.
      parasailing, trekking, shooting and many other activities
                                                                           Alumni Committee, Placement Committee, Cultural
      that test your mental and physical agility
                                                                           Committee, Debating Club, Event Management
    • To help you in personal grooming, special sessions are held          Committee, Sports Committee. Environment Committee,
      on business etiquettes, negotiation skills and effective             PR & Outreach Committee, IT Club etc.

                                                                                                                                                P R E PA R E FO R LIF E
                        ersonal growth and professional development were my key goals of
                        modern higher education. At Amity, I learnt how to think
                        analytically, lead, solve problems and communicate effectively.

                                                                                                    Anuj Dhawan
                                                                                                  B. Tech. Student

The Humane Face of an Amitian
Amity believes in not just developing achievement oriented skills but also
developing humane values in students.

This is reflected in various sports, education and cultural activities that
Amitians organise to support AMITASHA, a non-profit NGO run under the
aegis of Ritnand Balved Education Foundation, the umbrella body of Amity
                                     institutions, dedicated to education
                                     and grooming of the underprivileged
                                     girl child,

                                         For instance, Amitians organise the
                                         Amity Insurance Cricket Cup, an
                                         annual cricket tournament among the
                                         top insurance companies. The
                                         proceeds of this tournament are
                                         donated to Amitasha.

Mr. Kapil Dev, the famous cricketer,
presenting the trophy to the winner of
Amity Insurance Cricket Cup

Yoga, military training (including shooting, parasailing and other adventure sports) are an integral part of personality development at Amity

              MILITARY                         SPECIAL YOGA                    PARTICIPATION                     STRESS ON
              TRAINING                         CLASSES                         IN CLUBS &                        IMBIBING VALUES
              CAMPS                                                            COMMITTEES                        & SANSKARS


      International Study Options

    • We, at Amity, believe that studying abroad is one of the               institutions in the US, UK and Australia recognise the
      best ways to widen your horizons and enhance your maturity             credit of Amity so that the students can do a semester
      and confidence                                                         or year abroad, thereby getting an international degree
    • Thus, apart from creating truly global standard institutions in        at a fraction of the cost
      India, we have ensured that some of the leading

              D        elighted and impressed by the high standard of students.
                                                                                                           Dr. Fred Burke,
                                                                                                  University of Cambridge

                                                                                                                                  P R E PA R E FO R LIF E
University of East London     University of the West of England            University of Waikato            Purdue University

                      Students can go to top
                      global Universities like                         Global recognition
                                                                       for quality
                                                                       • In December 2003, Amity became the first education
                                                                          group in the country to be certified with the highest
                                                                          ISO 9001-14001 Quality Award by AQSR of USA

              GLOBAL ACCEPTABILITY                   PARTNER OF QUALCOMM                           REGIONAL NETWORKING
              OF AMITY CREDITS                       ACADEMY, USA                                  ACADEMY OF CISCO, USA


    Events and Activities

    Amitians have come out with flying colours, winning                  INTERNATIONAL MOOT COURT COMPETITION
    competitions in theatre, debates, sports and many other intra
                                                                         Himanshu Dodeja and Ashish Mohan, law students, were
    and inter-institute festivals and events.                            selected in the national rounds for participating in the Stetson
    A few cases in point are :                                           International Environmental Moot Court Competition and
                                                                         Philip C. Jessup Moot Court Competition in the USA.
    CHAOS Festival at IIM Ahmedabad                                      CNBC TV 18 COMPETITION
    Amity was declared the winning team in this prestigious
                                                                         Management students, Saurabh Chauhan, Akshay Bhagotra,
    festival hosted by IIM Ahmedabad.                                    Nipun Jain and Payal Garg, beat Bennett & Coleman and
    CNN YOUNG JOURNALIST AWARD                                           Wipro in the 'The Challenge' a Quiz Competition among
                                                                         institutions and corporates in a televised show on CNBC.
    Rahul Aggarwal, an alumnus of Journalism, was adjudged the           Sonia Tandon and Udya Goyal emerged as runners up
    winner of the ''CNN Young Journalist Award'' for his story           in 'Trial by Fire', a strategy competition among India's top
    ''Dead Man Walking''.                                                B- Schools, defeating IIM-Lucknow, IIM-Indore & XLRI.

                                                                                                                              P R E PA R E FO R LIF E
                     The winners at Sangathan-Amity's Annual Sports Meet with Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Founder President, RBEF

Amitians have also organised some of the most           interface for panel discussions, seminars etc.,
sought after events including intra and inter-          besides interesting interactive sessions like IT Quiz,
institute festivals, contests and competitions.         Clue 18, Coding, Debugging etc.
Some of these are :
                                                        THE BIG PICTURE
ACUMEN                                                  This annual inter-institute competition organized by
Amity was host to this event organized by Business      students of Advertising and Journalism was a major
Today and Standard Chartered wherein over 70            draw among all participating teams representing
institutions participated from across the country.      various colleges.
TALENT                                                  SANGATHAN
This is an inter-institute Talent Competition where
                                                        Organised to celebrate Founder's Day, which is
B.Schools from across the country including
                                                        Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan's birthday, this is an inter-
IIM Ahmedabad, FMS, IIM-Lucknow participated in
                                                        Amity Institution Sports event that propagates the
various innovative competitions.
                                                        spirit of camaraderie among all Amitians.
The first-of-its-kind All India Undergraduate
Management Festival organized by Amity, AURA            The highlight of this annual event organized by
provides a perfect setting for myriad management        management students for Corporate Professionals,
games among contesting teams from colleges              Academicians and students, was the Quiz
across the country.                                     Competition anchored by Derek O'Brien. The other
                                                        innovative programmes included the Case Study
CYBUS                                                   Competition, Business Plan Competition, Quality
A national IT meet organized by IT students,            Practices Contest etc.
it provides a perfect platform for industry-institute

                                   Amitians hosting and emerging winners in various Inter / Intra Institute events


    Forging Lifelong Friendships

    • Attending university is not only about studying and                 • Making good friends is important in life. Amity has a
      developing yourself, but also about developing a network              rigorous entrance screening procedure, wherein on
      of lifelong friends                                                   average only 1 out of 30 students is selected to join, thus
                                                                            ensuring that only the most talented students are a part of
    • As an Amitian, you will have an edge over students of other
                                                                            the Amity family. In such a cosmopolitan environment,
      institutions. Since Amity has students pursuing diverse
      programmes, you are sure to make lifelong friends who will            wavelengths are sure to match
      be future CEOs, engineers, lawyers, advertising, IT and many
      other professionals

                                                                                                                                     P R E PA R E FO R LIF E
                   ne of the many advantages of being an Amity alumni is that today
                   wherever I go, we have Amitians in virtually every organisation. Thus
                   doing business becomes so much easier

                                                                                        Dhinendra Lohmor
                                                                              Vice President, Yes Bank Ltd.
                                                                              Alumni PGDM, Class of 1997

The right support system and personalized attention
Unique Mentor-Mentee Concept

• During this critical phase of life, young students need lot of          Industry Mentor, an Alumni Mentor, a Parent Mentor and a
   care and support. That's why we have created a unique                  Faculty Mentor to provide sound counselling on their
   Mentor Mentee System that ensures a constant                           academic and career concerns
   interaction between the faculty and students
                                                                        • Besides, the Amity counsellors trained in USA and
• A faculty member is assigned to a group of 5-6 students to              at NIMHANS, are always there as true friends
   counsel them on their academic and personal concerns                   and confidantes, to solve your personal / emotional
• In many Amity institutions, every student is assigned an

            he visit to this great institute brought deep conviction in our prophetic dreams:
            1. India's spiritual culture will lead world education.
            2. The world will come to have the best education in Amity, catering the best of
            western science and Indian spiritual culture.
                                                                          Swamiji Jitatmananda,
                                                      Head-Rajkot Centre, Ramakrishan Mission

      UNIQUE                               FRIENDLY                       LIFELONG                       THOUSANDS OF
      MENTOR-MENTEE                        COUNSELLORS                    FRIENDSHIPS                    AMITY ALUMNI
      CONCEPT                                                             WITH STUDENTS                  ALL OVER THE WORLD
                                                                          ACROSS STREAMS


    Scholarships & Education Loans

    Education loans                                                      Scholarships
    Today, most banks are offering education loans to students on        • At Amity, over the years, we have given hundreds of
    attractive terms. Still, at Amity, we have tied up with some            scholarships to talented students from all across the
    reputed banks to offer you educational loans that have the              country. These scholarships have been initiated to
    following benefits :                                                    encourage the talents of meritorious students, thereby
    - Quicker processing                                                    strengthening the roots of our future generation
    - Concession on rate of interest                                     • Scholarships are awarded in recognition of achievement in
    - Easy repayment options                                                areas of relevance to the study programmes
    For details you can visit our website

                                                                                                                       P R E PA R E FO R LIF E
         Dr. R. A. Mashelkar, Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan & Mr. Atul Chauhan alongwith
         some of the over 100 B.Tech. students who received a 100% scholarship

Amity Scholarships
For Graduate Programmes                                      For Post Graduate Programmes
Scholarships are awarded based on CBSE/ICSE XII Board        Scholarships are awarded based on Class XII Board and
results as under:                                            Graduation results as under:
For Noida Campus :                                           For Noida Campus :
   • 100% scholarship to students securing 93%                  • 100% scholarship for students securing 93%
     aggregate and above                                          aggregate and above in class XII and 75% aggregate
                                                                  in Graduation
   • 50% scholarship to students securing 88%
     aggregate and above                                        • 50% scholarship for students securing 88%
                                                                  aggregate and above in class XII and 75% aggregate
For Lucknow Campus :                                              in Graduation
  • 100% scholarship to students securing 90%                For Lucknow Campus :
    aggregate and above
                                                                • 100% scholarship for students securing 90%
  • 50% scholarship to students securing 85%                      aggregate and above in class XII and 75% aggregate
    aggregate and above                                           in Graduation

  • 25% scholarship to students securing 70%                    • 50% scholarship for students securing 85%
    aggregate and above                                           aggregate and above in class XII and 75% aggregate
                                                                  in Graduation

Detailed information on scholarships is available at

              TIE UPS WITH REPUTED BANKS                                 NUMEROUS SCHOLARSHIPS
              FOR EASY LOANS                                             FOR MERITORIOUS STUDENTS


     Regular Industry Institute Interaction

     • At Amity, we have more interaction with the corporate             • This regular interaction helps students to apply their
       world than any other institution-one of the reasons why we          theoretical knowledge to real life corporate situations
       are consistently ranked at the top
                                                                         • Besides regular Management Development Programmes
     • The Corporate Resource Centre acts as an interface                  (MDPs), Seminars, Consultancy, Quiz Contests, Research
       between the students, faculty and the corporate world to            & Resource Sharing, the Centre organizes the following
       initiate continuous interaction with the industry, sharing          specific programmes
       the industry experiences, understanding industry needs
       and providing the required support to the corporate world

                                                                                                                                                                            P R E PA R E FO R LIF E
                       t Amity, a number of innovative programmes and initiatives such as Mentoring
                       Programme, interaction with domain experts from India and abroad broaden the
                       perspectives of the students. Indeed a great step in breeding a new generation of
                       professionals with brand new thinking, aspirations and attitude
                                                                                         Sanjay Bhasin
                                                                         Director-Business Development
                                                                                            Nokia India

       CEOs FORUM
       Corporate Mind Sharing
       • In this forum, 3 to 4 CEOs from diversified industry
         sectors are invited to speak and interact with students
         on specific topics
       • Over 500 CEOs have already visited the campus for
         these forums

       Interacting with Corporate Leaders
       • As a truly unique experience, Amity invites top CEOs to dine
         with a group of 9-10 students
       • Students not only overcome the anxieties of interacting with
         a leading personality, but also develop close friendship with
         a mentor for life

       Getting an insight into the real life corporate world
       • Students are paired with a corporate professional based on
         their area of interest and specialization                                                                          Amitians getting a first hand
       • They are provided with the insights and experience deemed                                                        account of the corporate world as
                                                                                                                              part of CEO Dinner Series
         essential to face the corporate realities. They
         are also given advice on how to succeed in their
         chosen profession

 Mr. Sanjeev Bhikchandani,      Mr. Rajeev Karwal, CEO & MD, Electrolux Kelvinator at the        Mr. Madhur Bajaj, VC, Bajaj Auto Ltd.         Mr. Aseem Chauhan chairing addressing               conclusion of the Mentoring Programme                    being felicitated by Mr. Atul Chauhan         a session on Bioinfomatics
students during CEO's Forum

                              INTENSIVE                                          OVER 1,200 CEOS                                         CORPORATE
                              INDUSTRY                                           HAVE VISITED                                            PROFESSIONALS
                              INTERACTION                                        AMITY CAMPUSES                                          ALSO ACT AS


     Regular Industry Institute Interaction

             W       hat Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan has done in a short span of 9 years, if there
                     are some 8 - 10 more Dr. Chauhan's, there is no reason why our country
                     could not be member of league of advanced world countries I wish
                     great future to Amity Institutions

                                                               Dr. Brij Mohan Lall Munjal
                                                           Chairman & Managing Director
                                                                  Hero Honda Motors Ltd.

                                                                                                                             P R E PA R E FO R LIF E
SEMINARS AND CONFERENCES                                                Facing Page
                                                                        Dr. B. M. Lall Munjal, Chairman, Hero Honda
                                                                        Motors Ltd., addressing the audience
Exchanging business perspectives                                        while Mr. Hemant Sachdev, Corporate
                                                                        Director-Marketing, Bharti Televentures and
• Pragmatism in business thought has always been at the core of the     Mr. Sunil Arora, Chairman, India Airlines, look on
                                                                        Top strip
   learning process at Amity. Students are quick to grasp important
                                                                        Mr. Stuart Purdy, CEO Aviva Life Insurance giving
   theories when they come from leading corporate personalities         a speech at Amity School of Insurance & Actuarial
                                                                        Science as Chief Guest
                                                                        Mr. Rohtash Mal, CEO, Bharti Infotel Ltd. during
                                                                        annual management festival - TRENDS '05
• Amity has been actively involved in organising and being academic
                                                                        Mr. Gopal Krishnan, Executive Director, Tata Sons
   partner to over 300 international and national seminars and          addressing the audience at TRENDS
                                                                        Bottom strip 1
   conferences wherein the students and faculty have got a first hand
                                                                        Dr. Santrupt Misra, Director, Aditya Birla Group
   account of prevalent corporate practices and industry trends         addressing students at TATVA '05
                                                                        Mr. Sushanto Roy, Chief, Media & Entertainment,
                                                                        Sahara, addressing the gathering
                                                                        Mr. S. S. Bhartia, Chairman, Jubiliant Organosys
                                                                        sharing his corporate insights
                                                                        Bottom strip 2
                                                                        Dr. Surinder Kapur, Chairman & MD, Sona Koyo
                                                                        Steering Systems Ltd. receiving Amity Leadership
                                                                        Award for Quality Excellence from Dr. Farooq
                                                                        Abdullah, MP and Former Chief Minister, J & K
                                                                        Mr. A. Sudhakar, VP (HR), Dabur India at the
                                                                        International HR Summit
                                                                        Mr. Ashok Trivedi, Chairman, iGate Corporation,
                                                                        delivering a speech to students


     Regular Industry Institute Interaction

                              xcellent faculty and a high level of students. Very
                              Commendable Enterprise

                                                            Saurabh Srivastava
                                                            Executive Chairman
                                                               Xansa India Ltd.

                                                                                                           P R E PA R E FO R LIF E
I am very impressed by the initiative           Facing Page
taken by Amity. The interaction with            Mr. Saurabh Srivastava, Executive Chairman,
                                                Xansa speaking at a Corporate Meet
industry is really creditable                   Top strip
             Mr. K. H. Khan, Member,            Mr. Shankar Bali, VP-Marketing & Sales, Hutch, receiving
                                                the Amity Leadership Award from the Chief Guest
 Telecom Commission, Sanchar Bhawan
                                                Mr. Dalip Verma, CEO, Tata AIG General Insurance
                                                giving insights on insurance at ASIAS
                                                Mr. Kapil Sibal, H'nble Minister for Science &
Very bright students. Enjoyed talking           Technology, addressing a Nanotechnology seminar
to them                                         at Amity
                         Mr. RS Sirohi,         Bottom strip 1
                     Director, IIT Delhi        Mr. Shantanu Banerjee, Chief HR Officer, Bharti
                                                Infotel Ltd. addressing the Global Leadership Summit
                                                Mr. Shivendra Singh, ED, Fortis Healthcare, shares
An enlightening experience. A lot of            his viewpoints at TRENDS
things happening at Amity are truly what        Mr. Sanjay Bhasin, Head Nokia addressing the
                                                Amitians at a Corporate Meet
India needs
                                                Bottom strip 2
                        Claude Smadja
                                                Mr. Binay Roy Choudhary, Vice President,
                                                Whirlpool Asia operations giving a talk on
                                                Expectations in the New World
                                                Shri Amar Singh, MP giving an award to
                                                Mr. Satish Kaura, CEO, Samtel in the presence of
                                                Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan and Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Chauhan
                                                Mr. Jagdeep Khandpur, Director HR, Bharti
                                                Enterprises, addressing the audience


      Amity Awards-Honouring stalwarts
            of the corporate world

      Amity Leadership Awards
      So that the corporate leaders of today can inspire the corporate leaders of tomorrow

      • These awards are in recognition of the exemplary                    • The first Amity Leadership were conferred on
        leadership qualities through which the corporate leaders of           Shri Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman Aditya
        today have steered their corporates to achieve new                    Birla Group, for Excellence in Business and on
        heights of excellence. It is an effort by Amity to encourage          Shri K. V. Kamath, MD & CEO, ICICI for Corporate
        the leaders of tomorrow to tread on the same path on                  Excellence. In a glittering function, held in Mumbai, the
        which the leaders of today have walked, achieving                     awards were given away by Tom Peters, the internationally
        excellence on the way                                                 renowned Management Guru

                                                                                                                                   P R E PA R E FO R LIF E
    Amity Awards conferred on Corporate Luminaries
    Amity has honoured many corporate stalwarts in recognition of their achievement
    in various sectors of the corporate world. Some of them are:
    Amity Business Leadership Award           Amity Leadership Award for                Amity Corporate Excellence
    Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla                  Business Excellence                       Award
    Chairman, Aditya Birla Group              Mr. S. S. Bhartia                         Mr. Ramesh Adige
                                              Chairman, Jubillant Organosys Ltd.        Executive Director,
    Amity Corporate Leadership Award                                                    Ranbaxy Laboratories
                                              Amity Leadership Award for
    Mr. K. V. Kamath                          Manufacturing Excellence                  Mr. L. Ravichandran
    MD & CEO, ICICI Bank                                                                COO, Perot Systems
                                              Mr. Deepak Puri
                                              Managing Director & CEO,
    Amity Leadership Award of the             Moser Baer (India) Ltd.                   Mr. Asoke K. Laha,
    Century for Technology Innovation                                                   President & MD, Interra IT Inc.
                                              Mr. Satish Kaura
    Mr. Irwin Mark Jacobs                     CMD, Samtel                               Mr. Naresh Gupta
    CEO, Qualcomm Inc.                                                                  Managing Director,
                                              Amity Leadership Award for                Adobe Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
    Amity Leadership Award for Life-time      Breakthrough Success
    Achievement                               Mr. Sunil Arora                           Mr. Ajay Lavakare
                                              Chairman & MD, Indian Airlines Ltd.       CEO and Co-Founder, RMSI
    Dr. B. M. Lall Munjal
    Chairman, Hero Honda Motors Ltd.          Amity Leadership Award for                Mr. Raman Roy
                                              Excellence in Corporate Governance        President & CEO, Wipro Spectramind
    Amity Global Leadership Award             Mr. C. P. Jain                            Mr. T. K. Banerjee
    Mr. Subrata Roy                           Chairman & Managing Director,             President & CEO,
    CEO, Sahara Group                         National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd.   Haier Appliances (India) Pvt. Ltd.
    Mr. V. Kurien                             Mr. Shubhendu Amitabh
    Chairman, GCMMF (Amul)                    Group President, Corporate Affair,        Mr. Rohit Chand
                                              Aditya Birla Group of Companies           Executive Chairman, IT & T Ltd.
    Mr. Ramachandran
    Chairman, Indian Oil Corp. Ltd.           Amity Leadership Award for
    Mr. Subir Raha                            Excellence in Brand Management            Amity Export Excellence
    Chairman, ONGC                            Mr. Hemant Sachdev                        Award
    Mr. Yogendra Prasad                       Corporate Director-Marketing,             Mr. Sudhir Dhingra
    CMD, NHPC                                 Bharti Televentures                       CMD, Orient Craft Limited

        Mr. Sunil Arora, Chairman,             Motivational Guru Dr. Shiv Khera,          Mr. S. S. Bhartia, Chairman, Jubiliant Organosys,
Indian Airlines, accepting Amity Leadership     accepts his Leadership Award                     accepting Amity Leadership Award
     Award for Breakthrough Success                                                                   for Business Excellence


     Regular interaction with
      International Gurus

              To create a forum for discussion, knowledge and idea sharing among the Indian corporate world and
              Amitians, Amity has facilitated interaction with more international experts than any other institution.
              Some of them are listed here:

                             Tom Peters                                                            Kenichi Ohmae
                             Management Thought Leader                                             Strategic Management Guru

                                                                                            PREPARE FOR LIFE
    can capture my experience at Amity in just these words. Among a
    handful & truly great and utterly unforgettable experiences of my life.
    Beyond thanks
                                                           Harry Beckwith
                                              Experiential Marketing Guru

             Steven Covey
             Author -7 Habits of Highly                       Philip Kotler
             Effective People                                 Marketing Management Guru

             Dr. Robert Kaplan
             Prof. Harvard Business School                   Edward De Bono
             Co-founder of Balanced Score Card               Lateral Thinking Guru

             David Norton                                     Harry Beckwith
             Co-founder - Balanced Scorecard                  Experiential Marketing Guru

             Sir John Frazer Robinson                         Ms. Patricia B. Seybold
             Direct Marketing Guru                            CRM Guru


   Recruitments at Amity

    The passing out students of Management with winning smiles for the shutterbugs

    At Amity, a dedicated Corporate Resource Centre ensures the right placement for each
    student and everything we do is focussed towards this.

    Some of the corporates where Amitians are working are :
    ABN Amro                  Amway India Ltd.              Bajaj Allianz            BNP Paribas
    ACC                       Apollo Tyres Ltd.             Bennett & Coleman        BPL
    Adobe Systems             AT&T                          Bharti Enterprises       British Airways
    Alcatel                   Aviva Life                    Birla Sunlife            Business Standard
    American Express          Baan Infosystems India        Blue Star                Canon India Ltd.

                                                                                                          P R E PA R E FO R LIF E
                       t Amity, the placements are amazing. So many companies come to
                       campus.Thanks to Amity, I am getting a starting salary of 9 lac per
                       annum. Amity has made my dreams come true
                                                                            Rohit Sharma
                                                                                 MBA - IB

Citibank                                    IBM                               Philips India Limited
Citicorp                                    ICICI Bank                        Price Waterhouse Coopers
CMC Ltd.                                    ICICI Lombard                     Punj Lloyd Ltd.
Coca Cola                                   ICICI Prudential Ltd.             QAI India Ltd.
CII                                         IFB Industries Ltd.               Ranbaxy
Dabur India Ltd.                            IFFCO-TOKIO General Insurance     Raymond Synthetics
DCM Benetton India                          India Bulls                       Rediffusion DY & R
DLF Ltd.                                    India Today Group                 Reliance Industries
                                                                              Reliance Telecom
DSP Merril Lynch                            Indian Express
                                                                              Royal Sundaram Finance
Duncans Industries                          Infosys Technologies
Ernst & Young                               ITC Hotels
                                                                              Saatchi & Saatchi
Escorts Group                               JCB
                                                                              Samsung India Ltd.
ESPN Sports                                 Jindal Strips & Power Ltd.
                                                                              SBI Life
FCB Ulka                                    Johnson & Johnson
                                                                              Scotia Bank
Fedders Lloyd                               Jubilant Organosys                Siel Limited
Frito-Lay India Ltd.                        Kimberly Clark                    Siemens
GE Capital                                  LG Electronics                    Sony India
GE Countrywide                              L'Oreal                           Spice Telecom
Gillette India Ltd.                         LML Limited                       Standard Chartered Bank
Glaxo SmithKline Beecham                    Lowe                              Star India Pvt. Ltd.
Godfrey Philips India Ltd.                  Lupin Lab Ltd.                    Sundaram Calyton Ltd.
Goodyear India                              Luxor Parker                      Systems America
Grand Hyatt Hotel                           Max New York Life Insurance       Taj Hotel
Grasim Industries                           McCann Erickson                   Tata Chemicals Ltd.
HCL Comnet                                  Mckinsey & Co.                    Tata Consultancy Services
HCL Group                                   Mercedes Benz                     Tata Infotech
HDFC Bank Ltd.                              Metlife India Insurance           Tata Power (NDPL)
                                                                              Tata AIG Life
Hero Corp Services Ltd.                     Microsoft India
Hewitt                                      Modi Revlon
Hewlett Packard                             Morgan Stanley
                                                                              Times of India
Himachal Futuristic Comm. Ltd.              Motorola
                                                                              TVS Motors
Hindustan Thompson Associates               Nestle
                                                                              UTI Bank
Hindustan Times                             New Holland Tractors
                                                                              Vardhman Group
Holiday Inn Worldwide                       NIIT Ltd.                         Wipro
Honda Motors                                Nokia                             Wockhardt Ltd.
Honda Scooters                              Ogilvy & Mather                   Xansa India Ltd.
HSBC                                        Pantaloon Retail                  Zee Telefilms Ltd.
Hughes Software Systems                     Parle India Ltd.
Hutchison Essar                             Pepsi Co.                         ...and many others




    Amity has one of the most advanced, websites which has won           • An advanced section for Amity Alumni where they can stay in
    many awards.                                                           touch with each other and get other benefits.
    Some of the hi-tech features that few other websites of              • Hi-tech Online Recruitment System where corporates can do
    educational institutes provide are :                                   advanced searches for their requirements.
    • Live Online counselling : You can chat online with our warm        • A dedicated section for the Corporate world on how they can
      and friendly counsellors to get career and course related
                                                                           be a part of industry interaction with Amity.
                                                                         • Online Admission Tracking System where students can keep
    • 360 degree views of the Amity Campus that will give you a
                                                                           a track at every step through their entire admission process.
      feling of standing in the campus itself.
    • Career Aptitude Test where students can take this test and         • A popular Quiz Portal where thousands of visitors participate
      in 4 minutes, they can know which career / course suits              in various quiz contests and win prizes.
      their personality and aptitude the best.


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