The Best New Facebook Marketing Campaigns in 2010

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					         The Best New Facebook Marketing Campaigns in 2010

Any business can put up a Facebook fan page. Not every business can create a page that excites users,
encourages them to share the page with friends, creates a viral buzz and adds thousands of new fans.
Here are a few of the best new social media marketing campaigns on Facebook that we have seen this
Microsoft’s Bing ran a campaign on Zynga’s hit game FarmVille recently. If a user became a fan of
Bing’s Facebook Page by clicking on a Bing ad, they would receive FarmVille cash. The Bing ad was
located on the bottom of the FarmVille landing page. It was a good harvest – Bing’s Facebook page
went from 100,000 to 500.000 users – 400,000 new fans – in only one day.
Integrating a Facebook social game into a marketing strategy is a great idea. FarmVille has 83 million
monthly users and 28 million daily active users. Only about 1% of all FarmVille users participated in
the 24 hour event. This engagement number is awesome, especially if you are a new search engine like
Bing who is trying to promote an alternative to Google.
Target Retail Stores had an innovative and altruistic Facebook campaign on Valentine’s Day. They gave
away $1 million to a charity that their Facebook fans could choose. The fans chose the charity with a
Facebook app called a “Super Love Sender.” The charities Target supported were: Kids in Need
Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, The Salvation Army, United Through Reading
Military Program, and the United Way. There was a real-time graph to see how the charities competed
with each another. The winning charity? The St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
Digicel – Jamaica
Digicel – the biggest cellular phone company in Jamaica – just announced that its’ Facebook fan page
has over 100,000 users since the launch of their “Giveaway” campaign. The giveaways include free
handsets, phone credit and “Fast Finger Giveaways” – where they put a code on their Facebook page
and the first person who dials the code wins free phone credit. Over the last 30 days, there was a 298
percent increase in the number of participants. Digicel also posts videos, advertisements, news releases,
photos and a social event calendar on their Facebook page.
Red Bull
What does Red Bull have up its’ sleeve these days? Their Facebook page is loaded with skateboarding
and extreme sport events, races, parties and a game called the Red Bull Stash – an adventure where you
search for cases of Red Bull that have been hidden all over the country. All you do is enter your zip
code to get clues for your city and your Red Bull scavenger hunt begins. After you find one stash you
will be on the way to the final stash – an unmentioned grand prize.
Kellogg’s Cereal
Kellogg’s Cereal created an altruistic campaign on their Facebook page called “Kellogg’s Cares” where
they donate food, educate young people about proper nutrition and work to reduce global malnutrition.
They have a partnership with Feeding America – the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity.
Kellogg’s produced a series of videos about hunger that are posted on Facebook. They had 200,000
new fans in less than a month, and the vast majority were women over 25. That is the audience they
wanted to reach. The impact could not be directly measured but it had interactivity and got people
involved and emotionally invested in the campaign.
Domino’s Pizza
Domino’s has taken off their cooking gloves and they have come out swinging – and they’re doing it on
Facebook. It all revolves around “The Pizza Turnaround” where they listen to customer complaints and
then act upon them. They have a “Celebrate” page promoting a taste test where they beat Papa John’s
and Pizza Hut. They have a “Stop Puffery” campaign (also on Twitter) that makes fun of Papa John’s.
They also have coupons for their fans and commercials with “focus groups” – groups of people who
tell Domino’s how to improve their pizza and then how Domino’s improves it.
It is only the beginning of the year. We will post more good Facebook social media marketing
campaigns as soon as we see them.
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