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					Aerospace and Defense SIG Meeting Minutes

Date: Friday, March 26, 2004
Start: 3 PM EST Adjourn: 3:45 PM EST

Chair: Tom Vanderheiden Attending: Position
X X X X X X Chair Vice-Chair, Communications Vice-Chair, Membership Vice-Chair, Finance Vice-Chair, Prof Dev Vice-Chair New Business Midwest Regional Director South Regional Director Past Chair Administrator

Tom Vanderheiden Neil Albert Dave Ross Lynn Dyrdahl Bill Bahnmaier Gary Nitch Hank Wise Open Bill Shephard Paula Anderson

303-522-7002 (cell) 703-506-4600 x268 937-320-9140 425-234-1273 703-805-4980 239-910-6920 937-602-2958 703-208-3091 763-434-2384



Voting Issues:
Financial Plan The Financial Plan for 2004 was discussed, and the BOD approved the plan as discussed and revised. Lynn will provide a copy of such plan to Paula for insertion into the website and to the BOD for info. Vice-Chair New Business Tom Vanderheiden indicated that the work defined as the responsibility of the VC New Business was to important to not have someone established to assume the responsibility defined for the office. Tom nominated Gary Nitch, as the only one who indicated an interest in assuming the position as the Vice-Chair New Business. Tom asked if there were any other nominations. With no other nominations, the first nomination was seconded by Bill B. and the vote of the BOD Gary’s election to the 2004 term as the Vice-Chair New Business.

Officer Status Reports:
Chair: Table top display was delivered on March 23 and looks good. Tom will send the board a digital photo of the setup display. He also procured a CD at Huntsville’s Space and Rocket Center Museum with over 100 digital space photos that can be used on the website and for the Tabletop Display. If BOD members have digital photos of the defense war machines they would like to incorporate into the display, please send them to Tom. Tom has sent to the BOD the A&D SIG Benefits Presentation developed for delivery at the HATS TEAMS Week conference on March 30. This presentation may be used as a springboard for contacting other chapters and may be made available to members who wish to present them at chapters and interested groups. The presentation is currently focused to the environment at Huntsville, but we need to make some changes so that it will be usable for delivery to more generic audiences. Tom has a meeting scheduled with the Associate Dean of DAU south campus, Dr. Jerry Davis jointly with BOD members from the North Alabama Chapter. Opportunities to partner with their DAU campus will be discussed. Friday is bad day of the week for Neil Albert to participate in board conference calls. Tom will be sending an email to the board requesting alternative meeting times. 1

Aerospace and Defense SIG Meeting Minutes

Communications: Officers should provide newsletter content to Neil by April 9, 2004. The A&D SIG will be sending the content as an e-newsletter, utilizing Constant Contact after Neil has received and edited the content to a newsletter format. Professional Development: DAU approval of the PMP® Certification should be finished today. A letter from DAU President to PMI, stating that the PMP has been approved as an “Alternative Certification”, is expected to be mailed today. The DAU is not convinced a ceremony acknowledging approval of the certification is needed. Bill B. and Tom discussed an ability to plan a ceremony as part of the DAUAA Symposium, June 7-9, 2004 on the approval of the PMP as approved Alternative Certification and the execution of the A&D SIG and DAUAA partnering agreement. The DAU Alumni Symposium is usually well-attended (about 250 people) and can provide good visibility for the A&D SIG (articles on the event should be included in the newsletter, web site, and PMI Today). Bill B. will see if several members of the A&D SIG Board could be invited to attend the Symposium. For details on the Symposium, go to Bill will be announcing the completion and distribution of the latest version of the Joint Program Management Handbook that he developed for DAU, at the Symposium. He will prepare a publicity blurb for the newsletter on the Handbook. The Handbook will also be made available for publishing on the A&D web site. Bill has identified a couple of Defense Acquisition Technology articles (Hubble ground station article and tech transition article) for possible inclusion in the newsletter. Bill is also checking with Mark Fantasia regarding his possible submittal of an article on a new DAU tool on consulting. Module 3 of the PMP® Certification Prep course will soon be completed, which he will send to Tom for inclusion in the course material being formatted. Modules 1 and 2 are already complete and the formatting of remaining parts of the coursework are coming along quite well. When draft versions are ready for review, they will be sent to the BOD for review and comments. Finance: Tracking the budget fairly well. Income close to budget and expenses are a little under. Membership: Membership renewals are tracking well with expectations and Dave will provide a list of past members, who have not renewed over the last two years, will be provided to Paula so that marketing letters can be mailed to them. Directors: Gary has sent out three LIG letters. Complimentary membership benefits will be provided to chapter presidents so they can find out more about the A&D SIG and be in line for receiving mass emails on newsletters and bulletins..

New Business:
Newly elected VC New Business, Gary Nitch will develop a Project Plan on marketing and implementation of new business opportunities. The duties included within the Bylaws as well as the draft Action Plan for New Business that is included in the A&D SIG Benefits Presentation will be used as a guide. The plan will be drafted and issued for comment to the BOD by April 16. Review of the Plan with incorporated relevant comments will be discussed at the next BOD meeting.


Aerospace and Defense SIG Meeting Minutes
Action Items Item
Initiate REP application. Need course material. Need to finish at least one course. Have Project of the Year submission as an objective in 2005. Prepare article for newsletter. Company interested in 2004 POY withdrew. Neil to contact Hank to discuss something for newsletter. Obtain PMP® Certification Exam prep course proposal from Lowell Dye. Board needs to come to conclusion on how to approach A&D SIG PMP® Certification Exam prep course and should submit R.E.P. appl. Establish guidelines on how A&D SIG should define training opportunities and trainers. Bill will facilitate setup of ceremony between PMI and the DAU on approval of PMP as equivalent to DAU 250. An article regarding this event will appear in the newsletter and an announcement on the website. Coincide with June Symposium. Bill will write an article on Symposium and signing of MoU between A&D SIG and DAUAA. It was suggested that a letter be sent to members who have dropped the A&D SIG, inviting them to become members again. Dave providing list of names to Paula. It was also recommended that we encourage students attending the PM Review course to become A&D SIG members. Paula will start building a new site. Lynn and Paula will setup a test site on MyHosting for officers’ review. The current site will still be live. A short article on the call for nominations will be prepared for the newsletter. The “volunteer” web page also needs to be updated to reflect the available positions; Membership, Finance and New Business. Prepare article on Joint Program Management Handbook for newsletter and upload to web site. Tom will be sending an email to the board requesting alternative meeting times. A New Business Plan will be developed for review by the BOD. Board will review web site requirements sent by Paula and provide comments to her and Lynn. Officers should provide newsletter content to Neil.

Assigned to: Due Date
Bill Hank Neil Paula May 15, 2004 April 30, 2004


Tom Hank Tom & Bill

February 2004

Not Received

May 15, 2004

Submit REP proposal in May

Tom Bill Neil Paula

May 15, 2004 March 30, 2004

Dave Tom Paula Dave Paula

April 30, 2004

April 30, 2004

Paula Lynn Dave Neil Paula

April 30, 2004

Start develop of site early in April.

March 26, 2004

Bill Paula Neil Tom

April 9, 2004


April 10, 2004

Gary Board Board

April 16, 2004 April 9, 2004 April 9, 2004 3

Aerospace and Defense SIG Meeting Minutes
Articles on the DAU Alumni Symposium should be included in the newsletter, web site, and PMI Today. While at the Leadership Meeting in Vancouver, Lynn will try to speak with Puget Sound Chapter leaders regarding LIG Affiliate Rules. Completed Action Items Renew web site URL. Send Paula copy of the web site. Check ISSIG web site for LIG contacts and forward info to Tom who will contact chapters. Revise Local A&D Rules proposal and send to board. Obtain chapter PMP® Certification Exam prep course RFP/source selection documentation. Prepare a report that defines the chapters by regions that would be right for A&D LIG affiliation and send to Directors. Assemble a list of chapters with concentration of A&D professionals to target start of LIGs. Budget will be updated to reflect additional income from course registrations and additional travel expenses. An article on the Joint Program Management Manual will be written for the newsletter and the web site. Send Ohio Chapter PDD fact sheet to Tom so sponsorship can be discussed at next meeting. Send proposed website requirements to board. Officers are encouraged to review the current site and let Paula and Lynn know of any items that need to be considered for change. Bill Neil Paula Lynn June 2004

March 31, 2004

Lynn Lynn Paula Tom Hank Tom

February 6, 2004 February 6, 2004 February 6, 2004 February 6, 2004 February 2004 April 5, 2004

Complete Complete Complete Complete No documentation Complete

Gary and Hank Lynn

April 15, 2004 March 22, 2004

Complete Complete

Bill Neil Paula Dave. Paula Lynn Officers

March 26, 2004


March 22, 2004 March 29, 2004

Complete Complete

Next Meeting: Next meeting will be at usual time on Friday, April 30, 2004


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