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Election 2010 Postscript Issue: What Voters Sought, Change, Appears to be in Store
From Pennsylvania to Arkansas, New Hampshire to Ohio, the electorate turned over incumbents Election night like a gardener turns over
earth. Republicans reaped an impressive harvest nationwide, but in some places their sweep reversed balances of power where
Democratic roots run deep.
                                             The GOP's reward: Governing a fickle, angry electorate in a time of busted state budgets and
                                             high anxiety about jobs and joblessness. And for voters in states that flipped from Democratic
                                             to Republican control, what they sought — change — is definitely in store. In Ohio and
                                             Wisconsin, high-speed rail projects may be scuttled. In Pennsylvania, privatization of the state
                                             liquor stores is back on the table.
                                             In the Democratic stronghold of Minnesota, long-dormant GOP proposals to establish
                                             racetrack gambling, require a photo ID for voting and amend the state Constitution to ban gay
                                             marriage may find new life. And everywhere, Republicans promised to focus on the economy.
                                             The GOP seized control of about a dozen statehouses Election night, including double upsets
                                             in four states in which they wrested both Senate and House legislative chambers from the
                                             Republicans nationwide promised to wield their newfound power to restrain the size and
                                             scope of government and jolt the economy — and said they understand that voters will hold
them responsible if they fail to deliver.
Perhaps the biggest electoral surprise came in Minnesota, where Republicans took control of both legislative chambers for the first time
since 1972 and ousted House Transportation Committee Chairman Jim Oberstar, a 36-year incumbent and dean of the state's
congressional delegation.
Oberstar's loss was a stunner because it came in Minnesota's northern Iron Range, one of the most Democratic parts of the state and one
that hadn't gone to a Republican since Harry Truman was president.
Even with Minnesota's too-close-to-call race for governor between Democrat Mark Dayton and Republican Tom Emmer, the statehouse
party shift is momentous. If Dayton ends up winning, the new GOP majorities are poised to block his plan to raise income taxes on the
highest earners. If Emmer prevails, obstacles to tax cuts, deep spending reductions and sweeping policy changes would fall away.

                                                           Inside this Issue:


                                                                                       Courtesy of MinnPost.com – Brian Lambert,
                                                                                          The Daily Glean - November 4, 2010

                                                                                                   The Strib’s Jill Burcum looks at Michele
We are girding ourselves for yet another round of hyperbolic accusations                      Bachmann’s easy victory over Tarryl Clark and
of fraud and malfeasance over a recount. Meanwhile, the Washington                             says: ―Bachmann makes no apologies for who
Post picks up Brian Bakst and Patrick Condon’s AP story on the possible                       she is. Clark, in contrast, seemed to distance
twists if Tim Pawlenty remains in office if the counting/legal slog continues                  herself from her party's foundations. When
on into January and beyond: “Democrats fear that Republicans newly in                          it came to health reform, Clark stuck to the
charge of both chambers will combine with Pawlenty to push through                            middle ground when she should have touted
massive spending cuts and pursue long-held goals on things like gay
                                                                                              its benefits — helping sick kids get insurance,
marriage, photo ID for voters and expanded gambling. It's a scenario that
                                                                                                                 for example.
could also benefit Pawlenty, who had planned to spend January rolling out
                                                                                                Another misstep: ducking a debate question
his memoir and deciding whether to run for president. Staying in office,
                                                                                              about "card check,'' a bill that would help unions
especially with the backdrop of a nationally watched recount, would
endear him to Republicans and give him a highly visible perch to polish
                                                                                              organize. Clark should have come out swinging
his credentials as a fiscal watchdog. ‘Any of my personal plans or concerns
                                                                                               for labor. Bachmann nailed her for the mealy-
are secondary to the fact I have a duty and responsibility to fulfill under                     mouthed response.‖ Clark never really had a
the constitution,’ Pawlenty told The Associated Press in an interview. ‘I'm                    chance, but Burcum’s point is worth digesting.
not going to walk away from that.’ “Is that a shot at Sarah Palin?                                                 49633.html

                                                   State Republican Chairman Tony Sutton is the Ozzie Guillen of
                                                   political flacks. He knows how to serve up flaming quotes.
                                                   MinnPost‘s Jay Weiner captures Sutton in full pre-recount
                                                   dudgeon: ―Sutton couldn't contain himself. And, of course,
                                                   Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, the left-of-center elections chief
                                                   who was re-elected Tuesday, was Sutton's favorite punching bag.
                                                   Sutton called the election process ‗quite frankly, a disgrace ... I'm
                                                   to the point now, I don't think it's any coincidence that Mark
                                                   Ritchie is administering this process and here we stand today ...
                                                   We are going to be very, very aggressive through this recount
process ... We owe it to this state that this is done right and not a process that is dominated by an ACORN
activist who happens to be secretary of state ... We're going to put his feet to the fire. We're not going to get
rolled this time.' Such is the climate of this recount in its opening hours.‖ How soon do you think before the
first Joe Goebbels analogy? http://www.minnpost.com/stories/2010/11/03/23035/gops_saber-rattling_tony_sutton_vows_aggressive_recount_fight

One of the greater ironies of the nasty fight over that 5-cent-a-gallon                       Four Landslides in Hennepin County
increase in the gas tax — the one that six Republican legislators opposed                     Four DFL-endorsed Hennepin County commissioners scored
and for which they incurred the wrath of party operatives — is that the                       landslide victories Tuesday, easily beating back challengers.
state actually needs a $2-a-gallon tax to repair and improve all the                          In the First District, Board Chair Mike Opat of Robbinsdale
projects identified for work. Now though, the Met Council has effectively                     won a rematch with Mary O'Connor, a former Brooklyn
conceded defeat, according to MPR’s Dan Olson. “The Metropolitan                              Center City Council member.
Council approved a plan Wednesday to cut back on transportation projects                      Commissioner Mark Stenglein of Minneapolis, a former
in the Twin Cities metro area over the next two decades. Lack of money is                     independent who represents the Second District, defeated
                                                                                              former Golden Valley Mayor Blair Tremere.
the main reason for the change. Met Council officials say the wish list of
                                                                                              Third District Commissioner Gail Dorfman of St. Louis Park
projects that would add lanes and new interchanges to relieve congestion
                                                                                              defeated Barry Lazarus, a retired lawyer and Minneapolis
total $40 billion over the next 20 years.” Olson also says: "Among the                        Charter Commission vice chair. Lazarus was Dorfman's first
projects that are no longer part of the transportation plan is a longstanding                 opponent since she won a special election in 1999.
goal to add a third lane of traffic to the Twin Cities' beltway system,                       In the Fourth District, Commissioner Peter McLaughlin easily
Interstates 694 and 494. Another project that's been dropped from the plan                    won his seventh term in a lopsided victory over Blake Lewis,
is the widening of State Highway 5 through the southwestern Twin Cities.”                     a community volunteer.
http://minnesota.publicradio.org/display/web/2010/11/10/met-council-report/                   Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman and Sheriff Rich
                                                                                              Stanek were unopposed in their reelection bids.

        Election 2010 Highlights
                          Dayton Won!
We elected the first worker-friendly governor in 20 years. Bucking a
Republican tidal wave that took control of the Minnesota House and
Senate, we proved that Mark Dayton could win by saying he believes in
government and will tax the rich to save services and jobs. Every voter
we called and every door we knocked made the critical difference for
Dayton, who is ahead by more than 9,000 votes. It will take several weeks
before his election is certified, but it appears the difference in votes
between Dayton and Emmer will be within the 0.5 percent that requires a

The Secretary of State will conduct the recount as quickly as possible,
consistent with accuracy and fairness. But, the Republican Party’s
strategy is clear. They want to stall the process so that Governor-elect
Dayton cannot take office on January 1. Gov. Pawlenty would remain in office until the recount is completed. During that time,
we believe Pawlenty and a Republican-controlled legislature will try to eliminate our pensions and limit our right to bargain.
Also at stake is the potential loss of $1.7 billion in federal Medicaid money that the governor must accept by January 15, 2011.

Today, let’s all take a breath. Tomorrow, we continue the fight to protect public services and our jobs. Be proud of our efforts.
With Mark Dayton’s victory, AFSCME took back the Governor’s Office after 20 long years with Pawlenty, Ventura and Carlson.
Now, we battle for a better Minnesota that works for everyone, not just the rich and powerful. ~ AFSCME Council 5

     Republicans Take Over the Minnesota Legislature After 38 Years!
Republicans will take over the majority of the Minnesota House of Representatives when the 87th Legislature convenes Jan.
4, 2011. The DFL held an 87-47 majority heading into Election Day, but Republicans now hold a 72-62 edge. All totaled the
House will see 36 new members - 33 Republicans and three DFLers. According to the Office of the Secretary of State, three
races may be subject to recount. The State Canvassing Board is scheduled to meet at 10 a.m., November 23rd, in the State
Office Building, Room 10, to certify the election results. The party that controls the Legislature will decide what to do on state
taxes, determining how far the new governor gets with his agenda. Legislative majorities will confront a projected $6 billion
deficit and redraw political boundaries before the 2012 election.

  GOP Wins the House, Falls Short of Senate in Congressional Elections!
Republicans won control of the House and cut deeply into the Democrats' majority in the Senate in midterm elections
shadowed by recession, ushering in a new era of divided government certain to complicate the final two years of President
Barack Obama's term. Congress will reconvene on November 15th. Lawmakers return to the Capitol in just two weeks for a
post-election session to wrap up loose ends from the past two years, and a vote is expected on extension of tax cuts passed
during the Bush administration that are due to expire on January 1st.Obama and fellow Democrats have said they want to
extend cuts for individuals at incomes under $250,000, while Republicans want cuts kept in place for all income levels.

                                                     What's Next?
The election results are deeply disappointing to the millions of voters who supported working family candidates this year.
Voters in this election were angry, and for good reason. They’ve felt the pain of economic collapse. And they’ve paid for it
with their jobs, their homes and often their hope. Many working people knew in their gut that Washington insiders did too
much to help Wall Street and the banks, and not enough to help average people.

But this election was not a mandate for an anti-worker agenda. Voters in swing congressional districts overwhelmingly reject
privatizing Social Security and raising the Social Security retirement age, they oppose tax cuts for the top 2 percent who
make more than $250,000 a year, they reject abolishing the Department of Education and they oppose reducing or eliminating
the minimum wage.

The election was a mandate to fix the economy and create jobs. It wasn’t a mandate for the policies most Republicans
campaigned on.” An election night survey for the AFL-CIO bears that out. Union members proved to be the firewall that
ensured anti-worker candidates didn’t prevail in California, Nevada and West Virginia. Now that Republicans will be in control
of the House of Representatives, their leaders have to step up to the plate. If they keep saying “no,” we’ll make sure voters
know exactly who failed them on jobs and fixing the economy in 2012.

                 http://afscmelocal34.org/index.htm                  http://afscmemn.org/dayton-won%21

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                 friend request. And visit Next Wave Minnesota on Facebook, too!

                            PELRA (Is PELRA at Risk from the Republicans?)
           The Public Employee Relations Act, Minnesota Statutes Chapter 179A, regulates the relationship between
           public employer and employee in Minnesota. PELRA, like other similar statutes in other states, seeks the
           balance the legitimate desire of labor to organize against the need of the public to maintain essential services.
           Public labor relations carry over many issues from private employment, but with special public sector wrinkles.
           Public employees actually have two separate areas of influence over their working conditions. One arises
           from their rights and obligations as employees of their public employer. The second arises from their voting
           power as citizens, and their ability to organize powerful political action and lobbying organizations.
           Fifty years ago, this was not the case. Public employees were not effectively organized. The teaching
           profession viewed the union movement with suspicion, and regarded collective bargaining as inconsistent
           with professional obligations. Public employees lacked the right to strike or to engage in collective bargaining,
           for national labor laws did not extend their protection to public employees. PELRA now establishes the right
           of public employees to engage in collective bargaining. It also contains some modest protections for
           public employees who are not in collective bargaining units.

Pensions Take Center-Stage in Gubernatorial Races
Posted By admin On October 12, 2010

Projected budget shortfalls and ballooning retirement costs have placed public pensions at center-stage in many state elections this
year. Defined benefit plans, long a staple of public employee compensation, have been targeted by more than a dozen Republican
gubernatorial candidates, including hotly contested races in California, Minnesota and Illinois. In Wisconsin, Representative Marlin
Schneider, D-Wisconsin Rapids, says he can’t recall a tougher environment for Democrats in his forty years in office. “The tea-
baggers are all riled up,” Schneider said. “There is so much vitriol out there. I’ve never had so much hate mail.” The state has not
elected a Republican Governor since home-state favorite Tommy Thompson, who was first elected in 1987, but Milwaukee County
Executive Scott Walker, who has proposed phasing out defined contribution in Milwaukee County, currently leads Milwaukee Mayor
Tom Barrett.
Wisconsin is not alone. Barring a pickup in Minnesota, where former Democratic U.S. Senator Mark Dayton leads Republican Tom
Emmer and Independent Tom Horner, the entire region could flip to the GOP if current polls hold. In a recent debate, Dayton
chastised Emmer, who has voiced support for transitioning public employees into 401k-style plans, for saying public
employees get “the guarantee of their future, while the rest of us…(are) lucky to have a 401k plan.” “To denigrate people
because they want retirement security is really misguided,” said Dayton, who has won endorsements from the state’s
public employee unions.
Republican candidates in Florida, Rhode Island, Michigan, Maine, Nevada and New York have also proposed phasing public
employees out of defined benefit plans, estimated to be underfunded by $1 trillion, according to a Pew Charitable Trust study, or as
high as $3-4 trillion, according to Northwestern University Professor Joshua Rauh. Pension politics has proven especially
contentious in California, where pensions systems are officially estimated to be $55 billion underfunded and a recent Stanford
University study estimates the total closer $425 billion. Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman has proposed offering all
new government hires 401k-styled defined contribution plans in lieu of defined benefits plans and increasing the retirement age for
current employees, a position she modified in March in a speech before the Alliance of California Law Enforcement. "We should
preserve the defined benefit for the people who are keeping us safe every day," said Whitman, the former CEO of EBay. Marcia
Fritz, President of California Pension Reform, said the state’s total unfunded obligations amount to between $10,000 and $27,000
per resident, depending on the city one lives in.

                                   PERA – Defined Benefit Pension Plan for MN Public Employees
   PERA serves over 250,000 current and former public employees from over 2,000 local units of government throughout the state of
   Minnesota. PERA also provides monthly benefits to over 66,000 retirees and other benefit recipients. Established in 1931, PERA
   administers three statewide retirement plans providing defined benefit plan coverage to employees of local governments and school
   districts, as well as the the Minneapolis Employees Retirement Fund. The Association also manages a statewide retirement plan providing
   defined contribution (DCP) coverage to elected officials, city managers, and ambulance service and medical personnel.
   Finally, PERA oversees a lump-sum defined benefit fund for volunteer firefighters in the state.

                                                                                                             If Recount Lasts into 2011…
                                                                                            With the governor's seat in limbo, the state's budget could get
    What’s Next in
                                                                                                        caught in some intriguing maneuvers.
     Minnesota?                                                                                               By PAT DOYLE, Star Tribune Last update: November 4, 2010

                                                                                           A protracted fight over the election for governor could delay action to
Republicans Celebrate,                                                                     shrink the projected $6 billion state budget deficit -- or speed it up if the
                                                                                           new majority party in the Legislature sees an advantage to doing so.
Outline Legislative Goals                                                                  GOP leaders in the House and Senate said that they haven't decided on
After Winning the Minnesota House and Senate, the GOP Promises to                          a strategy for passing a budget of spending cuts if a new governor has
Create jobs and Trim Government.                                                           not been seated at the beginning of the new year.
By MIKE KASZUBA1, Star Tribune Last update: November 4, 2010
                                                                                           "I think we're getting a little ahead of ourselves," said Rep. Kurt Zellers,
Triumphant Republicans, contemplating legislative power they have not held in              R-Maple Grove, the House minority leader. He told reporters that
                               decades, began to sketch out their goals, while             lawmakers need to see economic forecasts this month and in February
                               despondent DFLers considered the aftermath of
                                                                                           before deciding on a course of action. But the prospect of a long recount
                               the historic Republican takeover of both the
                                                                                           creates intriguing possibilities. If it continues past the scheduled Jan. 3
                               Minnesota House and Senate.
                                                                                           inauguration, Gov. Tim Pawlenty would continue as chief executive while
                                     With a tentative majority of 72 to 62, House          the legislative session gets underway. Republican legislators could act
                                     Republicans talked ambitiously of an agenda to        quickly to send a budget-cutting bill to Pawlenty to sign rather than
                                     keep and create jobs, strip away government           waiting for a likely veto should DFL gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton
obstacles to business and eliminate what they said were the many duplicative               prevail in the recount.
committees at the State Capitol. "If we have five agencies that deal with clean water,
can you do it with two or one?" said House Minority Leader Kurt Zellers, who will          "It might well be that Governor Pawlenty will sign the bill," said Sen.
likely be the new House speaker.                                                           David Senjem, R-Rochester, this year's Senate minority leader who's
                                                                                           hoping his caucus will make him next year's majority leader. Referring to
Zellers sidestepped whether Republicans would push key conservative issues such
as gay marriage and voter identification, or whether the new majority would address
                                                                                           possible GOP control of the House, Senate and governor's office, he
the state's $6 billion deficit in the Legislature's first days and weeks in January.       said, "If we get a budget early on ... we've got a trifecta." Senjem later
                                                                                           said the idea hasn't been considered, however, he said if the recount
Members of both parties, however, were still taking stock of a new reality. With the       continued well into the 2011 session, "It's not inconceivable." "We have
governor's race headed toward a recount and with three House races headed for a            to do this with some level of style and dignity and involvement with the
review, the scope of the Republicans' victory remained in doubt. DFLers, meanwhile,        minority party.
speculated that they lost control of the House by a total of just 700 votes statewide.
                                                                                           GOP majorities in the House and Senate could also jump-start efforts to
Perhaps the starkest difference for DFLers occurred within a one-hour span at the
                                                                                           provide a ballot measure on a constitutional amendment to ban same-
Capitol: Just as a beaming Zellers stood surrounded by new Republican legislators at
a packed media gathering, Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller issued a five-
                                                                                           sex marriage, which was blocked by the DFL. A governor can't veto or
sentence statement saying he would not seek the job of Senate minority leader. "No         sign such a referendum question. But Zellers downplayed such social
matter how committed we were or hard we all worked, in the end it didn't matter,"          legislation, saying it "is not going to do anything to bring jobs back."
said Pogemiller, a DFLer who was first elected to the Senate in 1982.                      "We're going to move as quickly as possible to reinvigorate our
                                                                                           economy," he said. http://www.startribune.com/politics/recount/106657723.html
House Majority Leader Tony Sertich said he was undecided whether he would seek
to become the party's House minority leader. "It's been a long four years," he said.       Recount Nightmare Scenario
Sertich also said he doubted that Republicans, after years of stressing social issues,
                                                                                           by: The Big E - Fri Nov 05, 2010
would keep strictly to the economy. "There's pressure from the right wing to do some
of [the social issues] -- those issues that really divide Minnesotans," he said.           The speculation is out there that Tim Pawlenty will set aside his
                                                                                           presidential ambitions for a few short months so he and the Republican-
In the Senate, too, DFLers adjusted to a new political landscape, going from a 46-21
                                                                                           controlled legislature can really screw over the elderly, poor, mentally
majority to a 37-30 minority. As Tuesday's results came into focus, the DFL's
                                                                                           disabled, students and our transportation system. The nightmare
seemingly solid majority lay in pieces: Of the Senate's 24 new members, only three
are DFLers. Of the 15 state senators who lost their seats, only one was a                  scenario is that Tom Emmer will fight tooth and nail to extend the
Republican.                                                                                Minnesota Governor's race recount into the legislative session.
"From the first door I went to, our message was jobs, jobs, jobs," said Republican         Imagine Pawlenty and the Republicans eliminating MinnCare, same day
Ted Lillie, a Lake Elmo businessman who upset a first-term DFL senator. Lillie             voting registration, set a 60-day voting registration deadline, eliminating a
credited the Republican triumph to a focus on fiscal responsibility. He said that while    woman's right to choose, passing an anti-gay marriage law, slash our
walking 213 miles knocking on doors, he introduced himself to voters as a "fiscal          transportation budget, slash LGA (local govt aid) to pennies on the dollar,
conservative who wants to help your family keep more of your hard-earned money."           eliminate all social services and give tax breaks to companies that ship
Lillie will join his younger brother, Leon, a House DFLer, as one of only a few pairs of   Minnesota jobs away.
brothers to serve simultaneously in the Legislature.
                                                                                           They could make MN a free-market dream like Mississippi or Louisiana.
State GOP deputy chair Michael Brodkorb said the election came down to timing,             Heck, forget them ... how about Somalia or Iraq? There's no
candidates, and, frankly, breaks. "Democrats got breaks in '04 and '06 and '08," he        government interventions in the free markets there.
said. "In order for us to get the majority of both bodies we needed to catch some
breaks, too. And we caught some breaks."                                                   Fortunately, the recount is scheduled to end on December 14th, 2010.
                                                                                            Furthermore, Tom Emmer only has 3,000 or so rejected absentee ballots
Republican Carolyn McElfatrick, who stunned Rep. Loren Solberg, DFL-Grand                  to try to gain 9,000 some votes out of. Additionally, Republicans will
Rapids, the House Ways and Means chair, said she believed there was more to it             have a mighty tough time trying to prove any widespread vote fraud.
than luck. "I'm a Christian woman," said McElfatrick, who said she went to bed early        Mainly because there wasn't any.
Wednesday not knowing whether she won. The final results are not in my hands."

                                                                                                                             What’s Next in
The Results Are In: Midterm Elections Point to New
Responsibilities in Washington
Voters want to grow our economy, create jobs, and bring our fiscal house in order. That means looking
after the future of our country, not trying to tear down the president.
- By John Podesta | November 3, 2010

There is no way to miss the point of yesterday’s midterm elections. The American people are deeply frustrated with how they are being
governed. The political debate is at an all-time partisan low and the public over the last three election cycles are calling for something,
almost anything, to change that. They want to see progress on the economy, on job creation, on taxes, and on the federal budget deficit.
No matter how voters cast their ballots these are the issues that voters want their representatives in Congress to address. Now!
This overarching voter mandate to “fix it” delivers with it a set of responsibilities to the incoming Republican leadership of the House of
Representatives and their strengthened minority counterparts in the Senate as well as to Democratic leaders in the Senate and President
Barack Obama and his administration. For the Republicans this means they need to become partners in governing our nation. They can no
longer be the “party of no” after yesterday’s vote. Republican leaders must craft serious legislative proposals to match the serious
problems our country faces today and in the future.
For their part, Democratic leaders in the Senate and the Obama administration must be prepared to work with Republicans in search of
meaningful compromises. Economists from the right, left, and center may agree that the Obama administration and a Democratic-led
Congress rescued our economy from a second Great Depression but the voters made clear that is yesterday’s news in their eyes. Now they
want Republicans and Democrats together to get our economy moving smartly toward sustained recovery and a job-creating expansion.
To reach the compromises that must be made, our president and commander-in-chief will need to be open to new ideas. But he also will
have to set some clear bright lines beyond which political debate cannot stray. This may ring counter to the call to compromise but
leadership in a divided government requires not only openness to the means of moving the country forward but also clarity of principle
and purpose. With his Executive Branch powers, his Democratic colleagues in the Senate and the House, and his veto pen, President
Obama will still set the policy direction of our country. We at the Center for American Progress believe there are three bright lines to be
First, the immediate debate to come this month and next over tax policy must be guided by twin goals: Reform must produce strong
growth and put the country on the path to fiscal discipline; and reform must be fair for the majority of Americans and their families.
Meaningful tax reform must meet both tests. President Bush’s tax cuts for the very wealthy failed both.
Second, the debate about our long-term federal budget deficits simply cannot include the privatization of Social Security. Yesterday’s
elections in no way constitute a mandate to gut this bedrock intergenerational American commitment to the common good. The goal of
reform must be to strengthen and secure Social Security, not privatize it.
Finally, the president and Democrats must stand firm against the Republican pledge to repeal their singular achievement of the past two
years—providing quality, affordable health care to every American. Implementation must proceed not just for the fiscal gains to be had
over the next several decades but also for the critical health and social benefits it will deliver to the vast majority of Americans as different
aspects of the law come into force. The new law deserves the time needed to make it work.
No doubt the emerging leaders of the Republican Party will have their own bright lines to present to the Obama administration and their
colleagues across the aisle in Congress. But they should understand that with their new majority in the House comes responsibility to
determine those bright lines in such a way that enables our government in Washington to get on with what the voters made clear they
want to see happen. The voters want to grow our economy, create jobs, and bring our fiscal house in order. That means looking after the
future of our country, not trying to tear down the president.
I’m optimistic this will happen because I know the American people want it to—and are clearly prepared to cast their votes to make
Washington listen.
John D. Podesta is Chairman of the Center for
American Progress Action Fund.                                                The John Podesta article is recommended for your reading by AFSCME
http://www.americanprogressaction.org/issues/2010/11/                                        Council 5 Executive Director Eliot Seide.
                                                                           If you received your Health Partners’ Board of Directors’ ballot in the mail,
                                                                              please note that Eliot, who is an incumbent, is on the ballot this year –
Minnesota GOP chair, Tony Sutton:                                           which is due back to HealthPartners by December 3rd. AFSCME Council 5
                                                                                          and Local 34 recommend a vote for Mr. Seide.
'We're going to put the heat on!'
        An only-partly tongue-in-cheek analysis of the 2010 election from Gin and Tacos.com (http://www.ginandtacos.com/2010/11/09/the-mandate/):
              Personally, I believe the 2010 midterm elections were a mandate for the new GOP sorta-but-not-really majority in Washington.
                                                        The American voter has clearly demanded:
   1. Social Security reform that guarantees my current level of benefits, alters someone else's, and cuts everyone's Social Security taxes to boot.
   2. A world-class national infrastructure that can be built and maintained without tax dollars.
   3. A balanced budget that doesn't sacrifice any of the government programs – especially the sacred military-industrial complex and the various
       old age benefits – that we like.
   4. Clean air without pollution controls, clean water with a neutered and underfunded EPA, and businesses that do socially responsible things
       without any regulation whatsoever.
   5. Consumer goods at Made in China prices that create high-paying jobs in America...

GOP Asserts New Strength, Targets                                          Many House Republicans campaigned on a platform of cutting
                                                                           government spending to levels in effect in 2008, before
Obama Programs                                                             enactment of an economic stimulus bill and other increases that
By DAVID ESPO, AP Special Correspondent Thu Nov 4, 9:00 pm ET              Democrats passed. Rep. Jerry Lewis of California, the senior
                                                                           Republican on the House Appropriations Committee, notified
WASHINGTON – Victorious at the polls, congressional Republicans
                                                                           Democrats during the day that GOP lawmakers will try and
asserted their newfound political strength, vowing to seek a quick
                                                                           implement the cuts when Congress considers the spending bill
$100 billion in federal spending cuts and force repeated votes on
                                                                           needed to keep most agencies running for the next eight months.
the repeal of President Barack Obama's prized health care
                                                                           The estimated savings total $100 billion. "The unmistakable
overhaul. At the White House, Obama said his administration was
                                                                           message sent by the American people on Tuesday is that they are
ready to work across party lines in a fresh attempt to "focus on the
                                                                           justifiably angry at Washington. They want Congress to cut
economy and jobs" as well as attack waste in government.
                                                                           spending," wrote Lewis, who faces an internal challenge in his
Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, in line to become the new speaker of            attempt to become chairman of the panel next year.
the House, brushed aside talk that the No. 1 GOP goal was to make
                                                                           At a news conference, the president signaled he was ready to
sure Obama is defeated at the polls in 2012. In a speech at the
                                                                           jettison his campaign-long insistence that tax cuts be extended
conservative Heritage Foundation, Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell
                                                                           for earners at incomes up to $250,000 but be allowed to expire for
said the only way to achieve key party legislative goals such as
                                                                           higher-income people. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs
ending government bailouts, cutting spending and repealing the
                                                                           made the hint explicit on Thursday. He said extending tax cuts
health care law "is to put someone in the White House who won't
                                                                           permanently for upper- income earners "is something the
veto" them. "There's just no getting around it," he added.
                                                                           president does not believe is a good idea," but that Obama would
Obama has ruled out accepting repeal of the health care measure,           be open to the possibility of extending the cuts for one or two
and Senate Democrats responded quickly to McConnell. "What                 years. Republicans responded coolly to the overture. "I take any
Sen. McConnell is really saying is, `Republicans want to let               signal that the president may be backing off his pledge to raise
insurance companies go back to denying coverage to people with             taxes on small businesses as a good sign, but we have to see
pre-existing conditions, let them go back to charging women                where this discussion goes," said Rep. Dave Camp of Michigan, in
twice as much for the same coverage as men, and let them push              line to become the chairman of the tax-writing House Ways and
millions of seniors back into the Medicare doughnut hole," said            Means Committee. He and other Republicans say that the
Jim Manley, spokesman for Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.               expiration of some income tax cuts would be felt on numerous
The maneuvering unfolded two days after elections that swept               small business owners.
Democrats out of power in the House and cut deeply into their              McConnell's speech reflected his status as leader of a minority
Senate majority, scripting an uncertain new era of divided                 unable to originate legislation, a position different from the one
government for the final two years of Obama's term. In the House,          Boehner will soon hold. "We have to be realistic about what we
Boehner asked members of the Republican rank and file to                   can and cannot achieve, while at the same time recognizing that
support him for speaker when the new Congress convenes in                  realism should never be confused with capitulation," the
early January. His victory is a formality, given the huge 60-              Kentucky senator said. "On health care, that means we can — and
member gain he engineered as party leader. Nor did there appear            should — propose and vote on straight repeal, repeatedly. But we
to be any competition to Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia as majority          can't expect the president to sign it."
leader, the second-most powerful position in the House.
                                                                           Boehner, in his ABC interview, said he's not sure the president and
Even before the new Congress comes into office, the old one is             other Democrats fully understand the
scheduled to meet the week after next for a post-election session.         message delivered by the voters on
In remarks to reporters after meeting with his Cabinet at the              Tuesday. "When you have the most
White House, Obama urged lawmakers to avert an income tax                  historic election in over 60, 70 years, you
increase that could take effect Jan 1, ratify a new arms-reduction         would think the other party would
treaty with Russia, provide unemployment aid to victims of the             understand that the American people have
recession and extend expiring tax breaks for business. Congress            clearly repudiated the policies they've put
also must enact a spending bill that permits government to                 forward in the last few years."
remain in operation, and the issue already has emerged as a                http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_washington_new_reality
likely flash point in the post-election meeting of Congress.

                          Pawlenty: Freeze Federal Worker Salaries
                          By Derek Wallbank | Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2010
                     WASHINGTON — On the heels of a report showing the number of federal workers making more
                     than $150,000 a year has doubled over the last two years, Gov. Tim Pawlenty today called for a
                     freeze of federal salaries. It might be a trickier task than anticipated though. "Federal workers
                     making $150k has doubled under Obama. New GOP Congress should freeze salaries," Pawlenty
wrote. USA Today reported that more than 82,000 federal employees earn $150,000 or more a year now — double how
many did two years ago and more than ten times the 7,400 who did in 2005.

More Election Day & Its Aftermath Observations                                     Why Health Care Repeal Just
From Hal Kimball, MN Senate District 18 (Wright County):
Elections have consequences… We all know we’re facing a $6                              Won't Happen
billion budget hole. During the campaign, Republicans across the                    by Joan McCarter - Thu Nov 04, 2010
state questioned whether or not we really have a deficit… Now, in         Mitch McConnell wants to have a one-issue fight for the
nine debates and forums across my Senate District, Senator-elect
                                                                           next two years, convinced that that's what will bring
Newman couldn’t name a single budget area in which he would
cut. Not one… After Tuesday, the party with no answers or                 Obama down in 2012. There are a lot of reasons why that
solutions cannot be the party of “no” any longer… One of the                won't work, and here are some of the reasons why.
talking points that emerged out of the craziness dealt with the           Obama Isn’t Interested in 'Re-litigating' Health
size of government. Now, I don’t dispute that the growth of
government is sustainable, but we don’t need to overstate claims
                                                                           Care, Washington Monthly's Steve Benen observes.
to make a point. Senator-elect Newman has stated on countless              The president might have said he’s humble in his
occasions that “in 1960, the State of Minnesota had a budget of            post-election press conference, but on his signature
$500 million and 3.5 million people. In 2010, it has a budget of
more than $30 billion and 5.5 million people.” Check out a simple          legislation, he "clearly doesn't seem inclined to budge
inflation calculator and you’ll find that $500 million indexed for         on this. If Boehner & Co. think Obama will be pushed
inflation in 2009 is actually $35.81 billion… Look at the                  around on health care and that with the right
demagoguery over Health and Human Services. Newman and
other Tea Party elites claim we spend more on welfare than we do           leverage, repeal is an option, they're mistaken.”...
educating our kids. They’re out of touch with reality; in fact, out       Defunding Health Care Isn’t Really an Option,
of $10 billion spent in Human Services, more than $4.4 billion is          Either, The Wonk Room’s Igor Volsky explains.
spent on long term care and nursing homes. Is that ‘welfare?’
http://buildourparty.blogspot.com                                          Boehner and Newt Gingrich have come out in favor of
                                                                           this option, but “that may be easier said than done. As
From Eric, a blogger at MN Progressive Project:                            former Senator Tom Daschle explained in a recent
Observations on the election:
        Demographic trends remain in our favor                            interview, ‘a lot of what we did in health care reform
        The stimulus was far too small                                    has more of an entitlement than a discretionary
        All politics are not local – midterm elections remain
                                                                           funding base. So as an entitlement, they would really
        Defying your own President never works                            have to change the law rather than simply not fund in
        The enthusiasm gap was spotty                                     order for it to be effected. The entitlement sections of
        There’s a base vs. swing district dilemma facing Dems
        We need to revive Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy –
                                                                           the legislation are going to be fairly immune from
         and revive it across every district in Minnesota                  defunding.’"....
        Republicans successfully microtarget Republican voters           And GOP Interest Group Allies Love It, Steve Pizer
         in Democratic districts
        Chairman Tim Kaine of the DNC must go
                                                                           and Austin Frakt argue at The Incidental Economist.
        Minneapolis School Board candidate Rebecca Gagnon                 “The Republican base hates health reform because it’s
         won with seemingly no campaign – no lawn signs, a                 a symbol of Obama. They think it’s a product of the
         minimal web site, no party endorsement
        Voter intimidation tactics failed – and there was no
                                                                           far left, when in fact it’s chock full of Republican
         voter fraud                                                       ideas. ... When the new Republican House majority
        The blowback on health care reform was predictable                starts legislating on health care, they will be more
        “Maccacca” moments mattered much less – but attack
         crazy comments like Tom Emmer’s $100,000 waiters                  concerned with what the relevant interest groups
         early and often                                                   want. The insurance industry, hospitals, and drug
        Poll the legislative races                                        companies want looser regulation and lower taxes.
        Negative ads had diminishing returns
        Bye bye Blue Dogs in Congress (conservative Democrats)            That is, the big players want what they always want–
http://www.mncampaignreport.com/diary/7719/oservations-on-the-election     more control over implementation and establishment
                                                                           of favorable regulations–even if it’s at the expense of a
MinnPost.com remains the best news organization-style, neutral
observer of the Minnesota political scene. Here are three recent           more efficient health system for the rest of us. But
takes on the post-election environment in the State:                       they also want the mandate, which can’t work
                                                                           without the subsidies and insurance reforms....
Eric Black – “Will GOP Try to Amend the Minnesota Constitution (to
Ban Same-Sex Marriage)?                                                    There is one--and only one--tweak that Dems should
http://www.minnpost.com/ericblack/2010/11/08/23150/will_gop_try_             consider a willingness to work on--the law’s 1099
to_amend_the_minnesota_constitution_to_ban_same-sex_marriage                provision. That's one provision that there's broad,
Cyndy Brucato – Recount Strategy: Why GOP is Taking a Hard Line”            bipartisan agreement on fixing. Beyond that, Dems
and “GOP Leaders in Legislature Embracing Changes Proposed by            should draw the line. Because, as Dave Weigel points out,
Business Community”                                                         they've now got the numbers, since so many GOP-
                                                                         enabling Blue Dogs are gone, to fight off a veto-override.
http://www.minnpost.com/cyndybrucato/2010/11/09/23174/gop_lead           http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2010/11/4/917441/-Why-health-care-
ers_in_legislature_embracing_changes_proposed_by_business_community                            repeal-just-wont-happen

                                         Fox Scapegoats Unions for California Budget Problems
California’s                             November 10, 2010 http://mediamatters.org/research/201011100032
                                         Fox figures have repeatedly blamed unions, and specifically union pensions, for
                                         California's ongoing budget problems. In fact, experts have attributed California's
Bureaucrats:                             budget shortfalls to the state tax system, budget process, and economic downturn.

A Bargain?                               On the November 8 edition of Fox News' Hannity, Fox News correspondent Dick
                                         Morris claimed that states like California are going to come to Washington
                                         begging for bailouts because their budgets are so out of whack and they need
Civil servants have emerged as           the same massive stimulus money they got last year." Morris claimed
political bogeymen, scorned for          "abrogat[ing] your union contracts" is how "you can solve your own
their      supposedly      outsize       problem." On the November 10 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends, Morris
compensation packages. In New            repeated his claim that states like California "are the new Greece" and said:
Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie wants        "What I hope that the Republicans do -- and I'm pushing this concept -- is that
                                         they should go to these states and say, look, the reason you're in trouble is
to cap their raises at less than         because of your union contracts -- the pensions, the wages, the fringe benefits.
3 percent,    while   New     York       We'll let you go bankrupt just like Delta did or Chrysler did - GM -- if you abrogate
Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo              your union contracts just like the corporations do. And that way you can solve
warns that current pay levels are        your own problem you, and don't need a bailout."
“unsustainable.” Support for state       On the October 20 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends, Fox Business host Stuart
workers is perhaps weakest in            Varney claimed that "huge service cuts are coming at the state level to a big city
California, where they were              and a big state near you." Varney continued: "So to pay those pensions, they've
furloughed this year so the state        got to cut elsewhere. In California, in Illinois, in New York ... they are going to
could save about 15 percent in           cut government services so that they can pay the lavish pensions that are
salaries. According to a new             in the Constitution that we've got to pay."
study, however, the wisdom of            On the November 10 edition of Hannity (accessed via Nexis), Fox News
such policies may be lacking: the        contributor Ann Coulter claimed: "[F]or Americans who don't know, California is
lowly government employee, it            completely bankrupt. Mostly thanks to the policies of Jerry Brown when he was
seems, is a pretty good deal.            governor 30 years ago when he passed the Dill Act which allowed state
                                         employees to unionize." Later, Coulter said that Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) is
                                         "sticking it to the public sector unions -- which Jerry Brown did not and
That’s the conclusion of a recent        thus California is bankrupt."
report by the University of
California, Berkeley. It crunched        Experts, news reports trace CA fiscal crisis to state's tax structure, economic downturn
census data on 5,000 Golden              The New York Times reported on the "[o]rigins" of California's fiscal crisis, stating
State employees, and found they          that "[w]hile the state's property taxes are below average, its personal income tax
                                         rate and levies on capital gains are among the highest; so unlike states that pass
make about 7 percent less than           the tax burden around, California can become disastrously imbalanced."
their peers in the private sector.
The gap is widest for jobs in law,       The Times further reported that "the protracted national recession delivered a big
finance, and engineering. But it’s       hit on the state's greatest source of revenue, income taxes on rich people": All of
apparent across the board, even          this did not creep up overnight. Expansive growth in the first half of the 20th
though public employees are, on          century led to rising housing prices and infrastructure growth, which came with
                                         higher taxes to pay for it all. Those increases created an anti-tax rebellion that
average, more experienced and            begot Proposition 13 in the 1970s, a voter-led initiative that artificially depressed
better educated.                         property taxes and shifted school financing burdens to the state. It also led to the
                                         onset of a culture of ballot initiatives that have hamstrung state budgeters by
Though benefit packages bring the        earmarking money for programs with one vote and taking away the ability to pay
compensation to about even,              for them with others.
economist Sylvia Allegretto, who
                                         The state's population -- over 38 million today from 23.6 million in 1980 -- has
coauthored the study, says there’s       also meant a growing need for costly services for the poor, especially when
no justification for targeting public    revenues are declining. While the state's property taxes are below average, its
employees;        they’re    “neither    personal income tax rate and levies on capital gains are among the highest; so
overpaid nor overcompensated,”           unlike states that pass the tax burden around, California can become
she says. (A University of               disastrously imbalanced. And the protracted national recession delivered a big
Massachusetts Amherst study              hit on the state's greatest source of revenue, income taxes on rich people.
                                         Further, the state's structural deficit has become exceedingly pronounced after
reported similar findings for New        years of accounting tricks and borrowing.
England workers.) But, of course,
while state laborers may be              California's system of governance seems designed to thwart any solution its
affordably salaried, they may also       lawmakers propose. With a two-thirds majority required to raise taxes or pass a
                                         budget, 40% of public funds earmarked for public schools and no method of
be too numerous—one criticism            overriding voter initiatives, California seems stymied by a complex puzzle that no
they can’t easily shake.                 one can solve.

Do-It-Yourself Public Transit
November 9th, 2010 at 12:49 pm By Natalie Camplair http://www.mn2020hindsight.org/?p=7784
Blame it on the weather or on the large number of commuters between the suburbs and the Twin Cities, the average
Minnesotan drives almost 2,000 more miles per year more than the average American. In Minnesota (especially during the
winter), people need to get to where they want to go in a way that is fast, comfortable and convenient, but those extra miles
have negative consequences. Each extra mile traveled is more time wasted in traffic, more pollution in the air and higher chance
of deadly car accidents.
Last month, Minnesota economic think-tank Growth and Justice published a transportation report on how to reduce the
number of miles driven while at the same time increasing the speed and convenience of travel. The report points out that a
number of combined strategies are necessary to create an effective transit system. City planning that encourages mixed-use and
compact development can decrease the distance that Minnesotans need to travel from home to work or the store. State
                                         investment in transportation projects has benefits that last long into the future.
                                         Projects can be funded through cost-effective incentives, such as a highway use fee or
                                         subsidies and rebates to use public transit.
                                              The problem right now is that big infrastructure projects and transportation
                                              programs are going to have a tough time getting funding when there is a state
                                              legislature set on budget cuts. To build momentum to create transit systems that
                                              benefit communities, we’re going to have to start looking at business and non-profit
                                              avenues more closely in order to set the stage for state- and nation-wide policies that
                                              affect transit development. Insurance companies can create packages that are based
                                              on the number of miles driven. Employers can offer subsidies for living close to work
or taking the bus or light rail. Municipalities and neighborhood associations can enact their own small-scale policies. Moving
Minnesota forward means that we must also consider other ways to get things done.
                                                                                       For Our Stewards and Members Who Need Assistance:
Going ROWE: Still ROWE-ing in Minnesota County
Human Services and Public                                                              Putting Performance Reviews on Probation
                                                                                       NPR | November 9, 2010
Health Department                                                                      http://news.opb.org/article/17918-putting_performance_reviews_on_probation/
Best Buy, a Minnesota-based company, went ROWE
in 2003, giving visibility to the concept. The Human                                   Performance reviews are a predictable part of office life. Whether
Services and Public Health Department in Hennepin                                      the employees write their own, or sit before a panel of bosses, it
County, Minneapolis’ largest county, decided to go                                     can be a grueling process. Often, managers only conduct them
ROWE in April 2009.                                                                    because they're told to, and workers embellish and obscure their
By Gadi Dechter | November 10, 2010                                                    accomplishments and failures. Some business leaders argue
http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/2010/11/rowe111010.html                         they're all but worthless.
       excerpts from a conversation between the author and Deb Truesdell               Samuel Culbert, author of Get Rid Of The Performance Review!
G: Have you seen any results from ROWE so far? What are they?                          couldn't agree more. "It's the most ridiculous practice in the world,"
D: Anecdotally, we’ve seen strong results of better customer service, like faster      he tells NPR's Neal Conan. "It's bogus, fraudulent, dishonest at its
eligibility processing time, fewer clients dropping in and calling to check on their   core, and reflects stupid, bad, cowardly management."
benefits, and reduced case backlog. We are in the process of developing a              Culbert sees performance reviews as a tool management uses to
massive project that will track results with hard numbers, because we do have a        intimidate employees. "They know what it takes to get a good
responsibility to report to our leadership and to the commissioners. I anticipate      review," he says, so they tell bosses what they want to hear,
that we will have some hard data within one year.                                      instead of giving them "the real story." Allan Polak, president of
Other areas in which we have seen anecdotal progress include:                          ALP Consulting Resources, agrees with Culbert. "It's much more
   A reduction in our infrastructure costs (mileage, parking, and space).             often a nightmare than anything that's valuable," he says.
   Becoming an employer of choice. We have several examples of highly
                                                                                       Polak traces performance reviews back to collusion between HR
     qualified hires who stated that they wanted to work for us because of
                                                                                       and legal departments at companies, "in order to create a written
                                                                                       trail when somebody isn't doing their job well." But over the years,
   An engaged workforce. We have heard many stories about how staff were              "it’s morphed into the annual ritual that is inflicted upon everybody.
     able to continue contributing while needing to be offsite. We also hear from      Nine times out of ten, it's more harm than good," concludes Polak.
     staff who are pleased to be able to be more flexible so they have time for
     their children, home-related issues, or caring for elderly parents.               Polak and Culbert both realize there needs to be a way for
                                                                                       management and employees to communicate about goals and
G: What have some of the biggest challenges been?                                      accountability. But, says Culbert, performance reviews are the
D: One challenge has been letting go of our “command-and-control” mindset. For         wrong solution. "It makes it impossible for people to have
years, people were rewarded and promoted for being able to manage adherence            authentic, honest conversations about what we need to be doing
to a very rule-based environment. Also, a segment of our staff had never been          differently" and what's imperfect in a workplace. And "if it really is
given any real autonomy or allowed flexibility, and there have been some               intended to be a valuable conversation for the employee," clarifies
struggles around that. People did not necessarily have the confidence to believe       Polak, the annual review needs to be wholly separate from
in the concept and to actually be asked for the ideas about how to do the work         conversations about money -- raises, promotions or bonuses. That
differently. It all takes time.                                                        way, the frame for the conversation is that of a boss wanting to
                                                                                       help an employee succeed.

1) We will hold a special contract vote at the 12/1/10 General Assembly on the Employer's
proposed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) regarding the issue of reduced co-pays. A
letter with proposed MOU was mailed to your home address around November 22, 2010. As
noted in that letter, this will be the first order of business with discussion beginning at 5:30
PM. Voting will not begin until 5:45 PM in order to give members time to participate in the
discussion. You must be a member in order to vote so you will need to bring a photo ID or
your union card to check in. If you are currently a fee payer and wish to become a member,
dues authorization cards will be available.

2) Please remember to bring an unwrapped toy to the meeting for the Council 5 Child Care Providers Together (CCPT) Toys
for Tots drive. All toys will be presented by our CCPT members to the KARE 11 Toys for Tots drive.

3) This is our Local 34 annual holiday meeting. Food will be provided. Bring your own beverage. The meeting will be held
in HSB L15 - the room right across from the elevator in the lower level (LL) of HSB.

I decided to turn my column for this month over to two of our members who are taking advantage of the PERA Phased
Retirement Program. I feel very strongly that this program has many benefits for those of our members who are closing in
on retirement as it can be a great way to ease into the world of retirement. Thank you to Mary Finstad and Don Nikkola who
graciously agreed to write the following article.

PRO (Phased Retirement Option) for PERA members - May, 2009 Omnibus Pension Bill
The Baby Boomers are reinventing retirement! We are living longer; we do not want to retire abruptly; our sluggish economy is boosting the
option of Phased Retirement and the tight labor market has increased the interest of many employers in retaining their older, experienced
What is PERA Phased Retirement? As defined on the PERA website, this “program is intended to facilitate a transition into retirement for
a PERA member who is approaching full retirement while providing employers with a workforce planning tool that can for example, help
transfer knowledge from the long-time employee to a new worker.”
        Must participate in PERA’s coordinated fund, or Basic fund,
        Must have worked at least 1,044 hours per year for the past five years,
        Must be 62 years of age.
        Employees do not need to be eligible for PERA’s rule of 90 to participate in the PRO.
        Need to reduce work hours to half-time.
           Allows employees to elect a slower, or phased retirement,
           Allows public employers to retain the services of their retirement-eligible employees “a little longer,”
           Incurs lower payroll costs,
           Eliminates several of PERA’s administrative burdens,
           Neither the PERA member nor the County is required to make any further contributions to PERA.

Phased Retirement is used to retain skilled older employees who would otherwise retire, reduce labor costs and to arrange training of
replacement employees by older workers….and there is a shortage of entry level job applicants. (Investopedia.com). “There seems to
simply be an increased desire among individuals to stay active and stay involved and do it through the workplace in later years”. (Paul
Yakoboski, Employee Benefit Research Institute-2000). Requirements vary industry wide. Corporations, universities and colleges,
hospitals, Federal and local government have initiated Phased Retirement programs since at least 2000.
Benefits for employers:
       Retention of trained and qualified personnel,
       Reduced costs associated with training new employees to replace retiring employees,
       Reduced costs achieved through lower salary and benefits expenses, made possible by employee shifting from full-time to part-
        time status.
Benefits for employees:
       Flexible work arrangements,
       The opportunity to gradually transition into retirement rather than making a sudden, abrupt shift,
       The opportunity to supplement retirement income or to increase future retirement benefits by deferring current retirement income.
        (National Association of State Retirement Administrators [NASRA] 2002 IRS Request for Comments)

August 26 2008 - A survey by global HR consulting and outsourcing company Hewitt Associates showed that an increasing number of U.S.
employers are considering implementing phased retirement programs to address an impending talent shortage as a quarter of the workforce
nears retirement age.

Allen Steinberg, a principal at Hewitt Associates, commented: "With the rising tide of boomer retirees, employers will be losing key talent at
a time when attracting and retaining skilled workers will be more important than ever. At the same time, rising medical costs, lengthening life
spans and the declining prevalence of traditional pension and retiree medical benefits mean that employees will either have to work longer,
save more or live with significantly less than they are accustomed to. As these trends converge, we believe phased retirement programs
will continue to become more attractive options for both employers and employees - they provide employers with new ways to retain critical
talent and, at the same time, help employees meet their needs."
The Hennepin County board of Commissioners encourages County departments to consider this program for it employees.

We decided to participate in the Phase Retirement Option:
      in order to gradually exit extensive careers at Hennepin County –we are not ready to completely retire;
      reduced our hours to 40 per pay period;
      continue to contribute to Social Security;
      no longer contribute to PERA – nor does the County, thus reducing costs.
      are willing and able to provide tacit knowledge to colleagues by virtue of accumulated years of practice.
      participate in succession planning.
Mary Finstad and Don Nikkola
Please contact Benefits if you have any questions about the program and whether you qualify. You can also read more about this program
at the Benefits intranet site:

Happy Holidays to all,

Two Views on the Rising Numbers of Persons Receiving SNAP – Food Support – Food Stamps
 November 11, 2010                       Americans on Food Stamps Reach New High
 Growing Number of Americans Rely WRITTEN BY BRUCE WALKER - TUESDAY, 09 NOVEMBER 2010
 On Food Stamps
                                                                                    The food-stamp program has grown dramatically during the last few years. The
                                                The number of Americans             latest figures show that an incredible 42 million Americans are receiving food
                                                forced to rely on federal           stamps — about 14 percent of the entire national population. Within the last year,
                                                food aid, known as the              the number of households receiving food stamps has jumped from 16.2 million to
                                                Supplementary Nutrition             19.4 million. Since July 2007, participation in the food-stamp program has
                                                Assistance       Program            increased almost exponentially — a 50-percent growth in just three years.
                                                (SNAP), has increased
                                                dramatically in recent              Ironically, this fantastic growth in free food for those who qualify for food
                                                years.                              stamps has coincided with a concerted and public effort to encourage children to
                                                                                    eat less and exercise more. Obesity, particularly among the poor, is rapidly
                                         SNAP, known colloquially                   becoming one of the most serious public health problems in America. While no
 as "food stamps," give individuals and families a small monthly                    one wishes Americans, especially children, to go hungry, the evidence of real
 allotment on a debit card, allowing them to purchase groceries and                 hunger among the poor is slight, while the evidence of the poor eating more food
 other basic necessities.                                                           than is good for their health is significant.
 According to AOL's Daily Finance, like unemployment and home                       The food-stamp data also reveal another interesting fact about America today.
 foreclosure rates, the number of families using food stamps should                 Food stamp eligibility is connected with income eligibility, and the data indicate
 also be used as a measure of the national economic climate.                        that unemployment or underemployment in America has not been positively
 The Wall Street Journal reports,                                                   affected by President Obama’s stimulus package. The number of Americans
                                                                                    receiving food stamps is much higher than when the President began his multi-
      Some 42,389,619 Americans received food stamps in                             trillion-dollar effort, using borrowed federal dollars to fund activities intended to
      August, a 17% rise from the same time a year ago,                             increase employment. The growth in the food-stamp program also reflects a
      according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which                        troubling decline in the traditional and natural impulse of Americans of faith to
      tracks the data. That number is up 58.5% from August                          help out their coreligionists or the average American in need. Orthodox Jews,
      2007, before the recession began.                                             Mormons, Catholics, and many Protestant denominations look after members of
                                                                                    their faith or, in many cases, anyone who is hungry or in other need. The
 Supporters can get involved helping hungry Americans by                            Salvation Army long has made care of the less fortunate a centerpiece of its
 donating or volunteering at a local food bank through Feeding                      mission. Charity ennobles the giver without humiliating the recipient. But welfare
 America.                                                                           and food stamps are not charity. It is dependence administered by bureaucrats
                                                                                    who are just as dependent upon people needing help as the food-stamp recipients
                                                                                    are dependent on others for food.

                                                  - Wes Volkenant                             Thank You Notes
                                                                                             Dear Local 34 Brothers &
                          Many of you have told me that you were pulling for my
                          success in my race for Andover City Council. Thank you so          Sisters,
                          much! Unfortunately, it was not meant to be, as I finished         Thank you very much for
                          with 1400 votes, good for only seventh place out of eight          the plant I received. It
                          candidates for two positions. It seems that a union-member         was very nice having a
                          working for a County government, with pro-government               beautiful plant to look at
                          views and plans for city/county projects just wasn’t a good fit    while I was recovering
                          in no taxes, smaller government, Republican-oriented
                                                                                             from my knee surgery.
Andover this fall.
                                                                                             Cathy Cowden
However, I was pleased to see that my AFSCME friend from Local 1719, Aaron Printup,
                                                                                             Dear AFSCME Local 34
who Local 34 contributed to, was successful in getting elected to the Orono City Council
– first place – with virtually the same number of votes I received in Andover! And my        Employees,
fellow Council 5 Executive Board member, Karen Foreman, was successful in her run            Thank you for your
for the Mankato City Council. Congratulations to Aaron and Karen!                            generous gift of $100.00
                                                                                             to Alliance Housing, Inc.
I made time to attend both the Public Safety budget presentation and the Community           With your support, we are
responses to the proposed HSPHD budget this fall. Board Chairman Mike Opat was a
                                                                                             able to continue
key figure at both presentations. First, he led the Board’s power play against the
independent – minded Republican County Sheriff Rich Stanek and his gang of key               achieving our mission: to
advisors and their very poorly-presented budget with unaccounted-for increases in the        create, own and operate
number of administrative staff since the McGowan era. In a later session, Opat made          housing for low and very
some very telling remarks to the community non-profits about how they’ve gone about          low income people in
business in these difficult economic times.                                                  Minneapolis and the
                                                                                             wider Twin Cities
Commissioner Opat was clearly interested in how the non-profits have reduced their
                                                                                             metropolitan area. We
workforce and shifted the rising costs of health insurance onto their remaining
employees. Remember that Opat has long-advocated having the County’s single-                 sincerely appreciate your
insureds have to first, begin paying a monthly premium, and later having that employee       support.
share of the cost soar to much higher levels. It was no accident that the County             Thank you.
proposed $50 single premiums in the 2009 negotiations and clung to that position until       Herb Frey
late in the final night of bargaining. We stopped those huge increases for singles, but it   Executive Director
was no great victory, but more a matter of bargaining compromise; premiums remained
                                                                                             Alliance Housing, Inc.
$25 a month for Singles until this month – December 2010 – when they rose ½ of a total
$15 per month increase. Premiums for singles rise to $32.50 this month, a figure that        Thank you Local 34 for
will remain in place until December 2011, the last month of this contract period, when
                                                                                             the generous contribution
the premium rises to $40 per month. Forty is better than fifty, and forty doesn’t arrive
until the very end, but now we all know the starting point for 2012, and we all know that    to my campaign for City
Commissioner Opat, for one, wants to shift even more of the responsibility for health        Council. This truly means
insurance costs away from the County to its employees. Why? Because that’s how they          a lot!
do it in the private sector – which is where his voters are. But then, he doesn’t face the   Aaron H. Printup,
voters again until 2014. Meanwhile, we’ll have to see if moderate Republican                 Local 1719 and candidate
Commissioners Callison and Randy Johnson face any internal-Republican drama from             for Orono City Council
their party’s right wing. For all of us who respect the years of service from Randy                               st
                                                                                             {Note: Aaron finished 1 on
Johnson like we appreciated the years of service from Congressman Jim Oberstar, we                      nd
                                                                                             November 2 !}
can hope there is no similar surprise facing our Commissioner in 2012.
                                                                                             AFSCME PEOPLE Fund,
The safest Commissioner in 2012 – if the Republican turnout of 2010 is any indication –
                                                                                             Thank you for your
is Jeff Johnson. Commissioner Johnson’s Hennepin County Taxpayer Watchdog blog
(http://www.taxpayerwatchdog.org/) gives us an idea of the pressing ways to get out of       contribution to my re-
the business of governing, that Republicans such as this Johnson would have you              election campaign. Your
believe is their mandate:                                                                    contribution is deeply
         Golden Hydrant goes to plan for spending $342,000 on new art in Plymouth and       appreciated and will be a
          Maple Grove libraries                                                              great help to the
          “Yesterday, I offered a resolution to place a moratorium on the requirement       campaign.
          that Hennepin County automatically spend 1% of every large library building
          project on public art.”
         County Board Votes Unanimously to Kill the Medina Wind Turbine
                                                                                             Lyn Carlson
         Golden Hydrant goes to Hennepin County for providing free non-emergency
          health care to illegal immigrants
         General tax levy will remain flat; rail and housing levies will increase

                                         View from the Cheap Seats
     Thank You Notes                     Vicki Moore, Local 34 Vice President
Dear Friend,
I wish to express my sincere             Well it looks as if we still do not know the
gratitude for your trust and             name of the next Governor and we don’t
financial support of my candidacy in     know when we will know. There are so many
the Ramsey County Sheriff’s race. I      questions regarding what this will mean in
have never been more determined          terms of the budget deficit and the services our clients need and
to see that the Ramsey County            depend upon. Some would say that it really doesn’t make a difference
Sheriff’s      Department          is    who sits in the Governor’s Office, given the make-up of the Minnesota
transformed. The people of Ramsey        House and Senate. I really do not agree with that sentiment. If that
County deserve a sheriff who can be      were the case, why have a Governor at all?
With my deepest appreciation,            Our Electeds are faced with a daunting task come January. We need
Matt Bostrom                             all hands on deck to get to work on problem solving. We don’t need a
Ramsey County Sheriff Candidate          holdover Governor with Presidential ambitions thinking more about
Dear Friend,                             his future and national position than what is best for the citizens of
Thank you for your recent                Minnesota. Everyone that I talked with, and I talked with more than
contribution to the Senate DFL           1000 people leading up to the election, and no matter who they were
Caucus. With your help we will           supporting, from the far left to the far right, had one common
move forward with a progressive          message – let’s all stop playing games and get down to the business
agenda       which      will    help     of getting Minnesota back to the Minnesota of our youth – a balanced
Minnesotans find good paying jobs,       economy between rural and urban, strong public schools, and a hand-
provide health insurance for all and     up vs. a hand-out.
ensure the state provides the funds
our children deserve in order to         A recount is part of our State law given the margin between Mr.
receive a quality education.             Dayton and Mr. Emmer. However, it is not the intent of the law, as far
                                         as I know, to use every legal maneuver to extend the recount out for
Larry Pogemiller,
                                         months and months and months. When I hear the spokespeople for
Senate Majority Leader
                                         Mr. Emmer and/or the Republican Party announce the hiring of
Dear AFSCME Local 34,                    lawyers and promote the idea of “wide-spread voter fraud”, I wonder
Please       accept    my      sincere   whether the public can afford to pay for the manpower and/or legal
appreciation for your recent             fees that this strategy will cost? I also wonder about the damage that
$100.00 contribution to the NAACP        is done my undermining people’s confidence in the process. Is that
and for acting on your strong
                                         really patriotic? Is it really reflective of Minnesota Common Sense?
personal commitment to ensuring
                                         Does it answer the publics call to roll up out sleeves, get to work, find
civil rights and equality for all. You
are a vital and valued partner in all
                                         common ground and resolve our fiscal dilemma?
of our efforts. And the success of
                                         The Governor’s race in Connecticut was won by 5,637 votes. Their law
every NAACP initiative depends on
                                         states a recount is automatic if the margin is less than 2,000. So a
the support of people of conscience,
principle and action – people like
                                         recount was not mandatory in Connecticut. However, there was what
you.                                     was called “voting chaos” in Bridgeport, Connecticut, an area with
Sincerely,                               many voters. A commentator wrote about Republican candidate Tom
Benjamin Todd Jealous                    Foley’s reaction: “Mr. Foley said he was still concerned about voting
President & CEO, NAACP                   chaos in Bridgeport, the state’s largest city, and other possible sites,
                                         he and his advisers could not envision a chain or events in which he
Dear Jean,
                                         would be able to make up a gap of about 6,000 votes.” The margin in
Thank you for attending our 17th
Annual Wing Ding! You purchased
                                         the Minnesota race is larger.
four tickets for $66. Because of
                                         I am asking each of you, regardless of who you supported for
your support, Tubman is helping
                                         Governor, to ask those making decisions regarding recounts and
more families than ever. On behalf
of our board, our staff, and all those
                                         election contests to let common sense prevail. If they don’t know
we serve, thank you for supporting       about the Connecticut race, tell them. There’s a lot of work to do.
this critical work.                      Let’s get on with it.
                                         And that’s the view from the cheap seats for this month.
Jennifer J. Polzin,
Chief, Resource Department,
AFSCME Council 5 2010 Convention – Resolutions
                    Resolution #1: Organize for Power
                      THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: This union will invest resources, develop programs and infrastructure and train
                      staff and members to enable us to win representation rights for new groups of workers, equivalent to 100
                      workers per full time staff organizer; and,
                      BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That AFSCME Council 5 will continue to seek representation rights for all
                      unorganized public sector workers and enact collective bargaining law where they do not currently exist for
                      workers not covered by a law; and,
                      BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That AFSCME Council 5 will expand it organizing efforts among workers in non-
profit and private entities who provide public services, as well as independent service providers and other non-traditional workers;
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That AFSCME Council 5 will continue its efforts to develop leveraged strategic campaigns that employ
innovative tactics that can combat the aggressive anti-union campaigns invariably waged by private and public sector employers like
the union busting Attorney General Lori Swanson; and,
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That AFSCME Council 5 will include in their goals, planning, staffing, and resource allocation, the ability
to organize new groups of workers and meet these goals every year; and,
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That AFSCME Council 5 recruit and develop volunteer member organizers (VMOs) and educate the
membership on the benefits of organizing and recruitment of VMOs at a rate of 15 new trained VMOs a year; and,
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That AFSCME Council 5 coordinate political and organizing functions to make support of organizing a
key component of political action; and,
BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED: Not only must we organize harder, we must organize smarter. AFSCME Council 5 will target key
industries and employers, run strategic campaigns and organize non-traditional workers in the public service.

                 Resolution #2: Employee Free Choice Act
                 THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That AFSCME Council 5 mobilize our membership 32 and lobby Congress for
                 passage of the Act, and for State and local government bodies to pass supportive resolutions.

Resolution #3: Member Mobilizations
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That AFSCME Council 5 locals will develop plans to continue mobilization
activities; and,
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That when a successful action takes place, the Member Reporters will
provide information to be shared throughout Council 5; and,
BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED: That when locals attempt mobilization activities that they will be
encouraged and supported in those activities by AFSCME Council 5.

Resolution #4: Building Strong Local Unions
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: Council 5 locals need to routinely assess the goals and report the results, set new goals and develop
strategies to achieve and sustain those goals while sharing their successes with other
locals; and,
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: Council 5 continue to be a resource for local union efforts
to implement and sustain those strategies; and,
BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED: Local unions develop and/or retain an accurate map of their
membership in order to engage in one on one activity, within their local and Council 5, to
further grow the power of our Union.

Resolution #5: Federal Aid for State and Local Governments
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That AFSCME Council 5 will continue to mobilize its membership in support of federal aid
                                                     to states and local governments.

                                                                 Resolution #6: Electing Pro-Revenue
                                                                 Governor Mark Dayton
                                                                 NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That AFSCME Council 5
                                                                 will do everything it can to elect Mark Dayton Governor on
                                                                 November 2, 2010 so we can raise revenue fairly by raising
                                                                 income and other taxes on the wealthiest Minnesotans and
                                                                 corporations to close our budget deficit and protect public

services and AFSCME jobs.

Resolution #7: Protecting Our Pensions
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: That AFSCME Council 5 will fiercely advocate to protect
the guaranteed pension benefits of our members.

                                                  Resolution #8: Communicating for Power
                                                  THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: That AFSCME Council 5 will continue to establish
                                                  an identity that builds member pride and loyalty; attracts new members; and
                                                  reaches politicians, allies and journalists with a powerful message of who we are and
                                                  what we’re fighting for; and,
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That our local unions and policy committees will be encouraged to contribute to the Media Fund for
advertising that projects a proud, bold image of public services and the workers who provide them; and,
BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED: That AFSCME Council 5 will continue to provide member reporter, newsletter and LaborWeb training
for local unions.

Resolution #9: Judicial & Police Intimidation of Union Members
Therefore Be It Resolved: That AFSCME Council 5 goes on record as expressing its grave concern that the recent FBI raids are
reminiscent of the Palmer Raids of the 1920’s, the McCarthy hearings of the 1950’s, and the FBI’s harassment of the civil rights
movement, and our grave concern that these raids be the beginning of a new and dangerous assault on the First Amendment rights
of every union fighter, international solidarity activist or anti-war campaigner and,
Further Be It Resolved: That AFSCME Council 5 finds that no acceptable justification or evidence has been presented for these
raids and subpoenas and that we have no reason to believe any will be forthcoming, and,
Further Be It Resolved: That we notify the Minnesota Congressional Delegation that Council 5 opposes
these arbitrary and capricious raids, and,
Be it Finally Resolved: That in light of the Inspector General’s recent report that AFSCME Council 5
calls upon President Obama to order an immediate investigation into the circumstances, motivation and
propriety of the judicial and police intimidation of our members and others.

Resolution #10: Workplace Bullying
NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: Support measures to stop workplace bullying; and,
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: AFSCME Council 5 prioritize workplace bullying on its 2011-2012
legislative agenda; and,
BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED: That AFSCME Council 5 develop and make available contract language that can be added to all local
union contracts.

                                                                           Challenges Facing Public Employees in a
Who We Are: There are over 50,000 new
                                                                           ROWE Workplace
                                                                           By Carolyn Johnson, ROWE Internal Change Agent and Local 34 Chief Steward
reasons to get the AFSCME ADVANTAGE
PREPAID MASTERCARD. With the power of                                      As public employees working in a ROWE, we have discovered uniqueness to the
1.6 million members, AFSCME can now offer a                                environment where we work compared to Valspar, Fairview, Best Buy, and
Prepaid MasterCard and Online Account with                                 other organizations working in a ROWE. We are Public Employees. We are
lower fees than other prepaid cards in the                                 therefore required by law to work 40 hours per week or 80 hours per pay
country. This benefit is Better than a Bank                                period. We also have organized employees in our ranks, and we have contracts
Account or a Credit Card and we just added                                 that have been negotiated to protect the rights of staff. We need to honor
50,000 MoneyGram cash loading locations in                                 these contracts at work. We also have state mandates that dictate certain
the U.S and Puerto Rico making it more                                     areas of our work that we need to adhere to, and we have political direction
convenient to load cash to your prepaid card                               that drives our organization.
account. Unlike a traditional bank account                                 What does this mean in a ROWE?
there are No Overdraft Fees - No NSF Fees -
                                                                              In a ROWE, you still need to work your 40 hours per week, or 80 hours per
No Late Fees - EVER! There is no credit check
                                                                               pay period, but depending on your job and the team agreements, you may
and you are 100% Guaranteed Approved*.
                                                                               have the opportunity to work those 40 hours anytime during the full 7 day
With your AFSCME Advantage Prepaid                                             week, or 80 hours during a 14 day time period (depending on your job
MasterCard Card Account you can:                                               status). In a ROWE, staff work when they are most productive, which
1. Have your Paycheck or Benefits check                                        means that they can get the job accomplished at 3:00 in the morning, they
Direct Deposit for FREE                                                        are encouraged to choose those hours to work. Also, in a ROWE, if staff
2. ADD CASH to your card account at any                                        find that they are more effective at meeting the client's needs outside of
MoneyGram or MoneyPak retail location.                                         regular business hours, they are encouraged to work those hours. If staff
That’s over 100,000 cash load locations                                        find that they are out of work and still need to put in their 40 hours, they
nationwide!                                                                    will decide what they want to do with those extra hours: do they want to
3. Make purchases at the store, hotels,                                        help the team get the work accomplished? Do they want to do research
restaurants, and over the internet                                             on resources? Do they want to shadow another employee? Attend a
everywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted                                        training? Volunteer for a committee? It's up to that person to decide.
4. Get cash at over 1.5 million ATMs
                                                                              Unions represent many staff in HSPHD, and each Union has a contract that
                                                                               has been negotiated by the Union and Management. This contract
5. Access your card account online and over
                                                                               includes guidelines for things like schedules, time off, types of leave, and
the phone. Pay bills, send checks, balance
                                                                               other information. It is very important that while working in a ROWE, you
inquiry, transaction history, email and text
                                                                               follow contract guidelines. If you have questions about these guidelines,
message alerts and much more...
                                                                               contact a Union Steward.
"AFSCME Advantage has negotiated
                                                                              Some areas have mandates or work plans from the state or other
discounted benefits on behalf of the
                                                                               organizations that guide their work and are based on funding. In a ROWE,
membership to offer the best prepaid card
                                                                               these mandates and work plans are important to follow. Each staff
with the lowest fees in the country."
                                                                               member who is working under these guidelines has the right to know what
                                                                               is specifically written in the mandates or work plans, and it is entirely
AFSCME Advantage Prepaid Card is issued by                                     appropriate in a ROWE to have discussions about how to enforce changes
MetaBank pursuant to license by MasterCard                                     to the mandates or work plans that will allow more efficient practices.
International Incorporated. MasterCard is a                                    However, until the mandates or work plans are updated, it is important to
registered trademark of MasterCard                                             follow the guidelines that are agreed upon.
International Incorporated. *Subject to ID                                 As a Government entity, we are directed by political agendas that drive things
verification. Occasionally, you will receive                               like budget, community partnerships, etc. Often, this allows staff to expand
brief email messages regarding AFSCME                                      their resources and creative ideas, but recently, we have experienced more
Advantage member benefits.                                                 limitations to the resources that we have available to us. We have a
If you have questions about the AFSCME                                     responsibility to our organization and clients to achieve the mission of our
Advantage Prepaid MasterCard or any other                                  department – "Building better lives and stronger communities" – even during
AFSCME Advantage member benefit, contact                                   the most difficult times. In a ROWE, all staff and leaders in HSPHD are
Susan Welsh at 800-588-0374 or                                             encouraged to express their ideas about how to better achieve our mission by
swelsh@afscme.org.                                                         getting involved in projects like P3 or sending suggestions for change to the
AFSCME Advantage Prepaid MasterCard | 17595                                HSPHD Suggestion Box: http://hcinet/hsphdforms/SuggestionBox/feedback.htm
Harvard – Suite C, #3250 – Irvine, CA 92614

                                                                             Highlights – November 2010 General
                                                                                      Assembly Meeting
Ballot Measures Guaranteeing Secret Ballot                                 Officers Excused or Absent: Jacqueline Coleman, Cathy Cowden,
                                                                                    Sabrina Denson, Rita Salome, Carolyn Vreeman
in Union Elections Pass in Four States
Posted on November 3, 2010 by Justin F. Keith                                The Local passed a motion to elect seven MSSA
http://www.gtleblog.com/2010/11/articles/labor/ballot-measures-           representatives at the December GA meeting and renewed our
guaranteeing-secret-ballot-in-union-elections-pass-in-four-states/        annual MSSA membership at $255.00. MSSA Delegate
                                                                          Assembly at the Sheraton Bloomington on November 19 does
Yesterday, voters in Arizona, South Carolina, South Dakota, and           not take place on Count y time, so the membership approved
Utah voted in favor of ballot measures that would guarantee the           Lost Time and mileage for our delegates to attend.
right to a secret ballot in union elections. These measures
represent an effort at the state level to nullify the card check             The Local was invited to attend the November 9 screening of
provisions of the proposed Employee Free Choice Act that has              “Bullied” at Central Lutheran Church; Steward Lynne Kincaid
been pending in Congress for several years.                               received the Local’s two free tickets to attend.

                                                                             AFSCME International has received our Local’s
It is unclear at this point whether these measures will be
                                                                          Constitutional changes concerning staggered officer terms.
challenged as preempted by the National Labor Relations Act.
Also unresolved is what effect, if any, these measures will have             The Local received four tickets to the 27th Anniversary of the
on voluntary recognition and neutrality agreements between                Resource of the Americas dinner on November 5 – President
employers and unions.                                                     Diederich contacted members for possible interest in
Company Accused of Firing Over                                                Vice President Volkenant reported on Meet & Confer and the
Facebook Post                                                             Corrections Department budget presentation. He also reported
                                                                          that his bid for City Council in Andover proved unsuccessful, as
By STEVEN GREENHOUSE - Published: November 8, 2010
http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/09/business/09facebook.html                he finished 7th of 8.
In what labor officials and lawyers view as a                                 Vice President Moore also discussed the election results and
ground-breaking case involving workers and                                the fear that many voters seemed to express- their fear of
social media, the National Labor Relations                                losing jobs, losing homes, etc. as part of their turn to
Board has accused a company of illegally                                  Republicanism. Jacquelin Poole suggested AFSCME get more
firing an employee after she criticized her                               involved in community service, and President Diederich
supervisor on her Facebook page.                                          mentioned United Way drives, Sharing & Caring, helping an
This is the first case in which the labor board                           elderly family, etc.
has stepped in to argue that workers’ criticisms of their bosses or          Matt Nelson did an Election Review – the seeming election of
companies on a social networking site are generally a protected           Mark Dayton is a positive result, and Local 34 generated 20
activity and that employers would be violating the law by                 new PEOPLE contributors, and both Local Vice Presidents
punishing workers for such statements.                                    increased their deductions. As to Correctional Medical
The labor relations board announced last week that it had filed a         Services, the County sees this as auxiliary contracting that
complaint against an ambulance service, American Medical                  AFSCME does not need to be informed of- on the positive side,
Response of Connecticut, that fired an emergency medical                  one of our MAs is leaving the County, so both remaining MAs
technician, accusing her, among other things, of violating a policy       will have new positions.
that bars employees from depicting the company “in any way” on
Facebook or other social media sites in which they post pictures              President Diederich reported that Local 34 came through
of themselves.                                                            this election in spades – great GOTV participation, phone-
                                                                          banking, etc. She noted that HCMC’s Pharmacy Techs have now
Lafe Solomon, the board’s acting general counsel, said, “This is a
                                                                          been organized by AFSCME, and their anti-union HR person has
fairly straightforward case under the National Labor Relations Act        been fired. We are increasingly aware of the lack of resources
— whether it takes place on Facebook or at the water cooler, it           for helping our clients in need – AFSCME must take a bigger
was employees talking jointly about working conditions, in this           role in helping find those resources. And Jean reported on
case about their supervisor, and they have a right to do that.”           complaints that AFSCME was absent from the HSPHD budget
That act gives workers a federally protected right to form unions,        presentation – our leaders were unavailable, and our regular
and it prohibits employers from punishing workers — whether               communication with HSPHD managers kept us informed about
union or nonunion — for discussing working conditions or                  their budget intentions. But, we were unprepared for
unionization. The labor board said the company’s Facebook rule            Commissioner Gail Dorfman’s position that reducing the
was “overly broad” and improperly limited employees’ rights to            HSPHD budget would open up additional County resources for
discuss working conditions among themselves.                              community providers – seemingly at our expense. President
                                                                          Diederich and Council 5 political staff intend to discuss this
Moreover, the board faulted another company policy, one                   further with the Commissioner.
prohibiting employees from making “disparaging” or
“discriminatory” “comments when discussing the company or the
employee’s superiors” and “co-workers.”

                     Who We Are
  AFSCME’s 1.6 million members provide the vital
  services that make America happen. With members
  in hundreds of different occupations — from nurses         Are you interested in setting the Local 34 website as
  to corrections officers, child care providers to           your Microsoft Explorer home page? If so, go to the
  sanitation workers — AFSCME is the voice of the             website address listed on the front page. Click on
  dedicated workers who take care of America, and is            “Tools” in the menu bar at the top of your page.
  a leading advocate for all working families.               Select “Internet Options.” Under the “General” tab,
                                                            find the option for Home Page, and copy the Local 34
                                                                address there. The next time you bring up your
                                                               Internet connection, the website will be your new
                                                                                  Home Page.
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                                                                                Local 34 Information
Local 34 Officers & Stewards             12/01/10                Good and Welfare                            In This Issue:
President:                                                                                               Election 2010 Wrap-Up
Jean Diederich               348-0266 – HSB - 880           The Good and Welfare Committee
                                                                                                                (Pages 1- 8)
Vice Presidents:                                                was established to send
                                                                                                          Columns by President
Vicki Moore                  348-5939 – GC - 140             remembrances to dues paying
Wesley Volkenant             348-9592 – CP - 630            members at times of happiness or                 Diederich and Vice
Chief Stewards:                                                         sorrow.                            Presidents Moore and
Cathy Cowden                  543-0301 – FJC - L890                                                      Volkenant (Pages 11– 14)
Carolyn (Johnson) Vreeman    348-8586 – GC - 160            This includes marriages, the birth or           AFSCME Council 5
Recording Secretary:                                       adoption of a child, prolonged illness         Convention Resolutions
Rita Salone                  596-1003 – FJC - L890
                                                            or hospitalization, or the death of a             (Pages 15 & 16)
Patrick Regan                348-8760 – FJC - L890          member, immediate family member              November 2010 General
Membership Secretary:                                      or significant other – as defined in the         Assembly Highlights
Kela Williams                596-0954 – CP - 630                           Contract.                             (Page 18)
Andrea Lazo-Rice             348-2249 – HSB - 960          In the case of surgery or prolonged
                                                            illness, or for the birth or adoption       To Contact the Newsletter
Members-At-Large:                                                                                                Editor:
Ibrahim Adam                348-2313   – HSB - 961
                                                             of a child, flowers or plants can be
                                                               sent to a member. In situations             Wesley Volkenant –
Angel Alexander             596-1885   – CP - 630
Jacquelin Poole             348-4246   – HSB - 961          involving the death of a member or               612-348-9592
                                                                                                         cwvolkenant@msn.com or
Jacqueline Coleman          543-2605   – NP - N706          a death in the family of a member,
Sabrina Denson              596-7876   – HSB – 961           memorials can be sent. (―Family‖ is                   mn.us
Kathy Kelly                 348-6593   – FJC – L890          defined the same as in Article 16 –
                                                              Funeral Leave – in our contract; it      For Newsletter Distribution
Zachary Rice             348-2274, Century Plaza 1         includes: spouse, child, significant             concerns contact:
Nancy Scarlotta          348-9452, Century Plaza 2          other, aunt/ uncle, father/ mother,             Rhonda Griffin at
Fatuma Kassim            596-8457, Century Plaza 2              sister/ brother, grandparent/
Jamoda Williams          596-8948, Century Plaza 4                                                           612-543-0353
                                                           grandparent-in-law, grandchildren,
Shaletha Thomas          596-8954, Century Plaza 4
Lynne Kincaid            596-8716, Century Plaza 4               niece/ nephew, or a person                 Internet Web Site
Shawnice Reid            543-2699, NorthPoint Medical           regarded as a member of the
Ed Kusleika              919-2884, STS                         member’s immediate family).
James Stevenson          596-9220, STS                                                                        John Herzog –
Jim Edin                 763-221-4443, STS                   In the event of members getting                 952-492-5233
Phillip Gray             348-5771, Juvenile Justice Ctr       married, retiring, gaining U.S.           http://www.afscmelocal34.org/
Terry Grace              348-7308, Juvenile Justice Ctr
                                                            citizenship, or for a death in the
Aboubker Ouassaddine     543-0373, Family Justice Ctr                                                       Council 5 Business
Dana Meyer               596-0214, Family Justice Ctr      family of a member or in the case
                                                            of the death of a member, a card                 Representative:
Miguel Salazar           348-6800, Family Justice Ctr
Susan Frame              348-0293, Govt Center A15               can be sent to the family.                    Matt Nelson
Monica Jochmans          348-4192, HSB 5                                                                      651-287-0578
Penny Wile               348-7133, HSB 9                        Please send all requests for             matt.nelson@afscmemn.org
Laura Wright             543-0293, Little Earth Omniciye    remembrances to the co-Chairs for
Nafisa Farah             596-1705, 6601 Shingle Creek                                                  Council 5 Contact Information:
                                                            the Good and Welfare Committee -
Kristine Heckler         752-8332, Crystal Drop-in Ctr.                                                  300 Hardman Avenue So.
Elena Izaksonas          521-3056, 4th Precinct Station       Lisa Durkot (MC 965) or Merry
                                                            Brigham (MC L890). The referrals            South Saint Paul, Minnesota
Pamela Shones            763-413-3113, 1800 Chicago
Maureen Glover           348-4492, 1800 Chicago                must include the name of the
Dennis Moore             879-3560, 1800 Chicago                                                               (651) 450-4990
                                                              member and the reason for your
Jeff Meyer               348-5880, 1800 Chicago                                                            Fax: (651) 450-1908
Sheila Lipsco            348-4204, 1800 Chicago
Mara Hill                596-7161, 1800 Chicago                                                         Local 34 Mailing Address:
                                                           If the request is for a plant or flowers,
Martha Dille             612-964-1778, Grain Exchange
                                                               you will also need to include the             PO Box 15222,
                         Trustees                                                                            Minneapolis MN
                                                              person’s home phone number for
           Audie Lussier, Osman Farah, Vacant                                                                 55415-0222
                                                                      delivery purposes.
                  Delta Dental Trustee
                   Monica Jochmans


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