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					 Building professionalism in project management. TM

Project Management Institute Upstate New York Chapter, Inc.
P.O. Box 11132 Loudonville, NY 12211

Executive Board Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, December 7, 2005 1776 Diner Route 9, Latham, NY 12110 Attendees: Norine Kenny, PMP, President Eileen Armstrong, PMP, VP Membership Diana Pinto, PMP, VP Communications and Publicity Jon Haverly, PMP, VP Education and Certification Bruce Oswald, PMP, Secretary Karen Huggins, PMP, 1st-VP Programs Kris Sprague, PMP, Special Projects Committee Lari Greenleaf, PMP, Education and Certification Committee Randolph Peet, PMP, Education and Certification Committee Lisa Richardson, PMP, Communications and Publicity Committee Susan Mardon, PMP, Facilities Committee Karin Silvernale, CAPM, Reservations Committee Chris Foster, PMP, 2nd VP Programs Kathy Martucci, PMP, VP Special Projects Matt Beekman, PMP, Treasurer Mike Peters, PMP, Asst. Treasurer


Call to Order – Roll Call 5:40 pm Norine Kenny called the meeting to order at 5:40 pm and welcomed the group. A roll call of officers was taken. Meeting Minutes Bruce Oswald asked if there were any changes to the September 28, 2005 Board meeting minutes. Eileen Armstrong made a motion to accept them. Chris Foster seconded the motion, and the board approved them. By-Laws – Status Update Kris Sprague indicated that he had reviewed the Chapter’s existing By-Laws as well as By-Laws form other chapters in developing suggested changes to the Chapter’s By-Laws. He noted that he would include Bruce Oswald’s comments in his changes and forward them to the Board in January for comments. The Board agreed that, subsequent to incorporating the Board’s comments, the revised draft would be forwarded to the Chapter’s lawyer for review. After that the Board will review the final version of the By-Laws and take a vote on whether to adopt them. Should the revised By-Laws be adopted, they will be forwarded to the membership in March. The timeline agreed to was:      Draft to Norine in early January; Draft to Board in mid January; Comments to Norine by end of January; Draft to lawyer by early February; Final version to be voted on by Board in March;
PMI Headquarters, Four Campus Boulevard, Newtown Square, PA 19073-3299, TEL: +610-356-4600,

 Building professionalism in project management. TM


P.O. Box 11132 Loudonville, NY 12211 Approved By-Laws to membership in March.

Project Management Institute Upstate New York Chapter, Inc.

Professional Development Day Karen Huggins reported that a contract had been signed with the International Institute for Learning (IIL) to host a full day session on February 27, 2006 with Dr. Harold Kerzner on the “Best Practices in Project Management”. She noted that the date was on hold with the Desmond in the Fort Orange Ballroom. Karen reported that the room holds 200, but the hotel staff indicated that it can fit a few more. She stated that the cost for the room was $900. Susan Mardon agreed to confirm it with the Desmond the next day. Karen then passed out a spread sheet and discussed the options for the session as well as the costs associated with them. Susan noted that the costs for food might be picked up by sponsors. Norine Kenny asked for suggestions for sponsors. Susan noted that she had some ideas and agreed to forward suggestions to Karen. Other ideas were suggested by other Board members as well. Norine Kenny made a motion to approve holding the event at the Desmond. Diana Pinto seconded it. The Board approved the motion. Susan agreed to get back to Karen and Norine on the final costs. They agreed to look for two sponsors. Norine then asked about the publicity. Karen indicated that she would check on the publicity material with IIL. Diana stated that she would handle the Times Union and the Capital District Business Review. She noted that she would also contact the PMO Roundtable as well as the ASTD. Norine also suggested that we have material for the Chapter meetings to hand out. Programs 2005 – 2006: Feedback on September – November Chapter Meetings Norine Kenny indicated that the feedback on the Italian CC had been fairly good. Karen Huggins indicated that there had been some comments on the temperature. However, other than that, she stated that the comments had been very good. Susan Mardon suggested that we ensure that the Italian CC have one additional table of 8 to handle overflow. November 2006 Joint Meeting with NYS Forum and Chapter Meeting: Evaluation of the Speaker and feedback to Brenda Breslin/PMI HQ Karen Huggins stated that the presentation was very poor. She reminded the Board that this speaker was a third candidate from PMI as the first and second ones that PMI had suggested could not come. She noted that the speaker read the slides and didn’t appear to know what was on them. Chris Foster and Karen agreed to provide comments to Brenda Breslin on the FORUM session. Karen stated that she will report back to the board on the comments that she receives from Brenda. Rita Mulcahy, a former Chapter member, was suggested for next year. A discussion arose over the logistics and number of people that were required for her attendance. Karen agreed to go to Nancy and Brenda to get more information about Rita and discuss possible next steps. Results of Chapter Audit Karen Huggins reported on the review of the 2002-2003 of the Chapter financial information by the accountant. She noted that she and Bruce Oswald met with the accountant in November. She indicated that the accountant stated that he needed an income statement and balance sheet in the future for the Chapter (as all that was available to him for 2002-2003 were cash flows). She reported that the accountant had done a review of the Chapter’s finances and found them to be in good order. She reported that he suggested that, because of the size of the organization, it wasn’t cost effective to do a full audit of the Chapter. Karen noted that this would require a change in the By-Laws. Karen also reported that the accountant stated that all Board members should be familiar with Sarbanes Oxley. Bruce agreed to obtain a copy of the handbook published on it for the Board members. Kathy Martucci requested information on the liability insurance that the Chapter has for the Board members. This task was assigned to Matt Beekman to do. Karen agreed to follow up with Matt. After some discussion, the
PMI Headquarters, Four Campus Boulevard, Newtown Square, PA 19073-3299, TEL: +610-356-4600,

 Building professionalism in project management. TM

P.O. Box 11132 Loudonville, NY 12211 Board agreed that the Treasurer should provide summary statements on the financial situation of the Chapter to the Board every year. Karen closed her report by noting that the accountant had stated that there was nothing wrong with the Chapter’s books, but that we need to update our procedures. Karen also requested a third person on the Financial Committee. Feedback on PMP Prep Class and Cheetah Learning Offer Jon Haverly provided a final report on the PMP Prep Class. He noted that 24 people graduated and had rated the course as an 8.3 out of 10 quality. He stated that the target for the course were 8.0. Jon went on to state that the curriculum was good, but because of all the changes to the exam this fall, it needed some improvement. He also reported that there was a need to improve facilitators and, next time, they would ensure that at least one of the two facilitators each night had previous experience with the course. Other improvements suggested by the class were to have more questions. Jon noted that they planned to have a test in the beginning of the course and then one at the end to better measure the level of improvement by the participants. Jon went on to note that the Chapter didn’t make a lot of profit on the students. He did note that extra costs included the books and the small gifts provided for each student. Jon asked that the Board consider a price increase. He indicated that he had looked at the prices charged by other Chapters for such courses and that we’re on the low end of the spectrum. He went to note that we have a waiting list of 17 people for the next course. Jon indicated that we will need to obtain a place to hold it. Keane was suggested or perhaps a local college or university. Jon agreed to check into it. Susan Mardon and Jon will also check on additional questions for the course. Jon agreed to draft a letter for Norine to send to Keane. The Board agreed that the costs be reviewed. As the discussion continued, it was noted that the number of new PMP’s may be reduced in the future as more and more Chapter members become PMP’s. (Currently, 217 of 375 Chapter members have their PMP. It was suggested that the Chapter should begin to focus more on courses that will provide members with continuing PDU’s to retain their certification. Jon then talked about the offer we had received on the Cheetah training program. (see sheet) He explained that the offer required that we put link to the web page for the course on the Chapter web site and for each member who takes the course the chapter gets 10% of the course cost. Chris Foster suggested that this should be offered to other programs as well. Jon made a motion that the Chapter does this. Kathy Martucci seconded. The Board approved it, however, it agreed to wait on formal notification of Cheetah until after a policy is developed. PMI Global Congress, Sept. 8 - 10, 2005 Toronto: Report Out Norine Kenny reported on the PMI Toronto Leadership Conference for Component members. She noted that on the first day attendees shared PMI Best Practices, second day featured education tracks, and the last day was a meeting with Chairman of the Board on a relevant topic. She indicated that she got a significant amount of information on what other chapters are doing. She went on to discuss the best practices and ideas that she learned from other Chapters. Lastly, she stated that next year’s conference will be in Seattle, WA. Norine indicated that a meeting for Chapters in Region 4 would be held in May 2005 in Buffalo. She noted that she will talk about it more as it gets closer to the date. Follow-up to Presentation given by Don Michalak at 9/28/05 Board Meeting Jon Haverly followed up on the presentation provided by Don Michalak at the 9/28/05 Board meeting in which Don had asked for endorsement of the project management course that was being given at Hudson Valley Community College. Jon noted that the course was using PMBOK without expressed written consent from PMI. (Jon indicated that the Chapter needed to get that permission from PMI for its course, but that he had already sent a request into PMI.) Jon then returned to the question of whether the Chapter should endorse the course. Jon suggested that the Chapter could give endorsements, and, if there was a
PMI Headquarters, Four Campus Boulevard, Newtown Square, PA 19073-3299, TEL: +610-356-4600,

Project Management Institute Upstate New York Chapter, Inc.

 Building professionalism in project management. TM

P.O. Box 11132 Loudonville, NY 12211 link to the course on the Chapter website, that we have a disclaimer. It was noted that the course was in competition with the chapter’s PMP course. After some discussion, Kathy Martucci agreed to draft a policy on how the Chapter should deal with requests to promote courses and/or companies. As part of that, the Board agreed to review the New York City Chapter’s sponsorship material. Evaluate Today’s Meeting Norine Kenny asked for an evaluation of the evening’s meeting. The group agreed that the site was too noisy. It was noted that the Keene offices had been secured for 2006. 2006 Board Meetings: Identify Dates 1/11; 2/8; 3/8; 4/19; 6/14; 7/19; 8/16; 10/11; 12/6 Meeting Adjourned The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm. 7:30 pm

Project Management Institute Upstate New York Chapter, Inc.

Board Member Attendance
Bruce Chris Mike Matt Norine Eileen Kathy M Diana Karen Jon

4/20 5/2 5/11 6/15 7/12 7/19 8/17 9/28 12/7


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Respectfully submitted,

Bruce Oswald, Secretary

PMI Headquarters, Four Campus Boulevard, Newtown Square, PA 19073-3299, TEL: +610-356-4600,

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