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									XJJ Customs Brokerage and Forwarders, Inc. Proposed Plans and Programs For the Year 2005 Objective To develop and maintain a more professionalized and efficient policies and procedures for all aspects of company operation as well as to standardize/simplify activities and facilitate sufficient monitoring and control II. Scope This plan covers areas of administration, finance, operations and information technology III. Administrative A. Organizational Chart Update of existing organizational and positional charts to include latest personnel movements B. Employee 201 File Creation of a permanent file to include all pertinent matters on a per employee basis, to wit: personal data sheet, employment history, evaluation results, disciplinary actions, if any C. Job Descriptions Review and rewriting, if necessary, of job descriptions for each position/level, and compilation of the same for reference purposes D. Personnel Discipline Review and modification, if necessary, of the existing personnel discipline policies and procedures E. Performance Appraisal Development and documentation of policies and procedures concerning periodic employee performance evaluation F. Records Management Development of an efficient records management and archiving system for the administrative, finance and operations group for easy tracking and retrieval G. Property Management Development of efficient policies and procedures for requisition, acquisition, safekeeping, issuance and monitoring of office supplies and equipments I. IV. Documentation of Operating Policies and Procedures in consultation with Operations Managers V. Documentation of Accounting and Financial Policies and Procedures in consultation with Accounting and Finance Managers VI. Information Technology A. Automation of major business and support processes      Operations Monitoring Billing System Accounting System Personnel Information System Payroll System G. Internet   Development and maintenance of Internal email system

Maintenance of Internet web site and email system H. Employee education Regular user trainings/orientation on software applications VII. Requirements A. Desktop PC (provided) B. Licensed Software     Microsoft Windows Microsoft Office Microsoft FrontPage Microsoft Project 

 Vehicle Utilization Monitoring System B. Software Standardization Use of same applications to improve data sharing and communication C. Licensing Issues Management of licenses for applications used to avoid future IPR issues D. Network Setup Review, documentation and maintenance of existing network setup to maximize use of current IT facilities E. Setting-Up of IT Library Setting up of a centralized repository of installation disks, CD’s, manuals, reference materials, etc. to facilitate more efficient control F. Virus Management  Acquisition and installation of updated virus management tool and subscription antivirus tools vendors via internet for regular update of virus pattern files Employee education on the types, prevalence and effects of computer viruses

 Virus Management Tool C. Filing cabinet for the following:    Policies and procedures Personnel records Books and reference materials

 CD’s and disks D. Subscription to at least one IT Magazine (pref. PC World) E. Internet access    Modem Telephone Line Internet Account

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Arnold Tolentino Administration Manager

Juanito C. Inojales President/Gen. Manager

Arn Tolentino

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5 June 2009

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