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									Virtual PBX Sophisticated Call Forwarding
Sophisticated call forwarding feature of Virtual PBX systems can forward your business calls to
alternate numbers. With this sophisticated call forwarding feature, a Virtual PBX gives your
business organization the image of a big company. By implementing this advanced phone
system, it is possible to maintain contact with your employees and clients round the clock
anywhere in the world.

Virtual PBX Integrated with Fully Automated Features

As the PBX phone system is fully automated, it is not necessary to appoint additional staff for
managing the calls. The features integrated in the system include auto attendant, dial by name,
dial by extension, call transferring, find me follow me call forwarding, caller ID, voice mail, fax,
fax to email and many more. The auto attendant in the system answers all business calls with
appropriate greeting messages and routes calls effectively.

Virtual PBX Well-organized Call Forwarding Facility

The find me follow me call forwarding feature helps to forward the calls to the other numbers
including cell phone numbers provided by the employees. There is also the facility to transfer
unattended calls to the voicemail box of the employees, so that the callers can leave messages
which can be checked later. With a highly
advanced hosted PBX system it is possible to
handle multiple calls at the same time. Efficient
call routing without giving callers line busy signals
makes your small business organization resemble
a large corporate.

Enjoy Advanced Communication Features
of Virtual PBX without Equipment Hassles

By implementing virtual PBX phone system small businesses can enjoy a variety of advanced
features that enable smooth functioning. One great advantage is that it is not necessary to
maintain costly PBX equipments at your site, since these are kept at the site of the service
provider. The services are offered through a hosted server with the help of a high bandwidth
Internet connection or telephone network. Since the PBX services are shared by several users
you can utilize the services by paying affordable monthly charges.

All the upgrades and maintenance services are carried out by the service providers. This
ensures a further reduction in your business expenses. Virtual PBX with its sophisticated call
forwarding and other unique features is a wonderful option for small businesses.

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