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									The 10 Weirdest Book Titles Ever

Beyond Leaf Raking
So you’ve mastered raking leaves, and now it is time to advance your skills in the janitorial arts. This book will teach you the secrets of mowing the lawn, the lost techniques of bringing in the groceries, and the proper way to take out the garbage.

Bombproof Your Horse
What’s the number one problem with horses? You guessed it: people are always trying to rig them with explosive devices. This book addresses this all-toocommon problem.

Are Women Human?
The crazy part of this book is the subtitle “And Other International Dialogues”. Apparently, this question is an international debate. We’ve heard women are from Venus, so apparently the dialogue is actually Interplanetary.

How to Avoid Huge Ships
Here’s a list of the chapters in this book:

Chapter 1: Stay out of the ocean Chapter 2: Look out for huge ships Chapter 3: Did you know ships have foghorns? Chapter 4: Seriously, stay out of the water

Reusing Old Graves
Hand me downs are ok when we’re talking about clothes or old toys. Graves… well, you’d have to be a pretty close family to do that.

Across Europe by Kangaroo
Look for more books by Joseph Barry including “Across Asia by Emu” and “Across South America by Chimp-drawn Rickshaw”.

Living With Crazy Buttocks
In this memoir, Kaz Cooke tells the story of her crazy buttcheeks and her other naughty bits with mental problems.

The Big Book of Lesbian Horse Stories
This book is a must. Why settle for a regular book of lesbian horse stories when you can have the Big Book of Lesbian Horse Stories?

If You Want Closure in Your Relationship, Start With Your Legs
Whoa! Slow down, Dr. Laura! This is about the most hostile title we’ve ever seen in a self-help book. Kind of sounds like an angry mother scolding her promiscuous daughter. Wow.

Cooking With Pooh
We certainly don’t like making fun of one of the most beloved children’s characters, but what choice do we have? What else are they going to publish? Playing With Pooh? Swimming with Pooh? Why not just call this “Cooking with Winnie the Pooh”?

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