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					                                               James J. Phelan III
      4902 Berkeley Oak Circle ● Norcross, GA 30092 ● Cell: (404) 805-7380 ● E-Mail:
                                   ● Linked-In:
Senior Sales Leader experienced in Equipment Sales and Lease Financing. Proven ability to Supervise Sales Production,
Lead New Business Development Projects and maintains excellent Client Relations with all levels of management.

                                                                  Major/National Account Business Development (BD)
     20 + Years of Sales Management
                                                                  Sales Effectiveness (CRM Implementation/Process
     Program Management (National Account Level)
Marlin Leasing, Norcross, GA, August 2005 to Present
Marlin Leasing (NASDAQ: MRLN) is a leader in the equipment leasing industry, specializing in providing small-ticket (up to
$250,000) lease financing options to small businesses. We focus on serving the small business segment through
personalized service, easy documentation and fast application processing.

    Director of Strategic Business Development, January 2007 to Present
    Created 1 Middle-Ticket Leasing Program at Marlin Leasing. Lead one (1) Business Development Manager and
    supported 70 + Sales Reps at six (6) Branch locations in order to “Close” Over $50K Transactions. In addition, lead
    Cross-Functional Team to re-design Marlin’s CRM System based on Sales 2.0 Methodologies: Segmented Database,
    Balance Sales Rep Portfolios, cleaned-up database, simplified CRM Interface, created New Prospecting Interface.
    Selected to be Marlin's 1st Sales Effectiveness Leader.
     Volume (Ave. Ticket: $50,000/Yield: 13.14%):
       - 2007 Volume: $21,997,016
       - 2008 Volume: $15,349,569
     Developed New Special Funding Program to help increase volume.
     Developed multiple Sales Campaigns in Goldmine (CRM System) to promote Up-Selling and Cross-Selling at Dealer
    Sales Effectiveness (Sales 2.0):
     Created & Rolled-Out Company/Branch Campaign Plan/Process for Goldmine.
     Implemented Sales Pipeline Process & Dashboard Reporting System.
     Rolled-Out WebEx (Online) Meeting/Presentation Tool to Branch Sales Leaders.
     Created comprehensive Sales-Training Program, including Sales Training Manual and Policies and Procedures for all
       aspects of Sales Cycle Training.
     Automated Sales Process. Implemented Bi-Monthly Sales Funnel Review (Dealers/End-Users)
     Standardized the distribution of Leads in Goldmine.
     Developed Integrated National Accounts and Inside Sales Campaign Process.

    Director of Sales, Southeast Division, August 2005 to December 2006

    Directed the activities of an Inside/Outside Sales Force (13 + Sales Representatives). Maintained open avenues of
    communication through clear Job Descriptions and provided regular Communication.
     2006 Volume ($): $45,749,149 (Ave. Ticket: $5,000/Yield: 14.65%)
     Consistently over 100% of Quota.
     Developed & implemented effective Sales Strategies that achieved targeted marketing objectives.
     Conceived, Developed and Implemented new Sales Campaigns to accelerate Volume Goals
     Built new Sales Tools/Programs to identify Sales Opportunities & increase Profitability.
     Implemented Comprehensive Sales Training Program.
                                                                                           James J. Phelan III, Page Two

General Electric, August 1998 to July 2005
GE (NYSE: GE) is a diversified technology, media and financial services company dedicated to creating products that
make life better.

 Trailer Fleet Services (TFS), Wayne, PA, January 2003 to July 2005

 GE's Trailer Fleet Services business has 130,000 over-the-road trailer assets, and operates a North American network of
 100 branch locations, staffed by a sales & operations team of 900 employees. TFS provided data and information to
 manage every aspect of their Customer’s Trailer Fleets; from maintenance costs, to asset utilization, to remarketing

   Relationship Manager, United States Postal Service (USPS), Moorestown, NJ, November 2003 to July 2005

   Managed TFS’ largest National Account (# of Trailers: 6,500 / Annual Revenue: $27+ MM Per/Year). Supervised the
   100 + Mechanics assigned to the USPS Program.
    Renewed MTESC Contract (950 Trailers) for Six (6) Years.
    Added 300 + Trailer to NTL Contract in 2005.
    Developed new USPS Damage Process in order to reduce expenditure on Tires & Trailer Repairs.
    Effectively restored profitability to USPS Program.
    Created new Pricing Model, Reporting Package (Compliance + Maintenance) & Remarketing Program for USPS.
    Strong working knowledge of the Trailer & Tire Maintenance Cycle.

   Territory Sales Manager (TSM), Edison, NJ, January 2003 to October 2003

   Responsible for selling new & used trailers, renewing leases contracts & providing maintenance on 100+ Trailer
    Sold 250 + Used Trailers.

 GE Commercial Finance, Moberly, MO, August 1998 to December 2002

 GE Commercial Finance offers business customers an array of financial products and services. With lending products,
 growth capital, revolving lines of credit, equipment leasing of every kind, cash flow program, asset financing and more,
 GE Commercial Finance plays a key role for client businesses in over 35 countries.

   Regional Sales Manager (RSM), Moberly, MO, January 2002 to December 2002

   Pursued Large IT Dealers/VAR’s capable of doing Lease Transactions greater than $500K. Primary Focus:
   Commercial & Municipal Accounts. Lease Volume generated in both End-Users and Dealers/VAR Channels.
    Consistently over 100%.
    Closed several $1 MM + Computer/Printer Transactions.
    Largest transaction closed in 2002: $3.6 MM
    Setup Cross-Functional Teams to “win” several Requests for Proposals (RFP).

   Sales Effectiveness Leader, Moberly, MO, July 1999 to December 2001

   Lead the Cross-Functional Team to standardize on one Sales Process for all Inside/Outside Sales Reps, Managers &
   National Account Managers. “Acting” National Sales Manager (NSM) for 13 Inside Sales Reps.
    Created One Sales Language & Process for entire Sales Force.
    Implemented Miller Heiman’s Strategic Selling (SS), Conceptual Selling (CS) & Large Account Management
      Process (LAMP).
    Developed new Hunter /Farmer System at GE Commercial Finance to increase Major/National Account Sales
      Production at EFS.
    Re-designed Siebel® Interface to support National Account, Dealer/Reseller & End-User Sales Strategy.
    Implemented new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System (Siebel®) for 300 + Sales Support, Sales
      Representatives and Managers in order to increase productivity.
    Developed the Content & Agenda for six (6) National Sales Meetings.
    Created “standardized” New Hire Process, Sales Rep Training Program & Marketing Material.
                                                                                          James J. Phelan III, Page Three

   National Sales Manager (NSM), Moberly, MO, January 1999 to June 1999

   Created a Sales Team to “close” High Volume Dealers doing greater than $1 MM + per/month. The Business
   Development Managers (BDM) helped the Regional Sales Manager (RSM) “close” the Large Dealers in their individual

      Lead a team of four (4) Business Development Managers (BDM).
      Focused on Copier, Fax, Computer & Telephone Markets.
      The team signed-up 20 + Dealer Programs in 1999.

   Business Development Manager, Moberly, MO, August 1998 to December 1998

   Created Hunter/Farmer Process to “Close” High Volume Dealers doing greater than $1 MM + per/month.
    Closed $10 MM in New Dealer Lease Volume in four (4) months.

De Lage Landen (DLL) Berwyn, PA (Formerly Tokai Financial Services, Inc.)
DLL is a global provider of leasing, business and consumer finance solutions, including vendor finance and factoring. Our
asset-based financing programs help our customers grow market share, enhance profitability and achieve strategic goals.

 Manager, New Business Development, September 1996 to July 1998

 Solicit National Account that could generate $20 MM + in new lease volume. Responsible for the entire sales cycle:
 Market Research, Prospecting, Fact-Finding Presentations, Prospect Visits, “Closing” Presentations, Program
 Agreement Negotiations, and Rollout/Kick-Off.
  Closed $33 MM in new business in 1997.
  President Club Winner.
  Specialize in the Computer, Copier and Telecommunication Industries.

Advanta Business Services (ABS) Corporation, Voorhees, NJ
ABS was a leader in the equipment leasing industry, specializing in providing small-ticket (up to $150,000) lease financing
options to small businesses. Advanta focused on serving the small business segment through personalized service, easy
documentation and fast application processing.

 National Account Sales Manager, Voorhees, NJ January 1994 to July 1996

 Directed the activities of an Inside/Outside Sales Force (15 Sales Representatives). Motivated, routed and monitored the
 staff efforts of the Direct Customer Marketing (DCM) Group and New Business Development Group (Training Team).
  Established incentive systems for surpassing set quotas.
  Heavy experience in hiring, training and motivating successful salesmen in new market development, advertising and
  Opened and developed Major Accounts that produced $2 million per/month.
  Implemented new “Contact Management” (TeleMagic®) System in order to increase productivity.
  Increased the Training Team’s Prospecting Calls from 30 to 65+ calls per/day.
  Trained 90+ Sales Representatives “how to use” the HP-17B Financial Calculator to structure lease transactions.

Canon Financial Services (CFS), Inc., Burlington, New Jersey
Canon Financial Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A. Canon U.S.A., Inc., is a leading provider of
consumer, business-to-business, and industrial digital imaging solutions. CFS is committed to supporting the sale of
Canon product and offers many specialized programs and promotions aimed at introducing new products and increasing
Canon penetration in the marketplace.

 Sales Manager, Burlington, New Jersey, March 1991 to December 1993

 Supervised the activities of four (4) Outside & two (2) Inside Sales Representatives. The team targeted both Canon &
 Non-Canon (Computers & Printers) Equipment.
  The team exceeded all Volume & Profitability Goals in 1 year of existence. CFS was a start-up in 1991.

  Consistently over 100% of Quota.
  Created and managed CFS’ Municipal/Federal Leasing Program.
                                                                                         James J. Phelan III, Page Four

Dana Commercial Credit (DCC), Troy, Michigan
DCC was a leader in the equipment leasing industry, specializing in Private-Label Vendor Leasing Programs for the
IT/Office Equipment Industry.

 National Account Executive, Norristown, PA, December 1989 to February 1991

  Serviced 150 Intelligent Electronics (Computer) Dealers (Entre, Connecting Point TCBC) on the East Coast.
  Achieved Salesman of the Month three (3) times.

Lanier, King of Prussia, PA
Lanier delivers document management solutions to local and national organizations in many industries. Lanier is a brand
of Ricoh Americas Corporation, based in West Caldwell, NJ.

 Sales Representative, King of Prussia, PA, December 1988 to November 1989

  Developed aggressive prospecting skills to find new accounts and serviced established accounts.
  Achieved Salesman of the Month two (2) times.

United States Marine Corps Reserve (USMCR), May 1984 to September 1996
The United States Marine Corps (USMC) is a branch of the United States Armed Forces responsible for providing force
projection from the sea, using the mobility of the U.S. Navy to rapidly deliver combined-arms task forces.

Major, USMCR
 Assistant Operations Officer (S-3A)
  Staff Officer - Infantry Battalion
  Responsible for developing & executing Battalion Training Plan. Supported 1,000 + Marines.
  Supported S-3 Operations Officer & Battalion Commander to develop tactical operation plans in the field.
  Awarded Navy Achieve Medal
 Company Commander/Executive Officer
  Supervised + Trained 200+ Enlisted Men and four (4) Officers.
 Platoon Commander
  Supervised + Trained 40 + Enlisted Men.

Villanova University, Villanova, Pennsylvania
Bachelor of Science, Business Administration (Major: Finance)

Six Sigma Greenbelt Training, Sales 2.0, Certified Miller Heiman Instructor (Large Account Management Process (LAMP),
Strategic Selling (SS)& Conceptual Selling (CS) & Manager’s Coaching), Sales Pipeline Management, Financial Calculator
(HP-17B), Power Point®, Word®, Excel®, Project®, Goldmine® (CRM), Viso®, Siebel® (CRM), Change Acceleration
Process (CAP) & Work-out Lead Facilitator, Twitter® (Networking),, FaceBook® (Networking), Linked-In® (Business
Networking), Technorati® (Blog Search Engine), Vimeo® (Video Sharing), StumbleUpon® (Web Page Sharing),
Delicious® (Social Book Marking), BrightTalk.Com, SlideShare® (Sharing Power Point Presentation), Solution Selling
to C-Level Executives, New Business Development, Matrix-Management and Leadership

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