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					         Department of Natural Resources & Conservation

                                 State of Montana
                             An Equal Opportunity Employer

Position: # 50240
Division: Water Resources
Location: Helena, MT
Status:     Permanent, full time
Bargaining Unit: None
Salary: $52,911 -- $62,249 DOQ
Supplement Required: Yes
Resume Required: Yes
Transcripts Required: Yes (copies are accepted)

Are you interested in performing a variety of advanced engineering analysis and
technical support to water projects, water management, and water rights issues?
Would you like to help contribute to the growing body of knowledge in these areas
to assist with statewide policy-making and legislative decision-making? If so,
consider working for the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
Water Resources Division in Helena, MT.

Online applications are encouraged; however, for applicants choosing not to apply online, please
note the State of Montana Employment Application Form is required. Completed application
materials must be received by midnight December 31, 2010 to DNRC/Human Resource
Bureau/PO Box 201601, Helena MT 59620 or to a Montana Job Service. If applying online, go

DNRC MISSION: The Department of Natural Resources and Conservation’s (DNRC) mission
is to ensure that Montana’s land and water resources provide benefits for present and future
generations. The Water Resources Division is responsible for promoting and coordinating the
beneficial use, conservation, protection and development of one of Montana’s most precious
resources- water.

DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: Under the supervision of the Regional Manager, this position is
responsible for providing a broad variety of engineering analysis and technical duties for
multiple programs within the Water Resources Department. The employee provides engineering
and hydrologic information to administrators, attorneys, water planners, and the public to assist
in establishing water policies, and to resolve water management issues. This includes assisting
the Dam Safety, Floodplain and Water Projects Program issues within the Regional Office area
of responsibility, as coordinated by the Regional Manager.
The incumbent will perform the engineering analysis and evaluation of the permits needed for
Dam Safety regulation, Floodplain Administration, and Water Rights. The individual will work
with the Department in the preparation of defense and provides expert testimony in contested
case hearings or litigation in the support of staff engineer or if incumbent meets qualifications
the engineering designs for public safety, water resource management and other engineering
related functions.

This person researches, gathers, and analyzes water resources information and makes
recommendations regarding water use, availability, and improved management practices. Duties
also include preparing technical reports and providing information for processing water right
applications, local water projects, floodplain program, dam safety concerns, and water planning

Because the employee will need to collect surface water, ground water, and water quality data,
conduct dam safety inspections and floodplain reviews, an applicant must be willing to work in
the field and be familiar with a variety of data collection techniques and the instruments used to
collect this data. The applicant should be proficient in the use of common software to solve
hydrologic and hydraulic problems and should be able to use standard hydrology-specific
software. The applicant should be capable of using or learn to use GIS mapping software and a
GPS device and other computer programs associated with water management. The applicant
must be a good technical writer, as this position will be required to write technical reports.
Appearing as a witness at an administrative and/or water court hearing, serving as a mediator in
water right disputes and complaints, and attending meetings and providing information regarding
water division programs are also job duties of this position.

Work is typically performed in the office, however some overnight travel and fieldwork is
required, approximately 30%.

COMPETENCIES: This position requires knowledge of the principles, theories, and methods
of civil and agricultural engineering, hydrology and hydraulics; knowledge of state, federal and
tribal water laws, and policies; and the knowledge of the methods, principles, and protocol for
designing research projects and investigations. The applicant should have extensive knowledge
as it relates to; dam and canal design, construction rehabilitation, operation, and safety; surface
hydrology and hydraulics and computer modeling programs; design, analysis, and application of
irrigation diversion structures and delivery systems; hydrology, mathematics, statistics, and
open-channel flow. A demonstrated knowledge of irrigation methods, methods for mapping and
classification of irrigated land, and installation and operation of irrigation measurement devices
(e.g. flumes, weirs) is necessary.

Required Knowledge: This position requires extensive knowledge of the theories, concepts,
principles, and practices of civil and agricultural engineering as it relates to; irrigation practices;
dam and canal design; construction management; dam safety requirements; surface water
hydrology and hydraulics, including computer modeling programs; design, analysis, and
application of irrigation diversion structures and delivery systems, including knowledge of
accurate water measurement techniques; Montana water law and pertinent department policies
and procedures; negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution techniques; Federal, State, and
local laws and regulations as it relates to the FEMA Floodplain Regulation; and engineering
related analytical techniques and software applications.
In order to communicate effectively the incumbent is required to have a good working
knowledge of all of the interdisciplinary fields within the DNRC Water Resource Division.

Required Skills: This position requires the skills needed in order to; make sound legally
defensible decisions in a timely fashion; meet statutory deadlines; provide general project
management; read and interpret project construction plans and project manuals, blueprints, maps,
plats, and aerial photographs; compose, draft, and edit engineering reports, project bids,
memorandums, and letters; use a variety of surveying and water measurement equipment; and to
apply engineering skills to assignments that span multiple professional and interdisciplinary
fields. The incumbent must be able to; operate personal computers and associated hardware; use
and understand the application of computer software associated with engineering principals,
hydrologic modeling, word processing, spreadsheets and data bases.

Required Abilities: This position requires the ability to; incorporate professional discretion in
dealing with technical engineering issues and the uncertainties presented by frequent lack of
data; use reason, logic, and creativity to identify and solve problems; understand cause and effect
relationships, recognizes similarity and differences in situations and apply engineering
knowledge to make effective decisions, conclusions, and recommendations; communicate orally
or in written form complex material or ideas in a logical sequence to individuals and groups that
may not have technical backgrounds so they can follow and understand; prepare clear, logical
reports summarizing analytical methods, results and recommendations; comprehend and apply
statutes, rules and written policies; maintain effective, productive working relationships with
colleagues, other professionals and the public; and work effectively as a team member. The
incumbent must have the ability to; focus efforts and energy on successfully attaining
organizational goals and objectives; take initiative to responsibly attain timely and measurable
outcomes while achieving multiple goals and work objectives; and assume accountability for
decisions, actions, and results.

Preferred knowledge of GIS software with the ability of producing maps for the use in resource
analysis and of using ArcGIS to construct digital map coverage and spatial coordinates and
related attribute data.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Qualified applicants must have a 4-year civil or agricultural
engineering degree or equivalent from an accredited program and have successfully passed the
Engineer-In-Training or Fundamentals of Engineering Exam. Experience with civil and
agricultural designs, heavy civil construction work, inspection of structures or equipment, and
Montana Water Law is very desirable. A general knowledge of Montana geology, hydrology and
mechanical engineering is desirable. Must be able to obtain a Montana Professional Engineer’s
license within one year of hire.

Must have a current and valid Montana driver’s license. The qualified applicant must also have
strong computer software skills, excellent writing, and oral communication skills.

The qualified applicant must be physically fit to perform the duties of this position. Some of the
activities conducted by the applicant include climbing embankments, spillways, and control
tower ladders of 100 feet or more, crawling though confined spaces (outlet conduits), and hiking
through farm fields, streams, etc. Fieldwork will be conducted in all weather conditions.
EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: The above knowledge, skills, and abilities are typically
acquired through a combination of education and experience equivalent to a Bachelors degree in
civil or agricultural engineering plus three years of progressively responsible work experience.
PE certification is highly desirable as is certification as a concrete field-testing technician, and as
a Certified Floodplain Manager. The incumbent must have the ability to; focus efforts and
energy on successfully attaining organizational goals and objectives; take initiative to
responsibly attain timely and measurable outcomes while achieving multiple goals and work
objectives; and assume accountability for decisions, actions, and results.

Education and experience equivalent and comparable to that specified above may to meet job
requirements. Education and experience will be considered on an individual basis.

COMPENSATION: The pay range is $52,911 -- $62,249 depending on qualifications and
experience, with raises provided by the legislature. State employees working at least halftime
are also provided paid health, dental and life insurance. Other benefits include a deferred
compensations program, public employee retirement program, 15 days annual leave per year, 12
days sick leave per year, paid holidays, and up to 15 days military leave with full pay.

APPLICATION AND SELECTION PROCESS: The Department of Natural Resources and
Conservation will use the following factors in determining whether the applicant meets the
qualifications for this position. The selection process for the position includes a state of Montana
application form (PD25), college transcripts, structured interview, job-related work experience,
job-related reference checks, and job-related current and past work performance, and answers to
application supplemental questions.

Application materials required for this position are:
   1. Completed and signed State of Montana Employment Application (Form PD25).
   2. Answers to the application supplemental questions marked with your name and the
       number of the position being sought.
   3. Resume
   4. College Transcripts (copies are okay)
   5. Applicants claiming Veteran’s or Handicapped Person’s Employment Preference (see
       state application form) must submit verification of eligibility with the application
       materials.    Required documents include DD-214 (military) and/ or the PHHS
       Certification of Disability form and the Employment Preference Form.


Job Title: Regional Office Civil Engineering Specialist
Position No. 50240
Application Deadline: December 31, 2010

Please answer the following supplemental questions. This provides you an opportunity to
present more complete and specific details regarding your qualifications. The responses should
be clear and concise since the hiring team may view them as a sample of your written
communication skills. This supplement is reviewed separately from the state application form
and is part of the evaluation process.

1.   Explain how your academic training and/or job experience qualify you for this position.
     Include a discussion of your knowledge of Montana Water Law.
2.   Describe your experience working with hydrologists and other water resource professionals
     from state and federal agencies and the private sector. Describe relevant water resource
     projects you have worked on including high-hazard dams and floodplain analysis and
     respective permitting processes.

3.   Describe a surface water and/or groundwater hydrologic investigation and engineering
     evaluations you completed. Describe the objectives, how data was collected and analytical
     methods used and describe the outcome.

4.   Describe your level of knowledge and experience working with a variety of water delivery
     systems such as irrigations systems, pond construction, and water wells. Please describe the
     proper installation of water measuring devices, such as weirs and flumes, and operating a
     flow meter.

5.   Describe your experience with civil construction management; dam / canal / concrete
     structure inspections; or other experience that is relevant to site investigations or

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: In accordance with the Immigration Reform and Control
Act, the person selected must produce within three days of hire documents that show
authorization to work in the United States. Examples of such documentation include a birth
certificate or social security card along with a driver’s license or other picture I.D., a U.S.
passport or a “green card.”

In accordance with the Montana Compliance with Military Selective Service Act, men selected
for state government employment must produce documentation showing compliance with the
federal Military Selective Service Act. Examples of this documentation include a registration
card issued by Selective Service, a letter from Selective Service showing a person was not
required to register, or information showing by a preponderance of evidence that a person'’
failure to register with Selective Service was not done knowingly or willfully. The Montana
Department of Natural Resources and Conservation must verify that the covered applicant has
complied with the federal Military Selective Service Act before the applicant starts

REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONS: Under state and federal law qualified applicants
with disabilities are entitled to reasonable accommodations. Modifications or adjustments may
be provided to assist applicants to compete in the recruitment and selection process, to perform
the essential duties of the job, or to enjoy equal benefits and privileges or employment available
to other employees. If you need such accommodation, contact this agency.

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