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									Definition (multiple-choice).

       “Classic” type of vocabulary item consists of a test word followed by several possible
definitions or synonyms.


   A. a brief sleep

   B. a happy song

   C. a sharp rock

   D. a short meeting

A variation of the foregoing reverses the order and places the definition first.

   A. Nap

   B. Yawn

   C. Stroll

   D. Hug

       Both versions of the definitions item type have the advantages of being highly
economical in terms both of the number of items that can be included on a printed page and of
the number of problems that can be answered in a short period of testing time. Of the two
versions, the second is generally preferable in that it permits the testing of several problem words
per item. Moreover, version 2 items are more difficult to “compromise” by examinees who
attempt systematically to memorize questions in order to reconstruct the test later.

       On the negative side, tests consisting entirely of either version have one serious
limitation: many words do not lend themselves to short, exact definitions or synonyms and
cannot, therefore, be effectively tested by the above devices.

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