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PMP Certifications Preparation - DOC


PMP Certification Preparatory Course Program Overview. Project Management is emerging as the most sought after skill in the IT,

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How to Become a PMP®
Completing the application for the PMP examination is not an easy undertaking. Don’t be fooled that you can just write a cheque and you’re into the exam centre – it’s just not that easy. To become a PMP you must first jump through some hoops. You must complete a detailed application that PMI will review to determine if you first qualify to even sit the PMP exam. Many candidates find the PMP application intimidating – and they’ve not even considered the PMP questions yet. First things first.

Qualifying for the Exam

In order to complete the PMP application you first need to qualify for the PMP exam. Do you qualify? Make certain first by reviewing the eligibility criteria set out in the CMI – Project Management Certification Course brochure. One point to mention is in the experience portion of the PMP application. The phrase “non-overlapping months” for your project manager experience. This means that you may only count one project at a time. In other words, if you managed two projects at once you may only count one of those projects towards your required number months of experience. You may, however, count the individual hours within each project towards the requirement for leading project management tasks.

Online is Best

CMI recommend that you complete your application on-line rather than using the paper-based forms. The online application can be saved, reviewed, and edited before your final application is submitted. The paper-based form has some drawbacks as it is easy to make a mistake or mess up the application. You can find both applications through PMI’s website, Note that the online form will only accept credit card payments.

Eligibility Criteria To complete the PMP Certification process, candidates must satisfy all requirements in one of two categories. Category 1: With a baccalaureate degree PMP candidates must: 1.Document at least three calendar years experience in project management (during the past six years), including at least 4,500 hours experience within the five recognized project management process groups. 2. Document at least 35 contact hours of formal training in project management. 3. Pass the PMP Certification Exam.

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Category 2: Without a baccalaureate degree PMP candidates must: 1. Document at least five calendar years experience in project management (within the past eight years), including at least 7,500 hours experience within the five recognized project management process groups. 2. Document at least 35 contact hours of formal training in project management. 3. Pass the PMP Certification Exam.

The PMP Application can be completed either online (at or with paper forms. It is better and more efficient to go online The Application consists of three sections: 1. PMP Certification Examination Application Form This section consists of three pages and includes all of your general information: name, address, contact information, educational background. This section can be completed quickly and easily. 2. Project Management Education Form This section is a one-page form that asks you to document your 35 contact hours in project management training. This section can be completed quickly. 3. Project Management Experience Verification Form Finally, the fun form: documenting your project management hours.. This portion of the application takes the longest to complete – especially if you’ve moved from company to company This section uses a two-page form to document each of your projects during your experience period. This is the most time-consuming portion of the Application. It involves doing some work gathering all the information necessary to complete this section. You’ll need to document the projects you’ve completed, what project management tasks you lead, who you completed the project for, and provide all the relevant contact information for the project . Summarize your project management experience, include the project names, and companies for whom you did the projects.

Completing the Application

It is recommended you do all of the hard work in the application first. In order words, start gathering your educational, project management education certificates, and project information before starting the application. It’ll be a smoother process to complete the application in one sitting rather than starting and stopping. As you complete the online application you should print out your application so that you have a record of what you’ve submitted to PMI. It would be beneficial to store all of this information in hard copy incase your PMP application is audited. A significant portion of PMP applications are audited to verify that the information submitted in the application is truthful. This keeps the certification valuable and quality maintained.

Exam Fees
Your Certification Fee must accompany your application (credit card only if online). The exam/test fee is $405 for PMI members, $555 for non-members. Do yourself a favour and go ahead and join PMI before
starting your application. It’s $129 to join PMI so you’re actually saving $21 to become a member and then apply for the exam. Once PMI reviews your application, which can take up to 14 days, they’ll send you a confirmation letter with an identification code and directions for scheduling your exam.

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PMI takes around 10 to 14 working days to process your Application. Once your Application is approved, you will receive an eligibility letter with identification code and detailed testing information. You must take your exam within six months. Application Forms are available for review and/or download anytime at Caution: Be thorough, accurate and honest with your Application information. To help maintain quality and integrity in the PMP Certification Program, PMI audits a significant percentage of accepted Certification Applications. It's best to assume that your application will be one of them. The audit process involves formal verification by your employer(s) and schools. It is best not to exaggerate any of your application information. If invalid information is found during the audit process, you will be stripped of your Certification. If you do not quite meet any of the eligibility criteria, it is best to wait until you can honestly satisfy the criteria before applying.

CMI lecturers will assist you on the first week and subsequent weeks of the PMI – Project Management Certification course to get your application just right ! No need to worry about trying it all alone. Let CMI assist you every step of the way.

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