Corporate name application by bighug


									APPLICATION FOR RESERVATION OF CORPORATE NAME TO: _______________(1)______________________ _______________(2)______________________ Pursuant to the provisions of State law, the undersigned, who are intended incorporators, hereby apply for reservation of the following corporate name for a period of 120 days: _________(3)______ . If the above name cannot be reserved for any reason, the undersigned request that one of the following corporate names be reserved, in the stated order of preference: Second preference: ___________(4)____________ Third preference: ____________(5)____________ Dated __________(6)______________, _______(7)_________. ____________(8)_______________ ____________(9)_______________ ____________(10)______________ NOTICE The information in this document is designed to provide an outline that you can follow when formulating business or personal plans. Due to the variances of many local, city, county and state laws, we recommend that you seek professional legal counseling before entering into any contract or agreement.

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