Adverbs by pumasoul60


(Adverb functions / additional)
   Based on the understanding of adverbs (adverbs) that adverbs (adverb / extra) is used to
describe verbs (verbs), adjectives (adjectives), another adverb (or other adverbs), or a noun
phrase (noun phrase) and the entire sentence.
So adverbs (adverbs) have the following functions:
A. Descriptive adverbs as verbs (adverbs as modifiers a verb).
   For example:
   • He drives a car carefully.
   • I go into the room silently.
B. Descriptive words as descriptive adjectives (adverbs as an adjective modifier.
   For example:
   • He is very rich.
   • I am too handsome for that girl.
C. Adverbs as another explanatory word (adverb as modifier other adverbs.)
   For example:
   • You sing very well.
   • She work too hard.
D. Descriptive words as descriptive noun phrase (adverb as modifier noun phrase).
   For example:
   • He had quite a party.
   • It is rather a room.
E. As an explanatory phrase adverbs prepositions (adverb as modifier preposition)
   For example:
   • He arrived long before the time.
   • The bird flew exactly over my head.
F. As an explanatory phrase adverbs conjunctive words (adverbs as modifiers
   For example:
   • They want to know precisely how the accident happened.
   • She like this place simply because the weather is cool.
G. Adverbs as explanatory phrase all words (adverbs of modifier an entire sentence).
   For example:
   • Tomorrow, I will from not go to school.

   • Evidently your success chiefly Depends on yourself.

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