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Medical Billing Company, Medical Billing Services Company


USA Medical Billing Company - One of the foremost medical billing companies to offer a range of services to meet your needs. HIPAA medical billing company.

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									Medical Billing Company

Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Outsource Strategies International
(OSI) is a leading medical billing company offering medical billing
outsourcing solutions for healthcare professionals across the US. We provide
quality-controlled medical billing services to a comprehensive range of
clients including individual physicians, multi specialty groups, hospitals,
free standing diagnostic facilities, long term care facilities, and acute care

With our dedicated teams and proven expertise, we can help you in all
aspects of the billing cycle from patient demographic entry to AR
collections. We make use of the latest technology to get your medical billing
claims processed quickly.

Our Medical Billing Services Cover
   •   Patient enrollment
   •   Insurance enrollment
   •   Scheduling
   •   Insurance verification
   •   Insurance authorizations
   •   Coding
   •   Billing and reconciling of accounts
   •   Collections
   •   AR collections

By entrusting your medical billing needs to OSI, you can resolve your
billing errors, increase reimbursements, eliminate added expenses, and focus
on providing better patient care and expanding your practice.
Our Service Highlights
   •   Regular QA checking with readily available reports for the client
   •   Weekly meetings to discuss progress and go over reports
   •   Efficient processing of claims
   •   Quicker reimbursements with the help of our web-based software
   •   Bi-weekly telephone meeting, monthly meeting and video
       conferencing to evaluate the progress of your claims
   •   Free trial
   •   24-hour customer support service

If you have any further queries about our medical billing services, please
call our toll free number 1-800-670-2809.

Official Website: http://www.outsourcestrategies.com

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