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How To Increase Twitter Followers


									How To Increase Twitter Followers
It is impossible to imagine our lives without social networking sites. Being a member of these
popular networks has become more of a necessity these days. Whether it is getting in touch
with old friends or strangers, these sites have transformed our lives like never before. Twitter
is one of the most famous 160 characters networking system ruling the virtual world.

You can literally tweet about anything: your personal life, an interesting one-liner, a funny
story in your office or anything under the roof. If other users find your tweets interesting,
they would automatically start "following" you. There are numerous ways to increase your

Listed below are some techniques to increase your fan base:

• Interesting Profile: This should be your first priority to increase the number of followers. It
does not matter how interesting your tweets are. Your profile is the first thing people would
visit before deciding to follow you. So, pay attention to the basics. Add an eye-catching
photograph, mention crisp details about your personal and professional lives. Do not brag!
• Advertize Yourself: Post a link about your twitter profile on other social networking sites.
This way, your friends will know more about your twitter activities and become permanent
• Tag With #: Adding a hash (#) tag to your link will increase your follower number
• Upload: If you have visited an interesting place, saw something funny, have a picture to
relate to or have interesting videos, simply upload them on your twitter account. Visuals are
one of the biggest methods to attract attention. Many users will not be interested in reading
stuff but they would be greatly interested in viewing pictures or videos. Upload and see the
sudden increase in number.

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