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									                             FIN 3100 PRINCIPLES OF FINANCE 3 cr.
                                       FALL 2010 WSB 113

Instructor: Norman D. Gardner, Ph.D. Professor of Finance
UVU Office: 863-8761 WB-227;; home: 224-6969
Office Hours: 11:00-1:00 T&Th; 4:00-5:30 T; and as needed.

Text: Essentials of Corporate Finance, UVU customized edition by
       Ross, Westerfield & Jordan
NOTE: A Business/Financial calculator is REQUIRED!

Course objectives:
1. Students will demonstrate competence in working Time Value of
Money problems and will apply these skills to the valuation of
financial assets such as bonds, preferred stock, and common
stock, as well as to real assets such as the acquisition of new
machines, subsidiaries or buildings.
2. Students will demonstrate their ability to integrate knowledge
and skills from prerequisite courses in accounting, economics,
and statistics.
3. Students will demonstrate the ability to apply basic
principles of finance in corporate financial management as well
as risk/return principles in the evaluation of investment
performance as they begin to plan for their own retirement.

                                      Tentative Schedule
Week of   Chap    Topics
Aug 23     ---   Course Introduction
    30      1    Overview of Finance
Sep 6       2    Accounting Review
    13     3&4   Financial Statement Analysis; TVM
    20     4&5   Time Value of Money
    27     TBA   Discounted Cash Flows; EXAM I
Oct 4      TBA   Mortgages
    11      6    John Birr Williams; Theory of Investment Value
    18     6&7   Bond Valuation; Preferred Stock
    25      7    Valuation of Common & Preferred Stock
Nov 1       8    Valuation of Real Assets; Capital Budgeting
     8      9    Capital Budgeting Decisions; EXAM II
    15     10    Capital Market History; Market Efficiency
    22     11    Risk and Return; Capital Asset Pricing Model
    29     12    Cost of Capital
Dec 6      12    Capital Structure & Leverage
    13     --    FINAL EXAM WEEK

       Mid-term Exams (2 @ 100 points)                   200
       Final Exam                                        150
       Homework, Quizzes & participation approx          200
Note: You must take all three exams to pass this course.

I will assign letter grades based on a curve.                       I expect
you will attend every class and that you will spend about 2 hours
of individual and group study outside the class, for each hour we
spend in class. When your schedule does not permit you to be in
class, it will be your responbsibility to get copies of notes of
the class lecture and other materials from another class member.

       Approximately 15 quizzes will be given. These quizzes will
normally be worth about 10 points each and will consist of both
announced and unannounced quizzes. Missed quizzes cannot be made
up. However, I will "throw out" your LOWEST TWO quiz scores.
       Homework is for your benefit. You should take the
responsibility to complete the homework assignments and turn them
in when due. Four points will be given for each assignment if
this is done. Homework points will count about 10% of the total
grade. Incomplete assignments, or late assignments (up to 1 week
late), will receive 2 points or less. Assignments turned in more
than one week after the due date will receive no points. Since I
will not always grade each problem on each assignment, you should
take the responsibility to ask questions either in or out of
class to make sure you understand the material. You are strongly
encouraged to make use of study groups and tutoring sessions.
Homework assignments are due at the beginning of class following
the class in which we begin talking about that chapter.

Homework Assignments
CT&CR = Critical Thinking & Concept Review.
Q&P = Questions & Problems

Ch       Assignment
1      p18 CT&CR #1-6, 9-10, 12, 14-15
2      p44 CT&CR #2-3; p45 Q&P #1-5 & 16
3      p82 CT&CR #1-3, 6-7; p83 Q&P #1-8, 10
4      Problem sets as assigned
5      Problem sets as assigned
6      p195 CT&CR #1-2; 6, 8; p196 Q&P #1-8, 15-17, 19
7      p224 CT&CR #1-7; p225 Q&P #1-8, 10-18
8      p255 CT&CR #3, 5-6; p257 Q&P #1-3, 5-9
9      p292 CT&CR #1-3, 6; p293 Q&P #1-3, 20
10     p329 CT&CR #4-9; p329 Q&P #1-3
11     p365 CT&CR #1-5, 7-8; p367 Q&P #1-4, 8, 11, 13-16, 19
12     p395 CT&CR #1, 4, 6; p397 Q&P #1-7, 9-10, 15-16, 23

       All examinations must be taken at the regularly scheduled
examination time. Any exception to this will result in the
following penalty: Taking the examination after the scheduled
time will result in a penalty of 25 percent of the student's
All projects and assignments will be treated in the following
manner: Late projects/assignments will be penalized 50 percent
if handed in after the due date (beginning of the class period on
the assigned date.) Projects/assignments turned in after a one-
week period will not be accepted for credit.                          These are
departmental policies. Any exceptions must be submitted in
writing to an evaluation committee for hearing within ten
calendar days from the original examination date or assignment
due date.            Final examinations are to be taken only at the
scheduled time unless a different time is approved by the
Department Head, Program Coordinator, and Instructor.

       Cheating in any form WILL NOT be tolerated. Students who
cheat will receive a failing grade for this course. It is NOT
cheating to form study groups to work on out-of-class homework
assignments. An example of cheating would be GIVING answers to,
or TAKING answers from, another student during an in-class test
or quiz. Please ask for further clarification if you have
questions. For further information on this topic please refer to
UVU Catalog Policy 541.

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