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The Digestive System Over the Counter

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									The Digestive System

          By Brooke Crotty and
              Nick Ormon
What does the digestive system do for
your body?

   The digestive system breaks down foods
    inserted into our bodies. The food breaks
    down into energy and nutrients and if we
    consume too much, all of it will turn to fat.
The major components of the digestive

1. The Esophagus: When
  the food enters the mouth,
  the salvia makes the food
  soft and then the
  Esophagus muscles
  pushes the food into the
The major components of the digestive

2. The stomach: The stomach
  is very important because it
  is the middle of the digestive
  tract. The stomach lining
  produces acids that breaks
  down foods that are in the
  stomach. The stomach also
  produces an enzyme that
  digests protein.
The major components of the digestive

3. The small intestine: is
  another major component
  of the digestive system.
  The small intestine absorbs
  the nutrients and the
  protein when food is going
  through the small
The major components of the digestive

   The large intestines:
    absorbs water when
    the chyme is entered
    into the large
    intestines. Then when
    the chyme has passed
    through the small and
    large intestines you
    get the urge to go to
    the washroom.
Healthy choices for your digestive

   Healthy food choices for the
    digestive system are fruits,
    vegetables, meat, protein,
    dairy and the last one is
   Healthy eating habits for your
    digestive system are to eat
    slowly, chew food and drink
    lots of water.
INDIGESTION is a medical condition of
the human digestive system

   Indigestion is a medical problem
    that has to do with your digestive
    system. The symptoms are:
    burning in upper abdominon,
    flatulence, abdominal pain,
    belching, bloating of stomach and
    heart burn. Indigestoin is also
    know as Dyspepsia. Dyspepsia is
    a word for indigestion but it
    means “more than one symptom”
    not just the burning in the heart.
How to treat indigestion

   Treatment is based on individual
    symptoms. Treatment can
    include: antacid use, dietary
    modifications and medications
    to block production of stomach
   Pepto-Bismol is not a child safe
    medication and can only be
    purchased over the counter and
    is not recommended for
What causes Indigestion

   Common indigestion can be
    caused by poor eating habits,
    eating too much at one meal,
    or eating too fast. You can
    also get indigestion by being
    in an emotional crisis and
    eating while in the crisis. You
    may also get indigestion from
    inhaling a large amount of air.
Bad choices for you digestive system

   High fat foods (example: MacDonald
    French fries)
   Poor water intake
   Spicy foods
   Foods high in acid (such as fruits)
Diagram of the digestive system
               The end
   That’s the end of the human digestive
    system. Hope you enjoyed our slide show.

       By Brooke crotty and Nick Ormon

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