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									Professional Project Management – Preparatory Course for the PMP Certificate

Professional Project Management Preparatory Course for the PMP Certificate
Introduction: The Project Management Body of Knowledge is the sum of knowledge within the profession of project management. As with other professions such as law, medicine, and accounting, the body of knowledge rests with the practitioners and academics who apply and advance it. The complete Project Management Body of Knowledge includes proven traditional practices that are widely applied, as well as innovative practices that are emerging in the profession, including published and unpublished material. As a result, the Project Management Body of Knowledge is constantly evolving. To earn PMI’s PMP credential, you must demonstrate the required ‘long term commitment” to project management professionalism and pass a rigorous, 200question exam covering the five project management processes and nine knowledge areas in PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). At the end of this course, participants will gain the following: • • • Understand the nature and tricks of the PMP Exam Understand the new concept of Project Management created by PMI Understand the whole areas of knowledge in the PMBOK® "the latest version, 3rd edition". Integration Management, Scope management, Cost Management, Time Management, Quality Management, Human Resource Management, Communications Management Risk Management, Procurement and Contract Management and correlate them with the processes of project management in addition to the Professional Responsibility. Practice for the Exam Determine the gap areas you have Develop Confidence Tips for the Exam

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Professional Project Management – Preparatory Course for the PMP Certificate

Audience for the PMBOK® Guide ?
This standard provides a foundational reference for anyone interested in the profession of project management. This includes, but is not limited to: • Senior executives • Program managers and managers of project managers • Project managers and other project team members • Members of a project management office • Customers and other stakeholders • Functional managers with employees assigned to project teams • Educators teaching project management and related subjects • Consultants and other specialists in project management and related fields • Trainers developing project management educational programs • Researchers analyzing project management.

Course Director Eng. Akram Alnajjar, PMP , PSP Eng. Akram Alnajjar has over than 22 years of experience in the fields of Project Management, and Training. Eng. Alnajjar got his B.Sc. in Civil Engineering on 1984 and postgraduate Diploma in Construction management on 2002, He has been awarded the Project Management Professional “PMP” Certificate from the Project Management Institute “PMI”, Pennsylvania, USA in 2001 and PSP Planning Scheduling Professional by AACEI / USA Eng. Akram Alnajjar is a lecturer on Managing Project Information such as Planning, Scheduling, Resource and Cost Analysis using Primavera software as project management tools. Eng. Akram is a Middle Eastern & Gulf and West Africa reputable consultant and trainer. He has done consultations and management for multi-million Oil and construction projects in the area of Project Management, Planning and Cost Control. Eng. Alnajjar Previously worked as : Project Control Manager for Eni Group /AGIP (Italian Oil and Gas company) Port-Harcourt / Nigeria Senior Project Control Planner for Eni Group/AGIP Assaluyeh / Iran Planning and Training Manager for Promastar Co. (Primavera Authorized representative / Egypt and Saudi Arabia ) Responsible for Primavera professional training courses and Primavera consultation services. Planning and Cost Control Manager for Bin-Jarallah Group / Riyadh Planning and Cost Control Manager for Saudi Lada Group Riyadh Time And Cost Control Manager with Ginza for construction / Cairo

Professional Project Management – Preparatory Course for the PMP Certificate

Course Curriculum:

Day One Introduction • • • • • • Purpose of the PMBOK® GUIDE What is a Project ? What is Project Management? The PMBOK® GUIDE Structure Areas of Expertise Project Management Context

Project Life Cycle and Organization • • • The Project Life Cycle Project Stakeholders Organizational Influences

The Standard for Project Management of a Project Project Management Processes for a Project • • • • Project Management Processes Project Management Process Groups Process Interactions Project Management Process Mapping

Project Scope Management • • • • • Scope Planning Scope Definition Create WBS Scope Verification Scope Change Control

Professional Project Management – Preparatory Course for the PMP Certificate

Day Two Project Time Management • • • • • Activity Definition Activity Duration Estimation Activity Sequencing Schedule Development Schedule Control

Project Human Resource Management • • • • Human Resource Planning Acquire Project Team Develop Project Team Manage Project Team

Day Three Project Cost Management • • • Cost Estimate Cost budgeting Cost Control

Project Quality Management • • • Quality Planning Perform Quality Assurance Perform Quality Control

Day Four Project Communications Management • • • • Communications Planning Information Distribution Performance Reporting Manage Stakeholders

Project Risk Management • • • • • Risk Management Planning Risk Identification Qualitative Risk Analysis Quantitative Risk Analysis Risk response planning

Professional Project Management – Preparatory Course for the PMP Certificate


Risk monitoring and Control

Day Five: Project Procurement Management • • • • • • Plan Purchases and Acquisitions Plan Contracting Request Seller Responses Select sellers Contract administration Contract Closure

Project Integration Management • • • • • • • Develop Project Charter Project Scope Statement (Preliminary) Develop Project Management Plan Direct and Manage Project Execution Monitor and Control Project Work Integrated Change Control Close Project

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English/ Arabic English

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