; How to Choose a Hosting Company
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How to Choose a Hosting Company


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									How to Choose a Hosting Company for
Asian and Third World Countries
It is unfortunately very true that the highly sensitive job of web hosting and domain
registration has been taken up by large numbers of unprofessional and unserious people who
are doing this only as a part time business. It is a pity that the serious minded businessman
who wants an online presence for his business has to rely on such people for his online needs.
Web hosting and domain registration are key issues and highly sensitive matters that can spell
success or failure for the business. Nevertheless with the bulk of such businesses in the hands
of unprofessional and unscrupulous people, it is a difficult decision for business owners to
know whom they can trust for such an important issue.

In Pakistan too it has been seen that with the exception of 8 to 10 genuine institutions that do
domain registration as a full time service, the bulk of the business is still in the hands of non
genuine fly by night companies who not only have no proper knowledge of the business, but
it may be noticed change their place of business every one month or so, with the result that
they might have shifted offices at least 12 times in a full year. It is not surprising that some of
them even disappear from view and are never heard of again, having decamped with the
money of their unfortunate clients. Most of them have no experience in the business, and are
not even able to tell you how much space your website would take on the server. At the very
least their services are highly unreliable.

It clearly makes no sense to go for cheap or even free web hosting and domain registration
services, as they simply want to make their websites popular without any consideration for
quality or service issues. Secondly they also attract the worst type of people like scammers,
spammers, phishers or hackers that want to take advantage of the large number of people that
visit their website.

When you look at the cost you have incurred on the construction of your website, it seems
unfortunate that you are unable to capitalize on getting customers through your online
presence due to server downtime and other issues. As we have stated, there are only 8 to 10
reliable companies that you can trust for your web hosting and domain registration needs. To
get an idea of these companies, it is recommended that you go on Google and type in the
words 'domain registration Pakistan' or 'web hosting Pakistan' to come up with reliable names
to do business with in the field of web hosting and domain registration in Asian and third
world countries.

Welcome to Aasan Host, one of the most efficient and affordable Web hosting services in
Pakistan. As everyone knows, the strength and ability of a web hosting service is dependent
not only on its reliability of service, but the standard of service must be consistent as well.


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