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Week Term Visit Gowrie online at Pips


Week Term Visit Gowrie online at Pips

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									                                  Principal: Judy Hamilton             Jeffries Street GOWRIE ACT 2904
                              Deputy Principal: Jason Walmsley                 Telephone (02) 62057822
                                  Executive: Karen Farrell                      Facsimile (02) 62057825
                                                                                    Visit Gowrie online at:
                                Board Chair: Jane Dickenson
                                P & C President: Leah Smith   
Issue 31, 2010                      Term 4 – Week 1                          13th October 2010

                                TERM DATES 2010
          Term 4                11 October to 17 December

                                TERM DATES 2011
          Term 1                7th February to 15th April
          Term 2                2nd May to 8t h July
          Term 3                25th July to 30t h September
          Term 4                17th October to 21st December

                    2011 student’s commencement days:
     Kindergarten and new students: Monday 7th February 2011
     All continuing students:          Tuesday 8th February 2011

          AFTER SCHOOL CARE – YMCA Program 3.00pm – 6.00pm daily
                                       Contact Numbers
        YMCA Office: 62300165              Mobile Contact After 2.30pm: 0404635730

                 ***   We are an Approved Service for Child Care Benefits   ***
                    WHAT’S ON TERM 4!
   Thursday    14th October    ACT Track and Field
   Monday      18th October PIPS Testing Week commences
   Tuesday     19 October   Weetbix Triathlon Talk 2.30pm – Hall
   Wednesday   20 October   Preschool Photos
                 st    nd
   Thursday    21 – 22 October Year 3/4 Camp
   Friday      22nd October Preschool Photos
                            Book Club order due
   Monday      25th October    Board Meeting 5.30pm
                               P&C Meeting 7.00pm
   Tuesday     26th October    Assembly 2.30pm
   Friday      29th October    Year 5 Combined Band 9.00am
   Tuesday     2nd November    Years 3 / 4 Assembly 2.30pm
   Thursday    4th November    Years 5 / 6 Debating 10.00am
   Friday      5th November    WALKATHON
   Tuesday     9th November    Yamba Assembly 2.30pm
   Thursday    11th November   Remembrance Ceremony 10.30am
   Tuesday     16th November 1/2W – 2C Assembly 2.30pm
   Monday      22nd November Scripture in Schools commences
   Tuesday     23rd November Walkathon Prize Assembly
   Thursday    25th November Kindy Information Night 6.00pm
                             KidsMatter Transition Info Night
   Tuesday     30th November Kinder / Year 1 Assembly 2.30pm
   Wednesday   1st December  Preschool Info Night 6.30pm
   Thursday    2 December Carol’s Night
   Tuesday     7th December    Preschool Parent Breakfast
   Thursday    9th December    Preschool Parent Breakfast
   Tuesday     14th December Preschool Xmas Party
   Wednesday   15th December Year 6 Dinner 6.00pm
   Thursday    16th December Preschool Xmas Party
                         Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to our final term for 2010. Term 4 is already shaping up to be
an exciting and busy time. One of the activities planned for this term is our
Walkathon on Friday 5 th November at Fadden Pines starting at 12pm. The
walkathon is not only an important fundraising activity but also a fun whole
school event. Last year we raised an amazing $3,000 which was used to
purchase valuable literacy and numeracy resources. Students will be asked to
raise sponsorship for the laps they walk. A reward for this will be a raffle
ticket for each $5.00 raised. Yesterday your child received a sponsorship
form. Please keep these forms at home and return them with any money
raised by Friday November 16th. Prizes will be drawn at a special assembly at
the end of the term. We are asking local businesses for any donations, so if
you have a business or would like to make a donation we would be extremely
grateful. We have already had a number of prizes donated, these include, a
signed Brumbies football, dinner vouchers for Hogs Breath and the Burns
Club, a Body Shop gift voucher, a sun lounge from Bunnings, Rock Climbing
sessions, books, paint sets and lots more. A huge thank you to these
businesses for their generous support of our school community!

We are also looking for parent helpers on the day. If you are available to lend
a hand please fill out the form on the back of today’s Gazette.

Kindergarten 2011
As we approach the end of the year we are starting to make preparations for
our new kindergarten students. A reminder that there will be an Information
Night for parents of 2011 Kindergarten students on Thursday 25 th
November at 6pm in the Gulla Gulla unit. The information session should take
no more than one hour as we explain arrangements such as school uniform,
voluntary contributions, book packs, curriculum and what the first few weeks
at school will be like. A school brochure will be handed out on the night and
time will be available for questions and answers.

The second assessment in the Primary Indicators in Primary School program
to assess the early literacy and numeracy skills of our kindergarten children
will commence next week. PIPS results are a part of a wide range of
assessment information collected by teachers. Together they provide
parents/carers with an extensive picture of a kindergarten child’s learning
and progress. If you need more information please speak to your child’s

This term we welcome Andrew Jacobson to the role of acting School Leader
C. Jason Walmsley continues in his role as acting School Leader B while we
await the finalisation of Chris Jones’ transfer to Monash. We are fortunate
to have such talented and committed staff to step into these important roles.
I would like to thank Karen Farrell, who has acted in the role of SLC for the
past 12 months for her contribution to the students and school. Among her
many talents Karen has been dedicated to implementing the KidsMatter
initiative, developing strong partnerships with parents and the community and
embedding science and environmental programs at the school. Karen has been
an invaluable support to me in my first year as Principal at Gowrie and I look
forward to working closely with her in the future.

Happy sponsorship hunting!

Judy Hamilton

                               Merit Awards

                    MERIT AWARDS TERM 3 WEEK 10
          Naten Zontanos
          Olivia Bateup
          Tom Long
          Claudia Costello
          Steph Winnett
          Noah Roberts                Ryan Crossling
          Ruby O’Hart
          Jordan Shaw                 Connor McNaught
          Alex Lawton
          Max Whitely                 Isaac Turl
            Lauren Thomas              Jarrod Bacon
            Max Parker                 Rhiannon Doecke
            Madi Dalton                Ken Chaiwan           Chloe Leitch
           Maikeli Dalituicama – Citizenship Award
           Bailey Karjalainen           Teylar Ross
           Ashlee Kirkland              Christine Britten
           Bowen West                   Aiden Cook
           Emily Cook                   Griff Davis
           Maggie Alexander             Will Peisley
           Chelsea March                Riley Williams
Nathan Foley                Connor Hawthorn              Jessie McIntosh
Blake Ruffy-Welsh           Angus Long                   Sarah Stevens
Jackson Miller              Tommy Whitely                Adam Langdon
Brittany Hughes             Reece Bacon                  Ryan Crossling
Noah Roberts                Kayden Dunne                 Kyle Hunt
Kaine Walters               Ruby Alexander               Shianne Fliedner
Hayden Reid                 Saige Hancox                 Jasmine Turl
Ashley Dunne                Olivia Allum                 Eliza Bindoff
Jed McGrath-Sinclair        Cameron Shaw                 Hannah Ford
Poom Chaiwan                Holly Stevens                Max Parker
Ken Chaiwan                 Misty Pocknall               Kane McMillan
Ashlee Kirkland             Nathan Morton                Madison Dalton
Brodie Widdowson            Angus Greene                 Holly Hancox
Christine Britten           Sinead Broadbent             Elise Johnston
Max Whitely                 Chloe Vozella                Emily Cook
Brandon Moro                Brendan Gray                 Hayden Kelly
Teagan Dewson               Taylor Morrison              Chloe Browne
Curtis Weatherburn          Maikeli Dalituicama          Malianna Dalituicama
Shaydn Abel                 Jarrod Bacon                 Brigitte Ford

                    MERIT AWARDS TERM 4 WEEK 1
            Chloe Brown                Ayesha Holmes
          Ella Thompson               Dimity Bloomfield
          Kyle Hunt                   Kayden Dunne
          James McIntosh              Teylar Ross
          Jessie McIntosh             Josh Winnett
          Kane McMillan               Chloe Leitch
          Reece Bacon                 Ruby Alexander
          Jayden Brown                Hayden Reid
          Rachael Batchelor           Misty Pocknall
          Austin O’Hart               Lucas Bernicke-McMillan
          Shadyn Abel                 Ayesha Holmes
          Eliza Bindoff               Chloe Batchelor
          Jackson Miller              Faisel Al-Mdwali
          Kyle Wood

                       Mrs Hamilton Well Done List

Nathan Foley               Rhianon Doecke              Brigitte Ford
Tarek Hijazi               Shaydn Abel                 Tanner Callinan
James Greatbanks           Aidan Cook                  Sinead Broadbent
Lachlan Rose               Cody Hunt                   Lauren Thomas
Angus Greene               Chloe Leitch                Jack Toal
Grace Batchelor

                                School News

                                 BOOK CLUB
Here it is again and what an exciting one it is. There are many wonderful
books and lots of bargains.

Due date: Friday 22nd October 2010

Keep on reading!

                         3/4 CAMP TO WARRAMBUI
Just a reminder that there are 8 sleeps until camp! We are all starting to get
excited! Yesterday all students received the itinerary and a list of items
needed. Also if you indicated any medical condition and didn't fill out an
Emergency Treatment Plan, one has been sent home for you to complete.
Please return these forms to school by this Friday 15th October. Final
instalment payments to be made to the front office by this Friday 15 th
October. If you have any questions about camp please see your child's

Thank you Liz and Sharon

                              From The Board

                      Your Board Representatives are:
                        Board Chair: Jane Dickenson
                    Parent Representative: Tania Arnold
                  Parent Representative: Michelle Reardon
                Preschool Representative: Bridget McNeilly
                 Teacher Representative: Jason Walmsley
                   Teacher Representative: Karen Farrell

                                 P & C News

                     Board P & C Meetings next week:

Meeting arrangements:
                Monday          25 October             7.00pm
                Monday          25 October             5.30pm
As you know, we have been trialling running the Canteen 1 day a week for the
last two terms. We have seen a great amount of support from the parents,
children and the staff at the school. The Canteen is not about making a
profit but about covering our costs, selling nutritious food to the children at
the lowest price we can and purchasing extra canteen appliances to offer a
wider range of food and drink choices.

The Canteen is run by parent volunteers, including our Canteen Manager
Rachel Greene. We would love to see the Canteen do well and possibly open
for more than one day next year with the continued support from everyone.
The Canteen is a Sub-Committee to the P&C. We have separate sub
committee meetings which everyone is invited to attend. Look out in the
Gazette for the dates of upcoming meetings.

With that in mind we would love donations of any of the items listed below to
assist the Canteen to continue running well:
        Plain flour                       Glad wrap
        Self raising flour                Baking paper
        Sugar                             Patty pans
        Baking Powder                     Straws
        Icing Sugar                       Tiny Teddies
        Sultanas                          Washing Up Liquid
        Cooking Butter                    Liquid hand soap
        Popcorn kernels                   Washing up sponges
        Fruit ice blocks                  Chux cloths
        Jelly crystals                    Spray Kitchen Cleaner
        Tins of fruit                     Dishwasher tablets

Most of the items will assist with the ‘cake/slice of the week’. If anyone has
any nutritious quick and easy recipes that they would like to pass on to us to
try, we would appreciate any new ideas. We cook and prepare on Tuesday’s in
the Canteen if anyone has time to come down and join us for a cuppa and a
The kids love to see their Mum, Dad or Carer helping at school so if you can
spare any time come down and assist on Wednesday’s as we would welcome an
extra pair of helping hands.

Please bring any donated goods to the Canteen on Wednesdays. We are in
between 8.30am and 2pm.

Thank you again to everyone for supporting the Gowrie Primary School
Canteen this year.

Canteen Committee

                            COMMUNITY NEWS

                         Safety on our roads: Your responsibilities as a

                         As ACT residents we have the good fortune of
                         having some of the best roads in Australia.

To make the roads safer for all road users, including pedestrians, traffic
lights and pedestrian crossings are commonplace across our roads network.

Under the Australian Road Rules, pedestrians have specific responsibilities as
road users. This responsibility requires all pedestrians to use traffic lights
and designated crossings.

Failure to use pedestrian facilities provided is an offence and you may be
fined $67.

Australian Road Rule reminder:
Crossing a road at pedestrian lights
(1) A pedestrian approaching or at an intersection, or another
place on a road, with pedestrian lights and traffic lights must
comply with this rule.
 (2) If the pedestrian lights show a red pedestrian light and the
pedestrian has not already started crossing the intersection
or road, the pedestrian must not start to cross until the
pedestrian lights change to green.

                          PERRY DRIVE, CHAPMAN

                             SPRING FETE
                           16 OCTOBER, 9am-2PM

               AUCTION OF COLLECTIBLES – 11.00AM


                       LOTS OF ENTERTAINMENT
     Canberra Mandolin Orchestra         Busking Tent
     Canberra Boys Choir                 Fire Brigade
     Weston Wind                         Kenny Koala
     Jumping Castle

     Devonshire Teas                              Curry
     Spring Rolls                                 Chilli
     Aussie BBQ                                   Cold Drinks

     Cakes                                        Jams & Pickles
     Hand Made Crafts                             Plants
     White Elephant/Books                         Pencil Portraits
     Face Paining/Biscuit Decorating

Fancy Dress Entry Forms available from the Open Door Clothing Store at
Chapman shops or at the Fete on the day.

                         PCYC HALLOWEEN DISCO
  The Canberra PCYC would like to invite you to our next Bluelight Disco.
  When:      Friday 29th October from 6.00pm to 7.30pm
  Venue:     Canberra PCYC Erindale Centre – 36 Gratten Court Wanniassa
  Cost:      $5 per child includes all activities except tattoos and canteen.
  Theme:     HALLOWEEN
  For more information phone PCYC on 62961292 or 62316497
                        GOWRIE PRIMARY SCHOOL
                                                   Jeffries Street GOWRIE ACT 2904
                                                             Telephone (02) 62057822
                                                             Facsimile (02) 62057825

                    Principal: Judith Hamilton   Board Chair: Jane Dickenson

     Walkathon Helpers Needed!
If you are able to assist with the Walkathon
Friday 5th November (from 12.00pm until 1.30pm)
please fill in the form below and return it to the
Front Office by Friday 29th October. Please note
if you are able to help for a shorter time, you will
be most welcome too!

               Walkathon Helpers

Name: _________________________

Your child’s name and class:             _________________

Time available to help: _____________

Contact number:     ________________

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