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					Services for International Students and Scholars
University of California, Davis

Gayle Oberlies, International Scholar Advisor
PH: 530-752-7538

                                            E-3 Temporary Worker
                                                           (Australian Citizens only)

                             Information and Petition Packet
                         For Sponsoring Academic Departments

        Information and Procedures

            Overview: E-3 Temporary Worker Classification ................................................................. 1

            The UCD E-3 Process ............................................................................................................ 2

            E-3 Checklist for Hiring Department ..................................................................................... 4

            E-3 Checklist for Prospective Employee ............................................................................... 5

            Sample Letter from Department Chair ................................................................................... 6


                UCD Department Request for E-3 Petition – Form A

                Actual Wage Information Memo for E-3 Nonimmigrant Employee – Form B

                Notice of Intent to File Labor Condition Application – Form C

                UC Davis Physician Supplement List – Form D

                The E-3 Premium Processing Option – Form E

                Recharge Fees for SISS – Form F

                                                                                                                                           October 2010
              Overview: E-3 Temporary Worker Classification
Who Qualifies?
The E-3 visa classification allows Australian nationals to temporarily work in the U.S. in a “specialty
occupation” under the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement. A specialty occupation is one that
requires a specialized body of knowledge and at least a bachelor’s degree (or the foreign equiva lent). E-3
workers are granted status initially for two years at a time, with indefinite extensions.

A considerable benefit of the E-3 category is the opportunity for spouses (E-3Ds) to apply for work
authorization within the United States. Please direct E-3 spouses to the United States Citizenship &
Immigration Service (USCIS) web site for more information on applying for work
authorization in the U.S.

E-3 Petitions Filed from Within the US:
Change of Status in the U.S.: If the prospective E-3 worker is inside the U.S. in another visa status, the petition
will ask USCIS to change his/her status. If the scholar is currently working at UCD in another status that
expires before the change to E-3 status is approved by USCIS, he/she must stop working in the interim period.

Extension of Status in the U.S.: If the scholar is already working for UCD pursuant to E-3 status, the E-3
extension request must be filed prior to the expiration of the current petition. Once the extension request is
timely filed, the beneficiary can continue working for up to 240 days while the petition is pending at the USCIS.

How to Apply?

All UC Davis E-3 cases must be processed through SISS to ensure compliance with campus policy and federal
regulations (by the Depts. of Homeland Security, Labor, and State). UC Davis departments wishing to hire an
international scholar pursuant to E-3 status shall work with SISS to prepare the requisite forms and supporting
documents. It is the responsibility of the employing department to prepare the E-3 petition and supporting
documents for SISS. These materials should not be completed by the individual worker on his or her own
behalf, except the paperwork completed for dependent family members.

Applying From within the U.S.:

To apply for an E-3 change or extension of status from within the US, SISS must file Form I-129, Petition for
Nonimmigrant Worker and supporting documents with the USCIS Vermont Service Center. UC Davis
departments should work with the scholar directly to prepare the required documents to forward to SISS for
review and processing.

Applying From abroad:

Though an I-129 petition does not need to be filed with the USCIS, SISS will work with the Department to
prepare a complete application package (which includes a Labor Condition Application filed with the Dept. of
Labor) to send to the scholar abroad. The scholar is then responsible for scheduling an appointment at the
appropriate U.S. embassy or consulate to apply for an E-3 visa stamp in his or her passport.

Processing Time for Cases filed in the US
SISS suggests that departments initiate E-3 change or extension of status requests 6 months in advance of the
start date and allow SISS 60 days to prepare E-3 petitions for submission to the USCIS. The 60 day period
commences when SISS has received complete E-3 documentation from the department and scholar (which is
after the determination of the prevailing wage).

Please note that processing times may vary depending on the type of request (change or extension of status in
the U.S.). The USCIS will expedite the processing of E-3 petitions under the “Premium Processing” program
for an additional fee (see below), apart from the filing fee. Under Premium Processing, USCIS will adjudicate
expedite requests within 15 calendar days. If USCIS requests additional information about the E-3 petition, the
USCIS has another 15 days to respond after receiving UCD’s reply.

DOS Processing Times for cases filed abroad:

For processing times and more information about the E-3 visa application process, the E-3 applicant should visit
the website of the US Embassy in Australia at:

**Fees (for change or extension of status only):

      Form I-129, petition for E-3 worker: $320 payable to DHS ($325 for E-3 packets received by SISS on
       or after 11/5/2010).
      Form I-539, application to extend/change status for dependents: $300 payable to DHS ($290 for E-3
       packets received by SISS on or after 11/5/2010).
      Form I-907, request for premium processing fee: $1,000 payable to DHS ($1225 for E-3 packets
       received by SISS on or after 11/5/2010).
      Recharge fee of $674 to SISS (see Recharge Fee From – Form F)

** It is University policy that the department pay all processing fees, including the SISS recharge fee and I-129
petition fee. The employee is responsible for the fees to apply for a visa at a US embassy/consulate abroad.

                                  The UCD E-3 Process

1.   Carefully Read the Materials in the E-3 Request Packet
     Contact SISS with any questions regarding E-3/E-3D eligibility.

2.   Determination of prevailing wage
     The department provides information about the proposed E-3 position by completing the Prevailing
     Wage Request form at and emailing it to SISS at for review. The international scholar advisor will research the prevailing wage
     and contact the department with any questions or concerns. The UCD offered salary must be at least
     100% of the prevailing wage or the actual wage, whichever is higher. This step is not necessary IF the
     position is represented by a union and will be paid according to the collective bargaining agreement.

3.   Department posts LCA notice and prepares E-3 materials

     After SISS notifies the department that the prevailing wage requirement is met, the department
     completes the “Notice of Intent to File a Labor Condition Application to Employ a Nonimmigrant E-3
     Temporary Worker” (Form C) and posts the notice in two conspicuous locations for ten consecutive
     days (e.g., on a departmental bulletin board where job announcements are generally posted, and in the
     lab or work area). During the posting period, the department prepares the applicable USCIS forms and
     supporting documentation for submission to SISS as explained on the E-3 Procedures Checklist. After
     posting, the department includes a copy of the notice stating where and when posted.

     For positions re presented by a union or bargaining unit:
     Complete but do not post the Notice of Intent to File (Form C in this packet) and submit it to SISS with
     the remaining E-3 materials from the Procedures Checklist. SISS will notify the bargaining unit through
     the UCD Labor Relations Department, as required.

4.   SISS files the Labor Condition Application
     After receiving the E-3 materials from the department, SISS will file the LCA electronically with the
     Department of Labor and further prepare the E-3 petition and supporting materials.

5.   For scholars in the U.S.: SISS files the E-3 petition with USCIS and monitors progress and
     Once the E-3 petition package is finalized, SISS will submit it to the USCIS, Vermont Service Center.
     Within the next few weeks, the USCIS will return an official receipt notice. Eventually, the USCIS will
     adjudicate the petition based on current processing times.

6.   For scholars abroad.: SISS prepares the package for the Department to forward to the scholar to
     apply for an E-3 visa through the U.S. embassy/consulate abroad

     If the prospective E-3 worker is outside the U.S., SISS will not need to file a petition with the USCIS.
     Instead, the prospective scholar will apply for an E-3 visa with the package prepared by the department
     and SISS. This type of case is called Consular Processing. To enter the U.S. in E-3 status, the scholar
     will present his E-3 visa stamp (in his/her passport) and supporting documents as requested by the
     Immigration Inspector at the Port of Entry. The scholar will be given an I-94 card showing admission in
     the E-3 classification. The Department and/or scholar should provide SISS a copy of the I-94 card
     promptly after arrival.

                         E-3 Checklist For Hiring Department
The following material should be completed and submitted to SISS approximately 6 months before the scholar
expects to begin work at UCD. Upon receipt of the complete E-3 materials, SISS requires at least 60 days to
process the E-3 request unless special circumstances warrant expedited processing.

    1. Prevailing Wage Request Form (at ). FIRST complete and email this
       form to SISS at and wait for SISS to confirm that the offered salary meets the
       prevailing wage before proceeding with the rest of this checklist. If the position will be a postdoctoral
       position, please use the “Postdoc Wage Information Sheet” at the bottom of the above webpage instead.
       Postdocs are now under union contract and it is not necessary to wait for a wage confirmation before
       submitting the E-3 packet.

    2. UCD Department Request for E-3 Petition Form (Form A), including:
       -Department attestations regarding E-3 employment per DOL regulations

    3. Actual Wage Information Memo (Form B)

    4. Copy of Notice of Intent to File a Labor Condition Application to Employ a Nonimmigrant
       E-3 Temporary Worker (Form C)

    5. If E-3 beneficiary will act as a physician:
       -- Please see Physician Supplement, Form D, attached for additional required materials.

    6. E-3 Premium Processing Option Form (Form E)

    7.     SISS Recharge Sheet (Form F)

    8. ORIGINAL Letter from e mployer - see SISS sample included in this packet
       --   To USCIS (if scholar in the US) and to Dept. of State (if scholar abroad)
       --   From the Department Chair
       --   Must include the following information:
            -- Brief description of duties and temporary nature of position
            -- Dates of appointment (only for which funding is available; maximum two years)
            -- Salary (annual salary or hourly, if part-time)
            -- Requirements for position offered (e.g. specific BS, MS, PhD etc. degree)
            -- Academic qualifications of scholar beneficiary
            -- Special skills/relevant background of applicant

    9. Form I-129 (for change or extension of status cases only) Petition for E-3 Nonimmigrant Temporary
       Worker, found at:

    10.      Fee(s) for cases filed within the U.S. only - Please have checks sent directly to your
                 departme nt and then include checks with the E-3 packet that is sent to SISS.
          --     Form I-129: $320 check payable to DHS ($325 for E-3 packets received on or after 11/5/2010)
          --     Premium Processing: $1000 check payable to DHS ($1225 for packets received on or after
          --     Request a check through DaFIS:
                 Vendor: #0000016361: Remit to: 0010; Group Code: 2, Object Code: 7200
                 Payment Purpose: “I-129 fee for (scholar’s name).”

                                     E-3 Checklist for Employee
                   (Department may wish to provide this page to the prospective or continuing employee.)

It is the responsibility of the employer to file a petition for the E-3 Temporary Worker for a prospective employee. If
nonimmigrant employee will be sponsored for E-3 status by UCD, the employing academic department will need the
following information from the employee :

            A copy of the highest degree/diploma. If the degree is not from a US institution, it is generally a good
            idea to include a degree evaluation from a reputable company. Petitions filed without a degree evaluation
            may be approved but there is also a slight risk of receiving a “Request for Evidence (RFE)” from the
            USCIS. Please consult with an international scholar advisor for further information.

            A current copy of the curriculum vitae or resume with a list of publications, if applicable.

            If applicable, copy of any required license to practice the occupation in California

            A copy of the passport identification pages (showing validity of at least 6 months)

            Address in the home country and the name of the city where you will apply at a U.S. Embassy or
            Consulate for the E visa(s). Provide this even if you will change status inside the United States.

If you and/or family members are currently in the United States, please provide the following materials:

Documents to prove legal status in the US for E-3 and any E-3D dependents:

             single-sided copy of both sides of Form I-94 (small white card stapled into passport)
             copy of most recent visa in passport
             copy of ID pages in passport
             copy of evidence of marital or birth relationship (with English translation) for any E-3 dependents

        If scholar is in J status :
              single-sided copy of front page of current and all previous DS-2019 forms
              DS-2019 copies for J-2 dependents and J-2 Employment Authorization Document (EAD), if applicable

        If scholar is in F-1 status:
              single-sided copy of pages 1 and 3 of I-20 form
              copy of employment authorization document (if applicable)
              copy of I-20(s) for F-2 dependents (if applicable)

        If scholar is in E-3/H-1B/O-1/TN status
              single-sided copy of front of all prior I-797 approval notices for scholar and any dependents

        If E-3 beneficiary or dependents have filed for permanent residency
              copy of I-140 receipt/approval notice and/or copy of I-485 receipt/approval notice
              copy of advance parole document
              copy of employment authorization document (EAD)

        Form and Fee for E-3 Dependents Changing to, or Extending, E-3D Status

             I-539 Form, found on the SISS website at:
             Check to DHS for $300 total for all dependents ($290 for E-3 packet requests received at SISS on or after
                                                 E-3 STATUS

                                                 Sample Letter

                                      (Use Department Letterhead)


U.S. Embassy
Consulate (city, country where scholar will apply for a visa)


U.S. Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

To Whom It May Concern:

We would like to temporarily employ Mr./Ms./Dr.                                           for the period of
_____________ to ___________(the total period can be no more than 2 years). The salary will be $ _________
(per year or per hour, if part-time).

(Explain briefly in lay terms what the person will be doing which should match the job duties listed on the
prevailing wage request form.) Also, if this person is a physician, include an appropriate statement regarding
patient contact. See the “Physician Supplement to the E-3 Checklist” for more information). The minimum
requirement for this position is a (BS/MS/PhD, etc.) degree in (field) or a related field. (To qualify for E-3
status, the position must minimally require a bachelor’s degree).

Mr./Ms./Dr.                                                      is well-qualified for this temporary (teaching/
research/professional) position in a specialty occupation. S/he earned a (BS, MS, etc.) degree in (academic
field) in (year) at (institution) and (PhD, MD, etc.) degree in (academic fie ld) in (year) at (institution). S/he has
a strong background in (field of specialty).

Thank you for assisting with this petition.


Professor and Chairperson
Department of _______________

             UCD Department Request for E-3 Petition - Form A


1. Name of E-3 employee (from passport ID page):

     (Family/Last)                                       (Given/First)                                (Middle)

2. City and country of birth:                                          Country of citizenship:
3. Current Address:
                        (Street)                            (Apt. #)     (City)                  (State)              (Zip Code)
4. Phone (work):                                           E-mail:

5. If this person is currently in the U.S., please complete (a) – (f):
        a. What is his/her current immigration status?
        b. What date did this status begin?
        c. What is the expiration date on the visitor's current I-94 (white card in passport)?
        d. Who is his/her current visa sponsor?
        e. If in E-3 status, state initial entry date:
        f.   When does his/her passport expire?
6. If this person is outside the U.S., list dates of prior periods of stay in the U.S. for the past 6 years and visa type(s):

7. Address outside the U.S.:

8. U.S. embassy or consulate abroad where scholar will apply for a visa:

B. ABOUT E-3 SCHOLAR’S DEPENDENTS (Spouse and children under 21)

1. Dependents’ names, relationship to H-1B scholar, dates of birth, and U.S. immigration status:
                                                                                  Relati onshi p     Date of Birth    Immigration
    Family/ Last Name              Gi ven/ First Name      Mi ddle Name
                                                                                  (Spouse, Chil d)   (mm/ dd/ yyyy)   Status

2. Initial entry date if in E-3D status:                                  (if available, provide evidence of initial entry)

3. Dependents’ city and country of birth, and country of citizenship:
     Name of Dependent                   City of Birth                     Country of Birth           Country of Citizenship


1. Payroll Title:
2. Annual Salary:          $                        per year
     and Hourly Salary:        $                 per hour           Salary Range (if applicable):
3.                    % appointment
4. Anticipated dates of employment: (from)                                      (to)
5. Is funding guaranteed for the entire employment period?              Yes:            No:

6. Location of employment:
     a.      single job location – specify city/county/state:
     b.      job is peripatetic in nature; normal duties include frequent travel from location to location
     c.      job will include occasional travel of 10 consecutive days or less
     d.      job includes short-term placements in second work location of:
             (i)        less than 30 days during one year period;
             (ii)       up to 60 days during one year period;
             (iii)      more than 60 days in one year period, but employee will maintain an “office” at the primary location
     e.      job includes a secondary work location for more than 60 days per year during which the employee
             will not maintain an “office” at the primary work location:
                     Specify secondary work location:

     Note: a separate Prevailing Wage Request form must be completed for primary and secondary work locations, but not
           for short-term placements.


1.   The salary being paid to the above-named employee is at least the actual wage being paid to all other individuals with
        similar experience and qualifications for the specific employment in question or the prevailing wage level of the
        occupation in the area of employment, whichever is higher.

2. If the position is not represented by a bargaining unit:, a Notice of Intent to file a Labor Condition Application
    (attached) has been posted in two conspicuous locations at the place of employment and will remain posted for ten
   consecutive days. Please return a copy of the completed "Notice of Intent" to SISS with the E-3 petition

3. The vacation time, sick leave, and other benefits offered to this employee are equivalent to that offered to other
   U.S. workers in the same classification.

4.   Employment of this person will not adversely affect the working conditions (hours, shifts, vacation periods, fringe
     benefits, etc.) of similarly employed workers.

5. There is no strike, lockout, or work stoppage due to a labor dispute in this occupation.

6.   We fully understand that misrepresentation or willful failure to pay wages or meet working conditions as required
     may incur penalties including payment of back wages, civil money penalties, or debarment of UCD from the
     employment of E-3 non-immigrants.

7. We agree to consult with SISS prior to making any change in this appointment, including salary, title, percentage of
   the appointment, change of department, or termination. SISS will determine whether it will be necessary to amend the
   petition with USCIS prior to making a change, in order to fully comply with federal regulations governing E-3

8. We agree to pay expenses associated with this petition such as mandatory government filing fees (including the
   I-129 fee to DHS), mailing costs, the SISS recharge fee, etc. Please complete the recharge approval form (Form
   F) to be submitted with this request.

Department Chair:
                           Name                                     Signature                                                    Date

                 Name                                       Signature                                                     Date

Department Contact:
                            Name                                        Signature                                                 Date

Department:                                                                College or Division:


UCD School of Medicine Appointments ONLY:

Approved by:                                                                 for School of Medicine Dean's Office.

                    Signature                                                             Date

                                    Actual Wage Information Memo for
                                  E-3 Nonimmigrant Employee – Form B
Complete and keep this form and the required attachments in the E-3 employee’s departmental personnel file. Also include a copy of this completed
form when submitting the E-3 petition to Services for International Students and Scholars (SISS).

Under the E-3 federal regulations, employers are required to pay E-3 nonimmigrants the higher of the prevailing wage in the geographical area of the
intended employment, and the actual wage. The actual wage is defined as the wage rate paid by the employer to all individuals with similar
experience and qualifications at the work location of the proposed E-3 employment, for the specific employment in question.

The E-3 federal regulations require that employers maintain documentation in the E-3 employee’s file to indicate how, based on objective standards,
the employee’s actual wage rate was determined. Employers may take into consideration “objective standards relating to experience, qualifications,
education, specific job responsibility and function, specialized knowledge, and other legitimate business factors” in establishing this actual wage
rate. This documentation must be available to authorities of the U.S. Department of Labor in the case of a review of the employer’s E-3 procedures.

IMPORTANT: Under the E-3 federal regulations, in the event that UC Davis gives employees raises, or provides for other adjustments in wages,
E-3 employees must be given the raise or adjustment, consistent with UCD’s legitimate established criteria. The employing unit must complete a
new “Actual Wage Information Form” if, during the validity of the employee’s E-3 status, there are any adjustments to the E-3 employee’s wage rate
or more generally to the wage rate of employees with the same payroll title (i.e. merit increase, cost of living increase, sa lary range adjustments, etc.).
The original of the updated form must be kept in the E-3 employee’s personnel file. A copy of the updated form must also be sent to: SISS, Attention:
Daniel Padron.


1. E-3 Employee’s
                             (Family/Last)                                     (Given/First)                                   (M iddle)
2.     Employing Department/Division at UCD:
3.     E-3 Appointment Dates:            Start Date:                                            Date:
4.     UC Payroll Title:
5.     Wages per YEAR:        $                        Time:                        %

6.     State objective standards (listed in paragraph 3 above) used to set the E-3 employee’s wage for this position. If the employee’s pay rate is
       above the entry level rate for this pay title, include an explanation of the factors used to determine this employee’s higher pay rate. For “off-
       scale” and “decoupled” faculty salaries, an explanation of how the exact salary was arrived at is required.

7.     List all work locations at which the employee will work for 60 working days or more each calendar year. For each non-UC Davis work
       location, you must attach an explanation of how the E-3 employee’s salary compares to salaries for workers with similar job duties and
       qualifications at that work location. Attach the relevant salary scale for all work locations.

I certify that the information on this form is correct and complete:

 Name of supervisor or department chair                          Signature                                                      Date

                                                                                                                               Actual Wage Information Form

         Notice of Intent to File a Labor Condition Application to
        Employ a Nonimmigrant E-3 Temporary Worker – Form C

Number of E-3 nonimmigrants sought:

Position Title:

Wages Offered:

Period of Employment: from                               to
                                         (date)                        (date)

Location(s) where E-3 nonimmigrant will be employed:
       (city)                            (county)                               (state)
       (city)                            (county)                               (state)

Location(s) of postings:

Posting period (10 days): from                            to
                                           (date)                        (date)

Occupational Classification:   Occupations in College and University Education

The Labor Condition Application is available for public inspection at:

                    Services for International Students and Scholars
                    University of California, Davis
                    Davis, CA 95616-8698

Complaints alleging misrepresentation of the material facts in the Labor Condition Application and/or failure to
comply with the terms of the Labor Condition Application may be filed with any office of the Wage and Hour Division
of the United States Department of Labor.

                                                    Hiring Department:

For positions not covered by a union or bargaining unit, after SISS notifies your department that the position
passes the prevailing wage test, the department must post the above “Notice of Intent to File a Labor Condition
Application To Employ an Alien E-3 Temporary Worker” in two locations for ten consecutive days. This may
be on a departmental bulletin board where job announcements are generally posted and in the lab or work area.

                              UC Davis Physician Supplement
                                      List – Form D
               If the prospective E-3 employee holds a Medical Degree, please submit the items below,
                             in addition to the items listed on the E-3 procedures checklist.

                                      Graduates of Foreign Medical Schools

Teaching and research positions:

1. Letter from the department chair to USCIS must state:
   a. “No patient contact is involved in this position.”


     b. “Any patient contact will be incidental to his/her teaching and/or research.”

2. Scholar’s Medical degree


     Full and unrestricted license to practice medicine in a foreign state

3. State license or other authorization to perform patient care (Required only if patient care is involved.)

Non-teaching and research positions:

1. Medical degree


     Full and unrestricted license to practice medicine in a foreign state

2. State license or other authorization to perform patient care

3. Documentation of having passed parts I, II, III of the United States Medical Licensing Examination

4. Documentation of having passed the ECFMG English language proficiency test. (Not required for
   graduates of Canadian medical schools.)

                                        Graduates of U.S. Medical Schools

1.   Medical degree

2.   State license or other authorization to perform patient care


For change or extension of status, the normal processing time for an E-3 petition is currently 3 to 6 months. If a
department would prefer to expedite the processing time of the petition at USCIS, the department may opt to
use USCIS Premium Processing.

Premium Processing Service allows U.S. employers to pay an additional fee to USCIS in exchange for the 15-
calendar day processing of their petitions and applications. The USCIS guarantees that within 15 days of
receiving the petition, the USCIS will issue either an approval notice, a notice of inte nt to deny, or a request for
evidence. If the USCIS fails to process the petition within 15 days, it will refund the money to the employer and
continue to process the petition as part of the Premium Processing Service. In addition to expedited processing,
employers who participate in the program may use a dedicated phone number and e-mail address to check on
the status of their petition or ask any other questions they may have concerning their petition.

For USCIS Premium Processing, the department must provide an additional check for the fee listed below (in
addition to the I-129 filing fee), payable to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). These checks should
be included with the E-3 paperwork submitted to SISS. The SISS recharge fee does not cover the USCIS
Premium Processing fee.

                Yes, the department does wish to use USCIS Premium Processing.

                *Please provide an additional check payable to DHS in the amount of $1,000 ($1225 for E-3
               packets received by SISS on or after 11/5/2010). Please attach the check to the E-3 paperwork
               provided to SISS.

                No, the department does not wish to use USCIS Premium Processing (continue with E-3 packet)

NOTE: If the E-3 petition is approved, the USCIS Premium Processing Unit will e-mail and/or fax notification
of approval to SISS in order to meet the Premium Processing deadline. The original approval notice document
is usually received by SISS via regular mail within two weeks of the decision. Please be aware that the two
weeks is in addition to the estimated Premium Processing time.

                         Recharge Fees for
     Services for International Students and Scholars – Form F
   SISS service fees will be recharged to the academic department or program which hosts and/or hires the
   international faculty member or researcher. This fee can only be paid on a department recharge basis and cannot be
   paid directly by the scholar. Reimbursement for this recharge may be available through your college dean's office.
   Contact that office if you have questions about applying for reimbursement.

   Please note that this recharge does not include any filing fees payable to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
   for processing of applications.

   Please return this Scholar Recharge Approval Form with the completed department request form or application
   materials to Services for International Students and Scholars (SISS), UCD campus. Questions about recharges
   should be addressed to Lori Zimmerman ( or 530-752-7876.

                                               University of California, Davis
                                                Scholar Recharge Approval
                                                   Effective July 1, 2010

Scholar Name:
                    Last/Family Name(s)                                   First/Given Name(s)

Cont act Info:      Name                                   Phone                                E- mail

Department:                                                        College or Division:

   Recharge to DaFIS
  acct/sub acct number:                      COA                     DaFIS account number                 Sub account number
                                                                            7 Digit                         5 Digit (optional)

             Please                                     Visa Type                                          New Rate
           check one:                                                                                        as of
                                                                                                          July 1, 2010
                         J-1 Exchange Visitor (DS-2019) – new or extension                                     $354.00
                         TN (Mexicans and Canadians Only) – new or extension                                   $679.00
                         E-3 (Australians only) – new or extension                                             $674.00
                         H-1B (Specialty Occupations) – new or extension                                       $888.00
                         O-1 (Extraordinary Ability) - new                                                    3,386.00
                         O-1 (Extraordinary Ability) - extension                                               $485.00
                         Permanent Residence Petition without Outside Counsel                                $3,365.00
                         Permanent Residence Petition with Outside Counsel*                                  $1,959.00

*This fee is for S ISS; this does not include attorney fees.

Note: A change in job offer may require a new visa document/petit ion and an additional recharge.

SIGNA TURE AUTHORIZA TION: I autho rize this departmental rec harge for SISS to support the employment of the
above-named international scholar.

Dept. Chair:                                          Signature:                                             Date:


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